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autism-fucking-rocks · 2 months ago
I can't help but pity neurotypicals a bit. You're telling me that waving your hands does NOTHING for you guys??
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mental--healthawareness · 7 months ago
Friendly reminder that this world was designed for neurotypicals and if you're neurodiverse or mentally ill and you're struggling, please be kinder to yourself because you're doing your best in a world that wasn't designed for you
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emsye-tries · 4 months ago
Reblog this post if you are NOT a white, fully abled, neurotypical, heterosexual, cisgender male.
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theshriekingsisterhood · 7 years ago
Neurotypical people will tell you about how they can see auras and talk to ghosts but the second you mention you have ADHD they're like "I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist"
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softcore-borderline · 4 years ago
Let's normalize using terms like "cisgender" or "neurotypical" or "able-bodied". Let's not talk about marginalized groups like they're a broken version of non marginalized groups. Let's stop talking about non marginalized groups as if they're the factory setting and anyone who differentiates from that is not "normal".
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raynraynrayn-blog · 3 years ago
literal actual professional doctor: you have xyz mental thing
me: are you sure i’m not faking it for attention
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i just took a dna test turns out i’m 100%... ready to fight anyone who makes fun of autistic or otherwise neurodivergent people.
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autismisaokay · a year ago
I just saw a great post about Trick or Treating and I’d like to make a point here.
If you happen to have a kid older then 12  or an adult come trick or treating and live in a state where it’s legal or illegal. Please realize that they may have mental health or social disorders and not know that it’s not a little social no, no, it’s a big social no, no to trick or treat as an adult or past the age of 12 for most people.
I know people think they can “notice” right away with that kind of stuff if someone is but no it’s not that simple.
It’s not illegal to trick or treat as an adult in Mass and Rhode Island so my parents kept telling me up until I was twenty-three it was okay to go tricker or treating and even some of my friends. So I did because socially I didn’t know how seriously it was taken. People still gave me candy but it never felt right finally I actually asked an autism forum and some other people and they were honest with me.  
It was humiliating for me to find that out and I felt like some kinda creep but I had seriously had no idea how strict people can be about trick or treating. I’m very embarrassed telling you all this story now but I think it’s important to share this information.
Btw family and friends of people who know someone who’s autistic in their life during this time. Don’t sugar coat (no pun intended) something like this for an autistic person. They could be seriously hurt by trick or treating in the wrong neighborhood or even called the cops on and arrested in some places if you don’t know your state laws. Not everyone is nice about trick or treating.
Have a happy and safe Halloween.
Neurotypicals and allistics please feel free to reblog too.
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disasterbisexual · 3 years ago
it’s so strange to me when people are like “the only REAL self harm is when you cut or bruise yourself on purpose!!1!1!1!” like. idk about you but last time I checked, you could hurt yourself mentally and emotionally with the same intentions.
forcing yourself to watch a movie that you know will trigger a panic attack. scrolling through the tags of a debate that makes you feel worse about yourself. skipping a meal because you got a bad grade on a test. calorie counting. telling yourself it’s not “really” hurting you because you don’t have the scars or bruises to show for it.
doing any of these things with the intent of punishing yourself is self harm, because just like when someone hurts themselves physically, you’re hurting yourself in other ways because you think you deserve it.
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ladyautie · a year ago
I’m rewatching Community (thank you Netflix) and I have to say, I’m so fond of the episode featuring Abed’s birthday. 
Abed is not acting like himself, playing the role of a very neurotypical man, and Jeff’s first thought is not to be happy about it or to encourage it, but to wonder if there’s something wrong and to be worried about him. Also, Jeff and the study group prepared a whole birthday party whose entire theme is about Abed’s special interest (Pulp Fiction for this instance) and it’s just so wholesome. 
Honestly, I’d like to see more shows and all where people aren’t actually encouraging an autistic character to “tone down” their autistic traits and just accept them like they are.
Long story short : Community is awesome and Abed Nadir is still one of my favorite autistic characters. I’m longing to see another main character like him in another TV show.
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terphobic · 4 years ago
every nt person trying to give advice to insomniacs: all you have to do is clear your mind!! just put down the distractions and lay completely still for ten minutes and think of nothing at all, it totally works, i fall asleep instantly!!!
my unstoppable racing train of thought barreling past at 900mph, dragging the rest of my dumb ADHD brain behind on a rope: SORRY COULD YOU SPEAK UP I COULDNT HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF ME NOT BEING ABLE TO DO THAT
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allthingshyper · 2 years ago
You know that moment when you're playing the Sims, and you're trying to increase like, your writing skill or something, so you stay on that exact task for hours and hours and hours and by the time your sim forces you to stop you're exhausted and need to piss and shower and eat and it's 4:26 am and you have you get your sim to work in the morning and omfg why didn't I plan this better?
That's ADHD hyperfocus.
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forestfaramir · 8 months ago
I watched the Sia music trailer and it is BAD. The neurotypical actress just uses stereotyped movements, looking exactly like the kids on the bus middle school making fun of their autistic classmates. Not to mention, if you are neurodivergent and get overstimulated easily, this movie is horrible for you.
I wish I could articulate better just how OFF the trailer seems, it's just so patronizing, tokenizing, and gross
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bpdrotten · 4 years ago
NTs:  omg i ate 2 bars of chocolate today i swear im PSYCHO ive fucking LOST IT lock me UP im CRAZY!!! get me some meds LOL i am INSANE haha so BIPOLAR and OCD!!!!!!
Mentally ill person: *shows literally any symptom of their mental illness*
NT: you’re making me really fucking uncomfortable?? can you stop???
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xxedgybastardxx · 3 years ago
If you believe that all het people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all non-straight people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all cis people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all trans people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all nb people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all men are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all women people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all whites people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all mixed race people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all POCs are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all rich people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all poor people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all middle class people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all disabled people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all able-bodied people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all people with mental disorders are a scum of the earth, fuck you
If you believe that all neurotypical people are a scum of the earth, fuck you
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mindingmyownbrain · 2 years ago
“But EVERYONE gets that...”
When we talk about conditions* like ADHD and autism, we’re talking about differences in how the brain processes information as opposed to the brain being in a state of illness. Our brain tissue is healthy, but the functioning of the brain is different. This is also known as a developmental difference. 
These differences results in patterns of strengths and weakness that are different to societal norms and expectations. 
These strengths and weaknesses are generally not unique to individuals with these conditions but instead exist along a Bell curve of natural human variation. Most people exist somewhere in the middle of the Bell curve (of course!) and will occasionally experience autistic and other traits from time to time.
This is because the traits of developmental differences are human traits, and we are all human.
If you never experience any of these traits, it means you are on one far end of the Bell curve rather than in the average middle. 
The difference between someone who is in the middle of the Bell curve and someone who has a condition like ADHD, is that the latter
Have a significant number of these traits;
Are affected by these traits in every area of their life or almost every area of their life on a daily or near-daily basis;
Have symptoms, behaviours, or problems are unexpected for someone of their age or intelligence;
Cannot overcome these symptoms by just “trying” or persisting;
Have had these problems since childhood;
May spend a great amount of effort and energy in trying to “keep up” and “be normal”; 
Experience these symptoms regardless of stress levels, lack of sleep, other mental health conditions, or external factors;
Experience significant problems and suffering for them across multiple areas of their life on a daily or near-daily basis;
Feel as though they are struggling due to these symptoms on a daily or near-daily basis;
Feel the world isn’t designed for people like them and doesn’t accommodate them;
Experience significant impairment in social, school, or work performance because of these difficulties.
While the idea that “everyone gets these things...” is somewhat true, it doesn’t take into account the frequency or severity of the problem for some people, or acknowledge how intrinsic such functioning is to an individual’s brain. 
When we say we struggle with these traits, we’re talking about how we live with this struggle as a significant aspect of our lives, not just merely that we have experienced a trait that most other people have experienced too. Our experience is about the frequency and severity of the thing, and how we have to constantly plan for it. We’re talking about what it's like to live life far from the centre of the Bell curve.
When someone is trying to express what it is like to live with a processing difference, is not sympathetic to say that you know what it is like when you don’t, or to insist that everyone has the same thing. It is far better to ask questions to help the other person to open up, or to ask how you can help or make adaptations for them. 
If you don’t have a diagnosis but still genuinely believe that these problems are typical for everybody, you might want to consider that you might qualify for a diagnosis yourself.
*As something can be in good or bad condition, the word condition here is intended to be neutral. Not having a condition is a type of condition but we don’t have labels for these variations because they are assumed to be the norm. Some people with ADHD etc feel that disorder better expresses how their differences in brain functioning affect them and their lives.
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