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#neve: i didn't ask for this
aleksandr-morozova9 months ago
thanks for sending cherie! i love this one so much! one of my favourite movies of all time and your colouring is lovely!
send me a 馃帹 and i鈥檒l tell you my favourite gifset/edit of yours!馃挋
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chaeryybomb6 months ago
nct dream reaction to their idol!reader girlfriend being shipped with another idol
Tumblr media
anon: nct dream reaction to their idol!reader girlfriend being shipped with some other idol :) love your works btw. and thank you for this in advance
pairing: nct dream x idol!reader
genre: headcanons, fluff, crack
warnings: mentions of insecurities
a/n: dhsjdj technically my requests are closed rn but I decided I would write this out so I hope you enjoy this!
Tumblr media
mark lee
confused boi鈩
tbh he wouldn't even notice you were being shipped with another idol until another member points it out
you were a special guest mc for the show and fans saw the cute interactions you had with the boyz juyeon
and soon enough fans started shipping the both of you together
in reality, you and juyeon were just high school friends and you were glad to see him again
fans on the other hand,,
mark didn't realise you were being shipped with juyeon until doyoung pointed it one day
and mark was all like
( 銉烩棁銉)锛"nani? y/n and juyeon???"
he would then search up ynjuyeon on twitter because cough yeah
and found a shit ton of edits of the both of y'all
and now he's sad :((
he's sad that because no one shipped y'all together
"isn't your relationship a secret???"
"yeah but still :((("
mark sweetie y'all have neve interacted on stage before fjdjdndnd
he knows you love him and would never cheat on him
but boy is he going to be a pouty baby when y'all hang out next time
literally all he's going to say is:
"why do they ship you and him together?? why not me :(("
"mark they've never seen us in the same room before"
Tumblr media
huang renjun
unbothered king鈩
at least that's what he tells you fhdjdj
he found out through a vlive fhdhdjj
it was one of the usernames and the username was like ynxyanan_shipper
and renjun mf squinted his eyes like
did I read that clearly 嗖燺嗖
he's like yn and wHO
chenle was beside him when it happened and chenle was like what's wrong
and renjun points out the username
renjun smacks him on the head to tell him to shut up DHHSHDD
obviously he would take a screenshot of the username and sends it to you
and he's like
short king <3: do you hv something to confess to me
you: ,,, my love for you??
short king <3: blocked
tbh you find the situation honestly really funny
cause you and yanan aren't exactly friends? you're more of acquaintances than friends
and you made eye contact one (1) time with him by accident at an award show and suddenly you're being shipped with him
when you call him the next time to hang out, definitely expect him to be salty about it fjdjfjd
"hey are you free to come over today?"
"I don't know, why don't you ask your BOYFRIEND yanan"
"renjun istg i will break up with you-"
Tumblr media
lee jeno
oh baby boy is gonna be so so confused
he's going to be even more confused because you're being shipped with itzy's chaeryeong fhfhfjf
see you and chaeryeong were featured in an episode of a reality tv show once
and the both of y'all immediately hit it off and your friendship was just adorable
so y'all kept interacting every time y'all see each other
and y'all are now nicknamed as the 4th gen gfs because y'all are so adorable???
like the chaeryn ship ur most popular ship ever
so jeno is so confused?? like why is his gf being shipped with her??
he's like a whole ass puppy okay
you, on the other hand, find the chaeryn ship really cute so you don't mind it and you jokingly call chaeryeong your gf once or twice on live before fjdjfn
whenever you tell him that you're hanging out with chaeryeong, he will pout at you and give you his best puppy eyes
like he will cling onto you and try to convince you to now to go
it works like 13% of the time and you would cancel plans with chaer but most of time it doesn't and you would end up being late jhdjsh
but it will slowly become into an inside joke between y'all
like yk that one meme
"this is yn my girlfriend and her girlfriend chaeryeong"
kjdhkjshfs yeah that
but in all seriousness, jeno is really unbothered about you being shipped with chaeryeong because it basically has the same energy as him being shipped with jaemin
whenever y'all are having play fights, you jokingly threaten to leave him for chaeryeong jdsfjds and he immediately stops and says that's unfair
pls shower him in hugs and kisses later
Tumblr media
lee haechan
definitely makes a fuss about it
i mean he knows that you aren't going to leave him and all but is he going to be dramatic about it? yes, yes he is
he finds out by himself because he was probably on twitter stalking your hashtag
when he suddenly stumbles upon and edit of you and ateez's san
he's like O.O wot is tHis?
screenshots the edit and sends it to you
hyuckie: yNNNN
hyuckie: BABY
hyuckie: SUGAR BUM
hyuckie: DAISY PIE
you: what in, the ever loving fuck, is daisy pie
hyuckie: *sends screenshot* ARE U CHEATING ON ME
you: hyuck that pic is clearly edited
hyuckie: I KNOW BUT ARE YOU????
you: i-
he makes so much jokes about it that you literally have to shut him up with a kiss
jokes on u reader he's doing this on purpose to get those free kisses
the jokes stop when you actually finally meet san during a game show and shippers are like omg they finally interacted
and the amount of ynxsan edits just,, grow
haechan acts even salty about it and whines about why fan don't ship y'all together when y'all have made eye contact during the golden disk awards bc he was being a lil shit hdsjhfjds
"hey what if i keep staring at you during the melon so we can get into a scandal?"
"hyuck this is supposed to be a secret relationship-"
"yeah but-"
jokes on u he actually does stare at you at the next award show and thankfully did not get into any scandals, but fans started to ship the both of you!
Tumblr media
na jaemin
the true unbothered king
literally does not care that you are shipped with someone else
because he knows that he is yours and vice versa
and plus you love him a lot so
he finds out from chenle, who did it out of spite because one day chenle was bored and wanted to cause some chaos
boi basically ran up to jaemin to shove an edit of you and treasurer's junkyu together and went like
"look hyung! ur gf is being shipped with someone eLsE"
"oh that's weird"
"I thought people shipped her with treasurer's hyunsuk"
chenle is like
"aren't you like,, jeaolous??"
jaemin just shrugs and says "hmm, not really"
jaemin knows that you are good friends wth a lot of idols because you're a social butterfly
so he truly doesn't mind when you get shipped with other idols bc in the end , he's the one holding you in his arms
plus he knows the edits and shippers are mostly harmless
and he trusts you
so he just fucks around with chenle jkldsfj
chenle is still confused bc he wants to rile jaemin up for fun but failed hjdshf
Tumblr media
zhong chenle
if you thought haechan was dramatic, then you better buckle up for chenle's
so you see
fans already shipped u and chenle
y'all already have a dating scandal
and both companies tried so hard to defuse it
see you are an mc for a music show and you were interviewing nct dream
chenle, being the lil shit he is, kept giving you the heart eyes the entire time
and 6 months later, y'all got caught by dispatch on a daTe
ofc both sides were panicking but chenle was enjoying bc he's like "yeah this is my s/o and what abt it"
but y'all still had a dating ban so sm was this close in kicking him hfdsjfh
fortunately, they were able to cover it up as someone else so there's that
so chenle is aware that fans shipped the both of you together
so when he sees you being shipped with stray kid's jeongin
he was like "HOW DARE THEY-"
calls you to complain about the ship for 3 hours
and that is how you found out as well-
literally you don't even know jeongin so you just let chenle complain about it
he goes on and on about why fans should continue to ship y'all together so when he reveals the relationship the fans will be surprised but also not really at the same time-
"should i get into another scandal with you?"
"chenle no-"
Tumblr media
park jisung
oh baby boy is going to be very, very confused
i mean he knows that shipping is a thing between fans
he's just confused why ppl would ship you and p1harmony's keeho
like you have never interacted with him so why would fans ship the both of y'all??
the dreamies mostly tell him to not take it serious but the chenle and haechan would egg him on
"get into a dating scandal with them"
"guys no-"
he wouldn't tell you that it bothers him because he doesn't want you laughing at him, worrying over a small issue
so honestly, it lowkey eats him up on the inside
until one day, you basically force it out of him because he's been acting weird for the past week
he finally confesses about the what's bothering him
and you tell him that you wouldn't have laughed at him
you know shipping idols is a common thing in the industry and sometimes it's uncomfortable knowing it when you're already in a relationship
but you also tell him that it's basically harmless because fans can't really force the both of y'all together
jisung would be insecure about the relationship because it's kinda of his first? so he just doesn't want to mess it up
just reassure him a lot and tell him that you won't leave him
and as time goes by, he just gets used to the shipping
Tumblr media
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muffindaddystyles8 months ago
SO. . this masterlist is more friendly to read and it was itching my nerves to make a proper one with all of my writings. Have a wonderful harry land journey!! I will keep updating it lovies.聽
Tumblr media
Dentist The Bad Boi: Y/N is Harry's grumpy neighbour who blames him for her cats pregnancy -- actually no! (Blames his cat)
鈥淲ould you like to have, noodles? I know this incredible chinese place ...鈥 He shakes his head. His smile small and kooky, nose scrunched up as he sniffs the air 鈥 predicting a rain coming soon.
鈥淒'we have to eat after every tragedy that happens t鈥檡ou?鈥
鈥淵up, tragedies makes me hungry.鈥 It鈥檚 her coping mechanism if she'll be honest and that鈥檚 what she鈥檚 been doing for ages.
鈥淲ho are you, Y/N?
Hates To Hate you: Harry fake dates Y/N to keep the calms about his personal life.
1) She has to come over his house before they've to go anywhere, he has a reason for it, "That's some stupid rule." She retorted twisting a hole in the hem of her fuzzy shirt.
2) She can't stay overnight at his place, "Why? afraid, I'll seduce you?" She teased him wiggling her brows and he looked down at her feet smirking equally teasingly, "Seduce me? Far from that, with these froggy knickers and bunny slippers you're wearin' neve'," She just huffed ready to intrude with a reason that this is what everyone wears while sleeping but he barged in with more rules.
3) She has to call him Mr. Styles when they're alone to keep their relation聽 professional, "You've weird kinks Harry -- oops -- I mean Mr. Styles." His response didn't hold any particular sentiment as he continued elaborating.
Black Anchor: Y/N goes to sex club for the very first time and Harry's there, till he's hiding something from her.
鈥淐an we join.鈥 She asks turning to look at Y/N with same lust ridden eyes. Y/N shies away further more from the severe gazes of both the man and woman so Harry cuddles her up into him kissing her rose smelling hair and keeps his lips there, for a moment making them wait on his answer.
鈥淐an we?鈥
His expressions flattens unimpressed, 鈥淣o.鈥 He dismisses them bringing his attention back to Y/N, but they lurk there.
鈥淣ow, C鈥檓on Styles. Y'got a pretty birdie doesn鈥檛 mean you could act all selfish. Sharing is caring.鈥 That women says grazing her blunt nail up Y/N's arm.
Harry smacks it away rolling his eyes brutally appearing done with them, 鈥淚 said no Marie,鈥 He kisses his teeth taking a step forward towering her.
Kismets: Y/N is carrying a baby for Harry and his girlfriend ---聽 but something went downhill Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
"Can ya stop breathing like, THAT!?" She whisper yells twisting to give him a sharp glare full of spleen elbow poking at his side abs, "Like what!?" He half squeaks peering down at her with doe eyes palms flat at sides to convey his surprise.
"Like a train engine whistling -- it's annoying." She mutters rolling her eyes and turning back to listen to instructor.
"Now, I can't even breath without ye' comin' fo' me throat?" He grits with a kink of brows and when she confirms with a no --- He gasps dramatically. It's gonna be a long journey of Hell for them. Harry hates her hormones. Little bitches.
Sweet Hormones: Harry and Y/N quarantining together and she finds a scary news.
"Will it affect our marriage?" He asked anxiously. She shrugged muttering and looking down at her barely visible bump. For the first time she felt so lonely, "depends on you."
"You're scarin' me darlin'." He rushed out without an explanation to his friends taking the first flight back to London. He was already exhausted and jittery. Now emotional too assuming worst scenarios of what happened in the sudden change of her mood.
Happy Meals: Y/N is feeling down and Harry reaches out to figure out what is wrong because he loves her.
鈥淢鈥 s鈥 sorry baby. Such a dickhead I鈥檓.鈥 He wipes your tears with his hands lost inside you hair and thumbs stroking the apples of your cheeks.
鈥淭hen again people had to throw it on my face that I鈥檝e gained extra fats鈥斺 Harry grunted at this nose flaring, 鈥渨ho the fuck told ya鈥攐h my god.鈥 His eyes enlarging and he felt so fucking remorseful that this鈥檚 what you were insecure of from days.
Don't Worry Darling: Harry being comfortable to experience wild things in bed with Y/N.
He inhales through his parted lips sprawled onto his tummy and she scooted up where he has his face snuggled, 鈥渃an you come for second time, lover boy. For me?鈥 She just wanted to pleasure him to the extent where he sees stars and she knows he can take it. 聽
Panic Attacks: Y/N gets a panic attack in her university and Harry is out of reach.
鈥淗arry?鈥 The drums came to halt, the guitar was stopped mid shrivel and Harry鈥檚 high note fell to ground when the receptionist came with a cordless phone.
鈥淎 phone for you from y/n university鈥斺 It was enough to smack his breath away and he scurried to his feet taking the phone hastily from her hold, controlling his voice to not yell at the person in his own anxiousness.
Hard Feelings: Y/N is a broke student that gets caught papping Harry.
When you got everyone's attention you announced "I'm moving out." making Harry choke on his waffles, "no the fuck you're not." He grunted as the girl he brought with him made him sip his water.
"We need to talk." He spoke curtly and everyone looked at both of you with curiosity. They all want you to be together so bad.
Y/N has a fear for needles and Harry is her damsel in distress.
His breath smells of strawberries and coffee, plushie lips dangerously close to her's making her half voracious gaze flicker between his lips and up at Tofu, kiss him kiss him you bloody fool, reeled in her head, "here lemme . . ." He notices her jitteriness fetching the birdy for her. She hiccups with a suck of breath when his knuckles brushed the inside of her palms while giving Tofu to her.
"Oi, Harry budge over you bugger!!" She hisses with sleepy voice but in return he squishes her more.
Hip Dislocation at first sight: Y/N is a waitress at Harrys downtown diner.聽
When he first came here it was for a date who stood him up and you wouldn鈥檛 lie that you kinda tiny bit of manifested for it but went through a broken heart seeing Harry鈥檚 sad eyes after him lingering to that one hope that his date would show up.
Young and Beautiful: Harry meets Y/N in Milan and had no-idea she would be mother to his twins.聽 Part 2聽
Then there was silence that Harry was unaware how to break. He could hear you talking for an eternity. On the other hand you aren鈥檛 that akward to make conversations with people. No doubt you鈥檙e shy, and wants your own space to blossom but this one habit of yours is inseparable.
鈥淵ou know when back home. An ice-cream man would come daily at midnight in summers. Me and my cousins would climb up his bicycle cart like darn monkeys. Pop our heads inside the freezer and annoy the fuck outta him. God I miss home.鈥 There鈥檚 this un-pointable feeling. That鈥檚 unfigurative to Harry but it鈥檚 there; of admiration and of endearment. His heart鈥檚 at cloud nine caressing itself to the pink cotton candy.
Jasmine picker and the prince: Y/N thinks that prince eats heart of innocent girls and Harry is none like that.聽Part2聽
鈥淎nd there you gave orders to bring me!鈥 You yelled not fearful that he鈥檚 a Prince of the land you鈥檙e at. 鈥淲hat am I?鈥 鈥淎m I a sheep or a horse?鈥 鈥淎m I olives or eggs?鈥 You hold your tears and the screams. 鈥淭alk to me! I said talk to me!!鈥 You sobbed shouting at him blowing him with shoves and atlast he raised his voice speaking with gentleness at end.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 gave orders to bring ye鈥. I didn鈥檛 even know you were comin鈥, ye鈥 'ere a gift from Highnesses.鈥 You stare him in disbelief, 鈥渁 gift!?鈥 鈥"M not a gift but a human!鈥 鈥淚鈥檝e a family just like you.鈥 He thins his lips, expression becoming taught as he listens you, eyes piercing fiercely.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e such an oppressor, you鈥檒l become an oppressing ruler!鈥 You said furious at him. The words were like a on arrow ripping his heart.聽
Hireath: Y/N lost her memory because of an accident and hates her husband Harry. 聽Part2聽
鈥淚 can't鈥攑ffft鈥unno. sleep鈥斺 She stammered knuckling away tiredness and Harry just gestured her to climb in his embrace, 鈥渃'mere baby. Cuddles?鈥 Her body molding against his鈥檚 like two pieces meant to stick with eachother.
鈥淚 like you Harry. You鈥檙e a good guy.鈥 I鈥檓 litreally your husband Harry wanted to tease but she was already snoring loudly.
Y/N is brown and desi and Harry finds her lovely but is too shy to pursue her.
鈥淲as studying鈥︹ He shakes his head not believing and she sighed muttering 鈥榦keys鈥. 鈥淚 think my hotel room鈥檚 haunted.鈥 He wants to laugh the fuck out at her face but he didn鈥檛 not when she鈥檚 on the verge of sleeping in his arms鈥愨愨 so swallowed it down knuckling at her forehead, 鈥淚鈥檒l tell Jeff to change ye'r room. already tol鈥 ye鈥 pet you could come t鈥 me for a sleepover anytime.鈥 He stands up carefully trudging to pour her a glass of water trying to lighten up her mood, 鈥渂et鈥.my nans hauntin鈥 ye鈥. always had a weird obsession with sweet blood.鈥 She giggled scooting her knees closer to her chest appearing more smol than she already鈥檚, Harry could put her in his pocket and take her with himself everywhere close to his heart. He avoided to cooe at her busying himself to find some paracetamol only turning back to find no-one. But, Adam and others slowly filling the room.
鈥淭alking to yourself proves nothing but craziness, H.鈥 He chuckled and Harry鈥檚 brows clinched together as he tries to find her.
Serendipity:Y/N interrupts Harry amidst his meal and ends up him clinging to her.
All the vampire!Harry x reader blurbs.
She ignores whatever he's saying craving the overwhelming feel of stars and flowers when he bites her, "Can you bite me, please?" He startles at that brows skyrocketing.
Giddiness stirring in his stomach and how bad he feels to brush her off, he has to do it for her sake. "Now, that's not an escape ye' should seek fo' right?" He gives her a stern look when she whines throwing her head back.
Forbidden Love: Harry and Y/N are rivals from childhood but a bad fight shifts something in between them.
鈥淢eet ye' at --- 鈥 He was about to speak but she clamps him off taking him and everyone by surprise at her temper, she's usually very witty and mature during their arguments, 鈥淪hut up, Styles.鈥 She stares everyone confusedly when they erupt into laughters, bending onto their stomach to over exaggerate except of him. His dewy irirses which're usually caliginous with daunting harshness and intimidation softens at the moment as he stares her with guppy parted lips 鈥-- not realizing that he's giving out his Alpha demeanour.
Tumblr media
Reader with POTS Y/N has pots and she might got too flustered by Harry.
Lost in Italy Where Harry's cute assistant gets lost in city of Italy and the thought of loosing her drives him bullocks.
After all moon is just a rock, without the sun Y/N tries to leave somewhere far away from her bestie Harry.
Love brings patience Ex and drunk Harry's something that makes Y/N grump and melt at the same time.
I want to change mattresses for you Harry and Y/N fights over a damn mattress.
Keep holding my hand Harry was in an abusive relationship before Y/N, something happens that makes his insecurities float back.
Oh No baby! It was Harry who swimed but Y/N ends up catching a cold.
Tell me you love me before I go Harry and Y/N were sometimes bestfriend now they're just rivals (*)
You do Mr. Chewy Bubba losts her first pet and Harry's there for the heartbreak.
Hearth Celebrating Eid with Harry and the night prior it (desi/poc)
Love me, Wrestle me Your naughty time with harry unfortunately turns into an injury time.
Cookie Thief: Harry couldn't sleep and you helps him out.
Harry's 27th!!: You've planned everything for his special day.
Roles Reversed: Harry's going through a heartbreak and you're his bezzy.
Sweater Weather: Idle time turns into a smutty time [*]
Hershey Fucker: Harry makes you admit that you're jealous by giving you his fingers [*]
Grammy nominations You're there for Harry whether he wins an award or not.
聽Tangerines: You're a cheeky lil thing calling him hubby to earn a reaction from him.
聽Malato d'amore 鈾
聽Sun Satulations : Good-bye sex [*]
聽After Darkies: You're pregnant and horny[*]
聽Fishie Nets: You're being batty so he teaches you how to obey [*]
聽Cheeky lil thing: Harry getting offended for being cursed by his bubba.
聽Pumpkin Carving: Halloween and your love is on full swoon.
聽Destination: You helps Harry's bubba to find him.
聽Italy Surprise: Harry comes back from italy with a squirrel.
Tumblr media
Stripper Y/N and boss Harry.
Vampire!H and subby soft!Y/N.
Timetravler!H and UNI!Y/N
Y/N doesn't want kids, yet, but Harry does causing an argument.
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missymurphy198519 days ago
The Groupie (part one)
Authors Note - this story is set in 2006 when Cillian starred onstage in the show Love Song.
Cillian has just turned 30, and has no children. Reader is a fan, has been since day one and is a plus size girl. I myself am a UK size 16, so I hope I don't offend anyone with my story (I'm writing about my own insecurities a little here so be kind please).
Also I apologise to any Neve Campbell fans - I'm sure she's bloody lovely but I needed a bitchy co star... Sorry!
Warning - smut (eventually)
Tumblr media
Taglist @queenshelby @margoo0 @being-worthy @peakyscillian @ntmynouis @janelongxox @elenavampire21 @noctvrnalmoth @ysmmsy @cloudofdisney @lauren-raines-x @namelesslosers @misscarolineshelby @screemqueen @cilleveryone @peaky-cillian @misselsbells06
Waiting patiently in line, the man in front of you happily signed autographs and chatted with the girl in front of you. Posing for a photograph, he thanked her and turned to you.
"Had a feeling you'd be here y/n!" Cillian grinned, welcoming you into a warm embrace. You'd been a fan of his ever since that first stage show back in 1996. You and your mum had gone to watch Disco Pigs for your 15th birthday present, and you'd immediately been bowled over by the young man playing Pig. Since that first show, you'd been following his career and always made sure you were in the front row any time he returned to his theatrical roots. No different now - he'd just come off stage after the final show and was meeting his fans outside like he always did.
"I never miss a show Cillian, you know that! You were amazing as always." You held out your photo for him and he signed it, laughing.
"How many of my autographs do you have now, gotta be 100 or more?"
"Ah Cill, one more is never enough." He suddenly leaned in for another hug, which surprised you, and whispered in your ear.
"Meet me at the hotel bar in an hour?"
You didn't respond, you were in too much shock at what he'd said, when he winked at you and headed over to the waiting car, waving and smiling at his fans as he left.
You didn't need to ask which hotel - he always stayed in the same one in Dublin... But why would he want to meet you there?
You walked into the hotel lobby feeling extremely nervous. The security guard stopped you instantly, asking to see your hotel room key. You stumbled, before an arm draped across your shoulder.
"She's with me Mark, it's all good, yeah?" Cillian guided you through the door to the bar, asking what you wanted to drink.
"Erm... I'll have a small white wine.. please.." you looked around and saw the other cast members milling around and chatting to each other, paying no mind to either of you. Cillian pointed to a table in the corner while he headed to the bar.
Coming back, he placed a large glass in front of you and sat with his Guinness across the table. You raised an eyebrow at the large wine glass.
"What? We're Irish, we don't do 'small' y/n..." He smirked, taking a sip of his pint.
"Well, thank you. This is very kind Cillian, but I don't understand why I'm here..."
"You've followed me for 10 years. Always supported me. I wanted to do something to thank you for it all." You blushed, looking down at your hands, curled into each other.
"Cill, amazing show as always!! Blew me away," his co star, Neve Campbell squeezed his shoulder, kissed his cheek and gave you a quick once over, sneering.
"Thanks Neve. This is y/n - she's been a good friend since day one." Did he just call you a friend?
"Hi." She didn't smile, just looked you up and down and smirked a little. You instantly felt self conscious. You'd always been a larger girl - you'd recently lost some weight, but you were by no means a skinny girl. Neve would've fit twice into your size 16 jeans.
Cillian noticed your discomfort, and reached under the table for your hand, glaring at Neve.
"I think you're wanted over there." He pointed out the director of the show, and Neve turned to leave. Not before casting a backwards glance and chuckle at you.
Tears filled your eyes - you'd always thought she was nice but she'd just destroyed that image.
"Hey, hey no tears. She's a first class bitch and she doesn't deserve them," he squeezed your hand and took another sip of his Guinness, pushing your wine over to you.
"Sorry... Fuck sake I bet you think I'm a right eejit.. I better go..." You took a large gulp of wine and pulled your bag over your shoulder, standing up.
"Let me walk you home?"
"Let me walk you home at least, it's nearly 11pm. I can't have you walking through Dublin alone at this time of night y/n.."
"It won't be a long walk Cill, I'm staying upstairs! Room 249!"
"You're staying in the same hotel as me?"
"Don't get weird, it was the only hotel with rooms spare - it is Bank Holiday weekend..."
"Then I'll walk you to your room at least?" You nodded, and he offered you his hand. Smiling nervously, you took it and he led you over to the lift.
You heard Neve and her friend snicker behind you and Cillian turned around, telling you to stay where you were as he walked over to her. You saw him pull her to one side and although you couldn't hear him, his words clearly had an effect on her as her face dropped and she looked to the floor embarrassed. He glared at her, before coming back over to you and leading you out the doors.
"Cillian I don't want to cause problems..."
"Show's over Y/N, I never have to work with the stuck up bitch again. Don't worry about it." You bit your lip to stop yourself from crying as you walked into the lift with him. He pushed the button for floor 2 and looked at you, his smile fading.
"Hey come here, don't get upset?" He wrapped an arm around you and you couldn't stop the tears. Sobbing softly into his leather jacket as he stroked your back.
"I'm so sorry... It's just... god look at me Cillian..."
"I do look at you. And you know what I see? I see a smart, funny, kind, caring, beautiful woman. Someone who any man would be fucking proud to have on their arm." He cupped your face in his hands and dried your cheeks with his thumbs. You looked up into his eyes and you were sure the world stopped for a minute. He smiled, your faces edging closer together slowly, before the lift pinged and the door opened. You pulled away quickly, pulling your key out of your bag.
"Thanks for walking me back... Sorry for embarrassing you..." You headed out of the lift and didn't look back. Opening your room door, you quickly went inside and closed it.
"Fuck sake y/n what are you thinking???" You scolded yourself, forehead leaning against the door as you caught your breath and steadied yourself.
You opened the mini fridge and quickly sank the small bottle of vodka in it, the warm liquid calming you instantly. You were about to get ready for bed when you heard the door knock suddenly. You opened it to find Mark - the security guard from earlier, holding an envelope. Handing it to you, expressionlessly, he walked away. You closed the door and opened the envelope.
If you're looking to finish what we nearly started in the lift, I'm in room 532.
Your breath caught in your throat - was this even happening? You steadied yourself again, taking a deep breath.
"What the hell do I do??"
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guardianspirits137 months ago
I wanna talk about Natsuo Todoroki for a second here.
tw// mentions of abuse, self harm, and suicide
Natsuo visibly has the most emotional trauma out of anyone else in his family (Touya not included), and I really wanna talk about why that is.
For starters, we haven't seen him really smile since he was introduced in chapter 187. He's introduced as having a friendly, easygoing persona and it's easy to imagine this is how most people outside of his family know him. However, every time we see him appear since then, another layer of his trauma is revealed and expanded upon, and it cuts DEEP.
Tumblr media
I think the main reason that Natsuo still seems so vulnerable compared to the rest of his family is different than what you'd assume. Fuyumi and Shouto both spend a lot of time around Endeavor, and have been in close proximity to his (relatively recent) decision to atone. They have seen his growth firsthand and come to terms with it. Rei has obviously taken a very different path to healing- not entirely voluntarily- but she has been working with doctors and therapists for years to change and recover and reconnect with herself and her children. Natsuo is off at college, and takes every opportunity he can to avoid Endeavor. He (understandably) wants nothing to do with him, and shows stagnant resistance to his attempts to atone.
The reason why Natsuo can't move on from the past is because his trauma didn't come from Endeavor. It came from Touya.
Now initially we were led to believe that it was simply Touya's untimely death that still bothers Natsuo, and it makes sense seeing how Endeavor drove him to the edge. Losing his best friend and brother as a young kid without parents to support him or any therapist to speak of can absolutely been the source of persistent emotional damage, but the more and more we learn about Touya's situation, the more evident it becomes that Natsuo's trauma is much much deeper than even grief.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Touya, as we know, was driven by an ambition instilled in him by his father and experienced extreme rejection sensitivity when those ambitions were no longer realistic. Touya's relationship with his parents could be described as insecure attachment, a psychological term primarily regarding how kids react and respond to their parents and other close relationships. As he was raised, Touya learned to equate his potential to be a hero with his personal worth and similarly confounded attention with love. The difference being, of course, that love is unconditional, but even attention was being continually directed away from him as a punishment for continuing to train and burn himself so he could once again become worthy in his fathers' eyes.
This is where Natsuo comes in. At first it was assumed that all of the Todoroki children were born out of Endeavor's strong-willed desire to have a child that could surpass All Might, but we learned that this isn't exactly the case. I'd argue that it was narratively poetic on Horikoshi's part once this was expanded upon. Fuyumi was born to support and encourage her brother, and that is the exact role she plays 23 years later, keeping her family together.
Natsuo's case is even more intersting.
It was bad enough if Natsuo was only born for the potential of his quirk, but it's even more sinister that the sole intent behind his birth was to discourage Touya from his ambitions. I'd say it was to replace him, but it was more to promote the idea that Touya was expendable than to raise aonther kid with the same ideals but the potential to actually achieve it, although that was definitely a secondary motivation.
The parallelism in this is how much Natsuo's life revolves around Touya. He was born because of Touya, he looked up to and took care of Touya as a kid, and the absence of Touya in the present continues to drive him and his decisions in life (but more on that later).
I continue to pray that we will eventually get more solid backstory on Natsuo and Touya's relationship as kids and where it cut off, wether on a bad note or not, but there are a few things we know for certain. One, Touya was mentally ill. Yes, he was rejected by his parents but he seems to have been particularly vulnerable to this compared to any of his siblings since he was the first of them and thus relied only on his parents for validation in his early years. He shows early signs of a variety of different mental disorders, particularly BPD, which I have previously written a whole analysis for on its own. Touya is shown self-harming both by the very nature of his quirk and even by very directly ripping his hair out. He was incredibly self-destructive.
Tumblr media
This is why it is so much more concerning to me that Natsuo, who was AT LEAST four years younger than him, was his primary source of comfort. Natsuo was too young to have known anything more than 'my big brother is sad that daddy won't train him anymore' and he obviously wasn't equipped in any way to handle Touya's severe mental illness. Touya most definitely needed professional treaatment as his forms of coping were abnormal even for the neglect and rejection that he experienced. Natsuo comforted Touya through breakdown after breakdown, and more than that Touya relied on him and came to him voluntarily for support. Natsuo was the best option he had, and he took full advantage of that. The main source of Natsuo's trauma was Touya's reliance on him.
Not to say at all that this was in any way Touya's fault- he was mentally ill and desperately in need of some form of comfort to keep him sane; it was almost a survival method at this point since neither of his parents really acknowleged him at all anymore. Touya's instability hurt Natsuo more than parental neglect ever did, but it was the neglect that enabled it and striped Touya of the supportive atmosphere he would have needed at this point not only to prevent but to heal from the mental damage he had already suffered.
Natsuo dealt with this for years and you can see how much it hurt him to see Touya in so much pain, not only from Endeavor's rejection but from his own self harm as well. For Natuso to know that his brotherly love would never be the same as having loving parents; would neve be enough- but at least it was something so he continued to love and care about his brother for little in return- is indicative of the kind of character he is.
(Edit: After the events of chapter 302 we know that Natsuo's relationship with Touya wasn't perfect. I will elaborate more on this in a different post, but I just wanted to clarify that although we were shown a very high-tension scene between them, it is implied that this was a regular occurrence that Natsuo was usually more receptive too but tired out of, in addition to Touya's spiraling mental health. It fit with the natrative to show the tension Touya was feeling with his family from all directions, but Natsu and Touya clearly had a stronger relationship up to and before this point, evidenced by their sharing a room and playing together regularly.)
He is incredibly selfless, and it's interesting to note how many of his positive qualities as an adult stem from negative experiences as a kid. He never really felt love from his parents, so he relied on Touya (and likely also Fuyumi) for that as well. If he grew up learning he had to give love in order to recieve it back, it absolutely influenced who he became in the future, a solid example of this being the responsibility he feels to reach out and have a relationship with Shouto and further regrets that he wasn't able to help his abuse in the past either. Another aspect of his character that intruigues me is how gentle he is. Personality-wise he seems about as opposite as he could be from the awkward, stoic, emotionally-stunted person that is Endeavor.
There are a couple of reasons for this, beyond what I've already discussed.
One, he had little to no contact with elements of toxic masculinity growing up, especially not from Endeavor.
Two, most of the influence he did have growing up was from Fuyumi, who is established to have endlessly cared for him since he was a literal baby.
Three, he grew up in a household where almost everyone around him was in much more literal, immediate pain than he was so he developed a very strong sense of empathy that might also have been tied to early survivor's guilt.
Now I have one important distinction to make, and that's the temptation to label him as a 'softboy' or something of the like after seeing him caring for his family and more pointedly, watching him break down in tears during chapter 252. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with men being soft or vulnerable (on the contrary it's actually so so important and relevant that Hori is writing characters like this in a mainstream shounen manga but that's an essay for another time), it is unfair to label him as such based on a moment when his trauma is being exposed.
Because his truama stems from such a young age, there is a blurry line between just being born with more emotional intelligence and the situation he was in fostering those traits. You know, the classic nature/nurture thing. My point being, it's important to tread carefully when discussing the nature of his personality to avoid invalidating his trauma; I have no doubt that he is very strong for having survived these things, and the moments we see of him onscreen are definitely among his most vulnerable.
Another thing that people less familiar with Natsuo's character might assume is that he is hot-headed and argumentative. I thought that at first too- after all, he doesn't seem to shy away from yelling at Endeavor when given the opportunity. However, this doesn't seem to be the case at all.
Tumblr media
The first real scene we see him in with Endeavor, the man walks into the room and Natsuo decides he can't handle it and goes to leave. However, Endeavor happens to be blocking the doorway. Endeavor physically stops him and provokes him to his face, asking him to say whatever is on him mind. While Natsuo is notably not confrontational, Endeavor is. I think it's fair to say that he felt at least uneasy at this gesture. Natsuo is very honest with his feelings, and it's obvious that he's pissed at the audacity of Endeavor to be so oblivious to his own son. This is presumably one of the first real interactions they've ever really had, and at this point Natsuo has been dealing with trauma (caused by Endeavor!) on his own for years, and Endeavor seems completely oblivious to his pain and dismmisive to the rest of the family's as well.
Again during the internship arc Natsuo tries to get along with Endeavor and this time he actually gives it a fleeting chance. Tensions are high, however, and the conversation very quickly becomes uncomfortable, at which point he leaves. It is continually implied that Natsuo is uncomfortable being around Endeavor because his very presence brings up painful thoughts and memories of a time when sharing the same space as him was a warning to run and hide. This is later directly confirmed by Natsuo as he says that every time he looks at Endeavor's face he remembers Touya and the pain he was in.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I feel like an important side note is that we have never seen Natsuo outside the context of his family, which is understandable, as the role he plays in the story directly relates to them. However, if you take a look at Shouto, even though his experiences have shaped him to become who he is, he definitely acts differently when Endeavor's not in the vicinity.
Back to Touya's death, it would be very rare that someone would mourn a death for an entire decade without finding closure unless there are other factors preventing it, and uncomfortably this seems to be the same thing for both Natsuo and Endeavor: guilt.
This is getting incredibly long already, but it's important to note that Natsuo probably felt an incredible responsibility to take care of Touya and protect him because of his empathetic nature. His love was never going to be the same as having loving parents. His encouragement was never going to be the same as having support from Endeavor. Even further than then neglect and abandonement, it was not being able to save Touya that really made Natsuo feel worthless.
He seems to try and remedy this inability to save Touya and diminish his guilt by doing everything he can to be better. He reaches out to Shouto to be a better brother, he consistently pushes his limits to entertain Fuyumi's notion of a happy family, and he's working hard towards a degree rhat will allow him to help people like Touya (and Rei) because he failed to do so in the past.
Tumblr media
His bio mildly implies that he didn't have much of a direction he was heading in after high school, but Fuyumi's encouragement led him to seek out his current college career. This goes back to Natsuo's 'purpose' in a sense revolving arount Touya, from his birth to his relationship with him to his death, after which he lost his direction. They were always rather inseperable, so naturally their seperation hit Natsuo hard. He lost his direction in life so when Fuyumi encouraged him to rediscover it, he thought of helping people, because that's ultimately what he was born to do.
Thank you so, so much for reading this if you made it to the end! I clearly have a lot of thoughts on this. Let me know what you think about it as well, and hopefully we'll get more info on this soon in the manga :)
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tartagliad4 months ago
Seeing you for the first time (ft. Diluc, Childe, Zhongli, and Kaeya)
summary: how do they react seeing you for the first time
G/N reader!
warnings: bad writing, first timer (?) ;-;
(a/n: hey guys, this is my first time ever writing, I'm kinda nervous..let me know what things that i might want to correct for future writing..and..uhm..i hope you enjoy, if u have any ideas or request let me know..)
Tumblr media
The first time he sees you is when he does night patrolling around Mondstadt
You were currently just came back from your very time consuming adventure probably still holding a sword when you came back to the city
He was fighting a cryo abyss mage..but due to the lack of rest..he got hurt..
So you rushed to him and help him finished off the abyss mage
"T-thank you..that thing was more rough than it used to be.." Diluc says stuttering
Man was so impressed by your fighting techniques..
"Hehe..your welcome" you said
"Looks like you got hurt back there..wanna head to my place so i can treat your wounds?" you offered him
He was surprised that there was a stranger that was this care to him..
He just..stared at you and zoned out
"uh- uhmm..yeah of course..if you dont mind.." he answered
Well, he couldn't even decline due to the fact that he now have wounds on his leg
And so you brought him to your place and treat him
You bring out the first aid kit and start treating him..doing it carefully so it doesn't cause him to scream in pain
"Tell me if it hurts" you said
Diluc could only nod..not dare to look you because he was so shy
His heart is literally full of emotion that he couldn't even describe..the delicate soft hand of yours and treating him with full of care...he just couldn't bare it..
"Hey uh...I've never seen you in the city before..w-what's your name?" he asks
"My name is y/n..and you must be Diluc..I've heard people talking things about you" you respond
This could only made this man's face flushed, but thank god you didn't realised it
From that day guys become close friends
Hangout with each other or maybe go out on an adventure
But little did you know..he actually have feelings for you..especially that smile of yours..he just falls for you even more
He's just..too scared to admit it, maybe one day he'll confess to you <3
"饾槢饾槱饾槩饾樀 饾槾饾槷饾槳饾槶饾槮 饾槹饾槯 饾樅饾槹饾樁饾槼饾槾...饾槳 饾樃饾槳饾槾饾槱 饾槳 饾槫饾槹饾樁饾槶饾槬 饾槷饾槩饾槬饾槮 饾樅饾槹饾樁 饾槾饾槷饾槳饾槶饾槮 饾槶饾槳饾槵饾槮 饾樀饾槱饾槳饾槾 饾樁饾槸饾樀饾槳饾槶 饾樀饾槱饾槮 饾槮饾槸饾槬..饾槳 饾樃饾槹饾槸'饾樀 饾槶饾槮饾樀 饾槩饾槸饾樅饾槹饾槸饾槮 饾槹饾槼 饾槩饾槸饾樅饾樀饾槱饾槳饾槸饾槰 饾槷饾槩饾槵饾槮 饾槳饾樀 饾槰饾槹 饾槩饾樃饾槩饾樅.."
Tumblr media
You two met at Liyue Harbor
He was strolling around Liyue when he accidentally bumped into you
You were running because there was an emergency from the Adventurers Guild
"Oh, sorry sorry, i didn't see you there" you said to him
He fell and looked at you..but instead of anger..he looked at you with all of his heart
The moment he looked into your e/c eyes..he knows something special in those pair of eyes
He was zoned out for a moment that he didn't realise you have left
He was trying to compose everything that happened until he realised you dropped your necklace, and so he took it with him
The next day, he was looking all over liyue harbor for you
Lucky for him you were at the guild to get your payment
And so he approaches you, "Hey there...i think you dropped this when you bumped into me.." he said nervously, this is the first time in awhile that he feel this nervous
"OMG thank you so much...I've been looking for this everywhere!" you said
At that point, his heart was beating so fast to the point where it could explode
"No problem" he respond, "Oh, I haven't introduced myself haven't I? my name is Childe"
"My name is y/n, that's a cute name for a boy..hehe" you said
He. Literally. Almost. Fainted.
"Do you...uh..wanna go out maybe for a walk or have lunch together..?" He asked
"Of course, I would love to! :D" you said excitedly
"Great, see you tomorrow then"
After a few dates, you guys became couples
Knowing that he's a Fatui Harbinger, you were scared that he would die during battle. But that brushed off quickly when you knew he had a really great fighting skills, but you're still worried
He's even more scared than you because he thinks that one day, you will leave him for good because of his obsession to battles
Even though you both have worries about each other, but the key to your relationship is honest and communication, that's why the relationship lasts long
"饾槓 饾樃饾槳饾槶饾槶 饾槩饾槶饾樃饾槩饾樅饾槾 饾槶饾槹饾樂饾槮 饾樅饾槹饾樁..饾樀饾槹 饾樀饾槱饾槮 饾槷饾槹饾槹饾槸 饾槩饾槸饾槬 饾槪饾槩饾槫饾槵, 饾槾饾槹 饾槾饾樀饾槩饾樅 饾樃饾槳饾樀饾槱 饾槷饾槮 饾樁饾槸饾樀饾槳饾槶 饾槷饾樅 饾槶饾槩饾槾饾樀 饾槪饾槼饾槮饾槩饾樀饾槱"
Tumblr media
You met him at the tavern obviously lol
He was actually finished patrolling for the night, so he would go there to treat him self
It was your first time at the tavern (and the city as well) so your sight caught his attention
He walked to your table and ask for your permission, "Hey there! mind if I join you?"
"Sure, have a seat" you welcomed him
"So, is this your first time here? Cuz, I've never seen a cutie like you ;)" He asked
"Oh..uhm..yeah, I'm actually going to stay here" you answered with a hint of blush on your face
He realised it and thought it was really cute
"Ahh so you're new here, well as the Cavalry Captain of The Knights Of Favonius, I can be your tour guide around the city" he said to you "My name is Kaeya and you?"
You were to shy to look at him " name is y/n, nice to meet you"
"That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you :)" He smiles
This man literally made you flush oh my gosh..
"So, want me to take you around Mondstadt tomorrow?" he asked
"...sure, I'll be there" you answer
"Great, see you tomorrow then, mind if I walk you home" he adds
You nodded and by that he took you home and wave you a goodbye
The next day, he asked you to meet him at Good Hunter's, "Hey there! Good Morning!" He greets you
From there he tells you everything about Mondstadt (that he knows) and probably treat you for some snacks
The. Man. Is. In. Love. With. Your. Laugh
He feels that time is slowed by your laugh, he wanted to keep it like this
He would literally fainted from hearing your laughter
Your laughter literally makes his heart filled with serotonin UwU
As time flies, you guys grew closer together, he wants to be with you forever
You're now comfortable around him, and that's why you probably joke a lot around him
Whether it's not that funny or very cheesy, he'll laugh
"饾槓 饾樃饾槳饾槾饾槱 饾樀饾槳饾槷饾槮 饾槫饾槹饾樁饾槶饾槬 饾槾饾樀饾槹饾槺 饾槾饾槹 饾槓 饾槫饾槹饾樁饾槶饾槬 饾槱饾槮饾槩饾槼 饾樅饾槹饾樁饾槼 饾槪饾槮饾槩饾樁饾樀饾槳饾槯饾樁饾槶 饾槶饾槩饾樁饾槰饾槱饾樀饾槮饾槼 饾槮饾樂饾槮饾槼饾樅饾槬饾槩饾樅 饾槩饾槸饾槬 饾槮饾樂饾槮饾槼饾樅 饾槾饾槮饾槫饾槹饾槸饾槬"
Tumblr media
You met this man at Liuli Pavilion
He "forgets" to bring his wallet so he has a little trouble when paying for it -_-
You saw this decided to help him
"Excuse me ma'am, allow me to pay for it" you said to the waitress
Zhongli looked at you shocked... like O_O
"W-wait you don't have to-" "it's alright, I insist"
After paying he walked behind you so he could catch up
"Hey, uhh..sorry for being a burden to you, I would change the mora you spent" he speaks
"Oh no it's alright, besides it's not that big of a deal, mora is just a currency, you could easily get them at work" you said
"Thank you for your help, I don't know how to repay your kindness" he said
"Ah, it was nothing" you respond
*Queues awkward silence
"So, name is y/n, what's your name?" you said trying to break the awkwardness
"Oh my name is Zhongli..." he answered
"Do you want to go walk around Liyue Harbor?" he suddenly asked you
"uh..sure, i don't really have anything to do anyways", so with that you took for a walk with him
He tells you stories about the place and you very much enjoyed it, that voice of his is just *chefs kiss
One thing that made him fell for you is that your curiosity of things
You questioning things just made him want to tell you stories much further
In fact sometimes your curiosity can made him learn something new
This made you grew closer to him (as a friend though)
He's still not ready to confess to you yet, but he knew that the feeling in his chest couldn't be ignored anymore
"饾槡饾槹饾槷饾槮饾樀饾槳饾槷饾槮饾槾 饾樅饾槹饾樁饾槼 饾槫饾樁饾槼饾槳饾槹饾槾饾槳饾樀饾樅 饾槴饾樁饾槾饾樀 饾槷饾槩饾槬饾槮 饾槷饾槮 饾槶饾槮饾槩饾槼饾槸 饾槾饾槹饾槷饾槮饾樀饾槱饾槳饾槸饾槰 饾樀饾槹饾槬饾槩饾樅, 饾樀饾槱饾槩饾槸饾槵 饾樅饾槹饾樁"
(A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you have any suggestions or corrections, let me know..thank you and have a great day)
Here are the rules if want to request
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halaboyz18 days ago
pairing: ex! sangyeon x gn! reader genre: fluff, a tinge of angst ; ex to lovers word count: 2k warnings // notes: profanities, no more that i know of ;; sangyeon has a sibling named sangheon here!! ITS 5 AM I HOPE I MADE NO MISTAKES
Tumblr media
Changing into your pajamas, you sigh as you stared at your empty house, only containing non-living things except your plants and yourself鈥 that you weren't sure was still living.
A living dead, you guess.
After your break up with Sangyeon, it has never been the same. But you can't blame him鈥 you made it mutual after all.
"I.. think we should break up," Sangyeon says, trembling in his seat. You simply looked at him, you weren't shocked, you actually had seen it coming.
Nothing was working out. Both of you were on your lowest, no one could bring the other up. You'd seen it coming, but here you were letting your heart shatter at his words.
You wanted to fight for him. Fight for both of you. But you were tired. He was tired.
"Sangyeon," You start, whimpering. "We're both tired.. I know you're tired. You know I'm tired. But鈥 I.. I didn't think about breaking up with you at least once,"
You'd seen it coming鈥 but you hoped it didn't. Neve once did you think about breaking up with Sangyeon. Because even if things didn't work out, seeing his face in the midst of chaos was a tinge of hope鈥 light in the darkness.
"It's the best for us," But if Sangyeon was letting go, who were you to stop him? What effort should you exert when the one you're fighting for has already given up?
"..The best for us," You dryly chuckle, wiping your tears away. You smile, "Okay,"
Sangyeon finally looks up at you, his red eyes brimming with tears asked questions you didn't know.
It was asking you why.
Why you had let go of him so easily, why you didn't fight for him.
But it stroke him鈥 he was the first to let go. He was the one who didn't fight for his love.
So he just mutters a sorry, leaving you with the most painful breakup you could imagine as he softly closes the door behind him, leaving his life and memories alone with you.
Your hand lingers on the seat you had last seen Sangyeon, exactly two months ago. The last time you've seen his dark orbs gazing lovingly and fondly at you, his soft touches that warms up your freezing body, and his smile that makes the world a little better.
Now, you don't have anything but a cup of tea to warm your hands, your mind that doesn't fail to reminisce your time with Sangyeon, and your eyes and heart that continue to cry for him.
You stared at the clock, wanting time to go faster so that you could go on your usual day trying to avoid thinking of him.
7:53 pm.
And your doorbell rings.
"Who the fuck?" You mumble, furrowing your eyebrows as you let the cup down on the coffee table. "I didn't even order anything.." Thinking of any possible people who drop by your house, you were left with nothing but suspicion.
Grabbing a random pan in your kitchen, you peeked at the peephole to see a familiar back, and you instantly open your door to let him in.
"Sangheon! What are you doing here in the middle of the night?!" You pull the middle-schooler in, interrogating the almost freezing man in front of you.
"Hey.. y/n," He gives off a chuckle, and you assist him to seat on the sofa. Grabbing a random blanket from your wardrobe and putting the kettle on, you prepared a hot drink for him.
Sighing, you let him take a sip first and calm down before starting to interrogate once again, only watching him.
"Sorry, did I bother you?"
If anything鈥 you had to thank him if he wasn't only your ex' sibling.
"No. Not at all," You softly smile, urging him to drink more.
Did Sangyeon not tell his family you two broke up?
"So.. Are you going to explain to me why you ended up here in the middle of the night?" You start, crossing your arms over your chest.
"Well鈥 first, you're my brother's significant other. Second, my friends live way too far and yours is the only one I know. Third, I had a fight with him so I kinda threw a tantrum," He laughs lightly, warily looking at your reaction.
You just narrowed your eyes at him, later sighing in defeat. Still, you had a soft spot for his family too.
"So you're telling me you're going to stay here for the night? Sangyeon's probably looking for you now and you know how he gets when he's worried, Sangheon," You explain, giving him an encouraging smile. "What did you fight about any鈥"
"Nothing," He interrupts, putting the hot water down. He smiles at you and snuggles more under the covers, making himself comfortable on the sofa.
"You can sleep in the bed鈥"
"Wow, it's so comfortable here," He cuts you off once again and you could only chuckle, it really runs on their blood.
Being hard-headed.
You watch him for a while, and until you were positive he was already sleeping with the soft snores that left his lips, you grab your phone.
"Is.. this still his number?" You hesitated pressing it, growing anxious.
Sangyeon, when worried, becomes a mess. And when I say mess鈥 mess. He becomes restless until he's assured of anyone's safety, most importantly his beloved brother.
Sangyeon had already shown and told you how much he cherishes his younger brother, and you think that even after a fight, Sangyeon would just let him bolt out of their house to who knows where.
Biting your lip, you locked yourself in your room to avoid waking Sangheon up.
"I can do this," You encouraged yourself, "You can do this," You pointed at yourself in your mirror, heaving a sigh before pressing the call button.
It didn't even take the second ring before he picks it up.
"y/n," He breathlessly answers the phone, panting. "You.. called," You can sense him thinking of what to say despite looking for his brother.
"Uh, yeah.. Sorry. I didn't wanna bother but.. Sangheon. He's here," He stops in his tracks, you assume he was outside looking for him at the sound of crushing leaves. "He's currently asleep in the living room right now, so no rush for you.. I guess," You hiss at yourself at the amount of awkwardness you were emitting.
"I'm on my way there," And just like that, he drops the call.
Sighing, you stare at your phone. All kinds of questions bombarded your mind again鈥 does he miss you like you do, is he still eating and drinking well, does he still love you like you do, does he regret letting go of you easily like you do.
Throwing your phone somewhere on the bed, you sigh as you made your way outside again, waiting by the door so that he wouldn't need to ring the doorbell that might wake his brother.
And seeing the familiar silhouette even from afar brings back memories to both you and him.
How he always sees you smiling ear to ear as you wait for him on your doorstep. How he always smiles at you the moment he sees you. How he engulfs you in the tightest, warmest hug he could give you. How you would burrow your head on his neck, mumbling sweet nothings in his ear.
How you both missed doing that.
And how you both fail at doing that now, just fondly looking at each other now鈥 because you weren't each other's now.
"Hey.." Sangyeon tucks his obviously cold hands in his hoodie's pockets, smiling at you. "I'm sorry for Sangheon.. I.. We kinda fought," He explains, biting his lips to a thin line.
"It's nothing," You reply with a smile, ushering him inside. "I had a drink ready for you. Sangheon really does get everything from you. I'm not even surprised when you both show up only on your hoodies when it's freezing cold outside," You chuckle, making the atmosphere lighter.
As you put his drink to a mug, he takes a glance at his sleeping brother before dragging his eyes around the place. It was still as is when he left, nothing changed, but him.
Nothing changed but him, his absence.
"Here," Offering the mug at him, you found yourselves sitting the way you were last time when the both of you broke up, at the dining table.
He mumbles a thank you and quietly sips on his drink, feeling the warmness spread throughout his chest.
And maybe it was also because of how much he had missed your smile that was only for him that made him feel at home.
"What did you even fight about that Sangheon had to run away from home?" You ask worriedly, propping your elbows on the table to scoot closer to him. Maybe you just wanted to. Maybe it was a habit鈥 you didn't know.
"We just.." There was no point in hiding it. Looking at your eyes, he found himself yearning for the love you both had before he had suggested breaking up.
It was stupid of him to let go of someone like you.
"Sangheon.. he fought for you." He explains, not breaking the eye contact. He fondly stares right at you, "What I failed in doing.. he did for you. I finally told them that we broke up. Sangheon.. he liked you. He knew what I felt for you, what I did for you, and what you did for me. He.. fought. For us." He shamelessly looks down, fiddling with his fingers.
You kept quiet, looking at Sangyeon. It baffled you at first, how he didn't even hesitate to tell all of this to you. You were no one now, but not until you realize that maybe, he still held feelings for you.
"I'm sorry," Before you can even question him, Sangyeon had already spoken up. He looks up once again, tears escaping in his eyes as he sought for forgiveness. He reaches for your hands, caressing them. "I'm sorry, y/n,"
You just let him, but tears were already threatening to fall too.
"I'm sorry for letting go of you when I still love you.. so much," He apologizes, sniffing. You smile at him, letting your tears fall鈥 but tears of joy. "You were there in everything I did.. And when you were gone.. I felt a big part of myself gone too. No one to share small details of my day, no one to tell me I worked hard by the end of the day, no one to appreciate the littlest effort I put into everything.. Because you weren't there."
You looked at the hands that hopelessly held onto yours, and it was just like the both of you.
Holding into each other tightly.
You needed the break, you were going to admit that. But that break was supposed to let you find yourself back into each other again.
That's what it's doing now.
"Sangyeon," You shake his hand, "Look at me, love," You smile lovingly at him, not like the one earlier. "I'm sorry for not fighting for us too," You sniff, chuckling. "It's okay. We were both tired. We needed it." You nod, trying to convince him and yourself that it was indeed fine. "What matters now is.. now."
"Please.. Let's try again," Sangyeon expectantly looks at you, gripping at your hands.
"I'd love that," You simply say, scrunching your nose.
Sangyeon softly pulls you up as he stands, to his embrace. You missed the warmth. You missed the light atmosphere. You missed the love.
In the end, you realize you were only blinded by what you were feeling at the moment when you broke up. You failed to realize the residing feelings you had for each other to keep on fighting. To hold on.
But now that you were in each other's hold, you were positive there were no turning backs against each other again. No more failing to see what was in front of you.
"Finally," You hear Sangheon exasperatingly sigh from the living room, clapping at the both of you.
You wave at him to go to both of you, including him in the warm hug you shared with Sangyeon.
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silverdecepticon9314 days ago
How would react ( villains or heroes of your choices) if they find out that Good Guard is secretly a metahuman ? They have super strengh, better senses, immune to poison. A somekind of Superman but they can not fly.
While I am not confirming or declining on the idea of the Good Guard having powers or not, then here's the main reactions I feel like would happen.
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Clearly surprised that you have powers, it is alarming to him that you kept this secret from him but, I mean...Can he really talk?? I can imagine that Bruce finds out about this when Joker wreaks havoc on a gala that he's hosting and as a huge projectile was flying at him, you came to his rescue and caught the large debris, car, etc. before looking at Bruce and asking if he was okay. This doesn't change his feelings for you but sometimes he wonders what else your hiding from him but once you assure him that this was all, he makes a joke about how he probably shouldn't be surprised by your powers because you had to subdue his rouges on a daily basis...This probably might even be when he reveals his second-life as Batman to you but that also depends on how you're feeling about the Dark Knight.
Dick Grayson/ Robin: Oh, he totally thinks that you're super cool because of it. Honestly might pout and ask why you haven't been helping them fight the bad guys and then someone needs to remind him that the 'bad guys' that he was referring to were your friends and family. Still, once Bruce reveals his identity as Batman to you, then Dick is gonna try so hard to convince you to be a vigilante like them and gets a bit confused when you firmly refuse to leave your position in Arkham because you love it too much.
Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy: Okay but why is her parent so damn cool?? This also means that when she uses her toxins in the city, she doesn't have to worry about you being affected because you're immune...although that does mean when she tries to use them on you to try and get a bigger allowance, let her stay out later, or destroy a big corporation, that you aren't budging an inch which makes her kinda pout a bit but still, she genuinely thinks that your powers are super cool. I can also see this being a huge bonding moment for you two where both of you kinda get casted out by society for being 'freaks' but at least you guys have each other. Also domestic moments where Ivy is pouting because you won't let her use her plants to kill CEOs and she mumbles something under her breathe and you end up being all: "I HEARD THAT, YOUNG LADY."
Waylon Jones/ Killer Croc: Honestly, he figured that you were a superhuman of some sort. I mean, like, how else would you be able to beat him at wrestling, hmm? Teasingly accuses you of cheating which leads to you two playfully bickering that you didn't need super strength to put him in his place and other things like that. It doesn't change his perspective on you other than him realizing he doesn't have to be as protective of you because it's obvious that you can handle yourself. He'll still tease you for being short, though, that's neve gonna go away-
Oswald Cobblepot/ The Penguin: Much like Dick, he is once more going to ask and beg that you switch your position from simple Arkham Guard to something more helpful. Such as being his bodyguard, not only will he pay you more than Arkham does (as if he doesn't just casually drop off expensive gifts and cash stacks to you and Ivy's house), but he just feels like your skills are being wasted. Does get smug whenever a Gotham Police Officer handles him a bit more roughly to your distaste and you 'accidentally' dislocate the person's arm in response.
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maraudersmap1232 months ago
Could you do a soulmate AU with Sirius?
Grey (Sirius Black)(Soulmates AU)
summery - Beauxbatons comes to Hogwarts to participate in the triwizard tournament in the year 77/78. During this time Sirius Black meets his soulmate but they are separated by war. Reunited years later in 1982 at a wedding they begin what they started when they were only teenagers.
Soulmate AU whereby soulmates can see each other phycological scars through a coloured 'aura' around the person.
warnings - very slight mentions of sex. Lots of time skips. I won't be writing in a French accent as I am very Scottish and have no idea how the French accent effects words so I'm just writing it the way I usually would and you can imagine the French accent lol.
word count - 6,121
reading time - 29 mins 32 seconds
Hogwarts was everything the group of 6th year beauxbaton students had expected and more. The large castle was just as homely and charming as they had hoped and they found themselves quickly feeling at home among the students, particularly the Ravenclaws. The students from Hogwarts overall seemed much more welcoming towards the French student than they did towards those that came from durmstrang, y/n put it down to the social climate and assumed it wasn't the best time to be from a school that so heavily and openly encouraged dark magic.
None the less within only a month y/n had gotten used to her life at Hogwarts and was enjoying the experience, especially considering she didn't have to really worry about the tournament as she wasn't competing.
"I like it here, the people are nice" Genevieve Blanchett, Y/ns best friend said as they made their way over to the lake. It was quite cold as autumn was in full swing however they had dressed appropriately and decided to leave the carriages to sit down by the lake, giving them some peace.
"They are nice, it's crazy that this could have been my school had my parents not chosen otherwise" y/n replied, laying down the small blanket that they had brought with them so they could sit without messing up their skirts.
Y/ns parents had both gone to Hogwarts and met there. they considered for awhile sending their daughter to Hogwarts also but due to them living in France at the time they decided against it.
"But then you would never have met me" She laughed, her accent thick.
"You know that is a good point Gen" Laughing also. They finally sat down and y/n pulled out her book from her back. It was a muggle book she had found at her local book shop when she had been home through the summer, 'wuthering heights' she hadn't gotten too far yet but she could safely say she was enjoying it.
"Would it be alright if we sat with you" Came an unfamiliar voice after the pair had been sat for around half an hour. Genevieve busy trying to finish an essay that was due in the next few weeks and Y/n reading her book. She looked up and found a beautiful red headed girl stood beside an equally pretty brunette, both smiling at them. They both sported red ties, telling the pair of visitors that they were from griffindor house, the brave.
"Of course" Y/n replied with a smile. "What are your names?"
"I'm Lily Evans, this is Marlene McKinnon. We seen you sitting here and thought we'd come over and introduce ourselves. The tournaments purpose is to make friends after all" The ginger girl, Lily, told them earning a smile from both girls, motioning them to sit which they did.
"I'm Y/n L/n, and this is Genevieve Blanchett" she said, the two hogwarst students nodded their head in acknowledgement.
"withering heights, I love that book" she exclaimed before asking where Y/n was and what she thought of the book so far.
Before y/n had the time to answer the question she spied something very odd over Lilys shoulder. A group of 4 boys where quickly approaching them, which wouldn't have been too odd had one of them not had a faint aura of dark grey surrounding him. She had never seen anything like it and had been stunned speechless. She had never heard of people who glowed colours and she had definitely never seen it before. She was too shocked to notice that he had stopped in his tracks when he seen her, his friends carrying on without him and not even noticing he had been left behind.
"Hello my love" a tall brunette with messy hair said while staring at lily. Y/n was still staring at the boy who was stood alone a few steps away from her, unable to tear her eyes away from him.
"Hello James" Lily said in a bored voice.
"Sirius what are you doing" James, as Lilly called him, yelled over at the boy who was stood alone. Sirius was an odd name, y/n thought as he seemed to snap out of his trance and run over to them, his eyes never once leaving her.
Genevieve cleared her throat from beside her and she finally looked away from the tall black haired boy and towards the three girls around her who were all watching the pair with confused looks. She coughed quietly before staring up at the boys infant of her, putting on a smile and trying to push aside the confusion she was feeling
"Hello, I'm Y/n" She introduced and the tallest of the boys smiled back at her.
"Remus" He mumbled, reaching out and shaking her hand "This is Peter" He continued, motioning to the smaller boy in the back who gave her a lopsided smile.
"And this is Sirius, I don't know what's gotten into him he's usually much more talkative" Remus finished and Y/n let herself look back at the odd boy with the grey around him.
"Nice to meet you" He spoke quietly. His voice was deep but he had a kindness about his tone that she hadn't expected from the look of him.
"I'm Genevieve. It's been lovely meeting you all, hopefully we become friends however we have to get back to the carriages soon or they will start to wonder where we have gone" She said kindly, smiling at the group of Hogwarts students, though especially at Remus.
"We could walk you back" Remus offered though the suggestion was rejected politely by Genevieve who blushed at the boys kindness but ensured that it wasn't necessary. Y/n smiled at the exchange before she rose to her feet, the rest of the girls following suit and y/n reaching down to pick up the blanket and folding it under her arm.
"We'll see you at dinner ye" Lily asked the pair and they nodded, ensuring that they would look for them in the hall later in the evening.
With the next day came the news of the yule ball, a dance that was held during every triwizard tournament on Christmas Eve. Of course they still had over a month to prepare for the dance, it only being the beginning of November. Y/n had written home as soon as she was able to and had asked her mum to send her a dress as soon as possibly.
In the mean time she decided she would research the odd boy that was Sirius Black. When she had learnt his full name she had recognised it immediately and recalled a conversation she had heard a few christmases ago between her parents and their friends. She suspected however that Sirius wasn't like the rest of his family, he certainly didn't come across as evil and twisted as the people her parents had been talking about.
But due to this past knowledge she knew that he wasn't some magic creature that glowed, he was a normal person who to everyone else just looked like an extremely attractive teenager. It didn't take her long to realise that nobody else could see the grey that surrounded him.
And so she spent every second grey she had free in the library browsing as many books as she could about glowing men. She obviously never found anything but none the less she didn't stop trying. Based off his reaction to her she assumed that to him perhaps she looked odd also in some way. She wasn't sure in what way and it's not like she could ask him but she was almost certain he didn't view her as normal either.
Eventually after what felt like 100s of books she found one that seemed to explain what was happening, though the girl struggled massively to believe it. The book stated that when two people are destined to one another they have a connection that nobody else can see, this connection shows as an aura around said person which is coloured based on the individuals emotions.
The only things that indicated that this wasn't what she had with Sirius Black was that it was in a book of myths, 'soulmate folklore and myths' to be more specific. But maybe it was real and so few people experienced it that it was believed to be a myth. She had never heard of it before but this seemed to be a perfect description of what was happening.
She flipped to the next page which held a table that explained what each colour meant.
Red: Anger or lust.
Blue: Calmness.
Yellow: Happiness.
Green: Disappointment.
Purple: Excitement.
Grey: Regular sadness or stoicism
Black: Coldness or depression.
Pink: Love
White: Neutral happiness or contentment.
She felt her heart sink when she read the description of grey and black, especially when she recalled just how dark the grey colour was surrounding him. She suspected it was almost black.
She decided to check the book out and when she turned out of the library the next thing she knew she was bumping full force into somebody, pulling back quickly and leaning down to pick up the book that had fallen from her hands. She straightened herself up and brushed her hands down her blue robes, ridding it off any creases.
She started apologising to the mystery person but when she finally looked up at them her voice died in her throat.
"I-I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going" She whispered, staring at the boy in front of her. She noticed that his bubble of colour had gotten even darker.
"That's no problem, are you alright?" He asked, breaking their eye contact to look down at the book held in her arms. "Looks older than us, what's it about"
"Oh just a bunch of rubbish to be honest" She answered quickly, not wanting to give him any indication at what she was really looking into "and I'm fine, it was just a bump"
"Maybe I'll read it when you're done, find out about some rubbish" He grinned and she returned the smile.
"Are you heading back to the carriages" asked the boy, motioning with his hand to the large entrance doors in front of them.
"I am ye"
"I'll walk you back"
"Oh no that's alright, it's cold out and you'll have to walk back" she assured him quickly.
"I insist, and we always have warming charms"
A comfortable chatter filled the air around them as they began their walk to the carriages at the far end of the grounds. She found herself very at ease with him and there was no moment of awkwardness once they had began to talk. They discussed lots, from friends to school work to the dance. Finally after around 10 minutes of walking they reached the carriages, coming to a stop near the doors.
"It was nice talking to you, hopefully I see you again soon" He said looking down at his hands.
"I'm sure you will" She smiled before rising to her tip toes and leaving a gentle kiss on her cheek, only lingering for a few seconds before turning away and entering the carriages without looking back.
The yule ball had approached faster than y/n had anticipated and before she realised how close it was she was stood in front of the mirror adjusting her dark blue floor length dress in the mirror.
Her date was one of her friends from beauxbatons, she had hoped deep down that Sirius would ask her but he never did. Over the months that had past since she had met the boy she had done more and more research into the aura soulmate theory and had come to the conclusion that Sirius was her soulmate. whether they were friendship soulmates or more she didn't quite know yet. But she still liked it.
She finally decided that she was ready to go and made her way out of the dorm room, finding her date. Louis was stood beside the fire and looked over at her when she entered, smiling at her.
"You look lovely, maybe Mr Mysterious like steal you away from me" He said referencing Sirius, walking towards her and linking her arm through his.
"I doubt it, but maybe" She joked back with a grin. They quickly made their way out of the carriages and as they stepped out the door into the cold winter air they spied Remus, who had after week of persuasion and hyping up plucked up the courage to ask out Genevieve.
"You can go in Remus, she won't be long she was just finishing up" Y/n smiled at the boy who was clearly feeling out of place.
"Alright thank you, I'll see you later" He responded quickly, leaving to enter the carriages and leaving the pair to descend to the castle.
The great hall was decorated beautifully with snow falling from the celling but disappearing before it could reach the students below, there was live music at the front of the hall and the whole room was decorated in white.
Making their way to the drink table they picked up some of the punch from the bowl and made their way over to one of the tables. as they sat down she spied the marauders sat at a table on the opposite side of the hall, Sirius' eyes trained firmly on her. She smiled over at him and he returned it without hesitation.
They had talked only a few times over the months since she had bumped into him and they got on well but they didn't seem to cross paths all to often, or at least very rarely when they were alone. she had quickly realised that he didn't have a good relationship with his family when they bumped into his brother in the year below them who he talked with very bluntly.
"You know, you could have always asked him out" Louis said with a chuckle as he watched the two staring at each other.
"It was too late to ask, besides he's probably already got a date. And you could have asked Millie from Ravenclaw that you've been crushing on but you never" She rebutted, the French boy blushing in response.
"Do you want to dance" He asked when the song changed and she nodded happily, getting up and making her way over to the dance floor. Within a few minuets the song had changed again to a much slower one and couples started the slow dance together. The pair looked at each other awkwardly, knowing that their feelings never went past anything platonic and a slow dance would be awkward.
They were spared from the awkward situation when she heard someone clearing their throat behind her, she seen Louis grinning cheekily at whoever it was behind her and based on his reaction she knew who it was before she even looked.
Slowly turning around she was met with a pair of dark eyes which belonged to a boy who was still surrounded by a dark bubble of grey which hadn't changed shade in months.
"Sirius?' She asked in confusion to which he simply outstretched his hand towards her.
"Would you like to dance with me" He asked her politely, watching her with anticipation. She was at a loss for words and Sirius furrowed his brows at the lack of words.
"She would love to" Louis spoke for her, and she quickly nodded her head, clearing her throat and accepting the offer.
The tall boy took her hand in his gently and pulled her into the crowd, keeping his eyes on hers. When they reached the centre of the dance floor he wrapped his arms around her waist, hers reaching up around his neck.
"You look beautiful" He whispered and she smiled up at him. For someone who was so confident with everyone else he lost all his charisma when it came to her. He was so shy he wondered if something must be wrong with him.
"You're not too bad yourself" She giggled and he laughed in response.
They fell silent for a few moment and y/n could have sworn they were in a room alone for everything and everyone other than him had disappeared.
"I read that book you borrowed from the library a few months back" He told her quietly. Tucking a hair behind her shoulder, his fingers gently brushed over her skin.
"And what did it tell" He only just heard her, her voice being so quiet.
"It told me that you are my soulmate and that you are always either happy or excited" He said with a smile "what did it tell you?" He returned
"It told me that you're my soulmate and that you are always sad" She replied with a frown
"Now that's a lot to get into love, maybe we'll talk about it another day"
"Are you happy right now?" She asked him, breaking their eye contact and resting her head against his chest.
"Happier than I've been in years" he answered, continuing the sway gently to the music, her wrapped firmly in his arms.
It was at this moment that Y/n noticed that the colour around her soulmate had in fact turned into a far lighter grey. It was now closer to white than it was black and she smiled at the change.
The pairs relationship only grew in the remanding months of the school year. They fell in love everyday and he told her about why his colour was grey. Before long their relationship had turned physical and they were rarely apart. She spent more nights in his bed than she did in her own and she couldn't say she regretted a moment of it, even despite the future they had in front of them though they didn't know it at the time.
When the school year came to a close the unofficial couple kissed goodbye alongside their friends who had formed a group after the relationship between James and Lily turned official. As did Remus and Genevieves. Sirius and Y/n were the only two not officially together. But they believed their connect was stronger, stronger than the need for titles.
"I'll see you soon ye" He asked her, his hand cupping her face.
"I'm sure you will" She answered quickly, she believed it too.
He leaned down quickly and pressed a kiss to her lips, pulling away when the headmistress called for the beauxbaton students to board the carriages.
"I love you" He breathed, finally pulling away fully and smiling sadly at her.
"I love you too" She said firmly, before turning around and leaving the beautiful school which was Hogwarts and the even more beautiful boy who was Sirius Black.
4 years later
The Wizarding War had taken its grip on the magical world almost as soon as Y/n and the marauders left school. Y/n being from a very magical family had known who Voldemort was for years, he had been at school with her father and after he began gaining power in 1970 her dad had worried that he would come knocking, wanting more followers and looking to his old school mates and acquaintances to fill these spots in his ranks.
Her father, having been in Slytherin house during his school days, fell into this category and it had caused a great deal of stress on him, ultimately resulting in his choice to sent his daughter to a school in a different country to avoid any possible cross over.
It was in late 1978 - only months after Y/n graduated - that the war got bad, the government had become corrupt and the monster had his ropes in every aspect of Wizarding society all across the world, almost one in four people you talked to were a follower of his.
It wasn't long after this power was achieved that Voldemort's followers came to their door and met with her father, trying to recruit him due to his impressive auror performance over the years.
Her father had pretended to agree and let the men out of the house, telling them he would appear at the Black family home in a matter of days to speak to 'Tom', as he called him. However as soon as they left bags where packed and the family of three went into hiding for over four years, never staying in one place for longer than a month at a time.
She had only stayed in touch with Genevieve though she hadn't met her in just short of 3 years. She heard bits and pieces about Lily, Marlene, Alice and the boys from Gen. They were all fighting in the war against Voldemort and by 1981 they were all also in hiding. She would always look for him in the papers and would sit up every evening to listen to the death toll and names listed, listening out for any recognisable names but especially his.
She had missed him direly through the war and had constantly worried about what he was doing and if he was safe.
The end of the war came suddenly on halloween night in 1981, with a couple in south east England being murdered and their one year old son somehow surviving the killing curse. Something happened that night that resulted in his survival and the disappearance of Voldemort, nobody knew what but there was too much happiness for people to really care that much at the time being.
Y/n returned to her family home with her parents and quickly contacted Genevieve to meet for a coffee the following day. Genevieve had managed to keep her relationship with Remus Lupin going through the war and by mid 1980, at only 20 years old, they had welcomed their first child. Y/n was informed through a letter that she was the god mother of their daughter Hope Y/n Lupin. She was yet to meet the child but was to meet her soon.
Genevieve told her during their coffee that her and Remus had been waiting for the end of the war to get married and now that it had finally ended they had booked the event for three weeks time, wanting to be married sooner rather than later.
"I want you to be my maid of honour" She smiled, holding her coffee mug between her hands.
"I would love to" Y/n replied excitedly.
"We've all missed you, you know" Genevieve said sadly
"I've missed you all too, so much" They fell silent for a few moments before Y/n finally asked the question she had been wondering.
"How is he" She asked, fiddling with her hands as to avoid eye contact.
"I'm honestly not sure. None of us have seen him in nearly a year. He writes occasionally to keep us updated on his general location and any updates on his life and we return the owl with a letter of our own though we never know where the owl goes, just that he gets it" Genevieve responded with a pensive tone to her voice.
"He missed you the most, Remus said it was noticeable within weeks of you going into hiding" she continued "He was constantly worried something had happened to you and I think my presence just worsened it because we are such good friends"
"I'm sure he'll come to the wedding, he wouldn't miss it" Y/n replied, trying her best to brush it off. She would be lying if she said she hadn't worried about him everyday but this wasn't information she was going to share. The news that he had gone on the run for as long as he had only worried her more and a part of her didn't want to know the colour of his aura for she knew it would be bad.
"Remus wrote him a letter, he wants him and James to be his best man instead of just one. We haven't heard back yet but he knows the date and location"
The wedding was beautiful in every way. It was small and was held in a church in Remus' hometown, followed by a reception that was attended by 50 people. Sirius hadn't yet shown but y/n believed he would.
Her dress was a beautiful blue colour, similar to that of their school robes all those years ago. She had shed a tear at the vows and her beautiful little godchild had followed her around all day, having not long learnt to walk.
When the reception came y/n found her seat at the front table two seats away from the happily married couple. Lily was sat on her right and James next to his wife, the two had a son named harry a few months after Remus and Genevieve had Hope and the little boy, named Harry, was running about cheerfully on the dance floor with the little girl.
The couple fell in to easy conversation with their old friend with lots of hugs and laughs being exchanged. After awhile she heard someone clear their voice behind her and she turned to look at the tall man who looked much like he did when she last seen him.
"May I sit here" He asked awkwardly, looking down at the name tag that clearly said 'Sirius Black' next to her own name tag, meaning he was to sit to her left.
"Of course" She answered in shook.
"It's good to see you again mate, is this you back" James asked quickly, standing up and hugging his best friend.
"I do hope so" He answered with a halfhearted smile. Lily followed suit in hugging him and giving him a reassuring smile. It was clear to Y/n that though she had missed whatever had gone down Sirius' hadn't left for good reason and it seemed everyone had been worried for him.
He had already sat down by the time she snapped back to reality and could hug him and so she chose instead to just look at him, it had been so long she could barely even comprehend that he was in front of her even though she had expected him.
"How have you been" He asked her gently, his eyebrows furrowed.
"Oh all right, it's better now we can live our lives normally again. Or at least as normal as we can given everything we've been through" She answered, staring down the table and noticing all the eyes on the pair. Remus looked thrilled to have his friend back.
She wished she hadn't noticed it but it didn't take her long to realise that the aura around him had gone from the light grey it was when she last seen him to jet black. It made her heart drop and she wanted to help but she suspected hers was no longer the yellow it had been when they were at school.
Seeing the next generation running around them as they fell into easy chatter made her wonder what would have happened if there was no war, if her and Sirius had been allowed to pursue their relationship in a natural way. Would they have been married by now like Lily and James? Would they have children? a house? She wondered many things because she knew these were all things she wanted with him.
The first dance began and the beautiful newlyweds took to the dance floor. The slow dance that had played at the yule ball in their 7th year began to play and a tear came to most of the halls eye and Louis who had been stood in the crowd watching them dance grinned over at her, remembering the yule ball.
"Would you like to dance with me" Sirius asked her shyly as other couples started to take the floor as well which she simply nodded her head to.
They found themselves in a similar position to that of the yule ball, his arms around her waist and hers around his neck.
"I've missed you so much" She whispered against his shoulder, her heels making her taller than usual.
"I missed you too, more than anything" He told her, kissing her head gently.
"What colour am I" She asked him quietly, they had decided when they figured out what the colours meant that it would be best to keep it to themselves, not wanting to complicate things.
"Black" he responded sadly "You used to always be yellow, no matter what"
"I used to see the beauty in this world, now I see the truth" she said quietly "I guess that effects my colours"
"For awhile there was little beauty in this country, that's not how it is anymore. One day soon you'll be yellow again" he promised her and she smiled halfheartedly at him.
"And one day you won't be black or grey anymore. I'm hoping for yellow or white"
"I suspect pink" he told her, leaning down and capturing her lips between his own, moving his lips against hers.
7 years later
Marriage hadn't at all been what Y/n and Sirius Black had expected, they had heard stories from their married friends that the first 2 years were the most difficult, Remus and Genevieve had even come close to divorce in their second year, but the Blacks never found this to be the truth for them. They found that their relationship became rocky in the year after they had their first son, Charlie.
They hadn't planned to have children so soon, having been married for 4 years but both still very much struggling with the aftermath of the war that had ended 7 years ago. They knew they wanted children but they also knew that mentally they weren't ready to look after another person, not when they were as vulnerable as they were already.
Therefore when she found out she was pregnant she felt an automatic pang of dread, however to her surprise Sirius had taken it well. He had assured her that though it wasn't planned they could manage and would do the best they could.
The difficulty came when Charlie had been born. Sirius had struggled with the transition into fatherhood and had even at times left their family home for weeks at a time. This caused huge stress on Y/n, feeling as though she had been left to do everything on her own.
She started to resent her husband for not caring or trying enough when all she done was try. They would sleep in different beds when he was home and he barely seen their son for the first 6 months. It was when she kicked him out and forced him to buy his own flat that he realised what he had done, showing up at the house a few months later begging for forgiveness.
"I'm sorry Y/n, i'll do better, I promise i'll do better" He begged her, stood on the door step being drenched by the rain. When she had opened the door and seen him she attempted to shut the door on him, but he blocked it with his foot and asked her to hear him out.
"You had plenty of time to do better Sirius, it's not just me I have to lookout for it's my son" She snapped, once again trying to shut the door but stopping when he continued talking.
"Our son, he's our son and I love him and I want to be here, I want to do this with you" He said quickly, taking a step forward to be slightly covered from the rain.
"I want to fix things with you Y/n, I need you" he told her and she just nodded her head.
"We'll see" She said bluntly.
She wanted to take him back so badly. She thought about him every day and wanted nothing more than the fairytale lives that her friends were living in their marriages, not being on the brink of divorce and raising their children alone. But she couldn't trust him like she used to. She had a perfect image of him in her head and he tore it down and replaced it with someone she couldn't trust.
"Can I see him" He asked sadly, doubting he would ever get his wife back with her response.
"He's asleep"
"I'll be quick"
"You know where the nursery is" She responded, stepping to the side and letting him in the house. It was odd seeing him back in the home they had bought together though only she now occupied. He had always looked at home in the place, for the first viewing he looked at ease and fit in to the homely environment perfectly, somehow despite everything that happened he still did.
She followed behind him up to the nursery and watched him enter the room quietly. She leaned against the door frame and watched him look down at Charlie, who was three weeks of turning 1.
Charlie started to wake and when his eyes opened he quickly caught sight of his father and woke up quickly.
"Daddy!" He exclaimed standing up in the crib and reaching his arms up to his dad, making grabbing hands.
"Hi buddy" Sirius whispered, picking him up and kissing the top of his head, Charlie giggling and grinning.
"Where did you go" Charlies voice was far quieter than it had been initially and Y/n guessed that he was copying his dad.
"I went away for awhile, but I'm back now and I'm not going anywhere again" Sirius promised which got a large grin from Charlie.
"How about you go back to sleep and i'll see you later ye, it's late and mummy wants to go to sleep" Charlies face dropped at this, it clear to Sirius that he thought he wouldn't see his dad in ages again
"I'll be here when you wake up bud, I promise" At that he put him back in his crib and told him a story in attempt to get him back to sleep, at last he heard Charlie's breathing evening out and he turned to leave the room, finding his wife stood at the door watching. She stepped back again letting him out and she shut the door as gently as she could.
"What time does he wake up at usually" Sirius asked. It was now that Y/n finally took notice of the colour surrounding the man infant of her. He was green which was a new colour for him, it meant he was disappointed. Whether he was disappointed in himself or in not getting her back she didn't know, however she suspected it was the first as she could see regret clear in his features as he witnessed the life he had ruined.
"around 6AM, though sometimes later" She answer. He nodded and quickly told her that he would be here at half 5.
"Don't bother" She whispered as she began to walk away from him towards the spare bedroom and their old shared bedroom. He looked shocked and saddened at her words and went to protest when she continued on. "Its late, you can stay the night. You know where the spear bedroom is"
"Thank you, Thank you so much" He exclaimed
"If you genuinely want to be a part of this family again Sirius, and you truly love us, I will give you another chance. It will take time and it will take a lot for me to trust you again. But all I want is what's best of Charlie and he clearly needs you as well" She said, running him speechless.
"As well?" he asked after a few moments of silence
"Don't do that, you know I needed you and you failed. Merlin knows why I'm giving you the chance to hurt me again but I guess that's what I'm doing. Where are you staying" she asked him, opening the door to the spare bedroom and letting him in.
"James'" Sirius answered simply.
"I thought you got a flat" she asked him.
"I did, but I couldn't stay there on my own, it was to lonely knowing had a family and lived alone" he told her simply.
"You can stay here. I still have the divorce papers Sirius and I swear I will sign them. If you don't step up your game I will sign them, no matter how much I don't want to"
"I love you Y/n"
"I love you too Sirius" she answered "Please just don't make it so difficult for me to do so"
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10yrsyart3 months ago
I'm honestly asking this and I don't mean to be rude, really. I was also raised christian, studied at a christian school that had its own church, I used to pray every night, I wanted to be an altar boy (but couldn't bc I was a girl) I discussed about stuff with my priest... but when I was old enough I started thinking that all of this was not for me. And recently discovered that it was my OCD and my intrusive thoughts that told me I had to pray bc if I didn't, something bad would happen. My question is: How can you (and lots of christians) say that Jesus and God love us all for who we are, no matter what and then say that unless we believe in them we're going to suffer a lot and go to Hell. Like that is not unconditional love, that, in fact, very conditional and for me that's a sign of really abusive and awful "parenthood".
Not at all! I've often thought about this too, so i'll do my best.
God is many things, all Loving, all Merciful, but also all Just. our sense of justice is just a small speck compared to His. if someone stole something from you or hurt your family or committed a crime against you, wouldn't you want justice? God is completely just, so He will never leave a bad thing unanswered. However! since He is merciful and loving, He already knows that we all make mistakes and we could never pay for it all on our own. that is why He said, "I will pay for the justice myself." He sent His only Son, Jesus/ Yeshua who is perfect, to die in our place. He said that by believing that Jesus was enough to pay it for us, then we are freed from that debt and go to Heaven to be with Him.
Now think about it, no amount of "being nice" will help you in a court of law. Say you got a major parking ticket and you tell the judge, "Yeah but i bought my friends cookies and helped an old lady cross the street!" the judge is gonna be like, "That doesn't matter. you got a ticket and now you have to pay." as a believer in Jesus, in this scenario He would walk in and say, "I will pay the fine for them." He can legally do that, and you're set free. if no one pays for what they've done, then there would be no justice, and no right and wrong.
But God's Love doesn't just extend to offering to free us, it also extends to free will. God didn't make us robots or mindless servants, He's trying to gather a family of people that /choose/ to love and be with Him. and He's never going to force anyone to accept Him and His free payment if they don't want that. but by rejecting Jesus, they are saying they want to pay for all their wrongs on their own.. which is impossible. that's the whole reason Jesus came in the first place.
"unconditional love" means that a person's love will neve leave you no matter what you do, and that's true of God. He will never stop loving everyone, even those that reject and hate Him. but as a Good Parent, He respects that His creations are people that make their own decisions. and in the case of those that reject Him, that will lead to consequences because of the law of justice.
that is not an abusive parent. it would be abuse if we were held to this standard and there was no way to meet it. but there IS:
"For God so LOVED the world the He gave His one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16)
and also: "There is no judgment against ANYONE who believes in Him. But anyone who does not believe in Him has already been judged for not believing in God's one and only Son." (John 3:18)
so God loves us to an incredible degree and He did everything so that we could go to Heaven to be with Him. HE did it, not us. but it's up to each person if they accept that or not. don't blame your own choices on God. it's His will that no one would go to Hell except the devil (whom it was made for).
" 'Do you think that I like to see wicked people die?' says the Sovereign Lord. 'Of course not! I want them to turn from their wicked ways and live.' " (Ezekiel 18:23)
"I, the Lord, made you and I will not forget you. I have swept away your sins like a cloud. I have scattered your offenses like the morning mist. Oh, return to Me, for I have paid the price to set you free!" (Isaiah 44:21-22)
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roseredchevya month ago
鈥osalie hated Bella's guts for the longest time. Not because she was human, but for the delicious blood Rosalie couldn't get.
鈥atching her wimp brother get to Bella first made her angry. Not with hate but with envy.
鈥ut once Bella corners her and asked her what her deal was, Rosalie pinned her to the wall. Bell's scent intoxicating, only drawing Rosalie in more.
鈥eeling and hearing Bella's heart run faster than a rabbits, Rosalie stepped back and glared at her. Had she been a human she would for sure be red.
鈥nd with that, Rosalie left. Bella thinking it was a threat, began to avoid Rosalie and Rose hated every moment of it.
Not going to lie, the first bullet point made me pause for a second. BUT I think I see where you were going with this so... Bella as Rose's singer and mate?
As soon as she saw Bella enter the cafeteria, Rosalie made the decision to stay as far away from her as possible. Especially since the girl seemed so taken with Edward.
Rose has the best control out of everyone since she's never tasted human blood before, but Bella's blood tested her patience.
Any time the human was near Rose's throat burned, and it seemed as if she could almost taste it.
Jasper looked at her with sympathy and understanding. He did his best to comfort her, but he only held so much restraint when it came to human blood and Rosalie's want for Bella's became too much.
Alice apologized. A lot. She didn't see the pain her sister would be put through.
Emmett could ground her with a single touch.
To say that Rosalie was angry when Edward said Bella figured out their secret would be an understatement.
"Why didn't you lie? You could've made something up! Now she'll have to become one of us. You've allowed her to throw away her human life! And for what? Because you're intrigued by her? Because you can't read her mind?"
"I thought you would be happy considering you wouldn't have to deal with restraining yourself around her anymore."
Needless to say, she ripped his arms off after that.
Rosalie avoided eye contact with Bella.
Until the human came into the kitchen once, right when Rose returned from hunting.
Rosalie allowed herself to look into Bella's eyes. She allowed herself the pleasure of knowing that she could protect or kill this human if she wanted to.
That was a mistake.
She found herself frozen and staring into mesmerizing brown eyes. A dull ache panged in her chest, and she longed to be closer to Bella. Although, the sting in her throat reminded her to keep her distance.
Rose glanced at Bella like a deer caught in headlights before running out of the house and back into the woods.
Now she would have to keep her thoughts hidden from Edward.
Days later, Rosalie walked into the house from her garage. Working on cars was her only saving grace at the moment.
The rest of her family failed to mention they left Bella alone while they were hunting. She was caught severely off-guard when the brunette cornered her.
"Okay, I've had it. Why do you keep avoiding me? What is your problem with me, Rosalie?" Bella sounded angry as she backed Rose up against the wall.
"Bella, you don't understand. I could harm you. You're in more danger when I'm around than you are surrounded by the rest of my family," she explained softly.
Rose tried not to focus on how close Bella had gotten to her.
"What in the world could possibly be worse than surrounding myself with vampires? I think that's about as dangerous as it gets!"
The lack of self-preservation her mate and singer had both amused and angered Rosalie.
She grabbed Bella's shoulders and switched them around so Bella was the one pinned against the wall.
Rosalie couldn't stop herself. She inhaled the strong scent of pine and firewood, with hints of primrose and lavender.
She leaned closer to Bella, glancing between her lips and her neck.
The sound of her mate's racing heart brought her out of her stupor and she forced herself to take a step back.
Rosalie glared at Bella. Never had a human made her feel so many different things at once.
After that encounter, Bella avoided Rosalie although it pained her almost as much it did Rosalie. The glares never seemed to stop, but Bella still felt an unexplainable pull toward the blonde.
She wouldn't know exactly what it was until Carlisle changed her, though.
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missymurphy198517 days ago
The Groupie (part four)
Warning - smut
This is set in 2006/7, and Cillian has no children. Reader is a fan, has been since day one and is a plus size girl. I myself am a UK size 16, so I hope I don't offend anyone with my story (I'm writing about my own insecurities a little here so be kind please).
Taglist @queenshelby @margoo0 @being-worthy @peakyscillian @ntmynouis @janelongxox @elenavampire21 @noctvrnalmoth @ysmmsy @cloudofdisney @lauren-raines-x @namelesslosers @misscarolineshelby @screemqueen @cilleveryone @peaky-cillian @misselsbells06
You woke the following morning with a definite hangover. The girls had pestered you all night, asking questions, but you'd ignored them. You weren't the kind of girl to kiss and tell, and honestly you just wanted to forget it all happened.
While you were rubbing your eyes, Ella eased into your room with a water and a coffee and sat on the end of your bed.
"Listen.. don't be mad..." She started, placing the drinks on your bedside table before sitting back down.
"Promise me?"
"Ugh... Okay I promise I won't be mad."
"You're going for lunch today."
"Why would I be mad about going for lunch?"
"Because of who you're having lunch with." You raised an eyebrow at her, questioningly.
"Ella, if you're setting me up on another blind date I'm not interested..."
"It isn't a blind date I promise! Just be ready for 12:30 yeah? I'll drive you!" She grinned and patted your legs under the duvet. You groaned at the prospect of another disastrous date with some weirdo Ella has patched you up with and sat up, reaching for the coffee.
You both pulled up outside the small restaurant in Camden, feeling a bit fresher now the caffeine had hit you. Glaring at Ella as you stepped out of the car she grinned and waved as she pulled away. Walking in, you gave the waiter your name and he led you to a small table in the middle of the room. A young woman was sat at the table. She looked strangely familiar, but you couldn't place it. She looked up at you and smiled warmly, greeting you.
"Y/n? It's so nice to finally meet you!" That was definitely a Cork accent.
"I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude - "
"I'm Orla. Orla Murphy." The penny dropped quickly when you realised why she looked familiar. She was the spit of her older brother. You looked to the floor, before quickly looking around.
"He isn't here, and he doesn't know I'm here. Please y/n, sit down?" She pointed to the chair next to you and against your better judgement you took it. The waiter came and offered menus, as you ordered a large glass of Ros茅. Orla quickly making it a bottle and two glasses, and insisting she was paying.
"Why, Orla?" You asked after the waiter had left.
"Why are you here? Because I wanted to meet the woman who's completely bowled my brother over and refuses to let him explain. I knew that if he was here, you'd have left immediately. Just hear me out, okay?"
"Alright. I'm listening."
"My brother can be a complete douchebag, trust me. But he's also one of the most loyal, kind, generous, funny, charismatic people I've ever known. He doesn't, and has never, intentionally hurt anyone in his life. Since that night with you, he's been miserable as sin y/n. He's tried looking for you all year, he's been like a lost puppy and frankly I'm getting real sick of him moping around like a lost sheep!"
"Do you know what he did?"
"I know what Neve said he did. But I can absolutely guarantee he didn't. Neve was crazy. She couldn't accept that he wouldn't sleep with her. She'd grope him when people weren't looking - I'm not talking a bum slap, although she did that plenty of times too, I'm talking full on crotch grabs. She was so drunk one night, she straddled his hips in front of everyone at an aftershow party and gave him a lapdance - it was both embarrassing and hilarious in equal measure! He pretended to fall asleep after two minutes of her grinding against him just to get her to stop!" She chuckled at the memory and you couldn't help but smile too, even though you were horrified. If the tables were turned and Cillian had behaved that way towards her he'd have been arrested.
"Seeing you with him that night just topped the bill for her. She lied to you about the wager, hoping he'd be so heartbroken that you'd left him, he'd fall straight into her arms."
"And did he?"
"No. He told her she was a cheap, conniving, evil witch who was only after him for a career boost. He told her never to contact him again or he'd go to the press about the sexual harassment she'd subjected him to throughout the run."
"I can't believe she put him through all that..."
"She was a psycho y/n. Complete basket case. He couldn't believe his luck when he saw you last night, but when you walked away again.. he ended up at mine last night. I had to meet you in person, I thought maybe you'd believe it this time - he loves you y/n, I've never seen him like this about anyone before."
"He what?"
"He hasn't said it but my god it's obvious! He's always talking about you! Funny things you said that night, the letters you used to write him, the photos you'd send of your holidays... He kept them all you know." You smiled, remembering how you used to write fan letters to him, and he'd always reply. In the end you became almost like pen pals - he never ignored a letter.
You and Orla talked more over lunch. When it came time to pay the bill, you couldn't help but laugh when she confessed to using Cillian's credit card.
"Here's his number y/n. Call him?" She wrote his number down on a piece of paper, and hers next to it, and you nodded. She gave you a warm hug, and left you alone to think.
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imaginingmanyfandoms3 months ago
Hey! I was wondering if I could request a Letterkenny headcannon or an imagine of the boys, specifically Darry, Wayne, and Reilly & Jonesy, (+Katy if you鈥檙e comfortable with that) or whichever character you feel like writing, in a scenario where someone has been badmouthing the reader and they stick up for her? 馃榿
Thank you so much!!! (And I wanted to remind you that you鈥檙e awesome and I love your writing!!!)
He's not the most abrasive boy in the bunch, but he would do anything to defend your honour.
He'd have Wayne come as back up, but he'd want to do this himself, I think.
He would want to be the one to stick up for you.
Your "bully" was your ex.
Ever since you had gotten with Daryl, he'd been keen on reminding everyone who would listen; he was with you first.
You and Daryl both decided to ignore it, because he was clearly just jealous.
It was when he started saying horrible things about you that Daryl couldn't let it go on.
Wayne and Daryl pulled up to the store, you ex liked to hangout in front of it with his greasy pals and hit on any woman that passed.
There was no time for introductions, and Daryl didn't care about fighting etiquette and just sucker punched this guy right in the jaw.
Daryl grabbed him by the collar, and punched him two more time.
Wayne stopped one of the buddy's from interfering, and soon would've pulled Daryl off too..
But Daryl stopped on his own, dropping his grip and letting your ex fall to the ground cradling his nose.
"If I hear you talking about Y/N again I'll come back."
Wayne laughed, "and he don't warn ya twice!"
Obviously, any guy who had the audacity to speak badly about you in the town is an idiot.
Daryl would let him know all the stuff some random juicer had said about you around town.
And Daryl would slide a telephone number written on scrap paper over to Wayne.
He'd dial it on his home phone, and invite the guy for a fight.
"Now's good. End of the laneway, don't come up the property."
You'd come down the stairs, asking what all the fuss is about.
"You don't have to fight him over some dumb rumours."
Wayne would just kiss your forehead, and go outside.
You and Daryl would follow.
He'd take a shot, and light a smoke.
And the three of you would walk up the laneway.
"This is what we're fighting about?" the guy asked, pointing at you. "Some tart?"
Wayne hadn't even removed the smoke from his mouth before he started throwing forceful punches.
The fight was over before it could even really begin.
"And I don't want to hear it again."
Wayne put his arm over your shoulders as he walked you back to the house.
Those two loved you.
And you'd told them that you weren't bothered by what any of the other guys said about you.
So they tried to let it go.
They really did.
But these people weren't making it easy.
And the rumours being spread about you were cruel and unfair.
The boys would wait until after your bully was alone.
"We said we wouldn't beat you up," Jonesy said.
"So what's the point of this?"
"You're going to pick me or Reilly, and then whoever you pick is gunna knock your lights out."
"Ding, dong ditch your consciousness."
"Have a proper donnybrook."
"Send you up shit's creek without a paddle."
When your bully picked one of them, whichever boy it was would win.
The battle for your honour was way too important to leave.
You had been acting like it wasn't bothering you.
You were all smiles.
"It's nothing Katy, water off a duck's back."
But it would persist.
And it was getting harder to brush off.
After a while, Katy could see how much it was weighing on you, and that was unacceptable.
She would have to think of something clever.
If it had been a girl; Katy would just kick her in the box.
But it was a boy that was harassing you.
But Katy is a clever woman.
She'd call Jonesy and say "hey, tell the women are that [your bully] has a fresh batch of stds brewing below the belt and to make sure he comes back clean before they touch him."
"Uh, sure Katy."
She never told you how she handled it, but you did notice that you'd been totally left alone.
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mshomestyle9 months ago
馃寛-Henlo! How would Keigo/Hawks react to his s/o coming out as a Quirkless person? She'd kept this side of her a mystery because she didn't want to be babied or pestered about Needing A Body Guard.
Good, question, let鈥檚 find out! <3
Hawks [Keigo Takami] Reacting to his S/O coming out as Quirkless [Head Canons]:
-It was getting harder and harder to keep the secret as the relationship progressed,.
-You had managed to talk your way out of questions, but you were seriously starting to fall in love with this man.
-You had to tell him that you were quirkless.
-So, you waited one day for Hawks to come home after work at his place. (Which you, of course, had the key to.)
-鈥漌hat a pleasant surprise!鈥 Keigo says happily as he practically crushes you in a hug. You return his affection, but right after that you know it鈥檚 almost time to get down to business.
-Once Keigo has settled in, you decide to let him know the truth.
-鈥滽eigo...You don鈥檛 know what my quirk is do you?鈥 you ask him. Keigo raises an eyebrow before shaking his head.
-鈥漀o, you neve-鈥
-鈥滻鈥檓 quirkless,鈥 you cut him off. Keigo immediately closes his mouth before looking at you surprised. You wonder if he鈥檚 ever met a quirkless person before.
-鈥漎ou鈥檙e quirkless?鈥 he asks, to which you nod, 鈥淎nd you鈥檝e been keeping this from me? Why? I mean, I鈥檇 want to know so that I can make sure you鈥檙e safe an-鈥
-鈥漇top,鈥 you say, lifting a hand as you did so, 鈥淭hat right there is why I didn鈥檛 say anything. I didn鈥檛 want you to be overprotective or act as if you need to watch me all the time. I鈥檓 fine, and I always will be.鈥 Keigo is a bit at a loss for words at first. He lets out a sigh before looking off and thinking.
-鈥滻...I鈥檓 not sure what to really say,鈥 he says to you, 鈥淚 mean obviously, I don鈥檛 care that you鈥檙e quirkless, but you know that I worry about you, [Name]. With all I see as a hero, I can鈥檛 help it.鈥 Now it was your turn to let out a sigh.
-鈥滻 know, and I appreciate and love you, but you don鈥檛 need to baby me,鈥 you explain, 鈥淛ust trust me, okay? That鈥檚 all I鈥檓 asking you to do.鈥 Keigo seems to study the look on your face, before letting out another sigh- one of defeat.
-鈥淎lright, I鈥檒l trust you, but you鈥檙e going to need to be patient with me,鈥 he says. You smile softly and nod.
-鈥滻 can do that,鈥 You assure. Keigo returns your smile with ease.
-鈥漀ow, tell me if I heard correctly, but did you just say that you love me?鈥
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dragonturtle2 months ago
99 from the sensory prompt list pls
Anon beb茅, probably you didn't asked for this but here, have some p*rn
(Set in the girls running Sweet P's s4 era)
99. hard candy dissolving in your mouth
It was supposed to be an urban myth, a thing that was around when she was in her twenties and never had the time nor wanted to do it. Now it鈥檚 a thing all people do and they do TikTok videos about it. Annie made damn sure that she鈥檇 seen them all and per pressure her every time she could to buy this stupid new product. So she says no, of course. Beth has other priorities.
Thing is she won鈥檛 order 15 dollars a package 鈥渕ints鈥 online to perform oral sex. To whom? Beth鈥檚 not answering this to herself. No.
Never mind. She鈥檚 way too busy to think about it. With the city council founding campaign, printing money, kids at home, the SS back to get Nick, managing a freaking strip club with angry and horny men to keep in line, a Rio to also deal with and鈥
Right, him. Rio鈥檚 in front of her in the printing room in Sweet P鈥檚, saying something about new money coming for them to launder, eyeing her campaign t-shirt again that she鈥檚 now wearing 鈥搒he was out convincing the night crowd to vote for her.
鈥淚 won鈥檛 spend 20 bucks on it, mama. I told ya. But you look damn good in white.鈥
The compliment makes her ever spinning mind stop for a second. Rio鈥檚 face froze, caught in words he shouldn鈥檛 have said, that slipped from his mouth way too soon. And she also can鈥檛 believe what this compliment (Is it? No, he鈥檚 fucking with her) could mean. She notices her mouth is getting drier and drier and she now can鈥檛 stop thinking about it. About those damn candies that are supposed to help with cottonmouth and get you to produce more saliva, ready to suck鈥
But now he鈥檚 looking at her in that lewd way, which always gets them fighting for power and never fucking, that she鈥檚 regretting not being a normal human being impulse buying things on the internet and following Annie鈥檚 terrible ideas.
Why are they so close? Have they ever been this close?
He鈥檚 biting his bottom lip hard and she鈥檚 remembering another wasted time of theirs, a proposition for sex on top of a desk, and now, with all the bourbon and empowerment of that pre politician sweet talking she鈥檚 been doing all day, she鈥檒l take the opportunity.
What if she鈥檚 going for his belt, tracing with a finger against his bulge, nails scraping the thick fabric on his jeans. What if she鈥檚 falling to her knees, both hands sliding his pants and boxers down his legs, freeing his hard cock from their restraint. What if she鈥檚 slipping three Altoids into her mouth, the sudden memory of all those articles and internet virals lightening her curiosity.
Once, she read that if you sucked someone off after eating 15 of them it could give them a burn, and even if he hates him most of the time, she won鈥檛 do it. Even if thinking about it is the perfect vendetta.
Who鈥檚 she even kidding? She鈥檚 wet and panting against his dick, and one of his hands grabs his balls while the hard mints are tingling in her tongue, her impatience running extremely high and Beth wants to crush them and get it on with, fast.
Instead, she decides to look at him, brown eyes big and drunk on something else rather than alcohol.
The first time her lips touch his cock, Rio shudders and she can鈥檛 help but roll her tongue against the tip then flattens it to take him deeper. Her mouth feels hotter than usual and his cock鈥檚 actually throbbing in her mouth, one of his hands grabbing her shoulder. After a few seconds of sucking she lets go of him with a wet sound.
And he鈥檚 weirdly quiet, her dainty hands still going up and down his shaft, twisting ever so slightly. Then, she remembers: the hot and cold sensation. It wasn't a myth after all.
So it took her three mints and a blow job to shut his mouth forever? She鈥檒l take her opportunity.
鈥淚f you like it so much, why won鈥檛 you buy me one?鈥
And she blows air on his dick, coldness making him open his eyes so big she haven鈥檛 never seen him like that, so stunned and, probably, turned on. Rio grabs her by the nape to make her stand up, involuntarily pulling some hairs that makes her moan and she stops her incessant giggling, his warm mouth finding hers, sucking her spearmint flavored tongue.
Yeah, he'll definitely buy it.
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verobatto6 months ago
Written for the @deanandcasbingo .
Square: Genius AU
Tumblr media
Title: I Bet You Don't
Author and Artist: @verobatto (BENKA79)
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Rated: Explicit
Lenght: 7.5k
Warnings: N/A
Tags: Genius AU, University AU, genius!Dean, genius!Castiel, strangers to rivals to lovers, unrequited love (not really), top!Cas,Bottom!Dean.
Dean is an psychology and anthropology student and Castiel a biochemistry and Biophysics student.
Both of them cold as an iceberg.
Dean creates a club named THE NO-LOVE CLUB and makes a research including a bet to study human behavior and courtship.
Of course he's the winner so far. And we have a lot of broken hearts.
Until he breaks Anna Novak's heart, Castiel's little sister.
Imagine two geniuses, one trying to defend his theory and the other trying to break it.
Who will win the bet this time?
Read it in AO3!
Art Pieces, excerpt, previous works and tags under the cut...
Tumblr media
"Good afternoon, did you wait too long?" Castiel asked with a smirk in his ridiculously beautiful face.
Dean coughed awkwardly and lowered his face. Then he noticed the casual shoes the guy was wearing. He frowned and saw that wasn't the worst part. The dude was wearing denim pants and a blue t-shirt. Still, he didn't look bad at all. In fact, Dean was noticing now that the guy had a vogue model鈥檚 body. But...why was he dressed as if he were going to the grocery store?
Dean grimaced, stupefied.
Castiel leaned in to see Dean's hands and pouted for a second. "No flower for me? Okay. Then I choose the coffee shop." With that, he walked away.
Dean blinked. "What the鈥?" He followed him, almost running.
Cover: Traditional Drawing. Ink pen. Color pencils. Canvas app edition.
Comic 1 (excerpt): Traditional Drawing. Ink pen.
Tumblr media
Comic 2: Traditional Drawing. Ink pen.
Link to AO3
Dean and Cas Bingo (bingo card):
Tumblr media
Previous Squares:
Royalty AU: HIDDEN (Destiel fic and art)
Bisexual: Have Mercy (Destiel fic and art)
Neighbors AU: Too Hot (Destiel fic and art)
Nudist AU (Destiel art)
ABO (Destiel art)
Science Fiction: When Duty Calls (Destiel fic and art)
BDSM (Destiel art)
Romantic Evening (Destiel art)
Demisexual: Sacred (Destiel fic and art)
Architect AU: Build It Up! (Destiel fic and art)
Handjobs (Destiel art/NSFW)
Age Play (Destiel art)
Dry Humping (Destiel art/NSFW)
HoneyMoon (Destiel art/NSFW)
Non Binary (Castiel art)
Tagging: @emblue-sparks @magnificent-winged-beast @michyribeiro @lapsus-story @casualpandabeliever @a-bit-of-influence @trashblackrainbow @bluebell-24 @ashleyzander @dean-is-bi-till-i-die @destiel-shipper-11 @love-neve-dies @sunshineandwings86 @staycejo1 @justmeand-myinsight @dizzypinwheel @jawnlockwinchester @shippsblog @spnsmile @mrsaquaman187 @all-or-nothing-baby @espejonight28738 @missjenniferb @legendary-destiel @ballistamoon @theshipinspector @rosegirl1994 @sidewaysprogression @profoundgay @cmths5 @pantried-pansexual @saratsuzuki @nguyenxtrang @mylovelydame21 @yeah-i-get-that-but-why @darkwings17 @supernaturaljess @tobeleftoutinthedark @byebh @ballistamoon @pacers98 @jack-of-all-fandoms25 @yagmcb67 @f-able @moosetex @dancerdovegirl @tobeleftoutinthedark @mybonsai1976 @inexhaustablesourceofmagic
@kavabezcukru @sweetsatty
If you want to be added or removed from this list just let me know.
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redknightgawain26 days ago
is that a dagger in your pants?
- Felix 脳 Female!Byleth
- summary: Byleth has a blind date with Felix and well, let's just say they are meant to be.
Tumblr media
The waitress approaches for the second time that night, and Byleth sights and leaves her phone on the table with the screen up, just so she can see all the "I'm so sorry" messages from Dorothea appearing on the chat. She won't talk to her for a week.
"Excuse me" says the girl, and in her defence, she looks genuinely worried "It's been an hour already, and your companion hasn't arrived yet. Are you sure you don't want to order?"
Byleth glares one last time at the stream of texts from her friend that just keeps getting bigger, and then decides that maybe it's for the best to leave the restaurant behind. She's about to ask how much the water and the bowl of bread she just ate by herself are, when the door of the restaurant slams open and a disheveled looking man enters in a rush. He looks around for a few seconds before his eyes finally catch her, and then approaches her without looking back to the host chasing after him.
"Byleth" he says, as if he's sure.
"Sir, you cannot just barge into the dining area like that" the host frantically says behind him, but Byleth shakes her head and gives him a reassuring smile.
"It's okay, really. I was expecting him"
Both the waitress and the host look quite doubtful "Are you sure, miss?"
Byleth smiles and nods "I'm sure" and then the man in front of her sighs and flops on the chair opposite of her.
"Well, I'll give you two a couple of minutes to figure out what you want" says the waitress, and leans conspicuously towards Byleth before leaving "Even tho you've been doing enough waiting already"
When she leaves, Byleth takes a second to actually look at the blind date her friend Dorothea said would be, and quote "The man of her dreams". His shirt is wet from sweat and his hair has fallen out of what apparently used to be a ponytail, giving him a feral look that would be sexy if it didn't come paired with the piercing glare he was sending her way.
" So... you already know this, but I'm Byleth" she says, and in the mid of extending her hand to greet him, decides that it's best to just go casual, and grabs a fork instead, pretending to be interested.
"Felix" he says, after a pause, and she nods and gives him her best smile" Felix Fraldarius"
And then it clicks. The black hair, the golden eyes, the moody attitude.
"You're Glenn's brother " she halfs whispers, and he raises and eyebrow at her "Right?"
"Yeah, so? Why is that even important?"
Byleth stands up, grabs her phone and her purse and stares at him for a few seconds "I need to go to the bathroom. It wont take long"
Dorothea seems genuinely confused when she hears her. "I thought you would have left by now. It took him an hour to get there, I mean... in my book..."
Byleth stops pacing and smiles apologetically to the girl that comes out of a stall, looking at her strangely "In my book" she interrupts Dorothea when she's alone again "Setting up friends with other friend's brothers is bad"
"Why? He's cute and around our age. What's wrong with him being Glenn's brother?"
She stops in front of one of the mirrors and shakes her head at her reflection "Dorothea, I work with Glenn. And I work with Ingrid too! What if this doesn't works?" she lowers her voice when another girl enters the bathroom "He came an hour late! What should I expect from someone like that?"
She can hear Dorothea's nail file working in the background "I don't know. You tell me. You waited, must as well just stay to see how he is. I'm genuinely curious now too"
A pause. Byleth blinks and then pinches her eyes until she sees little white dots. She just can't believe it "Dorothea..."
"You don't know how he is?"
Another pause.
"Well, I know his name and what he does. And that he's Glenn's little brother"
"You said you were sure he was the man of my dreams!" Byelth screams, and the girl fixing her lipstick in the mirror besides her snorts and whispers "They never are" without looking at her.
"That's what Sylvain said! I always trust Sylvain's judgement. And they're best friends since childhood. He knows him well and he also knows you so..."
"I think the worst part about that sentence is the one where you say that you trust Sylvain's judgement"
Dorothea laughs, and there's a rustling sounds that indicates she's probably moving around the appartament they both share.
"Give him a chance. You're already there"
And he's almost not, looking ready to leave when Byleth emerges from the bathroom and sees him standing up and arguing with the waitress.
"Something wrong?" she asks, quickly approaching the table.
He opens his mouth only to close it again. "I thought you had left"
"I went to the bathroom"
He raises both of his eyebrows, looks at the purse Byleth is holding in one hand and then looks at her again "You took your purse with you"
The waitress intervenes this time, glaring at him "Girls tend to do that, sir. Have you been to many dates?"
He sits down then, huffing and furiously blushing, and proceeds to ignore both of them until the waitress leaves and Byleth sits down again, thinking about leaving a generous tip for the waitress and her personal investment on her rocky date.
She orders some pasta and watches him ask for a steak "Raw, please" he says, and then drinks the whole glass of water before the waitress returns with two cups of the wine Dorothea said would be good.
They seat in uncomfortable silence, broken only by the distant conversation of other patrons and the clicking of plates and cups, until she decides to clear her throat and start a conversation.
"So, Dorothea tells me you work at a gym. As a trainer" she says, and he nods and scratches the back of his neck "I'm a physician, actually"
He nods "I know" and immediately regrets it "I mean..."
"Oh, so Sylvain told you about me too"
"Yes, exactly. Sylvain" he drinks his wine in one go, as he did with the water, and moves slightly in his seat "Look, I know I was late. I'm sorry"
"It's okay" she reassures him, but then frowns and decides to probe him a bit "But do you have a reason why?"
"I just wasn't sure about dating"
"What changed your mind?" he doesn't answers her, focusing instead on glaring at his empty cup, and when the waitress returns with the food they fall in the kind of pleasant but bland conversation you have to fill the silence at dinner.
When it's already time for dessert, she knows little about him but the fact he hates the air conditioner and that he also thinks it will rain tomorrow. She offers to split the bill in half, but he only snorts aggressively and pushes his credit card on the waitress hands before she can reach her purse. He also stands up first, giving her a side glance while simultaneously trying to look at the window behind them.
"I'm sorry you got caught up in all this. Don't worry. Killing Sylvain will be the first thing I do when I get out of here"
And then the waitress returns as soon as he's turning to leave, and Byleth thinks she sees what happens next in slow motion.
They crash into each other, and the tray with the card and some napkins falls to the floor. Felix clicks his tongue and bends to pick it over... and then a push dagger slides out of his pocket.
The waitress shrieks, Felix curses, and Byleth stands up so fast she almost knocks her chair.
" It's that... a push dagger?" she asks, and Felix eyes go huge.
"Yes... it is"
"Excuse me sir, but we don't allow weapons in here" the waitress says behind them, hugging the tray close to her chest and looking frantically between the two.
"I used to have one like that. But I'm more of a seax myself" she goes for her purse and fishes the dagger she always has with her to show it to him, just as the waitress takes a couple of steps back.
"I'm sorry, I'm just gonna have to ask you both to leave now"
"Do you want to see the collection of blades I have at home?" he offers her, and Byleth smiles and nods, eyes sparkling, and Felix coughs and blushes for the second time that night "It's not like I'm... well... if you want to come to my place..."
"I would love too. Do you know how to handle a sword? My father trained me"
"We could spar"
They leave the restaurant with their arms linked, and the waitress watches them walk away through the window, slightly shaking. Another waiter approaches her after a while of her standing without moving on the same spot. "What happened?"
"The weirdest date ever"
dorothy ;): she hasn't arrived so im assuming she went home with him.
sylvi: didn't i told you it would happen. they're perfect for each other. start planning the wedding.
dorothy ;): lol
sylvi: also he liked her since he saw her at the christmas party last year but was too much of a coward to talk to her.
dorothy ;): dibs on choosing their flower arrangements!
sylvi: :(
This fluffy chaotic Felileth crack fic is my smol birthday present to my wonderful friend聽Abby!聽Happy birthday bro!!!! Here is hoping for more years of vibing to our shared fandoms together!
You can find her amazing works at:
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btswriter112a month ago
Pairing- Jungkook x Named Reader
Genre/Au- Fluff
Word Count- 2.4k
Rating- PG
Includes- n/a
Notes-馃挀馃憤馃徎Joanne = y/n
Yes I use the same name for the female character for every story. I'm that lazy. And I don't like writing in the "you" style. Saw this name and liked it so here it is. Joanne is not the same character in every story....that'd be weird
I've read that some people are uncomfortable with y/n and would rather have an actual name. It's also easier for using nicknames in the stories. Feel free to substitute your name and attributes instead of the character's, since it's meant to be you馃挀馃憤馃徎
Tumblr media
He takes a breath and presses play on the video
His girlfriend comes into focus, sitting on a chair and smiling nervously
The BigHit staff dressed her up and they did a good job.
Cut red dress with white flowers, leather jacket over it
Red converse, red and purple eye make up, pink glittery lips and her hair in braids
She's so beautiful
He always thinks so
He's nervous about watching the video
The interview that she did about being in a relationship with an idol
Every since he announced their relationship two weeks ago, he's been bombarded with questions about her
So has BigHit
So his managers spoke to him and asked if he thought it'd be ok for her to do an interview
He talked to her about it and she agreed
He was doing a photo shoot when she did it so he doesn't know any questions that were asked
Or her answers
"Hi", the interviewer, Ho-jin, greets
"Hi", she says nervously
"Can you tell us your name?"
"Joanne Russo"
"And who are you?"
"Jungkook's girlfriend"
"Don't be nervous ok? We're just going to ask some questions."
She nods
The first part of the interview is getting to know her
Age- 22
Where she's from- born in Seoul, ethnically Italian
What's her job- Student, enrolled in photography
The questions change with the next one
"How long have you been with Jungkook?"
"Two years", she answers
"So he hid you for two years?"
What the hell kind of question is that?
He didn't hide her like he didn't want anyone to know she exists
"He didn't hide me. He explained to me when we got together the possible consequences if ARMYS find out out us. He asked me if it was ok to keep our relationship a secret and I agreed. I didn't want to hurt his career. He worked so hard for it and so did the other guys. I wasn't going to run anything", she explains
Damn she handled that well
He's relieved she knew he wasn't hiding her because he's ashamed or anything stupid like that
"So what made him announce your relationship now?"
She shrugs, "You have to ask him. He told me he wanted to announce our relationship, that he thinks ARMY will be ok with it. He did say he wants to go out with me without worrying about backlash."
"Were you alright with him telling essentially the world?"
"Yes but I was worried about his career. But if it was something he wanted to do, I would support him. I'd support him in anything"
He smiles hearing that
She's shown her support in everything he's done, always encouraging him
She has his back and he hopes she knows he has hers
"So how was the announcement received? Was there hate?"
She nods, "Of course there is. Some ARMYS don't like that he has a girlfriend and have sent nasty comments."
"Does that bother you"
She pauses, looking thoughtful
"Not really. At first it did but then I just let it go. There's a lot of nice comments too, a lot of ARMY support."
He remembers when the hate first started and she'd get quiet and upset
He talked to her about ignoring it, that it doesn't matter what anyone says because he's not going to leave her
She was alright after that and this answer confirms that she's ok
"It doesn't really matter what anyone says. I love Jungkook and I'm not going to stop being with him because someone doesn't like it"
She said it
Knowing that everyone will be watching this
And she still said she loves him
"You love him?", Ho-jin asks
She nods, smiling softly, "Yes I do. I love him so much. I...I never felt like this for anyone."
He smiles
He feels the same way for her
She's amazing, his perfect match in everyway
"I see. Do you see yourself with him for the rest of your life?"
She nods, "Yes"
Oh thank god
He's been looking at rings and planning on how he's going to propose to her
Her answer relives him from some of the nervousness he felt about that
They are kinda young but he knows what he wants
And she is what he wants
"How did you meet?"
"At a fanmeet. My professor at the time used to work at BigHit and he offered the job of taking photos of the meet to my class. I applied and I actually got the job. So I was hired for that day and I was taking pictures when I noticed he kept looking in my direction."
"He was looking at you?"
"Yes but at the time I didn't think he was. I thought there was someone behind me he was looking at"
He remembers
Once he saw her, he could not keep his eyes off her
He tried to focus when they spoke to their fans and then when they met them individually
But he's eyes always went to her, watching her snap picture after picture
He knew he had to talk to her before she disappeared
"After the meet, I was giving their manager the BigHit camera I used back when a security guard came up to me and asked me to follow him."
She told him later that she was scared
She thought she did something wrong and she was going to get sued or arrested
"I was brought to a room and Jungkook was there."
"What did he say?"
"He basically said that I was very pretty and he wants to get to know me. He asked if I would hang out with him for the rest of the day and I did. At the end of the day he asked for my phone number and everything just happened from there"
He remembers how fucking nervous he was when she walked into that room
He sucked at talking to girls
But she was nice and waited while he stumbled through what he wanted to say
She spent the day with him at the dorm and it went great
After that they talked for awhile through texts and hung out a few more times
Then he asked her to be his and she said yes
It was the best day of his life
"Is it hard to be with an idol? A BTS idol? The maknae?"
She shakes her head, "No. I understand that his schedule is very busy. I knew going into this that we may not see each other as much as normal couples do. And it is hard at times when he can't make the plans we made because something comes up. But I'm not going to hold it against him. It's not his fault. And he spends as much time with me as he can. He calls me and texts me all the time. Since I'm in school I can't go to every performance or photo shoot or event he has. I go to as many as I can"
"What about tours?"
"Tours are hard. He's gone for months and I miss him so much. But I know it's part of his job and I know he loves performing and seeing ARMYS. He FaceTimes me as every night when he's on tour even if it's for a few minutes."
He knows how hard it is on her when he leaves or when he cancels on her
And it amazes him how she never makes him feel bad about it
How understanding she is
He really lucked out with her
"Do you worry that he could cheat on you?"
Why would that be a question
"Nope", she says simply
He's so relieved that's not a worry she has
"No?", Ho-jin repeats
"Alright. How do you feel about all the female ARMYS who love him, who want him, who sexualize him?"
"There's nothing I can do about that. Jungkook is extremely attractive of course other girls are going to want him. Throw themselves at him. But I'm not jealous and I trust him. He's never given me a reason not to trust him, so I do"
Thank god
He knows how trust is a big issue when being with an idol
All the guys who had girlfriends has issues with trusting them
I don't have that issue with Joanne and it's great
"How about money?"
She raises her eyebrow, "What about it?"
"How is money handled in your relationship?"
She frowns and he can tell she's annoyed
"Listen I'm going to say this once. I don't care about money. I'm not with Jungkook for his money or his fame. That doesn't matter. My parents help me out with school and my apartment. And when I graduate, I will get a job and pay for my own things. Jungkook knows how I feel about him spending money on me and he has gotten ear fulls when he ignores that"
Oh yeah
She yells at him when he buys her things
But he doesn't care, he wants to spoil her
Anything she looks at for more than five minutes, he buys
Not when she's there but he goes back to get it
While she's alright with birthday gifts and special occasion gifts, she yells for anything else, reminding him that she doesn't care about things
Which is exactly why he loves spoiling her
She doesn't expect it, doesn't want it even and that is why he wants to give her the world
"Have you and him had sex?"
Who decided on these questions?
Why was that one allowed?
No one asks that in interviews with them, why is she being asked
"That's personal and I'm not answering any questions like that. Next"
"So is that a yes?", Ho-jin pushes
I don't like him
Not at all
"It's not a yes or a no. It's a mind your own damn business"
Jungkook bursts out laughing
It's so like her to answer that way
But she curses a lot more so it's adorable how she censored herself
"Right ok. Sorry"
"Uh huh", she scowls
"How do you feel about Jungkook's tattoos?"
"Love them"
He knows she does
He looks at them all the time, her fingers tracing the lines and he loves when she does that
"Yes, what's not to like?"
"Well tattoos are not viewed well here in Korea"
"Yeah but so what?", she ask
"Do you have any tattoos?"
"Yes", she nods
He loves her tattoos too
She has a few on her arms, her whole back, her side thigh and her collarbone
They're so pretty and he too likes tracing the lines on her soft skin
"Oh really? Where"
She answers, pointing to the parts of her body where they are
"Have you and Jungkook gone to get tattoos together?"
She shakes her head, "Not yet but we will eventually"
They already talked about it and decided on his next break they'd get tatted together
"I see you have matching eyebrow rings too"
She laughs, "I had it first. Since I was seventeen. He asked me one day after the filming of the Butter video, if he should get one. I said definitely and he got it the next day"
"Did you go with him?"
"No", she says, "I was in class"
"I see. Well this is all the questions I have for now. Maybe we can do another interview in the future"
Not a chance in hell
Maybe with another interviewer, not him
She nods, smiling and waving at the camera
The video faded out and stops
He takes everything in
She did a good job
She didn't stumble on anything and handled the inappropriate questions really well
He stands up and leaves Tae's room
He watched it in there because she didn't want to watch it
She hates seeing herself on video so he left his room so she's comfortable
He walks into his room finding her on his bed on her stomach engrossed in a video
"Baby", he calls, sitting next to her
She looks up, smiling at him, "Kookie hi"
She sits up and he pulls her to him kissing her passionately
"I love you", he tells her when they pull away
"I love you too silly. What up?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well you just came in here and kissed me silly then said you love me. I just wanna know what brought that on"
She tilts her head so adorably, holding my hand
"Saw the video", he answers
"Uh huh. I figured"
"And I'm proud of you. The way you answered the questions...was so smooth. Smoother than Namjoon even. And I'm just happy you trust me and that you said you love me a lot"
"All true things", she smiles
He nods, "And the way you handled the sex question was epic. I liked how you censored yourself too"
"Caught that huh? I thought saying mind your own fucking business was too harsh"
He laughs, "I just want you to know I love you so much. And to tell you thank you for being so understanding, for supporting me and for loving me"
"Don't thank me Kookie. How can I not love you or do those things? You're kinda the best"
He smiles, "You're kinda the best too. The best thing that's ever happened to me"
"Ha! Debuting was the best thing that happened to you?", She teases
"That's a close second.", he chuckles, "But no, number one is you"
"Aww baby", she coos, kissing him sweetly
He kisses her back, enjoying the feeling of her lips on his
He smiles at her when they pull away, running his fingers in her hair
"Are you hungry baby?"
She giggles, "Jeon, Jungkook you know the answer to that"
Of course he knows
The answer is always yes
"C'mon then baby", he says, pulling her hand
"Where?", she asks, confused, standing up
"I'm taking my girl out to eat", he smiles
They still haven't been outside together due to their new song release and the busy schedule with it
"But I look like a mess!"
She has to be crazy
She's in cute sweatpants, a black t-shirt that hugs her body just right and an adorable messy bun
"You look beautiful", he says
He gently lift her face to his
"You are beautiful baby. Always."
Her cheeks turn pink and he can't help but smile and kiss them
"C'mon baby. Get your sneakers and we'll go"
She nods, letting him lead her out his room
"Love you", he says
"Love you too"
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