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#never grow old

This summer I went over to one of my besties house and she’s got a pool in her backyard and we played mermaids even though we were two adults. It was pretty fucking rad. 10/10 would recommend. Never grow up ya bastards

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It’s the constant state of being between wanting to be an adult and not wanting to grow up.

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Finished talking to this one guy that EVERYBODY fears/hates. Pretty decent person if you look past the morbid topics. Clearly this dude’s goin through life and can only relate with the morbod shit. Yeah that boi is arrogant af but hey, look through his words and you can find so many holes in his argument (point them out and he recognizes he isnt as smart as he thought). HE’S JUST MIDDLE SCHOOLER FORCED TO GROW UP TO BE AN ADULT WHO IS STILL TRYING TO UNDERSTAND WHY THINGS DO WHAT THEY DO.

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“You know, the terrible thing is that … that you never grow old.”
Gustav Meyrink, Walpurgisnacht

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He loves me, he loves me not… 🖤🖤🖤

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The old has to let room for the new

One day we’re all gonna become old

Before we would go we have to pass down the flare

one must pay one’s dues

We must give a helping hand even when that means we ourselves become ruins

This is how the gift of life and knowledge shall not be scorned

This is what it means to be a part of time loop

It is all connected

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Never Grow Old - Posters

In theaters August 23, 2019 (UK)

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Never Grow Old (2019)

Dir. Ivan Kavanagh

☆John Cusack, Emile Hirsch, Antonia Campbell-Hughes☆

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Never grow old

Título original: Never Grow Old

Año: 2019

Duración: 100 min.

País: Irlanda

Dirección: Ivan Kavanagh

Guion: Ivan Kavanagh

Música: Aza Hand, Will Slattery

Fotografía: Piers McGrail

Reparto: John Cusack,  Emile Hirsch,  Danny Webb,  Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Déborah François,  Paul Ronan,  Blake Berris,  Paul Reid,  Sam Louwyck, Anne Coesens,  Tim Ahern,  Leila Schaus,  Jean-François Wolff,  Claire Johnston, Julie Kieffer,  Nicolas de Lavergne,  Manon Capelle,  Sean Gormley,  Éric Gigout

Productora: Ripple World Pictures / Iris Productions. Distribuida por Phoenicia Pictures / Sabian Films

Género: Acción. Western

Sinopsis: Un empresario irlandés se beneficia cuando los forajidos toman el control de una pacífica ciudad fronteriza estadounidense, pero su familia se ve amenazada a medida que aumenta la violencia.

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so did anyone else grow up wearing mostly hand-me-downs because friends and cousins would just give you entire trashbags of giveaway clothes every few months or did i just dress so horribly people could tell i never went clothes shopping?

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