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Hey @taylorswift, we are the same age so I wanna ask if you ever had a Tamagotchi when you were little? I remember mine died like after a day and I cried and my mom took me back to the store and they said too bad 🥺

So my fiancé bought me one so I can relive my childhood and have something to do since I’m stuck at home cus I broke my arm and I’m not working right now 🥺😬

I hope you have a great weekend! 💖

Lots of love,

Marina 💋



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I broke my arm over a month ago; I’ve been at home recovering since, listening to & watching Taylor Swift videos every day. I have some moments of sadness and loneliness, but Taylor has been my BFF through it and I’m glad I have her. 🙏🏼🌸

I started physical therapy a couple weeks ago. I can now extend my arm and it hurts a little less every day. Taylor’s music is definitely keeping me motivated and gives me strength. 💪 I hope to meet her some day and tell her how much she has been there for me. ❤️❤️❤️

@taylorswift @taylornation

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is it scientifically backed that adding “never met taylor” to your name or bio actually does anything… asking 4 myself‬

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My boyfriend Scott, thinks I’m cool enough to get his video singing his favorite song, The Man, to @taylorswift

I’ve never had a Taylor like and if this is my first one I’d die. I love him so much, he supports my love for Taylor, and wants to be apart of each release, and go to concerts with me. I don’t know what I did to deserve him. 

Please help me get this to @taylorswift he would be so happy! 

@taylornation @tree-paine

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I’m so glad she didn’t avoid singing old songs like some people said she would. And I was very impressed by her demeanor. Not gonna lie, I was worried about her (and still am) after the whole Scott and scooter thing. But I’m glad she didn’t give them what they want…. they clearly want to see her down since she didn’t play their game. And I’m so happy she isn’t going to give that to them. Past is past. Moving forward: LOVER!!!!!!!! @taylorswift

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I see a lot of posts about self reblogging being sooo bad. But I don’t know why?! I mean, yeah if you just have the same post you’re posting 100 times a day. But sometimes I have a post I really want @taylorswift to see so I’ll reblog it every once in awhile. But I’m still posting 90% new stuff daily! 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Here I am crying over this post.

@swiftly-delicate has the entire post on her blog, but I wanted to share this specific part. I have been a fan of Taylor for going 13 years I am 28. And it pains me to see that the majority of the people who meet Taylor are so young. They have so much time to get noticed to be online, to run many different accounts all day long. And this sums up my feelings so well. Thank you for sharing our story.


All I can hope for is that one day @taylorswift or @taylornation will pick me to go to a secret session, or an after show meet and greet. I’m trying, we are all trying to have a dream we dreamed of for 13 years to finally come true.


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