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#never really post on here

Listen, I said the Criminal Minds series finale was going to make me cry and it did not. I’m still upset, btw. But guys, I feel like the Hawaii Five-0 series finale will have me in tears - I felt a small knot forming in my throat watching the finale trailer.

I watched Crim Minds off and on for many years, but I’ve watched Five-0 every night since season four. I was absolutely obsessed with the early seasons, and nearly wore my S1 DVDs out.

Idk man, if I do not cry - for whatever reason - I say we cancel 2020 all together because it’s just been no good.

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Wait..hold the fuck up? U read taekook? As in kim taehyung and jeon jungkook bts taekook? Cos girl.... LET ME HAVE THAT rec too! Pretty please?! U have no idea how i blinked my eyes hard so many times when i read your tags and double checking the url if its really you!but ummm.. Are ur recs bottom tae? Hehehe

Lmaoooo yes you got the right blog. I haven’t read many as I previously said so my list will be less than 10 probs. I’ll get to it after work in like 8 hours lol. I just gotta track down the ones I’ve read but yeah they’re all bottom Tae lol 👀


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I’m making my dad’s birthday cake today. He wants mint chocolate, his usual cake request. His birthday is tomorrow, he’ll be 49. I’ve been cracking jokes about it for almost two weeks lol. He’s not one for gifts but I got him a couple of tools I feel like he would genuinely use. Life may have screwed me over with an abusive mother but kind of made up for it with my dad. My dad has always been my rock and I will forever be grateful for him.

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ultimate kick in the ass is I still keep repeatedly trying like some lost fucking dog to get back to where we were in august or earlier and i know it won’t happen so I’m just left here hopelessly fawning like the lose cause I am over someone who isn’t available

I just want someone who can make me feel the same way you did but it’s already hard enough for me to meet new people let alone get close enough to someone to actually experience some kind of attraction

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Went to read art is life and my heart. Ah. Reading again of his past. Being constantly hurt/tortured mentally and physcially that fueled his anger. Blinded by rage as his father (who gave no shit about him.) And the god warrior.

Because I wanna have him strive to overthrow those in his way to take what is his. Whether it be friend or foe, he will do whatever it takes. Using many as pawns as his plans slowly set forth. But patience is not a thing for him.

He believes that he deserves a kingdom that should have been his long ago. Trying time and time again to have people worship him and feed him. Having followers to give him sacrifices.

Even though he was told to wait for his time to come. He merely laughs at them for it. Seeing that there is no need for him to stay in the dark and watch idiots lead Noxus. Not caring if someone knew of his past. It doesn’t matter to him when he had the power that can force people to their knees.

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For the fandom thing: Shokugeki for Fandom, SoRina & RyoAli as ship, and Eizan, Somei, Eishi for characters please ;v; I hope that’s not too much !

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

Shokugeki no Soma

·Favorite character: Takumi Aldini, this boy has my heart since day one I love his personality his nerdiness and his determination when it comes to cooking without forgetting his love for his brother

·Least Favorite character: Eishi Tsukasa, i’ve never been able to relate to him even though we have some similiarities in character

·5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Somomo, Eirin, Takumegu, RyoAli, Etsune

·Character I find most attractive: Rindou Kobayashi! (I mean did you see her?? What a beauty, Erina who? Idk her )

·Character I would marry: Isami Aldini, he’d be a sweetheart to live with

- Character I would be best friends with: Megumi definitely! We are too much alike so we would find ways to help each other through shyness problems and she’d teach me how to cook her great meals

· a random thought: Isami’s specialty should have been bakery to distinguish himself from his brother and he could have gone toe to toe with Momo on those central exam (and even win who knows??)

· An unpopular opinion: This is gonna be controversial but oh well… Erina’s sad past and her father abusing her was no excuse for her to act like that with Soma for most part of the anime. Even though he was chill with it, she was still unnecessarily mean toward him. (I expected her to apologize at some point tbh) also Sorina’s basis feels forced in my eyes like her starting to acknowledge him only when she discovers that he’s the son of her idol and reflecting on how she has been treating him all this time to feel bad only then is … wack, there’s nothing natural here (even if someone might say they had chemistry in the beginning it’s just meh)

·My Canon OTP: Eirin is basically canon so…yeah

·My Non-canon OTP: Shinomiya x Hinako is canon in my heart  

·Most Badass Character: Miyoko Hojo! I stan one underrated character that kick ass, is intimidating and soft at the same time

·  Most Epic Villain: The original Elite 10 when they had actual value in the manga y’know … before they were all crushed by first year Soma in matters of minutes  

·Pairing I am not a fan of: Soma x Erina (compared to how I used to dislike them strongly at first, I’m tolerating them now and I can’t deny that they’re cute but as I mentioned before their basis is weak and they’re waay too overrated so…nah)

·Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Dare I say…Erina, he could have explored her sad past and her issue with her parents deeper instead of just making it about family drama also she shouldn’t have reverted back to cold demeanor when faced with her mother in BLUE it was a bad regression it was the perfect instance for her to show her character development and how she progressed, but when she turned mean it was meh, she should have relied on her friends after all the time she took to form strong bonds with them, she should have trusted them and they’d have had her back with no doubt but she had to isolate herself and get colder, Tsukuda had a golden opportunity and so much could have been done with her character but he just wasted it :/  

·Favourite Friendship: Erina x Hisako, Erina x Megumi, Soma x Megumi x Takumi x Erina

·Character I most identify with: Megumi Tadokoro, that girl is me especially when she gets all nervous and stuff xD though I wish I could be as brave and kind as her

·Character I wish I could be: Alice Nakiri, that girl is brimming with confidence and intelligence and she’s pretty on top of that! Pretty sure anyone would want to be her

002 | Send me a ship and I will tell you:


·When I started shipping them: That famous train scene, ngl it was really soft

·My thoughts: I think i’ve said it before, even though they’re cute and look nice together I’m not a big fan though I like reading fics about them cause they have lots of angst potential, their dynamic in adult life (aka what we didn’t see in extra chapter) makes me think of Rachel x Ross tbh they’d be the type to have on and off relationships with lots of fights and make up moments )

·What makes me happy about them: The fact that Erina got over her bitchy self and opened up to Soma, also their banter is funny to see (post Erina character development ofc cause before that it just pissed me off)

· What makes me sad about them: That Erina didn’t apologise for her bad attitude toward Soma in the beginning

· Things done in fanfic that annoys me: Didn’t read that much fanfic about them to tell

·         Things I look for in fanfic:  Canon complement fics, aka detailed description of how their relationship was going on when Soma was constantly abroad, also did I mention angst? Cause I want all the angst with them (but with comfort at the end, though I don’t mind fics where one of them dies if it’s well written it makes it sadder)

·         My wishlist:

- Soma being vulnerable and opening up to Erina about his mother and how he misses her (and him actually dropping the strong façade and crying)

- Since I’m rewatching Friends, inspired by that episode where Ross cheats on Rachel instantly after their fight (the “we were on a break” episode) which leads to another big fight when Rachel discover the cheating, I wanna see same fight with Sorina it’d be really sad and would fit them quite well cause they would have lot of issues growing up that they could turn on each other when in a quarrel, also the post fight moments where they don’t talk to each other finished by their reconciliation (I’d pay money to read a fic like that tbh)

- Ngl I’d have liked to see them hug at least once in anime, it’d have been soft (or comically awkward)

·         Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Soma with Megumi, and Erina with Hisako

·         My happily ever after for them: They marry, they have children, they watch them grow and they die together,  that’s it that’s my happy ever after for them like with all other couples

RyoAli :

·         When I started shipping them: Ever since they appeared together, I knew they’d be an item and I was right

·         My thoughts: They’re a power couple and they rock together! I love their dynamic and how much they trust each other + opposite personalities get together trope is always my fave

·         What makes me happy about them: Once again their dynamic, and Alice’s overall cuteness

·         What makes me sad about them: Nothing

·         Things done in fanfic that annoys me: once again, didn’t read that much fic about them to tell

·         Things I look for in fanfic: An accurate portrayal of their relationship, and not Ryo being considered Alice’s dog cause he’s not, she respects him a lot

·         My wishlist:

- I’d like to see (or read) something about their wedding, it’d be epic, especially Ryo’s proposal

- I’d like to see who confessed first, but I actually headcanon that they’d confess at the same time “I have something to tell you” “me too” “you say it first” “let’s say it at the same time” “1…2..3..” both say “I like you” it’d be super cute and cue the blush after that and all the giggles and fond looks from Ryo

- Them napping together, or one sleeps and the other caress their hair and sing to them

·         Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: hmm no one tbh, I can only see them with each other

·         My happily ever after for them: same as Sorina

 003 | Give me a character & I will tell you:

 Eizan Etsuya

·         How I feel about this character: I used to hate him at first, but after seeing your Etsune posts I started liking him then I went to back and rewatched all episodes featuring him and boom now he’s one of my fave xD but for real, he’s a good enemy (even though he lost to Souma in first try and was hyped for 3 seasons only to be beaten by Takumi after, poor him ^^’ ) I like his personality and I actually relate to him being pissed off instantly when something doesn’t go his way cause it’s hella frustrating

·         Any/all the people I ship romantically with this character: Nene is the only person I ship romantically with him (and I have you to thank for that ^-^)

·         My favorite non-romantic relationship for this character: Eizan x Momo x Somei, I really liked that trio ever since they were shown together in central rebel fight

·         My unpopular opinion about this character: His personality softens when he grows up and his “harsh” remarks totally lose their bite

·         One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: He should have won against Takumi, we’d have then really be able to see his potential and not only hear about it from others praising him, what’s a cool nickname for if we can’t even see his real potential?

·         Favorite friendship for this character: once again Eizan x Momo x Somei

·         My crossover ship: Eizan x Megumi

Somei Saito :

  • How I feel about     this character: I used to be neutral toward him, but after seeing his     backstory I started liking him a lot and have mad respect for him for     wanting to support his mother like that and taking on her restaurant so     young, he’s a chill and funny dude who doesn’t seem fazed by anything and I     love his “bushidou code” shenanigan and everyone being done with it
  • Any/all the people     I ship romantically with this character: Somei x Momo, season 4 got me     like: what do you mean they’re not canon?
  • My favorite     non-romantic relationship for this character: Somei x Eizan x Momo, also     Somei x his mother I would have liked to see more of their interactions
  • My unpopular     opinion about this character: none
  • One thing I wish     would happen / had happened with this character in canon: He should have     won against Soma, he was clearly more skilled than him also he should have     had way more dialogues do you realize that he basically did not speak at     all in the OVA when Elite 10 first appear? I’m outraged! they should have     shown us more of Elite 10 preparation in the train
  • Favorite friendship     for this character: Somei x Momo x Eizan
  • My crossover ship:     i have none

Eishi Tsukasa :

·         How I feel about this character: as stated before, I don’t really like him I’ve never been able to understand him and he feels “meh” to me, also I don’t like his “fake innocent” air when he tries to recruit others to assist him then they refuse and he’s like “oh really? you don’t want to?” that’s kind of annoying to watch

·         Any/all the people I ship romantically with this character: Eishi x Rindou, due to that post I saw on tumblr I lowkey ship Eishi x Erina

·         My favorite non-romantic relationship for this character: Eishi x Elite 10

·         My unpopular opinion about this character: He’s way more vicious than he seems, his “faint heart” personality feels like a cover (that’s why I can’t trust him)

·         One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I am once again saying that most elite 10 in the RDC should have won, so he should have won against Erina’s last minute specialty cause his dish really was bomb and Erina’s one was waay too classic for gourmet food. Also I’d have liked to see Soma become his right hand assistant just for an episode

·         Favorite friendship for this character: Eishi x Elite 10

·         My crossover ship: Eishi x Erina

Thanks for the ask!! ♥ 

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