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Cover Reveal ~ Never Say Never by Justine Manzano

Cover Reveal ~ Never Say Never by Justine Manzano

Never Say Never
Justine Manzano
Publication date: June 15th 2021
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
After she walks in on her mom doing the horizontal mambo with a man that’s decidedly not her dad, Brynn Stark swears off love. One of her friends–Val–is determined to change her mind, no matter the consequences. Prickly and cynical, Brynn tries to avoid Val’s attempts at setting her up,…


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Great song and great movie! If you want to feel like a badass that knows karate, just listen to this song like I always do 🤣

Now pick up your jacket and slay the day! 🔥

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Я готова обнять тебя, Вселенная. Я очень-очень люблю тебя

Прости за то, что когда-то гневалась на те уроки, которые ты мне преподнесла. Потому что теперь, я безумно благодарна за них и за весь тот опыт, который сделал меня мной.

Это того стоило.


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Да, мои стихи не самые лучшие, но если они могут передать мои эмоции, если они могут помочь мне излить их, то так тому и быть. Я не претендую на звание “ лучший поэт года” и никогда не претендовала.

I just love it, ok?

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its never out of the realm of possibility that dan has joined the cirque du soleil👀

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if ive learnt anything is that anything can come true if u clown hard enough so do u think they’ll confirm ring hill in the afterparty thing they’re doing today yes or yes

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Never Say Never (2019) - Chinese Drama

Watch on: iQiyi (for free, no ads)

Character: Fang Mo played by Qin Jun Jie

**The good shit is italicized**

Episode 1: Gets into a fight with a fellow soldier (pretty uneventful). He loses a ring in the sand and it distraught over it. (33:20) Fake kidnapped as a part of his training, gets injected with a drug, everything gets blurry and distorted. After that he wakes up from a nightmare all sweaty.

Episode 2: (26:00) Under gunfire in battle. Grenade explodes next to him. (32:00) He is in the infirmary after the explosion in rough shape with an IV. He learns a couple of his teammates died and cries with grief.

Episode 3: (3:40) Is told that his girlfriend died, upset. (10:00) He tries to leave camp and is restrained. He’s locked in a cell for a while. (30:00) Standing fully clothed under a shower outside at night, getting soaked. He cries out of grief. At the end of this episode, he starts his mission of avenging his girlfriend.

Episode 4-5: None

Episode 6: (3:20) Gets into a fight with a bunch of thugs. (29:00) Get’s into another fight and actually gets hurt a little bit.

Episode 7-8: None

Episode 9: (7:00) Lures bad guys away, ends up getting shot in the arm then stabbed in the stomach. We get a good unconscious in the back of a car scene as they take him to a doctor. Concern for him. (13:00) Weak and recovering in bed. Starts walking around again at the end of the episode but he’s pale, in pain, and holding his wound.


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I never planned to include Ben Skywalker in the Triumvirate AU, and I told myself I was done with kidfic—but my WIPs call me a liar on that last point, so who knows. I do love Ben Skywalker and maybe I’ll eventually write a story that deals with the implications of the Triumvirate producing offspring. Could be fun! No promises, though.  

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Hi and Merry Christmad! Was that quick? I felt like I was taking a long time 🙈 I’m so glad you like it though!! I had a lot of fun writing it.

A sequel would be yet another post-ep for “Millennium”. Should I really write that? 😂 I’ve seen a few tags asking for a sequel and I feel honored so I’m saying maybe.

Thank you so much for this ask! ❤

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