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[SF/HR] The Pearl Necklace
Elon Musk spent his whole life inventing amazing things, his final 7 years were thought to be the best though. He wanted to create a rocket that could fly at the speed of light! He passed before finishing it at the ripe age of 102. He put the project into the hands of his son, X Æ A-12, and grandson, Jesse. Who gladly took over and finished the first model within 7 months.
Elon was thought to also be working on a mystery project before he passed. Some thought it was a message for everyone who bought the first tesla. Others thought it was something, much, much bigger. Like a spaceship that could travel through time. "He can already go the speed of light, why not travel through time? The flash did it, so why can't Elon?" Is what some thought, but those people also thought the earth is flat, so obviously no one is going to believe them. We call them The Thinkers.
A year before Elon passed I actually got to meet him. And even call him grandpa because I married Jesse, his grandson. Jesse and I have always been interested in space. We met in college. Randomly got paired up for a project and hit it off immediately. Jesse kinda kept his family a little bit of a secret, which I can understand now, but back then it was just a little fishy. I still couldn't help myself, I fell in love with him anyway. Even just the sound of Alex Musk and Jesse Musk is music to my ears. We got married in 2073, a year before Elon died. One of the last things he told me was that he is proud to call me his granddaughter and to never stop pursuing my dream. I still hold this close to my heart.
For the next 5 years after the first rocket ship to fly at the speed of light was made, it was mass produced, until there were over a billion made! Enough to hold everyone on the overpopulated Earth and more. This is when nuclear power plants just started blowing up all over the world. There was no rhyme or rhythm to it, it was completely random. This was slowly causing earth to be uninhabitable because of the toxicity. They sent out my crew and I to find a new planet to inhabit. My crew was made up of six amazing people, Caleb Lowes, John Hickory, Eddie Johnson, Barb Lynn, Jannet Ross, and Jenne Aura. These six people are the most loving, caring, and helpful people on Earth. I’m so glad to have them in my life, and on my team! We loaded up into the space shuttle.
We were lucky enough to be able to travel in the first one made; the best one. We got sent out on July 14th. I remember the feeling of the shuttle shake, a harl itself into the atmosphere. It was unlike anything I've ever felt before. Once we hit the atmosphere it was like everything stopped for 10 seconds. Just silence and beauty. Until Eddie announced “We did it guys, we're in space!” Everyone cheered. Caleb noticed that NASA put in a coordinate, all we had to do was put the shuttle into the ‘lightspeed’ setting and go. Jenne asked if we were ready, we all responded with “Affirmative.” She pushed up the leaver from normal to lightspeed and pressed the green button saying “Everyone hold on!”
We sped into the abis. It was so fast I couldn't even feel it. It was like we didn't even move. We all saw a huge flash of pure white, then a gumble of dots and colors. As if I rubbed my eyes too hard. But the colors weren't colors I've seen before. A color no one can explain. Almost like an absence of color, but it was there. It came with a wave of extreme anxiety and terror. I hope we never have to feel that ever again, even if it was only for a few seconds. Within just a few seconds we were at our destination. Everyone kinda just looks around at eachother like ‘holy crap, what the heck just happened?’ Yet, we all stayed silent. Until Caleb said “What kinda Milano type ship is this?!” He thought he was being funny, but none of us knew what he was talking about. So he explained himself “You know, the spaceship in Guardians of the Galaxy?” None of us understood but he continued, “2014? Marvel? Avengers? Quill flew it to Morag to get the Orb for-”
“SPOILERS!” Eddie interrupted. We all just giggled in confusion. Barb sarcastically said “You all are a bunch of idiots.” We all laughed. Caleb asked “You guys do know what I'm talking about though, right?” Laughing John replied “No.” Caleb was the type that could live off of old movies. He even says “Everything after 2021 SUCKS!” Basically, he’s a weirdo.
I look outside and say “Well, we’re here.” Jannet asked “We gonna park it, or what?” Jenne pulled the switch into normal while John figures out a good place to land. We successfully landed the ship and tried to contact NASA. Nothing. “We must be too far away.” I said. Everyone agreed. Jenne asks “So, what are we going to name it?” Since we are the first people on this planet we get to name it. I blurted out “ReMusk!” Everyone looked very confused. Eddie hesitantly spoke up and asked “ReMusk?” Happily I explained to myself “Yes! ReMusk! Re, as in a redo of earth. And Musk, because it's the Musk space ships that got us here. Soooo ReMusk!” Silence. Pure silence. “No objections?” I ask. still nothing. They all just look at eachother, waiting for someone to say something. “ReMusk it is.” I say walking towards the door.
I open the door and Caleb puts on some music he put on a CD before coming here. He would not survive without music. He probably made 100 CDs, all with 10-50 songs. The CDs range from 1920’s classics to 1980’s rock to 2000’s pop all the way through to 2040’s country. He likes everything!! Even “Yummy” by Justin Beiber, you have to be some kind of crazy to like that song!
We unload everything and get settled in. Two days pass and we still haven’t been able to send out anything to NASA or have gotten anything from them. We all decide to take a nature walk. It’s all so beautiful. So peaceful. Every animal we have seen has been a herbivore, fearful, but curious. One animal was furry, fluffy, and looked almost like a dog. but walked on two legs, straight up, but had a third leg. The feet were like monkey hands. while eating it would stand on its smallest leg and use its longer, stronger, legs to grab and eat food. It was super friendly and wanted to stay around us the whole time. We named it Frank and kept it as a pet. Named after Frank Sanatrua, Caleb’s idea.
Whilst on this nature walk we saw something move. Then a girl yelled “Hello?!” Confused, I yelled the same thing back. She frantically screamed “Please, don’t hurt me, I’m safe!” Still screaming, I replied “It’s ok we won’t hurt you. Are you injured at all?” She replied “No.” I ask her where she is and we meet up. All of us are very cautious, even Frank.
Once we were within 10 ft. of each other Jannet stoped everyone saying “That’s close enough for now” Frank ran twards her super exited, like it knew her. She freaked out saying “Oh my gosh Frank!” Caleb asked what we were all thinking “You know it? And it’s name?”
“Yes, I’ve known it since I’ve been alive. It’s mine actually. I lost it about a week ago, thank you for finding it! And as for the name, it’s name has always been Frank. My mom was always the best with coming up with names.” She said while petting Frank and looking at us.
“Speaking of names, what’s yours?” I ask. “Oh, Ashley!” She replied. “And yours?” I answered for everyone, pointing at them when I say their name. “Now intruductions are over, I’ll ask what everyone else is thinking. How did you get here and how do you know english?” Jannet said. “Well I’ve lived here my whole life, my mother and her friends raised my freinds and I here. They all spoke english, so I do too.” Ashley answered with a pause “Do you think you guys can help me; I’m kinda lost. Sorry for the inconviounce.”
We all ponder the desion. John wispers to all of us “How do we know if we can trust her?” Ashley heard and answered by saying “Well i know this planet better then anyone, so i can help you guys too. I can show you what you can and cannot eat, what is frendly and what isnt. You guys can learn from my mistakes! Please help me, so I can help you!” I ask if she remebers what direction she came from. She said “No, I’ve been looking for Frank and I have no idea where I am now. I think I’ve just been going in circles for awhile” I ask “Do you just want to follow us back to our base and if you see anything familiar, tell us and we will go that direction. If you don’t, just keep going with us and you can stay at our base.” “Yes, ok.” She responds. “This way” I say as I turn around and walk towards our base.
We talk about our lives the entire time we walk. About my crew and I from earth. Ashley talking about her life on ReMusk. We get about ⅔ of a mile away from our base and Ashley notices something familiar and screams, “There! That way! There’s my base!” while pointing right. We start walking in that direction while Frank wags his tail at your dog when you get home after a long day at work.
Once we get to Ashleys base we see 3 other people. Ashley and Frank run towards them and give them all big hugs, almost crying. She must have been gone for awhile. Ashley introduced everyone. “This is Cale, Jesse Jr., and Bethoney.” She says while pointing to them. I did the same with my crew. Everyone shook hands. I notice they kids look kinda familiar but i don't say anything. We all get to know each other and end up moving our base to theirs. I am honestly so glad there are other people here and we aren’t alone. Such a relief.
We spend the next few days getting closer, researching, playing games, and simply just experiencing this new world. One day I noticed that Ashley has the same pearl necklace as me. This necklace is one of a kind. My grandma made it when she was little. Then I gave it to my mom when she turned 16. My mom did the same with me. I asked her about the necklace. She said that her mom also gave it to her when she was 16. Which I found kinda weird, but it probably just blew it off as a weird coincidence.
There is one thing that I just couldn't get off my mind; how they look familiar. Then i figured it out! Cale looks like Caleb. Bethoney looks like Barb. Jesse Jr. looks like Jesse, my husband and a little like me. Same as Ashley. I don’t say anything to anyone, yet. I want to test something. I make a sharpie mark on my pearl necklace to see if anything happens to Ashleys. Nothing. I’m still unsure. So I chip the necklace with a screwdriver. I look at Ashleys and hers now has a chip in it when it didn't before. This is the same necklace. These are our kids. We are their parents.
Everyone is playing poker. I pull Caleb aside and tell him, he might understand. He does, but he is very shocked. He agrees with me.
“Do you think they time traveled somehow?” Caleb whispers to me.
“What if it was us that time traveled? I mean, you remember what happened in the space ship when we were coming here.” I suggest.
“You said we’d never speak of that again!” Caleb says sternly.
“I know, but, comon. Are you really telling me that wasn weird?” I ask.
“I’m not saying that, I just, is it really possible to time travel?” Caleb replies.
“Yes! I know it sounds crazy, but just hear me out. What if The Thinkers are right. What if Elon was able to make a shuttle fast enough to travel through time. Think about it. If you can travel a LightYear in a tenth of a second, or faster. We could have possibly just gone so far it was as if we time traveled.” I say frantically.
“Well I guess that kind of makes sense.” Caleb says, still kinda confused.
Cale comes out of the hut and sees Caleb and I talking. “Whatcha guys talkin’ about?” Cale asks. “Oh just asking him about a certain song” I reply hoping he doesn't ask any more questions. “Okay?” Cale says laughing. “Let's get back to Poker then guys.” Caleb replies “Yeah, Poker.” We walk back to the hut and play until everyone gets tired.
Everyone goes to bed, but i can’t sleep. I bet Caleb can’t either. I go to the bathroom, which is in a different hut about 100 ft away from the main base. While leaving the bathroom I hear something making noise a little ways away. Its Cale and Caleb! I hide behind a tree to listen to what they say and see what they are doing. I’m like a spy! I can’t really hear what they are saying but i know they are arguing. Then I see Cale punch Caleb in the side of the head, knocking him out intimately. Cale drags his emotionless body to almost complete darkness, but my eyes have already adjusted to the darkness so i can still see them. Cale pulls out a knife, stabbing Caleb in the chest, and drags it down to his hips. Killing Caleb. I watch cale slowly fade out of existence. So it is true. Cale is Caleb's son.
I ran back into the bathroom trying to pretend I didn't see anything. I eventually go to the home hut to try and sleep, but i don't think anyone can sleep after that. I lay still staring at the ceiling until morning. I act asleep as everyone wakes up. Once about two others are up I ‘woke up’. All day I had to act like nothing's wrong all day. Just pretend nothing happened.
Everyone is drinking at the bar. I tell Jenne what happened because i just couldn't hold it in any longer, I NEEDED to tell someone! I made the mistake of telling Jenne because she told everyone else. Making everyone very mad. Causing a huge bar fight to erupt. But it was more of like a murder fest, because they just kept killing eachother. Bethoney killed John. Jesse Jr. killed Jenne. Jannet killed Jesse jr. Ashley killed Eddie. Finally Bethoney killed Barb, killing herself in the process. All in that order. I am hiding during all of this. Just watching all of my loved ones die right in front of my eyes. Leaving just Ashley, a bunch of dead and bloody bodies, and me. All I can think about is Jesse. I have to make it home to him. It’s just Ahshley and I, and I can't let her win! I have to kill my own daughter, who I haven't even raised yet.
She is still looking for me, while she is turned around I pull out my gun and shoot her in the back of the head. I did it. I really did it. I killed someone. As all the blood floods out of her body, so does a letter. I grab it, it has my name on it.
“Dear Alex,
If you are reading this, my plan failed. I lost, you won. I bet you have a lot of questions. So i think i can answer a few. For starters, you were right, I am your daughter. Cale is Caleb's son, and Bethoney is Barb's daughter. You are very smart, I must say.
I was born with a condition that leaves me in inimaginable pain every second of every day. You knew about it before I was even born. Yet you still had me. So you have to pay for what you have done. I decided to kill you before you can even have me.
I know I couldn't just go back in time and kill you while you're sleeping. That's too easy. I had to get you to love me first. Give you hope. So I could rip it away from you. Make you in pain like you've done to me. You Did this to me mom! IT’S YOUR FAULT I’M LIKE THIS ALEX! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!
So I made a plan. Jesse would go back in time and blow up nuclear power plants all over the world after all the space shuttles were made. Then leave his time travel ship there, calling it The First Elon Musk Space Ship and assigning it to you and your crew. He stayed on the ship until you got here. He would then escape and come to our base. We would become close, giving hope. Then I would kill you. I’m guessing it didn't go like that though.
So you won, I hope it was worth it. I'm sorry mom.
Love, Ashley <3
P.s. turn around ;)”
I turn around, Ashley is standing right behind me. With the gun pointed at my head. “Ashley, baby, you don’t have to do this! I can make it all better! I’m sorry” I plead. “Yes I do” Ashley says while pulling the trigger. As life fades out of me, Ashley’s entire existence does too.
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