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#never underestimate

My dogs are the only thing keeping me from losing my mind right now. 

The other day my chihuahua was so excited to see me when I came home he put his front paws on my knee and just bounced, and bounced, and bounced, for a full minute. He stopped for a second, but then kept going because it was making me laugh. 

Yesterday me and him were chasing my rat terrier around the house and I finally caught him and sat on the floor and said “we got him, Buddy! let’s give him kisses!” and Buddy knows the word “kisses” by now, so he licked Peanut’s face on one side while I kissed him on the other. 

Last night I was freaked out and upset because I fucked up this drawing I’d been doing by coloring in the entire background before I actually did any real drawing. I had been planning to do this I Spy style thing filled with all kinds of tiny details, but instead there was just this huge empty pink space I spent fifteen minutes coloring, with a few doodles on the bottom. It really scared me that I could be that absent. Blank spaces are a bit of a trigger for me as well in certain contexts, and filling in an entire page with solid color as I completely forget what I’m doing is pretty much the worst kind of context. (And talk about a fucking waste of ink, you know? I’m really conservative with my art supplies.) 

Peanut did what he always does when I get upset, have panic attacks, or feel psychosis coming on: he sat in my lap and waited for me to pet him. When I didn’t immediately pet him, he got my attention by licking my hands. Sometimes when I get like that, he’ll put his paws on my shoulders and his face right in mine. Once a while ago he even bit me. He makes me focus on him so I’ll hold him and pet him, because that gives my hands something non-destructive to do (I’ve been pulling my hair and hitting myself on the head in panic attacks lately). He learned this on his own, too; he’s had no service dog training whatsoever. Because of him I don’t get explosive like I used to, and Buddy keeps me from feeling that utter emptiness of this house. 

I love my boys. 

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okay but imagine bruce trying to do research on the infinity stones (after the sn*p of course) and all he runs into is a bunch of dead ends, UNTIL THOR COMES ALONG AND LITERALLY SAVES HIS WHOLE INVESTIGATION because the god literally spent two years searching for them so he’s gathered a lot of information. this causes them to spend even mORE time together and acts as a solid bonding device

picture this,,,, thor, bruce, tony and shuri all working together to try and research the stones because they’re all super smart™️

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It’s probably the time change confusing things but that tweet was made from Louis’s account just after 8:30am London time not 7:30am. You even commented about it being at 12:30am LA time and him possibly coming in late and making it at the time. The entire scenario ran overnight in the UK when presumably no one there would have been monitoring things from about 9pm when the interview aired to 8:30am when Louis tweeted.

Thanks anon - I did actually think of that and did some comparison with other accounts to see if summer time made a difference, but apparently that’s not consistent (I will never understand how twitter calculates time on tweets and it’s very frustrating).

I think the 12.30 LA/8.30 London time isn’t substantially different.   But it does make it more possible that the tweet came from London (or was drafted in LA and OKed in London).  That’s where the cultural question comes in - and the fact that I’m super sceptical that a SMM was that nasty deliberately.  But then the only person I know who has done UK music social media - is from London, went to Oxford, is very middle-class and while obviously not as culturally far away from Doncaster as someone LA based would be - could get it wrong. 

From the Louis point of view - looking back at December as a whole, I’m not as sure as I was that Louis was in LA. So without knowing what timezone he was in there’s nothing much to be gleaned from the time.

Which is all just me repeating my basic point - we don’t know and we can’t know.

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Write about the people you should never underestimate.

The ones in the back of the rooms. The ones, people never notice. Because even though you don’t notice them doesnt mean they don’t notice you. Oh, they notice you. They notice everything about you. The way you walk, the difference in your voice when you talk about something you deeply care about. The sparkle in your eyes as you look at the beautiful girl in the corner or the handsome man leaning against the counter. They see how you shy away from violence in public but how you relish it in private. They know that you don’t just use those utensils for eating. They know everything about you and they will use it however they need to get what they want. You should never underestimate the ones you never notice. For when you do….. It’ll be too late.

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