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#neverending story

Watched NeverEnding Story last night. I wanted to draw the Childlike Empress as I have loved her aesthetic since I was a little girl. Also in looking up art of her, I was disturbed by how sexual a lot of it was. It is as though pretty and ethereal couldn’t be seperated from sexy.

I hope I avoided that here.

Also I had this moment with my 1 year old.

Cairon-herald of the Childlike Empress:“She is dying. She can not save us.”

My Baby: *applauds and gurgles with glee*

Me: *side eys my infant with deep concern*

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“Perché sei stata l’еstate migliore della mia vita,

è la verità

Sembrava la storia infinita

e forse era solo IL FESTIVALBAAAR”

Ah non faceva così?



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I have a prequel fic queued at this very moment!!! It comes out soon, and it is in fact about those two characters before their marriage 😳 But for all the marriage AUs, including neverending story, I always have continued plans to write about their lives (past, present, and future 💙)

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