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cadence-blackburn · 2 hours ago
So, you know in Hollowpox when Morrigan was in the hospital and Jupiter was fussing all over her? What do you think about that scene?
i think that was the most ADORABLE thing i have ever seen and i want more of that in the next book.
“I know you made some of those up” THIS is what I am talking about! Yes please! More! More!
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cadence-blackburn · 2 hours ago
whats your favourite nevrmoor headcanon?
besides the gay ones? probably a tie between Anah can't cook and Arch and Cadence have a really close friendship (dont make me choose)
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jessromina · 11 hours ago
so we saw the sneak peak right? the one for book four? if not, go look at @jack-korrapati it’s one of the newer posts. we see morrigan with her unit. she accepted the apprenticeship in hollowpox. what does this meannnnn? how is she being taught by squall, but also is still going to school, if that is where that sneak peek was set. oh my mind isn’t ready. my HEART isn’t ready. oh no
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dragonfan20 · 11 hours ago
I am scared.
So, Jessica Townsend said that book 4 was the book she was most looking forward to writing since the series started...
What does that mean for us?????
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incorrectnevermoor · 22 hours ago
Hawthorne: we’re playing scrabble, it’s a nightmare
Cadence: scrabble? scrabble’s great
Hawthorne: not when you’re playing with Mahir it’s not, he puts words like “ephemeral” and i put “dog"
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I love how the Nevermoor community helps every kind of disabilited to get their posts but can't put a fucking spoiler alert!
Is not that hard guys!
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jessromina · a day ago
When Will This Be Over?
Chapter Four
Jack zipped up his pants and made his way over to a spare sink. It was fairly empty in the bathroom, the only other occupant being an older man. He looked a bit suspicious, like he had no real purpose being in the bathroom.
Turning on the tap, Jack grabbed some soap out of the dispenser and washed his hands.
Jack looked to the other man. He did not want to start a conversation with him, but he didn’t want to be impolite either.
“Good afternoon.”
He turned away from the sink and moved towards the door but before he could grab the handle and open it, the man stepped in front of him.
“Who was that girl you walked in with? She was quite good looking.”
Jack furrowed his brows in suspicion. He just wanted to get out of this bathroom and enjoy the rest of the day with Morrigan and Jupiter.
“Yeah, she is.” Jack hadn’t meant to say that. He had spoken before he could think. He mentally slapped himself before speaking again. “She’s my uncle’s patron for a sort of scholarship. I’ll be off now.” He tried to side step the man, but he still could not get to the door.
“So, essentially, she’s no one to you?”
That was the biggest lie Jack had ever heard. Morrigan meant the world to him. He would do anything for her and he never would want to see her hurt. “She is very much someone to me.” Jack placed his hands on his hips. He didn’t know who this man was, or what he wanted with Morrigan or himself, but Jack did not want to find out.
“How would you react if I said I want to have my way with her?”
No one was going to lay a hand on Morrigan, and Jack was going to make sure of it. “She’s sixteen, man. Way too young for you. I mean yeah, any guy would be lucky to have her, but she is still a child.” Jack knew he was blushing. He wasn’t sure why he was saying what he was, but he blamed it on his rising anxiety.
“Age is just a number.”
That was the final straw. Jack tried to move past the man, once again, but like all previous attempts, he failed. “Can I please leave?”
“What, so you can get back to your girlfr—?” The man was interrupted by his phone ringing in his pocket. He fished it out and brought it up to his ear. “Hello?...You have her?...Okay, I’ll meet you there soon.” He then hung up the phone and placed a hand on Jack’s shoulder. “Make sure you look after that girl, because in the blink of an eye, she might disappear.” He then turned around and exited the bathroom.
Jack’s heart rate had risen significantly during the interaction but he didn’t let it stop him. He ran out of the bathroom and froze when he entered the store. His eyes scanned the small space but when he couldn’t find Morrigan, his chest constricted.
He pushed through the crowd of people to the register, hoping to figure out if she had ordered or not.
“Excuse me, have you seen a young girl?” he asked the cashier. “She has black hair and black eyes and is wearing a black dress.”
The cashier looked up at him, and thought about it for a moment. If Morrigan could see Jack right now, she would be yelling at him for being so impatient. “Um, yeah, she just received her order. She walked outside.”
Jack sighed a breath of relief before walking outside. Morrigan would be there waiting for him. She would be okay. Everything would be okay.
As he shut the door behind him, he began speaking. “Morrigan, you would never believe what just happened in the bathroom—“
Jack’s breath caught in his throat as he saw the scene in front of him. A chair was overturned and on the table sat three snow cones melting in the sun. Blue, blue raspberry flavoured. Yellow, tropical flavoured. Purple, grape flavoured. The trio’s usual order.
He quickly looked around the surrounding area, trying to look for the girl in black. His heart sunk as he realised she was no where to be found.
He sprinted across the road, dodging traffic and made his way to the beach. If anyone knew how to fix this situation, it would be Jupiter.
“Uncle Jove!” As soon as he was in view, Jack started calling for his uncle. He was moving so fast he almost tripped multiple times but he made it to his uncle in the end. No surprise, Jupiter was asleep.
Jack shook him awake. How could he possibly sleeping in a time like this?
He watched as Jupiter awoke with a start and then looked around, trying to get ahold of where he was. His eyes focussed on Jack, and a look of confusion settled on his face as he tried to look behind the young man. “Jack, where’s Morrigan?”
Jack hadn’t figured out how he was going to break the news to Jupiter, but when you are talking to someone as extravagant as his uncle, sometimes it’s best to just blurt it out. “Morrigan has been kidnapped. I think. Well, I don’t really know. I left her to order because I needed the bathroom, and then there was a really sketchy guy asking about her, saying she was pretty, and I mean, he’s not wrong, Morrigan is really good looking, but that’s not the point.” Jack shook his head as an attempt to clear his thoughts. “The point is that he got a call and asked the person on the other line if they “had her”, then left the bathroom. I left afterwards, but when I went to look for Morrigan, she wasn’t there. I went outside because the cashier told me she saw Morrigan walk out there, and on a small table was our three snow cones, and then next to that was an overturned chair. I looked around and I couldn’t see her anywhere and then I came here.” When he finished speaking, he was out of breath.
Jupiter looked shocked. His face was frozen and white as if he had seen a ghost. After a few moments, he started laughing, but it seemed like it was the result of nerves, not humour. “No. Morrigan wasn’t—wasn’t kidnapped. Are you sure you can’t find her?”
Jack nodded slowly. He knew the pain this would cause Jupiter. A pile of hurt had already settled into his own stomach. He just wanted this to be over. When will this be over?
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lumau · 2 days ago
Any drawing requests?
I want to draw, but don't know what. Both vague or specific requests are fine.
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jessromina · 2 days ago
This chapter may trigger readers who dislike reading about abuse. If this is you, then please stop reading this book. Instead, go look at my other works and find something that is right for you. I do not want to cause anyone pain just by reading a chapter I wrote. However, if you need to talk to someone, I am always here for you.
I hope y'all are enjoying the book so far. Here is another chapter!
When Will This Be Over?
Chapter Three
"Thank you."
Morrigan smiled at the worker before grabbing the three snow cones from her. She looked around the store to see if Jack had finished in the bathroom yet, but he was no where to be found. She walked outside to wait for him as it was much too crowded in the small store.
While waiting she felt as though someone was watching her and a feeling of unease settle into her stomach. When she looked around her, all she saw was a man standing by the door. She couldn't deny that he did look a little suspicious but she wasn't one to judge someone by their looks, even if the stained open button up, white—or what was once white—singlet and black jeans proved otherwise.
Why did Jack have to choose right now to take a little longer than usual?
Any situation she had previously been in, or any book she had read, or any story told by Jupiter could have never possibly prepared her for what happened next.
She found a quiet table to sit at and placed the three snow cones down. Just as Morrigan was enjoying the view of the beach, she felt rough arms circle around her waist and lift her out of the seat. A scream tore from her lungs but a hand had clamped over her mouth.
She bit at it, trying to remove it but she didn't succeed. Morrigan wriggled and turned her head and found it was the man who was standing at the door a couple of moments ago. She now realised that he also stunk of alcohol as if he had poured it in his grey beard.
He started walking with her still in his grip. She tried her hardest to rip his hand off her body but it was like it was glued on there.
He turned a corner and carried her into a dark alley where a car was parked. When he reached the car, he removed the hand from Morrigan's waist, but pushed her head against his body, keeping her trapped. He then pulled keys from out of his pocket. He pressed a small button and the indicators flashed, meaning the car was now unlocked. He walked to where the back doors were located and opened one.
Morrigan once again tried to scream. She knew what was happening. How long would it be before she could see Jupiter again? Or Jack? Or her friends? These were her last thoughts before she felt herself be knocked into unconsciousness.
When Morrigan woke up she was cold and uncomfortable. She took in her surroundings and almost thought Room 85 was punishing her, until she remembered the events of the day.
She laid on a single bed that was positioned in the corner where the back and right wall met, and her head rested on an extremely thin pillow which was not helping her headache at all. She sat up and leant on her elbow, then brung her other arm up to feel the bump that had formed on her head. She looked down at her body and found a thin sheet thrown over the top of it.
On the left wall there was a small square window. Morrigan quickly stood up from the bed and ran over to it. She had moved too quickly, causing colours and patterns to swarm her eyes. She squeezed them shut until she regained her balance.
It was light out, and considering it was afternoon when she was at the snow cone store, she must have slept until the next day. She looked out the window and tried to recognise something, anything that would help her situation. It was clear she was on the second or third story of this building. From the looks of things it was abandoned—the side of it was quite dirty.
On the streets below people conversed with one another, laughing and having fun. Morrigan searched these people for a head of ginger hair but it was pointless. There was too many people.
Thinking back to her Decoding Nevermoor class, Morrigan tried to remember the live map. A couple of the buildings that were visible were recognisable, but her brain was still foggy from being unconscious, so it was almost impossible to know where she was.
She heard a knock on the door and she returned to the bed. She pulled the thin sheet back over her body and once again rest her head on the pillow. The door was positioned in the upper left corner of the room, meaning Morrigan could easily eye it from her position on the bed.
The door creaked open and the man from yesterday stepped into the room. Morrigan felt as if spiders were crawling all over her body. Her hairs stood on end. She would do anything to get out of being in this room with this man.
"Ahh, good. You're awake." His voice was velvet smooth and dripping with evil. It chilled Morrigan to the bone. "Now, young lady, what's your name?"
Morrigan shook her head. If you looked at her right now, you would have no idea she was sixteen-years-old. She was acting like a child. She just wanted to be back in the comfort of her patron's arms.
"Come on, now. I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours." He spoke with a sense of false sweetness.
"Morrigan." Her voice was barely a whisper.
"What was that?"
"Morrigan." She spoke a bit louder this time, but it still would not have been considered a normal talking volume.
She weakly nodded. "Now, you have to tell me your name." She had spoken before her brain could process her actions.
"Oooh, Miss Morrigan has an attitude. That won't be accepted here." He stepped into the room and shut the door behind him. Morrigan's heart sped up instantly and she could hear it beating in her ears. She made her body smaller and sunk further under the thin sheet. "However, yes, a deal is a deal. My name is Spike."
"Spike?" If it were anyone but this man, Morrigan would have taken an interest in this name. Asked why his parents liked it so much, the origin behind it, and if he enjoyed having such a name. But this man was evil and made Morrigan hate his name.
"Yes, but you will call me, 'Sir.'"
Morrigan winced. She remembered her father saying those exact words when she was younger.
"Do you understand?"
"Yes," mumbled Morrigan in response.
"I said, do you understand?"
"Yes, Sir."
Spike walked further into the room and closer to Morrigan.
"We're going to have to do something about that attitude, Missy."
Morrigan watched as he walked right up to her bed and towered over her. Her eyes tracked his every movement as he raised his arm high in the air. She asked herself one question before she went unconscious once again:
When will this be over?
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dragonfan20 · 2 days ago
Morrigan needs to be more nosy.
And Jupiter, PLEASE BE LESS VAGUE!!!!!!!!
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ghost-pizza · 3 days ago
re reading nevermoor: i just realized that fen is actually a huge mood and is like so sassy for a large cat
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dragonfan20 · 3 days ago
Just something I want to say about Nevermoor for me.
So this is going to sound completely ridiculous;
I have always arrived years late to a fandom, and have always missed out on the waiting, the theories before they were bunked off, that kind of thing.
And we are talking about EVERY fandom I have ever been in.
So now, I have finally. Arrived. Early.
Also now I can rub it in that I found it before it became popular
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wundersimp · 3 days ago
slightly strange conversations between me and my friends but it’s nevermoorians:
Jupiter: bitches be like “gender is what in your pants” well I guess my gender is your dad
Morrigan: I have a crush on Gill
Hawthorne: you have a crush on a fish?
Morrigan: yes.
Cadence: I don’t sleep I just regenerate with enchanted golden apples
Anah *exasperated*: makes sense.
Mahir: I will harvest your spine and put cement in your sinuses.
Thaddea: do it.
Mahir: well I wasn’t gonna actually do it
Thaddea: Thought so.
Anah: I like the number 87 because if you look hard enough you can see a face.
Cadence: like a plague doctor
Anah: yeah I see that
Hawthorne: see I thought you meant I ❤️ cooked kids
Arch: that too ❤️
Hawthorne: I thought we shared a taste
Morrigan: I mean cooked kids are a delicacy
Hawthorne: oh so you like them too
Mahir: the snack that smiles back: children
Thaddea: the welcome to Chili’s vine guy died
Hawthorne: omg howwwwww noooo
Cadence: lol
Hawthorne: HOW DID HE DIE
cadence: murder
Thaddea: dababy gonna get u
Arch: dababy probably doesn’t even know what a viola is
Mahir: he’s too busy being a car
Thaddea: no
Thaddea: dababy is literally everything. Me, you, everything
Lam: conjoined souls
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dragonfan20 · 3 days ago
Unanswered questions
So I am going to be writing a list of unanswered questions in Nevermoor, which I will post when I am done. 
But on the top of the list;
What do you think? Cause seriously, this has been bothering me forever.
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jessromina · 3 days ago
When Will This Be Over?
Chapter Two
“Let’s go, Morrigan!”
“Oh my goodness, Jack, I’m coming! Calm down!”
Morrigan grabbed her new dress off her bed and slipped it over her black swimmers. Jupiter was taking his scholar and nephew to the beach today as a way to relax and let off some of the stress of school and work.
When she opened the door, she found Jack standing behind it looking rather impatient. His hands were in the pockets of his green board shorts and he was rocking on his heels.
“Don’t do that. That’s Jupiter’s thing. Get your own thing,” she muttered as she walked past him.
Morrigan led the way down to the lobby, Jack following not too far behind her.
“I don’t know why girls take so long to get ready. Honestly, it’s not that hard.”
Morrigan rolled her eyes. “I didn’t even take that long! Maybe you just got ready unusually quick.”
“Impossible. I showered, got dressed and grabbed our towels—yes, your towel too—all in twenty minutes.”
“Whatever. Jupiter probably isn’t even ready yet!”
Morrigan sped up and quickly made her way down the stairs that led to the lobby. When she got there she found Jupiter sitting in a couch near the door, sporting bright pink board shorts, paired with an orange t-shirt. He wore sandals and on his head rested a pair of sunglasses. On one shoulder, a blue and grey striped towel rested, and on the other, a cooler bag hung.
Morrigan could hear Jack trying to contain his chuckles behind her. She turned around and fixed him with a glare.
“Shut up, Jack.”
“We haven’t even started the day, and you two are already arguing. I really don’t feel like being an adult today so it would be nice if you could get along with one another.”
“Yes, Jupiter,” chorused Morrigan and Jack.
“Right. Now, who’s ready to go to the beach? By the way, love the dress, Mog,” he said, winking at her.
Smiling largely, Morrigan followed the two boys out the front door of the Deucalion. As they walked the short distance to the beach, the three talked about everything and anything. Morrigan tried her hardest not to argue with Jack but she found it almost impossible. And besides, he was picking on her too.
When they arrived at the beach they found a nice quiet space not too far from the shoreline. They laid their towels down on the sand and Jupiter placed the cooler bag down next to his towel and pulled the zipper to open the bag. He grabbed out a bottle of sunscreen and held it out to Morrigan.
“Put it on, Mog.”
“Jupiter, I’m not a little girl anymore.”
“You wouldn’t want to be walking around like a red lobster for the next couple of weeks, would you?”
“No,” sighed Morrigan. She took her dress off and accepted the sunscreen. She squeezed some out and rubbed it everywhere that could be effected by the sun.
Once Morrigan finished with her arms, Jack yelled, “Come on! It doesn’t take that long! Give me the sunscreen! I want to go for a swim.”
“Must you always be so impatient?”
“Must you always take forever?”
When Morrigan finished with the sunscreen she passed it to Jack and watched as he took his shirt off and barely put any on.
“No, Jack,” said Jupiter. “Put some more on, please.”
Jack looked at his uncle before rolling his eyes and squeezing some more sunscreen onto his exposed skin. Once he was done, he passed the bottle to Jupiter.
“Last one in is a rotten egg!” yelled Morrigan. She sprinted towards the water and laughed when Jack ran right past her.
“That’s not fair!” called Jupiter from behind them.
Morrigan looked over her shoulder and watched as he was attempting to take his shirt off, squeeze out some sunscreen and apply it to himself, all at once.
She wasn’t watching where she was going and she was surprised when she felt cold water come in contact with her feet. The sand was softer here, and Morrigan tripped. She held her breath, expecting to go under, put instead two arms caught her waist and pulled her back up.
“Thanks.” Morrigan looked up to Jack and blushed when she realised he still had his arms around her. She hastily moved from his grip and swam to where Jupiter now was.
He was waist deep in the water, looking out onto the horizon. Morrigan wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his stomach. Jupiter groaned from the sudden weight he was holding but instinctively placed his hands under her thighs. Morrigan dreaded the day where he would be too old to do this, because although he joked about it, Jupiter was going to get older one day and his body wouldn’t work the same.
“What was the first trip you ever went on? For Wunsoc?” asked Morrigan.
Jupiter thought about this for a moment before chuckling. She felt the vibrations in his neck move through her arms.
“It wasn’t anything special. I was an assistant on a ship. We didn’t go too far out. There was a missing child so they thought it would be a great opportunity for the new League of Explorers members to learn the ropes.”
“Did you do much?”
“Not at all. I was the one everyone hated. The one they found annoying. I sat out for most of it.”
“Did it ever cross your mind to quit?”
“Oh, most certainly, but that’s with most jobs. As soon as you think you aren’t good enough, you want to save yourself the humiliation and remove yourself from the situation.”
“What made you want to keep going?”
“It was what I wanted to do. I wanted to see the world while helping others.” Morrigan wasn’t surprised in the slightest. Jupiter has always been her number one role model because of his resilience. He never let anything get him down. “What do you want to do with your life, Mog?”
That was simple. “Make people happy.”
“You make me happy everyday.” Jupiter slightly let go of her thighs and lowered her to the ground. He turned around to face her and pressed a kiss to her forehead. Morrigan smiled up at him.
The three spent the rest of the day splashing and screaming and laughing in the water, but when it came to the afternoon, they were exhausted. Jupiter and Morrigan were lying on their towels while Jack was sitting up and reading.
“Hey, Mog?” asked Jupiter.
“Do you think you and Jack could walk across the road and get us some snow cones without biting each other’s heads off?”
“No promises.” Morrigan sat up and looked to Jupiter and was met with a stern gaze. “Okay, sorry. Yeah, we probably could.” She looked at Jack who was nodding, although reluctantly.
“Great! I’ll have blue raspberry thanks!” Jupiter closed his eyes as Morrigan and Jack both stood up.
“Don’t fall asleep while we’re gone, Jupiter.”
“No promises, Mog.”
Laughing, Morrigan picked up her dress from where it was sitting on her towel and slipped it back over herself. She waited for Jack to put his shirt back on and then they made their way to the zebra crossing together.
“Today’s been fun,” said Jack.
Morrigan searched his face for a sign of sarcasm but there was none. When he looked back at her, she raised an eyebrow.
“No, really, Morrigan. You’re someone I enjoy being around.”
“Even though every time we’re around each other, we fight.”
Jack chuckled. “That’s my fault. I promise to be nicer to you.”
Morrigan nodded. It wouldn’t be that bad if Jack were a little nicer to her. It wasn’t a lie that today had been fun. She really did enjoy his company, and she was always excited when he came home.
Jack had now graduated from Graysmark School for Bright Young Men and was now working in the real world. Although that didn’t mean that he was home any more often. His work was very similar to Jupiter’s. He was always being called away and never had anytime for family and friends. Days like today were very rare so it was always important that the three treasured these days. It was not often that Jupiter and Jack were both home.
They crossed the road together and walked into the small shop. It was rather busy and the line was massive, extending to the door and then curving around and following the length of the wall. It did feel good to be in air conditioning, though. Much nicer than being in the heat.
“Should we just go?” asked Jack. “This line is going to take forever.”
“No,” began Morrigan. “Jupiter loves this store. He took me here when I first came to Nevermoor.”
She had been struggling with the Trials and Jupiter had wanted to give her an escape, so he took her out for the day. He showed her the city of Nevermoor, showing her all of his favourite features.
“Alright, fine,” sighed Jack, “but I need the bathroom. I should be back before you need to order.”
“If you’re not, what do you want?”
“Tropical, please.”
“Ooooh, you said ‘please’!”
Jack lightly punched her on the arm. “I’m trying really hard, Mog. Don’t make this anymore difficult.”
“Okay. I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright. I’ll be back. Try not to let anything dangerous happen while I’m gone.”
“I won’t.”
Jack turned around and Morrigan watched as he disappeared behind the door that led to the bathrooms.
While she waited, Morrigan squinted her eyes and tried to make out what was written on the menu that was hung behind the counter. She thought she should play it safe and go with her favourite, grape.
After minutes of waiting, Morrigan was still positioned towards the back of the line. Jack hadn’t returned from the bathroom either, but she didn’t think much of it.
“Oh my goodness,” said Morrigan impatiently. “When will this be over?”
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jessromina · 4 days ago
You may have seen an earlier post with the cover art and description for a new book called “When Will This Be Over?” and this is the first chapter! If you want me to, I will continue to post the chapters here, but the story is available on my wattpad. Let me know what you think of this. I am very excited to keep writing!
When Will This Be Over?
Chapter One
The sound of knocking coming from her bedroom door pulled Morrigan out of her book. She had been in a field, the sound of birdsong filling the air and clouds rolling peacefully through the sky.
As she closed the book she called, “Come in!” to whoever was on the other side of the door. When she heard it click open, she looked up to see bright yellow pants paired with a white dress shirt and turquoise shoes. She looked up at the ginger haired man with a large grin on her face before running over to him and wrapping her arms around his waist. “You’re home!”
Jupiter chuckled and squeezed her tightly.
“Oh, I missed you,” Morrigan said into his chest.
“Each time I’ve gone away from home over the past five years, your reaction has never changed. You’re sixteen now, Mog! Most sixteen-year-olds are begging for their fathers to leave them alone.”
Morrigan pulled back and looked up at his face. His eyes held a glint of mischief. “No one has a dad like mine.”
Jupiter smoothed the crinkles from his pants with a rather smug grin. “I am pretty cool, aren’t I?”
Morrigan lightly punched his arm, earning a look of mock shock from him. “Don’t get cocky, buddy.”
Jupiter laughed before walking over to her bed and sitting at the foot of it. “So, how’s school? Almost done your junior years!”
Morrigan moved to where Jupiter was and sat down next to him. “Yeah, school is great. Just a lot of work.” She rubbed her hands over her face as she remembered what classes still needed assignments to be handed in.
“I didn’t much like the workload either, but it’s all worth it in the end, is it not?” asked Jupiter.
“I guess so.” Was it worth it, though? Morrigan was constantly being harassed over her knack so she wasn’t even sure if completing her Wunsoc training as a Wundersmith was worth the effort. If she was going to graduate with nothing to do then what was the point? However she didn’t let Jupiter know she was feeling this way and plastered a fake smile across her lips.
Morrigan rested her head on her patron’s shoulder. “Hey, Jupiter?”
“Yes, Mog?”
Morrigan looked up at him with a small smile. “Did you bring me anything from wherever you were?”
“Of course I did! It’s in my study, but we have to wait for Jack to come home before you can open it.”
She rolled her eyes and groaned. “I’m always waiting for someone to come home before I can do anything! Whether it’s you or Jack, I wait and wait and wait!”
Jupiter stared at her for a moment before sighing. “Fine. Let’s go.”
Morrigan giggled and jumped up before walking out of her room and leaving Jupiter to follow her. The closer she got to the study, the faster she walked. Jupiter was constantly telling her to slow down, complaining his body was not what it used to be, but Morrigan wasn’t listening.
She was always excited to receive the presents that came from Jupiter’s trips. The bottom drawer of her dresser was filled with these gifts. Whether they be clothes, or books, or little souvenirs from gift shops, the drawer held them all.
The items always held some importance to the country Jupiter had travelled to. His suitcase once held a replica of the crown that belonged to the queen of the country. That one isn’t in Morrigan’s drawer. Alternatively, she placed it on the head of her skeleton coat rack.
When Morrigan made it to the study she waited for Jupiter to catch up to her and unlock the door. She tried to stay patient but it was impossible; she was too excited for the new present. Instead, she stood rocking back and forth on her heels.
“Quit that,” said Jupiter as he walked up to her. “That’s what I do. That’s my thing. Get your own thing.”
Morrigan playfully rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah, alright. Just hurry up!”
Jupiter grabbed keys from out of his pocket and stuck them into the door. He turned them towards the left and pushed the door open.
Morrigan slipped under his arm and sat at the couch she had claimed as hers. It was placed perfectly in front of the fire place. She would get enough warmth while staying perfectly comfortable. On multiple occasions she had fallen asleep in this couch after reading while Jupiter worked.
“You ready, Mog?” asked Jupiter.
Morrigan looked over her shoulder to find Jupiter with his back toward her. “Yup!”
“Okay. Close your eyes and put your hands out.”
She did just as she was told, and after she heard Jupiter’s footsteps coming nearer to her, she felt a weight in her hands. Morrigan kept her eyes closed and squeezed the gift. The wrapping paper crinkled under her fingers which gave her some idea as to what was inside.
“You can look now.”
When she opened her eyes she was met with a somewhat rectangular-shaped package wrapped in brown wrapping paper that featured some gold glitter accents. Morrigan wondered why on Earth people spent so much money on gift wrap if it was only going to end up in the bin.
She flipped the present over and saw a sticker that read “To: Mog. Lots of love, from: Jupiter.”
Morrigan found a taped edge and tore at it. She continued to rip the paper apart until a pile of fabric fell out. She picked it up and fumbled with it until she could spread it out and see it for what it was: a dress. It was black but shone with gold glitter in the light.
She placed it on the couch and ran up to Jupiter to hug him for a second time that day. “I love it. Thank you!”
Jupiter kissed the top of her head before replying. “I’m glad you like it. That dress is extremely special.”
Morrigan sat back down in the couch and waited to hear the story about this certain present. This was always her favourite bit of Jupiter’s return. It was a couple of minutes alone with him. Whether it be with him and Jack, or just himself, it was something she took pleasure in. She enjoyed learning about where the new item came from and the significance it held.
Jupiter took a seat in the couch next to Morrigan and got comfortable. He then began his story.
“Years and years and years ago, there was a Wundersmith.” He paused and watched as Morrigan’s smile grew wider and she sat up straighter. Presents that had something to do with Wundersmiths made Morrigan feel special, like Jupiter had personalised this gift for her.
“Go on...” urged Morrigan.
“No one knew her name, but everyone knew she had a talent for clothes making. She would use Wunder and work it in fascinating ways to make something new. Her most famous works were made for the young children who lived in poverty around her. She would make sweaters and cosy pants and beanies for the winter, as well as cooler clothing for the summer.”
Morrigan was in awe of this woman. Maybe finishing at Wunsoc would be worth it. Maybe once she left, she would be able to do great things like this lady had. Maybe she would be able to make people happy.
“Nobody knew the reason of her death. No one had heard from her for a while, and it was then announced that she had died. A couple of months later, news broke out that there was one more dress that had not been sold or given out. It was found inside her old home and placed in her country’s Wundrous Arts Museum—“
“Hold on. Wundrous Arts Museum?” Morrigan was shocked. Was there a museum in Nevermoor that was dedicated to Wundersmiths? How did she not know about this?
“Sorry, Mog. There isn’t one in Nevermoor,” said Jupiter solemnly. “There used to be but they took it down after the Courage Square Massacre. People thought if you stepped foot in there you would get attacked by a Wundersmith. I would’ve loved to take you there, but unfortunately I cannot. You can thank your friend Squall for that one.”
Once again, Squall had ruined something for Morrigan.
“Okay, so the dress was put into the Wundrous Arts Museum,” prompted Morrigan.
“Yes. Correct,” nodded Jupiter. “It has stayed there since it’s discovery. Well, until now,” he said gesturing to the dress Morrigan held in her hands.
“This is it?”
“The dress?”
“The one and only.”
“It’s not a replica?”
“How did you get it?”
“I know people.”
“Jupiter, thank you so much!”
Morrigan sprung up from her couch and jumped onto his, wrapping her arms around his neck.
Jupiter chuckled, “Mog, you’re gonna have to stop doing that. I’m getting old.”
“Right. Sorry.” Morrigan hastily moved off him and back to the dress. “How do you know it’ll fit?”
“That’s simple. It’s Wunder. You’re a Wundersmith. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”
Morrigan chuckled before realising something else. “Is Jack’s present as good as mine?”
“Oh goodness no,” laughed Jupiter. “I’m kind of glad you wanted to open them at separate times. I can’t imagine how he would have reacted if he saw the two gifts in comparison.”
“What did you get him?”
“A book.”
“A book?”
“Nothing special about it? Just a book?”
“Unfortunately it’s just a book.”
Morrigan’s lips curled at the edges but she tried to hide her smirk.
“What?” It seemed as though Jupiter saw her struggling.
“Come on, Mog. You’re doing your weird smile-smirk-face. What is it?”
“It’s just that I sense some favouritism, that’s all.”
Now it was Jupiter’s turn to roll his eyes. “There is no favouritism, Mog. It’s just that there was an opportunity to get you an amazing present, yet I was not able to live up to that standard for Jack. That’s all.”
Morrigan nodded sarcastically. “Sure, keep telling yourself that.”
“Well, it is the truth, so I will.” Jupiter stuck his nose in the air with what he must have thought was authority. “Now, go put that in your room and wash up for dinner. I’m hungry.”
“Yes, Jupiter,” said Morrigan playfully.
“And I don’t want to hear anymore about this favouritism nonsense.”
“Oh, no, definitely not.” Morrigan shook her head as though to prove a point but as she left the room, she called out “I’m your favourite!” before sprinting all the way to Room 85.
While she was running through the halls of the Deucalion, the dress in her hand, Morrigan let the smile take over her face. She was glad she had found happiness after all those years, but there was one question nagging at the back of her mind that she had tried to forget about for the past five years:
When will this be over?
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dragonfan20 · 4 days ago
I was rereading Nevermoor, and all I can say is this; I will drag this fandom out of the shadows if its the last thing I do.
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cadence-blackburn · 4 days ago
Hello cadence-blackburn!
I am hoping this message finds you well! I have been following your account for some time now and i have to say that I really enjoy the content you post! Now I have a question and I do not want to seem rude, but I myself am a very big fan of both Nevermoor and Sculduggery Pleasand series. And on one of your lastest posts I saw that Val and Mog are said to both have attraction toward the same sex (I again do not want to seem rude and am entirely backing the LGBTQ+ community !) and it made me wonder if it was hinted in the last book - that Mog likes girls better - and if so I totally missed it. Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you lighten me on that!😀
I hope you have a great day/night !🤗
Hey there! This isn't rude at all, don't worry! I don't think it was really hinted that Mog prefers girls, it's more of a headcanon that I am very attached to haha.
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jessromina · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Morrigan Crow is a sixteen-year-old girl who has lived in Nevermoor for the past five years. She has everything she has ever wanted: a loving family, friends, a great school. But one trip to the beach with her patron and his nephew is all it takes to change Morrigan’s life forever. All she wants to know is when will this be over?
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razzmooncake · 4 days ago
Thaddea: Everyone's saying to wear a seatbelt may not have had the experience of riding in the back of a pickup truck over railroad tracks
Francis: That's not a universal experience
Source: tik tok
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