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lavender--fairy · 2 days ago
why wait?
Know what you want and then give it to your self in imagination because it is the inner man desiring and he can have anything in the inner world. Dont wait for the outer world to experience what you desire and feel what you feel, you dont need the outer world to get your desires because you can have it all in imagination and the outer world is nothing but a reflection. Everytime you desire it, its the inner man asking you to give to you and you have all the power to give yourself what you want in imagination but you refuse to feel content and fulfilled until the outer world catches up, why wait when you can have your desire and so much more in your imagination?? everytime you desire anything even the tiniest thing give it to yourself and make it fun so you would wanna imagine it again and again.This way you will wanna persist.
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awhkacey · 2 days ago
i don’t know who needs to hear this right now but just know you are doing everything right. Your affirmations are shifting the physical world around you. And with the your power and your persistence combined, nothing will be able to come between you and what’s rightfully yours. Your 3D is changing for the better, and it’s all down to you. Be proud of yourself for standing firm in the knowing you deserve better in life because you absolutely do. You deserve to live that dream life of yours. You deserve to experience all the desires your heart is lusting out for. Don’t let your intrusive thoughts tell you different.
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zen-shu · 2 days ago
Babes. remember how I told y’all a week back that I wanted to manifest an acting role??? Guess who is the female lead in this new fantasy/romance series !!! 😭😭😭 THIS IS A DREAM 💕💕💕 We’re going to start filming in September ohmygod. The Law NEVER disappoints ✨✨
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starliet · a day ago
"YOUR IMAGINATION IS NOT LIMITED. AND its purpose is to create more, to expand, not to think of what you already have or worry about losing that. GO BIG. Just decide. Be "foolish" in your imagination. Give yourself ALL. HAVE IT ALL. The more you expand your mind and imagination the more your life will reflect that. THAT IS THE MEANING OF ABUNDANCE"
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babygothprincess · 8 hours ago
Proof Manifesting Is Real
Sometimes I love looking at old pictures of how big my nose was because it proves the law is 100% real 💗 Here’s my nose before I knew about manifesting
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
After I learned about manifesting I started to tell myself I have a tiny nose even when I saw a big one in the mirror and this is how my nose looked after only a week of changing my thoughts 😍😍💗💗💭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here’s a side by side of my nose before and after 🪄
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And here is video proof of how tiny my new nose is ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I got a new nose without surgery just by telling myself I have a tiny nose even when I saw a big one, you can change ANYTHING you want with your thoughts your mind is THAT powerful 🥰🥰💜💜💜
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jh4l · 2 days ago
How would the version of you who had their desired life, desired face, desired everything feel and react? Do you honestly think you’d be worrying about it so much? Affirming 24/7? NO! So why do all these nonsense methods? (But of course if it helps you then do what you need to do).
Be that version of yourself cultivating and embodying that version of you who has it all, embody that version of you and really sink into it.
Would that version of you who has there SP be watching “how to manifest your sp” videos or scroll through tumbler for hours reading post? NO.
Would the version of you who has a perfect life or who has there dream job/car/house/money, would you thinking or questioning how or when exactly things will show up in the 3D?
Once your truly know and embody the version of yourself who is living the life you want to live; acts, thinks, feels, and as long you keep embodying and cultivating that state, there’s no need to fear or question anything because the moment you know it’s done, it’s done. Stuff doesn’t take time to manifest or appear in the 3D and the only reason you’re not experiencing it is because you haven’t let the old man die (the old you).
Remember that all your desires are within you right now. You can access any version of you and anything you wanna experience just by embodying the version of you who has it through that feeling state.
You can feel loved just by generating that feeling within yourself right now. You can feel worthy just by embodying it within yourself.
You can experience anything just by going within and generating that feeling within and knowing it’s done. Saturate your mind with knowing that’s it’s already done or that it’s already happened.
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goddesssin111 · a day ago
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river-ontop · a day ago
You are in Barbados.
the story of how Neville went to Barbados and what we can learn from it.
I REALLY like this quote these days because even though it's simple, it has so much meaning. I was reading the story yesterday again, and I have been thinking about it since. Imo it is really helpful in understanding the law. So i wanted to talk about it a little!
Most of us probably know this story, (if you don't you can just read it here. ) But when Neville was trying to go to Barbados, Abdullah told him this: ''who told you you are going to Barbados? you are in Barbados. you cannot think of ways to go to Barbados if you are in Barbados.''
Neville, in his later years, has also said something that basically tells the meaning behind this quote: ''You are already which you want to be and your refusal to believe it is why you are not seeing it.'' I assume this is what Abdullah was trying to teach him when Neville was trying to go to Barbados.
Let's go back to the original story while having this in mind.
Neville was already in Barbados, he really was. but for an amount of time he refused to believe it, that's why he did not see it. He was only trying to go to Barbados. That's why he saw New York instead of Barbados.
But when he finally understood what Abdullah was trying to say after several times of facing slamming doors, I suppose (lol) he started to understand what Abdullah was saying. So he started to believe he was in Barbados. When he went to sleep at night, he went to sleep in Barbados. He knew he was in Barbados. He stopped trying and thinking of ways to go there. He was only conscious of being in Barbados. After doing this for 9 days, he went to Barbados, even first class.
Mind you, he tried for months. Only after he started being conscious of being in Barbados, he went there in such a short amount of time.
Neville did not have a penny, he said he would dance for just a meal. But he was able to go to where he wanted with first class. If he judged after his circumstances he would think it was impossible to afford to go to Barbados. (which he probably did for a while). But despite what his circumstances showed him, he was not in New York. He was in Barbados. Then his reality inevitably reflected it because it had to.
I think we all can learn something from this story. You are already what you want to be. Right now at this moment, you have everything you want and you are where you want to be. No bullshit. If your answer is ''no'', you are refusing to believe it. Believe it because you are. You are not trying to be it, you are already it, regardless of what you see in front of you. You ARE in Barbados.
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theandreiaeffect · 2 days ago
any muslims (or any religious person) know if manifesting in the void state is allowed? bc we’re not allowed to ask the universe for our desires,so i’m just wondering what your thoughts are? thanks!
babe, you pray to god for your desires right? like you ask him to help you with this, this and this, etc. right? it's the same thing. god guided you onto a path that is teaching you how to manifest your desires. manifesting is there in every religion too. i would pull up quotes from the bible, qur'an, gita, and other religious books, but i'm too lazy rn 😭😭 i'll just make a post about it
and you're manifesting 24/7 too.. so it's not gonna be sinful or anything if you use manifesting to live a good life
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godofmanifesting · 6 months ago
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bastarrda · 17 days ago
my formula for success
no bullshit,
manifesting guide
Disclaimer: this post is about my personal experience, beliefs and what works for me. If you don't resonate with what I'm saying it's totally fine, you keep doing you.
living in your head
doesn't mean being delusional, or crazy. imagination is the only reality. as simple as that. the faster you realize it the better things will be.
I've noticed that being objective of certain aspects of my desires had led me to instant success. but detachment from what? not from the desire itself but from the need of getting it. realizing that i don't desperatly need something somehow makes things easier and faster. lessening the importance of getting certain things makes you free from anxiety and fear, in my personal experience. and why would you be anxious about getting something you already have (see living in your head and daydreaming). go on with your day and stop sulking.
keeping it simple
if it feels like a chore, it won't do it for me. the simpler the better. only affirm or do methods when i want and feel like it. don't force it.
again, I'm a sucker for effortless stuff. for me, daydreaming has always been something natural to do. and if you can see and imagine yourself living your best life then you can have everything.
you do it to yourself
what you see is a reflection of your thoughts. you can't complain and ask why things are "not working" when you are the one who is in control. if you think you can't manifest, you won't. if you think manifesting is hard, it will be. you want to manifest effortlessly and fast, then say you can. you don't like something? change it.
don't question it
don't question how it works or how long it will take. don't question if you can get it or not. doubting is a waste of time. just trust that drive that won't make you give up your dreams.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lavender--fairy · 2 days ago
If you imagine and don't enjoy it, then what are you doing? You realize, in your mind, it is the ONE place you can do whatsoever you please?
It is your heaven or hell.
If you wake up in the morning wondering, "Did I do SATs right? Did I assume correctly?" Then you missed the entire point. I do not say to shame you at all. Read this in a calm and gentle voice. You are trying too hard. If you truly want to see change in your world, simply focus on changing within only.
But be fulfilled and how are you fulfilled? By living them in consciousness. And you may say, "But I want to experience them here in the world." That right there, is your problem. Focusing the attention on the outside. There is so much relief by understanding the outside, no matter what it is, it will fade away and reflect.
Full post
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awhkacey · a day ago
August is my month idc, nothing can stop me from claiming what’s already mine. August will be a billion times better than july and every single day will be a lil bundle of perfection. I’m not settling for anything but the best bc i am the best, i deserve the best, so i always get the fucking best!!!
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zen-shu · a day ago
Hi shu !! I’m here with a success story for your 48 HC challenge.
I was born deaf in both years and I had to communicate using sign language. I could also only make sounds & could never speak properly. But I really wanted to cure myself and heal myself of my afflictions. So I tried your challenge for 2 days. I found the law of assumption 2 years ago but I only started improving after I found your blog a month ago so the credit goes to you 💙💙💙
I did your 48 HC challenge and I affirmed in my head that, “I have perfect hearing in both ears.” , “I can speak normally, clearly & easily.” & “I’m always perfectly healthy.” And guess what happened?? I can hear perfectly now 😭😭😭 I can’t believe this is real. I’m crying. I’m such a mess right now but I was woken up in the middle of the night by dogs barking outside my home. I think I literally got a heart attack at that moment lmao. My mom thinks it’s a miracle but I know I’m the God of my reality and I can get whatever I want :) I can even speak proper words now. My speech is improving really quickly. I’m so grateful to the law & to you! 💙
Thank you so much, shu 💙 I love you to the moon and back. This challenge exceeded my expectations in every way since I didn’t work on my self concept. I just lived in my imagination and persisted !!
Also, Congrats on your acting role. So so proud of you. You always motivate us with your presence and are always so proud of us so I want to let you know that we’re here for you 🌟
You have no idea how happy this makes me, love 🌹🖤 This is absolutely amazing and just proves how LIMITLESS we all are! 
Also once you’re comfortable with your hearing, HMU. I have a whole playlist of the best songs I’d like to share with you hahaha 🥰
Thank you for your words, sweetheart 🖤 This was wonderful to wake up to ♥️🥰
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starliet · a day ago
if you're struggling and you've never read neville, I'm sorry but you do not deserve to bitch and moan. all of his work is free online. at least read one of his books or his core 5 lesson lectures. people don't do it out of either desperation or laziness not knowing if they just read neville, most of the questions they ask bloggers would be answered. this is why so many bloggers deactivate or go on hiatus. bloggers don't know anything else other than neville's work and their own experience. stop relying so heavily on bloggers and use tumblr for motivation and reassurance only and read goddamn books and lectures.
let the dead bury the dead. consciousness is the only reality. it's not about getting 'results' in the 3d. it's about becoming conscious of being the one you want to be. you must drive all the old story out of your consciousness to the point where the new story feels more normal and natural than your old story. this is where persisting comes in.
"One of the greatest pitfalls in attempting to use the law of assumption is focusing your attention on things, on a new home, a better job, a bigger bank balance.
This is not the righteousness without which you "die in your sins" [John 8:24]. Righteousness is not the thing itself; it is the consciousness, the feeling of already being the person you want to be, of already having the thing you desire.
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33
The kingdom (entire creation) of God (your I AM) is within you.
Righteousness is the awareness that you already possess it all"
chapter 20 the power of awareness
if you read neville, you'd know!!!!! if you still don't read neville after reading this, it's on you!!
❝ stop relying so heavily on bloggers and use tumblr for motivation and reassurance only and read goddamn books and lectures. ❞ LMAO beautifully said, Anon. I love this, thank you for sharing!
❝ let the dead bury the dead. consciousness is the only reality. it's not about getting 'results' in the 3d. it's about becoming conscious of being the one you want to be. you must drive all the old story out of your consciousness to the point where the new story feels more normal and natural than your old story. this is where persisting comes in. ❞ this this this
One thing I‘d like to add though … Everyone is still capable of manifesting their dream life without reading Neville Goddard books! Nevertheless, I definitely do recommend reading him :-) It‘s true that so many of their questions could be answered if they went back to one of the big sources; NG.
Thank you sm for sharing, Anon! I appreciate it and this will for sure help so many people. I recommend everyone to read this!
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fulmoonyx · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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aiz-tea · a month ago
How to act like you already have everything you want?
Be delusional.
Let’s take a simple example, you want to manifest clear skin but you have acne or scarring or something and every time you go in front of the mirror you see it and find it difficult to manifest it properly. Or when people point it out to you, you get insecure.
Now gaslight yourself into thinking that’s stupid.
Like imagine you’re wearing a blue shirt and someone goes ‘that’s an ugly ass orange shirt’. What’s your first reaction? Insecurity or being like oh that persons blind as fuck, why are they calling my blue shirt orange, are they good?
Just think of it the same way. The moment you affirmed you have clear skin, you have clear skin. If the mirror shows otherwise, the mirrors malfunctioning. If other people are pointing it out, it’s think of it as are their eyes okay?
Your imagination is the only reality that matters. If something doesn’t match up with your desires, it’s that thing that’s not working properly not you. If the weighing machine shows 60kg when you wanna be 55 or something? There’s something wrong with it OBVIOUSLY.
(Please don’t use this as an excuse to be rude to other people though, stay polite while living in delusion 😹😹😹.)
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