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And He who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”
Revelation 21:5
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A new underwater greenhouse could reveal the future of agriculture. It grows over 100 different fruits and vegetables. https://ift.tt/mpWHQgF
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new 💎 she’s the boss
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Hamsters illustrate the various possible ways to react to the news.
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squish ☁️
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New dress 👗
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Back from the ded ☠️
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we are in the single digits and i have been posting this countdown since we were in the 20s which means my brain has been short circuited for WEEKS but it’s cool it’s chill i’m totally normal about this
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Artist of the Month: BENEE
We're back with some new content from BENEE, who is Tumblr’s Artist of the Month. Her new EP Lychee is out now so check it out here!
Stay tuned for content all month long on @music and be sure to follow @benee-music. ✌️
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No sun, No problem. UNSW researchers have shown that Earth’s radiant infrared heat can be used to generate solar electricity at night. https://ift.tt/dli5mIY
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New species alert! 📢⁠ ⁠ 
Atolla is one of the most common residents of the ocean’s midnight zone. This deep-sea crown jelly is found worldwide and can be abundant in deep water. Its bell has a signature scarlet color and bears one tentacle much longer than the rest. When MBARI researchers spotted a jelly that looked like Atolla, but lacked the telltale trailing tentacle, their curiosity was piqued. ⁠
Tumblr media
MBARI researchers have published the scientific description of a large new species of Atolla. They’ve named their discovery Atolla reynoldsi in honor of Jeff Reynolds, the first volunteer @montereybayaquarium​, MBARI’s education and conservation partner. Learn more about the new species on our website.
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Greenhouse 1/1 🪴
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Vacíe el cuarto viejo de inseguridades y las pinté de mi color favorito.
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avayonce via twitter
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i would rly love if my cat wld stop dipping her paw in my bowl of pasta to pick out one singular noodle with her claw to bring back to me 3 minutes later with all the butter licked off. she even tries to put them back in the bowl 
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Welcome. This is my third pick a card reading. This short reading will look into who your next romantic interest could be.✨
Left Image - Pile 1, Middle Image - Pile 2, Right Image - Pile 3
Hope you guys enjoy the reading. And do share some feedback and like and reblog the pac.
Disclaimer : I am a beginner intuitive reader. I’m still learning and this is a general reading. It may/may not resonate for all. Credits for pictures - Google.
*next romantic interest can turn both short and long term, depending on your future energy and actions.
PILE 1: 
The attraction is instantaneous. You meet each other’s eye and you know you’re allured by them. This person is a charmer, a flirt, knows how to win someone over. They could be exceptionally good in bed too. For some, this can start as a one night stand. You will meet them at a crowded place, a place of enjoyment. Both of you will pick each other’s brain and find ways to test the other. The chemistry will be insane and breathtaking.
Pile 2 is my slow-burn pile. You could just meet them through travel for some and through work/school for some. You guys will find each other interesting and are attracted but won’t let the other person know. You both could be reserved with your feelings. There will be a lot of push and pull here. Hesitancy from both sides to take things forward. There are hints of jealousy and possessiveness. But you guys will understand and get each other like nobody else.
For pile 3, this could be someone whom you’ve known, noticed for a while. Like you know they exist, but you’ve never felt anything towards them. They could’ve had some sort of transformation or there could be this circumstance that will totally change how you see them. They have this vibe about them that will make you feel breathless. They’re quite dominant too, very alpha like. But generous and compassionate within. The passion that will burn between you both is sizzling hot.
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hit the slopes. (m) jjk
Tumblr media
sequel to concrete king ! (read this first)
pairing. skaterboy!jk x reader genre. fluff, smut, pure goofy energy from both parties word count. 13.6k warnings. skaterboy!jk becomes snowboarder!jk for a quick sec, sweet summer romance turns into sick winter lovefest, mint!jk hehe, they’re idiots in the best possible way<3, smut in forms of: dry humping, pussy job, dirty talk, cute praising, light choking, spit kink (c’mon now...), unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, one (1) consensual slap, jungkook is rough as fuck but also sweet as hell (and still a big fking dork bc seasons change but ppl dont !!! ) summary. you can take the king off of the concrete but you can’t take his confidence, until you somehow manage to one up him on the slopes. now jungkook’s wondering if he has a kink for being humbled by you. note. happy holidays!! it’s almost been a year since this couple was brought to life and i love and missed them dearly (and i know a few of you did too) so i figured why not write them another sickly sweet love story. i hope you guys enjoy it, please feel free to leave some feedback on here or message me, i’d greatly appreciate it muah muah<333 (don’t ask for another part pls & thx heh)
Tumblr media
The wind is frigid around you as you make your way up the street, the typical California heat gone from the air, no longer needing to lather up on sunscreen and seek shade. It’s a bit of a bummer that you can only experience slight changes in the seasons for a few days at a time, rainstorms scattering throughout the months with bright days slipped in between, only a few short dips in temperature before it’s back to sunny but tolerable days. As the year comes to an end, the chill of a west coast winter creeps in as much as the city will let it. 
Today, the weather calls for mid 60’s with wind so strong it nearly knocks you on your ass as you exit your vehicle and make your way up the familiar steps. Your hand clutches onto the plastic takeout bag as tightly as you can, urging mother nature to chill out for a second in order to not knock the egg rolls clean out of your grasp. 
“Jesus,” you huff as you slip past the door to Jungkook’s apartment, slamming it shut behind you and taking a second to rest against the wood and collect yourself. 
“Any wipe outs?” Jungkook’s voice comes from somewhere in his apartment, most likely in his room folding up laundry—something you’ve come to learn is one of his favorite things to do. 
With a small sigh, you’re pushing off the door and approaching the small circular dining table tucked along the adjacent wall. His place was not big by any means, just a quaint one bedroom apartment that was perfect for him and his stuff. There’s a lot of character to his place, quirky decorations placed on top of his media center, figurines and thick skating magazines on his coffee table, his favorite art prints, posters, and pictures lining the walls in mismatched frames. Your favorite things were the collection of boards hung behind his television and his velvet couch, a rich green color that somehow tied in the rest of the color in his place. His place felt like a home which was probably why you were always over. 
“Luckily no. I’m pretty sure if I did I’d get tossed down a few blocks honestly.” You chuckle to yourself as you imagine the embarrassment you’d feel if you had actually been knocked over by the wind, wondering if you’d even try to get up or just succumb to the Santa Ana winds, a smile on your face as you pull out the food you had just bought. “I brought Chinese, please tell me you’re hungry.”
“Starved actually.” His voice travels now, leaving his bedroom and coming down the hall before he’s appearing in the doorway with a board in his hand and the cutest smile on his lips, the unscuffed wheels letting you know he had just purchased it and was getting it set up in his room. His eyes twinkle as he sees you, nose scrunching up while he nears closer, completely ready to smother you with kisses the way he always did, but there’s something you need to address first. 
“Uhm, what the fuck?” you utter out, hand placed on his shoulder to keep him arms length away from you as you take a good look at him. His brows furrow on his forehead as you take him in, eyebrow piercing shining in the light. 
“What, my board?” he wonders, lifting it up and twirling it around to show you the glistening, colorful design on the bottom. “It’s new. Now let me kiss you.”
He swats your arm off of him and closes the distance easily. One large palm cups your cheek, rough fingers rubbing your skin as he presses his lips to yours in a gentle kiss, the cool metal of his newly added lip ring felt on your lips. It’s easy for you to melt into his touch, eyes fluttering shut with a slowly growing smile as you kiss him back. But then you remember what had caught your attention, slowly pulling away from him and choosing to go directly to the source. 
Jungkook hums gently as your hands rake into his hair, fingers twisting the strands that were now an off shade of mint blue. “Am I seeing things or did you dye your hair?”
“Yeah, do you not like it?” He’s genuinely wondering, because honestly he’s not so sure if he likes the exact shade he did himself. You can only hum in thought as you stare at it some more, the still present scent of hair dye letting you know he most likely did this earlier today. As you push your fingers through it, lifting the strands up, you reveal his undercut, seeing it’s still its natural shade of dark brown. This new haircut of his was different from the long locks you had grown to love but the way he always styled it off his face made you weak in the knees, so you’re warming up to it pretty quickly. 
“No, it’s cute. I thought you were sick of bleaching the roots though? Is this just for the holidays?” Jungkook had voiced his annoyance of keeping up with his roots, the harsh contrast of his natural color and the vanilla blonde he had all summer was too much for him to get used to. He loved it when it was freshly done, but the second even a tiny bit of his roots peeked out he was covering it up with a beanie or hat. With the start of your relationship, the responsibility landed on you, meticulously bleaching his roots every month with the utmost care. But Jungkook was a big baby, complaining about the itchiness to no end until finally he was throwing in the towel and convincing you to dye it back to brown. 
It only lasted him about three months. 
“Oh yeah, I hated it. But I lost a bet and this was the outcome.”
“Jimin?” you wonder, smiling up at him when he rolls his eyes and nods. Bets with Jimin are what resulted in a lot of things, prime examples being the two piercings on his face. It was all in good fun, and Jungkook wouldn’t do anything he didn’t actually want to do so you know he must secretly like this new look. 
“It suits you. Also, it’s giving me some mint chocolate chip vibes with your brown peeking through the bottom.” His cheeks push out as he smiles, clearly enjoying your comparison. 
“Yeah? You wanna have a taste of my mint chocolate?” His brows wiggle on his face as he puckers his lips, planting wet kisses to your cheeks as you snicker, your hands looping around his neck to hold yourself as he leans you over. 
“As cute as you are, not even you will get me to enjoy that flavor. Now come on, the foods gonna get cold.”
Jungkook gives you a final kiss before setting the board aside and grabbing plates from the kitchen, loading them up with food and settling into the chairs across from each other. The slight whistle of wind is heard through the window, the occasional chime ringing through the air mixing in with the light chewing. Comfortable silence fills the empty space, allowing you to sink into the seat as the tiredness of the day catches up with you. 
You can tell Jungkook wants to say something with the way his eyes bounce from his plate to your face, a curious look on his face as he tries his best to give you a moment to decompress from your day. A small laugh escapes you though, not able to fight back the smile on your lips as you nudge his leg with your foot under the table, laughing even harder when he twitches at the sudden touch. “Spill the beans.”
“Hm?” He pretends he has no idea what you could possibly mean, but the pull of his lip gives it away, breaking out into a smile that matches your own while he wipes his lips with a napkin. 
“You look like a little kid who really wants to tell me a secret he’s keeping.”
He laughs at that, nose scrunching up endearingly as he does. With a sniffle, he’s raking his hair back and staring at you fully. “It’s not exactly a secret, more like an invitation.”
That surely has your attention, giving him an interested look as you take a bite of your eggroll with your brow raised for him to continue. 
“My friends and I like to take a trip every winter for fun. Sometimes we go to Big Bear just to see snow, or San Francisco for a change of scenery. But we’re thinking of going up to Mammoth to actually snowboard. I’d like it a lot if you came with us.”
The excitement is evident in your face instantly, nodding in agreement without another thought as he tells you what days they were planning for, already mentally planning how to get the days off work to make it happen. 
This would be the first actual trip you’d be taking as a couple. Jungkook had caved and asked you to be his girlfriend a few weeks after your incredible first date at the beach, but the two of you had yet to go anywhere further than Disneyland for longer than a day. You’ve had your fair share of sleepovers that spread over the span of a few days at each other’s places, and his friends have easily become your own, never once feeling out of place or like you were overstepping when hanging out with them. But there were these underlying jitters over this, because regardless of how small it seemed, it was still a new first for you. 
The jitters linger over the following weeks leading up to the trip, blending in with excitement and the sickly sweet feeling of warmth in your chest every time Jungkook eagerly rambles about it. It’s not until you’re packing up your things and loading up the car that it all seems real to you now. 
“We’re scooping up Jimin and Hoseok,” Jungkook grunts as he hauls up his suitcase, stowing it away in the trunk. He had suggested you pack your things together to save space, and you couldn’t help the flutter in your chest at how domestic the small suggestion had felt. “Taehyung, Jia, Yoongi and Sena are waiting for us at Hoseok’s so we can drive together.”
“And Namjoon and Jin?” you wonder, standing off to the side as he slams his trunk shut. Jungkook pushes back the strands of hair that had fallen over his face, turning to you with a charming smile. He steps closer, quickly pecking your lips before answering your question. 
“They like to get there bright and early so they headed out a while ago. We’re meeting them there.” His large hand comes up to playfully grip your cheeks, snickering when your lips pucker out obnoxiously and planting another kiss on them. “You’re gonna be my co-pilot so I hope you have a good playlist and are ready to hand feed me snacks.”
Tumblr media
“Stop hogging the sour straws!” Jimin groans from the backseat, leaning forward and blindly swatting at Jungkook from behind the driver’s seat. Hoseok cackles at the sly look on Jimin’s face, the way his eyes scrunch up as he smiles showing him he was just being annoying for the sake of it. 
“I don’t have them,” Jungkook mumbles with a mouthful of the snack in his mouth, swatting his friend’s hands off of him with a laugh. “And stop fucking doing that unless you want me to crash.”
The road hasn’t been too bad, not too many icy patches covering it, but the fact that Jungkook was required to put chains on his tires just made him a little nervous. “Alright, alright. Y/N, can I please have some of your boyfriend’s precious sour straws?”
“Sure.” Before you can pass the snack back to him Jungkook reaches across and grips your wrist, staring away from the road for a second as he communicates with his eyes. A slowly growing smile falls on your lips when he subtly shakes his head, flickering his gaze to the plastic bag on the floor by your feet and you know immediately that he wants you to give Jimin the other flavor of sour straws instead. With a chuckle you’re reaching forward and grabbing the strawberry flavored ones instead, keeping Jungkook’s sour apple ones safe in your lap as you hand it back to Jimin. 
“I totally just got jipped,” Jimin scoffs, breaking out into laughter as Hoseok agrees instantly. Jungkook doesn’t even deny it, smirking as he clutches the steering wheel, only opening his mouth for you to feed him some more. 
“Can I put in a song request?” Hoseok speaks up, grabbing your attention with a poke to your shoulder. His smile is instant when you hum in response and hand him your phone, the last few notes of the current song playing out before abruptly switching over to his song of choice. 
The recognizable voice of Syd fills the speakers, a chorus of approval sounding out in the car as everyone sings along to Right Track. That same energy flows through the rest of the drive, even as you pile out of the car with sore butts, the giggles and smiles don’t leave your faces. It’s a complete contrast to Taehyung’s black Honda that pulls up behind Jungkook's car, Yoongi and Sena looking as if they couldn’t get out of the vehicle fast enough while Taehyung and Jia bicker about who knows what. 
“What’s their deal?” Jungkook mumbles to Yoongi as he nears him. 
“Literally nothing,” he huffs, rubbing a palm down his face. 
“It’s my fault,” Sena groans, fingers pressing into her temples. “Yoongi and I were talking about hypothetical futures, and it somehow spiraled into Jia asking Taehyung some ridiculous question about what he would do if she got amnesia after their hypothetical wedding and it turned into that.” She gestures back to Taehyung’s car, seeing both of them still huddled around the opened trunk as they go back and forth. 
“They’ll get over it soon,” you laugh, reaching for your shared suitcase before Jungkook swats your arm away with a playful glare, gripping it himself and hauling it out and onto the snowy pavement. 
“Oh I know, still doesn’t erase hearing them fight for the majority of the car ride.” Yoongi looks like he needs a nap, or maybe some painkillers. “Are Jin and Namjoon here already?”
“Yeah, they said they’re waiting in the lobby with the rest of the keys.” Jimin chuckles as he grips Yoongi’s shoulders, digging his fingers into his back and pretending to give him a massage, earning him a laugh from his friend. “Go get your room key and get some distance from the love birds.”
Yoongi grumbles something under his breath before he’s taking Sena’s hand and making their way towards the main entrance of the ski lodge, Hoseok and Jimin following closely behind. 
“Jungkook would totally do it for Y/N!” Jia suddenly calls out, making the two of you curse under your breath. 
“Nah we gotta go now before we get dragged into this,” Jungkook whispers, slamming his trunk shut and yanking you away from the car with a shared laugh. The snow crunches under your feet as you make your way up the stoned pathway leading up to the entrance, lit up deers and candy canes lined up along the side. It was all very festive, the entire outside area decked out for the holidays and making it look straight out of a Hallmark movie. 
The second you push open the doors you hear the rambunctious laughter that always comes from their group, seeing their huddled figures standing near the giant fireplace instead of using the couches the lodge provided. There’s a pair of coasters on the large coffee table, no doubt were Namjoon and Jin enjoying hot chocolate as they waited for the stragglers to make their way in. 
“Give me our key before we become accessories to their argument,” Jungkook cuts into their conversation, a playful smile on his face as he hugs Namjoon and Jin. They must have been briefed about what happened in Taehyung’s car because Namjoon simply hands him the key with a laugh. 
“We’re planning on hitting the slopes again in a few hours. Gives you guys time to settle in and get some actual food in your system.” Jin gives the plastic bag you’re holding a pointed look before staring at you and Jungkook with a smug smile, already knowing the bag was no doubt full of sweet treats. 
“Got it, we’ll be there.” Jungkook is walking away as he speaks, sweetly dragging you along as you both wave, eager to get to the room. 
There was always something exciting about staying somewhere new, and as Jungkook opens up the door to your four-wall oasis for the weekend, you both gasp like children in a candy shop. You honestly weren’t expecting much, but the place is spacious, plenty of wood accents that play into the cabin vibe, a full kitchen and living room that made it feel like it was an actual home with Christmas decorations sprinkled around. 
Jungkook approaches one of them now, a cute plush deer with a red scarf perched onto the fireplace. He points at it with a goofy smile, “We got another friend here. Should I stuff it into our luggage to join my mini-me plush at home?”
“Is this your way of saying you want another kid?” you joke, laughing when his smile deepens, remembering how he had been the one to say that the bunny plushie he had won for you on your first date felt like your child. 
“Maybe.” His fingers wrap around the body of the deer, ready to take it if you said so. 
“Jungkook, no,” you laugh. “They probably sell some in the gift shop, don’t be a klepto.”
With great hesitance, he releases the deer, giving it another thoughtful look before stepping away. It’s hard not to laugh when he looks back at it once more before entering the bedroom, hauling up the suitcase onto the bed to begin unpacking the necessities. The majority of the suitcase is your junk, completely overpacked for the weekend getaway with too many outfit choices and toiletries when you know you’ll be living in the snow suit you brought. Jungkook had encouraged you to pack what you wanted, telling you he’d take your instagram pictures in all your outfits even if you ended up not actually using them all, and honestly that was all the support you needed to stuff the luggage. 
“I think there’s a cute cafe in the middle of the village. We can go there before we meet up with everyone.” He has your makeup bag in his hand, passing it over to you with a smile. “And then I can impress you with my skills.”
“Oh yeah, I thought your skills were limited to four wheels?”
Jungkook scoffs, hand pressed to his chest and a look of disbelief on his face. “Are you doubting me?”
“You’re just gonna have to prove me wrong, I guess.”
Tumblr media
The skills Jungkook had been humbly bragging about are there, you’re sure of it. They’re just buried underneath a bit of uncertainty that came from the lack of practice. Being a So-Cal native meant Jungkook hardly got to hit the slopes, only getting a few weeks of actual snowfall up in the mountains, and he rarely made the trip to do so. So even as he carves down the hill, snow being kicked up by his board, he’s missing the overt confidence he usually has on concrete. 
Everyone else seems to be doing fine on their own, boards and skis strapped to their feet while descending the first mountain. It was the smallest trail, deciding to use it to warm up before going down the harder trails. Seokjin is the most skilled of the group, giving anyone pointers as they needed it, helping refresh Yoongi’s memory since it had been a while since he’s been strapped to a board, going over how to properly stop and control your edges with the utmost patience. 
A few feet away from you Jia cackles as she loses her balance, snow powdering up when she skirts her board and face plants it. “Are you good?” you call out, coming to a stop in your skis, fighting back a laugh when you spot the way her goggles have snow on them, hair messed up and beanie nearly falling off her head. 
“I got her,” Taehyung laughs, boxy smile on his face as he helps her stand up, dusting the snow off her cheeks and hair, readjusting her beanie while she swipes her goggles. They were back to being their usual selves once more, dumb hypothetical argument forgotten, deciding to hold hands as they continued down, playfully pushing and pulling each other while laughing. 
“Ugh, disgusting,” Jungkook’s voice comes from your left, startling you slightly. His eyes are focused on your friends, turning to look at you again with a glimmer in them. He has his goggles pulled up, his mint hair tucked underneath an black beanie, cheeks slowly turning red from the cold. He looks endearing as you stare at him, dark blue hoodie looking bright against his all black snow suit, seeing his lips curling into a smile the longer you do. “You wanna hold hands too?”
His arm hooks over your shoulder, bringing you closer to him so he can press a cold kiss to your forehead. His lip ring feels ten times colder than normal, and you briefly wonder how it feels through his skin with the change in temperature. “That sounds super tempting but I need both hands for this.”
“Skis are for rookies, let me teach you how to snowboard.” You can’t help the laugh that bubbles out of you when you step away, covering your mouth with a gloved hand as you continue down the mountain, completely ignoring the way Jungkook yells down at you when you dip him. “What’s so funny?”
Your laughter haunts him the entire way down, it's actually embarrassing how he’s overthinking it, even as he sits in the next lift with a few of his friends. You look as content as could be, your hands on your lap while you stare out of the gondola, eyes focused on the scenery. Jungkook’s eyes narrow slightly at your calm demeanor, it was slightly suspicious. When he had taught you how to skateboard your hands were clammy and it took twenty minutes of pep talk before you were attempting to push off on your own. But you had strapped onto your skis confidently, no encouraging words needed from Jungkook today. 
And then you laughed at him when he offered to teach you to snowboard. 
Something was up. 
“What’s your damage?” Hoseok wonders, following behind Jungkook as everyone exits the lift. He occupies himself by unloading his board, rolling his lips together in thought as he stares at you once more. You’re talking to Jia and Sena now, laughing together as you step into your skis with ease. Hoseok can only watch as Jungkook seems to analyze you, curious eyes not really understanding what he was seeing. 
“I think Y/N is lying to me.”
The sudden confession makes Hoseok purse his lips, not entirely sure what the vibe was. “Like, cheating, lying?”
“Dude what,” Jungkook scoffs, shoving his friend’s arm off of him and turning to stare at him with wide eyes, scandalized at the thought. “Why would you say that?”
“Sorry,” Hoseok laughs, hands raised up in defense. “Whenever anyone in a relationship says lying my mind automatically goes towards cheating. My bad.”
“I don’t need those vibes in this relationship dude.” Jungkook shuts his eyes briefly, silently saying a prayer of sorts to try to ward off whatever weird energy Hoseok had thrusted into the air. “I’m not being that serious. She basically just declined me teaching her to snowboard so I feel like she’s hiding something.”
“Oh the horror!” Hoseok gasps, hand cupped over his mouth as he feigns shock, recovering just as quickly as he nudges Jungkook’s arm and steps away. “She’s in skis dude, she probably just doesn’t give a fuck about learning to snowboard. I know you’re in love or whatever, but it’s totally chill for you to like different things.”
“That’s not what I’m saying,” Jungkook protests with a pout, but Hoseok is already walking away, his attention now focused on Namjoon as he straps into his board. 
“Are you feeling okay after the drive?” your voice sounds concerned as you approach him, standing sturdy in your skis while he’s still holding his board. There was a look on his face that you hadn’t seen before so you could only attribute it to him being tired from the long commute, not knowing that the gears in his mind were currently working overtime to create a hypothetical scenario of his own. 
“Yeah, I’m fine babe.” Jungkook sighs, shaking off his weird mentality and deciding to finally strap in. He wasn’t actually convinced you were lying, but his tendency to snoop and uncover things was making him want to dig a little deeper until the potential truth could come out. 
“Okay, well there’s some cool boxes and jumps down that way so I think everyone’s gonna go there. You can show me your cool skills then.” That teasing tone is back in your voice, and it makes that familiar urge he has to impress a pretty girl come back full force. 
Jungkook decides then that the only way he’ll get more confident on a board is if he just goes for it. Sure he was a little rusty, it's been nearly two years since he was last strapped to a board, but that practice run had done its job in warming him up. He’s more loose now as he carves through the soft snow, fooling around with Jimin while they try to race towards the closest clear jump. Jimin reaches it first, knees bent as he takes the jump with confidence, Jungkook following close behind the second Jimin lands. 
You just watch from the sidelines, a smile on your lips when you see the way Jungkook focuses on his moves. His knees bend slightly, hands leveled at his waist as he approaches the lip, popping off the edge and bringing his knees up, reaching down to grip the center of his board with his rear hand. Just as he reaches the peak of his jump he releases the board, absorbing the impact with his knees bent and riding off with ease. The simple Indy Grab was a start but the way you cheer for him makes him smile widely the way he always did when he landed new tricks on his board. 
“Can I hit a jump with skis?” Sena wonders from a few feet away, looking nervous as she eyes the small hill. 
“Yeah, you can just pop off it if you’re unsure.” Your reassurance barely eases her, her eyes looking at you now, a pleading smile on her face as she clasps her hands together. 
“Can you go first so I can see?”
You agree without another thought, setting yourself up far enough to get a bit of speed. After double checking that the coast was clear, you push off and straighten out your skis. Jungkook can only watch with a bit of nerves in the pit of his stomach, hands fidgeting in front of him when he sees the way you approach the jump. There’s a brief moment where he panics, not comprehending the way you turn over mid jump to do a 180, his brain convincing him you were spinning out and he somehow needed to catch you, but before he can fully react you’re landing backwards on the snow and coming to a stop with a spray of powder behind you. 
“Oh shit, watch out, we have a pro over here!” Jimin whoops with a giant smile, high fiving you when you glide over. Your own smile is hidden behind the neckline of your jacket, zipped up to keep the cold out, but when you tug it down Jungkook can see how you’re beaming at the playful comment. 
“Stop, it’s nothing.” Just as Jungkook is gonna speak, Sena takes on the jump, successfully landing a simple pop but everyone’s reaction—including his—makes it seem like she had just done something out of this world. He doesn’t get a chance to say anything else until you’re all gathered further down, nearing the decent sized half pipe. A few other riders make their way through it, but aside from them, everyone else seems more focused on just carving down the mountain, leaving you all to fool around on the half pipe as much as you’d like. 
It's harmless fun, Seokjin showing everyone how it’s done as he drops in with the ease of a pro, doing a backside 900 like nothing, absorbing pressure with his knees on each landing. Taehyung is the next to drop in, he’s too used to dropping into bowls with his bike but despite feeling way out of his element, he manages to make it half way through before he’s wiping out with contagious laughter that lets you know he’s okay. 
Jungkook looks antsy while he waits his turn, leaning into your touch as you wrap an arm around his shoulder, pulling him in with a smile on your face. His mind was currently playing out a sequence of tricks he could try to land, mentally going through the motions to ensure he could pull them off the way he wanted, not feeling as calm and collected as he normally did before pulling out tricks on his board. 
“Be careful,” you mumble, giving his shoulder a squeeze when he nods, cheeks pushing out as he presses his lips together in thought before going for it. 
Just like you always did while he skated, you watch with wide eyes, always amazed at the way Jungkook always made things look so effortlessly cool. You could tell he had been a bit nervous earlier, the time spent off snow shown in the slight wobbles, but he was slowly getting his groove back. He leans into his edges cleanly, doing simple 180’s to start himself off. Like always, his overconfidence takes control and before you know it, he’s switching off and attempting to do the same trick Seokjin had done earlier. He doesn’t have the right speed though, not getting high in the air or able to snap off the lip fast enough to complete the rotations needed. 
Jungkook knows it the second he grips his board, only able to complete one full rotation before he’s coming back down messily. He lucks out by not landing flat but that doesn’t prevent his board from wobbling, needing to come to a sudden stop before he loses control, not wanting to get a feel for the ice coating the halfpipe. 
His friends are already shouting words of encouragement, able to see the way Jungkook glides down the center of the rest of the pipe with his hands down by his sides. Jimin is silently giggling over how dejected Jungkook looks at not automatically nailing the trick, and as he unclips himself from the board and trudges the distance back up to all of you, you can see exactly what he means. His board is hooked under his arms, reflective goggles pulled up and allowing you to see the way his brows are furrowed on his forehead, his eyes focused on the snow instead of looking up at everyone. 
“It’s okay JK, you’ll get it!” Seokjin claps from his crouched position, reaching forward to pat his back as Jungkook walks past him. He finally looks up at you, sticking his board into the snow and making a beeline directly towards you so you can bring him in for a hug that his moping self definitely needed. He doesn’t even care how his friends hassle him and call him a baby as he wraps his arms around you dramatically, letting his legs slide open in the snow so he’s in the perfect position to bury his face in the crook of your neck. 
“I just wanted to show you my cool tricks,” he mumbles against your skin, tightening his hold on you while he speaks. Your jackets rustle as you softly pat his back, a smile on your face when you spot Taehyung taking a picture of his friend being comforted on his phone. 
“You did do some pretty cool tricks Kook,” you console him, looking up at him with sincerity when he stands up fully. “I just think you didn’t have enough momentum for it. Try winding your shoulders back a bit before snapping off the lip.”
His eyes narrow slightly at your advice, that same pestering voice in his head telling him to dig deeper and uncover this teeny tiny potential secret. Were you secretly some massive snowboarding fan, have you dated a professional snowboarder, or are these just some tips you thought were helpful. “How do you know this?”
“Because she’s a fucking pro on snow dude, have you seen her?” Jimin pipes up, gassing you up way more than necessary, clearly just wanting to get under Jungkook’s skin because really you hadn’t done anything nearly as impressive than Seokjin had, but it was obvious to everyone that you seemed at ease and were taking it slow the last few runs, just choosing to enjoy the ride. Jungkook was simply too wrapped up in trying to get back into the motions himself to notice. 
As everyone else joins in, Seokjin included, Jungkook steps away from you with a small smile. “Oh she’s a pro? Alright, well I’d like to see you take those on the half pipe,” he tuts, annoyingly tapping your skis with the edge of his unhooked boot. 
It’s comical seeing the way he switches up, knowing he’s not being entirely serious by the playful lift of his eyebrow. “Wow, you get really competitive when you don’t automatically excel in something huh? What's the matter, Concrete King, feeling a little out of your element?” 
His jaw drops open in disbelief, laughing lightly as he nods. “Since when do you ride anyways? I think as your boyfriend, that's some information you omitted so honestly, I'm feeling a little set up right now.”
“Dude, shut the fuck up,” Taehyung cackles from his position beside him, kicking his leg with his own boot. “You sound like a twelve year old on the verge of tears because he couldn’t land an ollie.”
Jungkook gasps at that, completely offended at the comparison. “Low fucking blow Tae.” He sighs with his gloved hands on his hips. “Let's make this exciting—“
“Here we go,” Jimin sings, crouching down with his feet still clipped to his board, looking up at Jungkook with a displeased look on his face. He knew exactly where this was going. 
Jungkook ignores him entirely, hell he ignores the way all of his friends groan at the competitive edge of his voice. This was so typical of him, truly his one and only flaw, the sheer competitiveness that coursed through his veins at all times. It was exactly why his hair was currently fucking mint blue. 
“I’m listening,” you coo, inching closer to him with a smirk on your face. 
“If you can drop into the pipe with a snowboard on, I’ll cave and say you’re a pro.”
“Bro,” Hoseok interjects. “She’s gonna hurt herself.”
The knowing smile on your lips should let him know otherwise, should let Jungkook know that he still has time to withdraw this challenge and keep his ego alive. But you’re feeling petty. Sure, did Jungkook have to teach you how to skateboard last summer? Yes. But skateboards are a different demon and you had never gotten on one prior to dating him. They have wheels, four of them, and your feet aren’t attached to the base, leaving you feeling a little vulnerable and out of control. But you had grown up coming to this very same ski resort every year with your family, taking each and every class they offered as a child because your parents were determined to make sure you wouldn’t hurt yourself on the slopes. While Jungkook felt more at home on wheels and surrounded by concrete, you preferred the glide of snow beneath you. 
But what Jungkook didn’t know wouldn’t kill him—his ego just might not survive is all. 
“No no, it’s fine. If he wants to see his girlfriend break a wrist to prove his point then so be it.” You’re milking it now for sure, feeling amusement bubbling inside of you, see how his expression falters at that, edges of his lips pulling into a frown as his hand raises up. Jungkook definitely wants to take it back, not sure he’d be able to handle you getting hurt because of his dumb bets, but he’s a bit too prideful to, not even as Namjoon smacks the shit out of his arm does he speak. 
“I just need to change my gear,” you announce, pretending not to notice his fallen expression as you wave Jia over to you with a grin. “We’ll be back in 15, don’t go anywhere.”
So as you and Jia cut through the half pipe, on a quest to the bottom of the trail to swap your skis and boots to fulfill Jungkook’s bet, Jungkook is currently getting beaten on by his friends. 
“You have the ego of a child!” Jimin reprimands, shoving his finger into Jungkook’s chest with a shake of his head. He feels it even through his thick jacket, wincing slightly as he pushes his hand off. 
Taehyung and Hoseok join in, hounding him with shit eating grins on their faces, laughing harder when Jungkook looks distressed. 
“Aren’t you gonna meet her parents for the first time for Christmas?” Yoongi laughs, plopping down into the snow onto his butt, looking totally amused by the whole situation. 
“Y-yeah, what about it?” Jungkook looks like a deer caught in headlights, eyes wide as he glances at his friend’s knowing faces. 
“You better hope she doesn’t get hurt. Nothing like nailing a first impression by introducing yourself as the reason why their daughter broke a bone.” Sena swats Yoongi’s arm when she sees the scared look on Jungkook’s face, whispering something into his ear before they both start laughing to themselves. 
Jungkook can see the scene play out in his mind already, crouching down onto his knees as he rubs the top of his beanie. There was no way you’d get hurt right? If you truly didn’t know how to snowboard then you wouldn’t have agreed to do this stupid bet. Right?
“Fuck,” Jungkook groans, shutting his eyes briefly. Who was he kidding, you would definitely agree to it just to spite him, not one to back down from anything just to be able to say you did it. Jungkook truly understands how similar you are underneath it all, and he realizes then how stressed you must be to have him as a boyfriend with all the dumb shit he gets himself into if this was how stressed he was now. 
While Jungkook currently has a crisis, you and Jia are giggling away as you adjust your new boots. “So, you’re just gonna let him have a panic attack up there?” Jia laughs, passing you your gloves and the rental board when you finish securing the laces. You both head out now, quickly getting onto the lift to lead you back towards your group. 
“Yes,” you snort, not feeling any guilt. “He’s the one that suggested it, so he’s getting what he wants.”
Although you preferred skiing, snowboarding was the first thing you learned as a kid, and as you strap into your board and make your way down the mountain, your muscle memory comes right back to you. The yellow tinted goggles are slipped over your eyes, hair covered by a matching beanie, the whooshing of wind ringing in your ears as you carve down with Jia by your side. 
You can spot your group easily, still huddled around Jungkook who looks like a nervous wreck. It makes you laugh a little to yourself as you get closer, coming to a quick stop beside him with a small spray of snow. Jungkook jumps at the sudden movement, turning to look at you with wide eyes, looking you over and seeing the board strapped to your boots. 
“Watch this,” you whisper, giving him a quick kiss to his cheek before you’re hopping back into position and barrelling down towards the edge of the half pipe. Your heart races as you approach it, hands clenching and releasing by your side as you take a deep breath, feeling your lungs burn from the cold air. Both Jia and Sena have shit eating grins on their faces as they watch you, both of them knowing that despite Jungkook teasingly calling you a rookie for using skis over a board, you were anything but. It takes all they have to not burst into laughter at the collective gasp the boys let out when you easily drop in. 
It’s a little intimidating being back in a half pipe, only knowing a few tricks that you had learned a few seasons ago because if you had a board on you’d rather just cruise and hit a few jumps instead of being flashy, but the small handful of tricks you know are enough to impress your boyfriend. 
You’re thankful this halfpipe isn’t massive, not sure you’d be able to handle the 22 foot one on the other trail when this 11 foot one seemed big enough as you travel down the wall. A frontside air is the easiest thing to start with, coming down with your toe edge, a small smile on your lips as you glide up the wall and reach the lip, popping up at just the right time to get the height you need. Jungkook inches closer to the half pipe, brows pinched together in what can only be described as shock when you reach down to grip the board, landing smoothly on your heel edge. 
Are you Olympic level good? No, of course not. Your moves aren’t the cleanest, but they get you where you need to go, not faceplanting or fumbling as you finish off the short sequence with an easier adaptation to Seokjin’s earlier trick. 
“Oh shit,” Seokjin laughs, standing beside Jungkook as they watch you wind up for the last trick, popping up with your knees coming up high, one upping Jungkook with a half rotation and surprising yourself as you manage to land it. “She landed a backside 540, not bad for a rookie huh?” he teases Jungkook, chuckling when he sees the pure amazement in Jungkook’s eyes as you finish the run and stop at the end of the pipe. 
The snow scrapes underneath you as you come to a still and lift the goggles off your face, seeing Jungkook standing there in shock. “That was for you!” you shout, blowing him a kiss and cackling when he immediately hops on his board and plows through the middle of the halfpipe, speeding down your way and coming to a screeching halt with powdered snow blowing up all around him, spraying your body in the iciness by accident. 
“You bamboozled me!”
“I would never, you’re the one who made the bet assuming I didn’t know how to snowboard. That’s what you get for being cocky Jeon.”
He pauses for a second, eyes staring you down as a teasing smile tugs at his lip. It makes his piercing shine in the sun, his teeth coming down to gently bite his lower lip, a slight scrunch on his nose. “Is it a little fucked up that seeing you do that turned me on?”
“Oh,” you hum, looking up at him with a sly smile. “Does getting knocked down a few pegs turn you on? You have a kink for being humbled?”
“Newly discovered I’d say. Do it again, humble me some more.” He can barely utter the words out before he’s cracking up, kissing you through it as you join in with his laughter. “I’m so glad you didn’t actually hurt yourself,” he mumbles against your lips. “I’d probably break my leg immediately after so we could be cast buddies.”
“You’re so dumb,” you laugh, cupping his red cheeks with your gloved hands. “Now that your ego’s been crushed”—he wiggles his eyebrows obnoxiously, clearly finding joy in you one upping him—“let's hit the other trails before the sun goes down.”
Tumblr media
“Fuck, I think I hit the jackpot with you,” Jungkook groans out, eyes fluttering shut as your hands massage the sore muscles on his back. He had taken the term hit the slopes more literally than you hoped, taking some nasty tumbles during the last run that left his body hurting. “I’m already in love with you, you don’t gotta try this hard.”
Your laugh fills the room, a smile falling onto his face as he hears it, feeling your palm lightly smack his exposed back. “Really? I was prepared to do this for hours, even have some warming massage oil I was gonna try, but if you insist.”
He feels your weight shift above him as you straddle his back, slowly moving to get off of him as he lays on the carpeted floor of the living room. That absolutely wouldn’t do, so he flips over onto his back, his large palms coming to grip your hips and pull you right back onto him. 
“Woah slow your roll, warming massage oil?” He has a greasy look on his face, biting down onto his lower lip with his brows pinched together. It's the classic fuckboy face you always laugh at together, and he can’t even hold the face long enough before he’s breaking out into the classic nose scrunching smile you love so much. 
Your hands rest on his chest now, slowly sliding up to follow his shoulders down to his arms. His dark tattoos are out in the open now that you’re in the comfort of your room, the crackle of the fireplace giving you that extra warmth that lets you shed some layers. His eyes follow your hands as you trail them on his skin, fingers tracing the noose tattoo you had a soft spot for before you’re placing your hands over his own on your hips. 
“You look pretty,” he whispers, thumbs caressing your skin under the oversized shirt you wear that belongs to him, the soft skin of your thighs are out in the open thanks to you deciding pants weren’t needed and he’s never been more grateful. You certainly don’t feel the prettiest, face bare of makeup, hair looking like a hot mess due to the beanie you had on all day, but the way Jungkook’s eyes twinkle as he stares at you makes you believe his words. He means it, the soft glow of the fire against your face as you stare at him with love in your eyes makes his heart warm up. 
“You look prettier, my little mint chocolate chip.” Jungkook’s hands tighten around your hips slightly, smiling up at you, just taking in this moment. There was nothing he liked more than just being in your company, it didn’t matter if you were just sitting on the couch watching movies, going out and running errands, or simply sitting next to each other as you scrolled through tiktok, he liked having you close by. You knew this too, Jungkook was never the type to shy away from letting you know exactly how he felt, making sure you’re well aware of the fact that he’s absolutely smitten with you. 
“I’m once again offering you a taste of my mint chocolate.” His lips purse out, looking oh so inviting as he makes kissing noises at you, urging you forward with his hands until you’re pressing your lips together in a sweet kiss. His hands trail up your stomach, sliding up your torso until he’s cradling your jaw in his grasp and keeping you close. It makes your stomach flip, warmth spreading through you as your lips move together. The only thing you hear is the crackle of wood, the slow smacking of your lips, and the soft breath he lets out when you deepen it. 
“Do you really have a thing for being humbled?” you murmur against his mouth, kissing him once more before inching back to stare at his face. 
Jungkook’s eyes flutter open, a look of thought taking over his features as he really thinks about it. “I don’t know, I might.” He looks right at you now, a silly smile spreading across his lips, and you can just tell he’s gonna say something dumb. “Slap me.”
“What?” you crack, laughing lightly when he grabs your hand and presses it against his cheek, making you pat it a few times. 
“Yeah, just one good smack, wanna know if I’m into it.” He sticks his cheek out for you, lifting up onto his elbows, clearly meaning it. His skin feels soft against your palm as you rub your thumb against his cheek, an unsure look on your face. You’ve never slapped him, or vice versa, but if this is what he wanted then sure. 
With a small inhale, you rear your hand back, seeing Jungkook’s eyes focused directly on you as you bring it back onto his face, the sound echoing in the room as his head gets turned. It’s a relatively light slap compared to what he’d expect, but the sting is still there, smarting his skin as he takes a second to react, eyes widening up as he cups his cheek. 
“How was that?”
“It’s hard for me to tell if I have a boner because you slapped me or if it's because you’re sitting on top of me looking like that.” You both giggle, feeling the boner Jungkook was talking about through the thin material of his sweats, pressing into your ass below you, but he doesn’t acknowledge it further. “That was kind of exciting. Is this how you feel when you ask me to choke you?”
“Mm a little,” you smile down at him, gripping his hand and gliding it up your chest again before wrapping it around your throat lightly. “It’s just an adrenaline rush really, makes my mind all fuzzy and my skin all tingly. There’s just something hot about it, turns my brain into mush where all it thinks about is you.”
Really all Jungkook had to do was look at you with those eyes to have your brain turning into mush, but there was something about seeing a man like him, muscled up, covered in tattoos, with the goofiest personality using his strength on you that sent you to the astral plane. Neither of you ventured off further than having his hands around your throat, palms slapping against your ass or having him spit in your mouth, because beneath it all Jungkook truly did love to romance you in the bedroom to the best of his abilities. 
The steamy, rushed first time in the backseat of his car had not prepared you for the version of him you saw most in the bedroom. He was equal parts loving and rough, able to turn you into a whimpering mess while showering you with praise and affection. 
“You getting flashbacks right now?” he teases, fingers tightening around your neck playfully, trying to act like he wasn’t feeling the same way, but the still present boner pressing into you gave it away. Jungkook isn’t even ashamed of how easy it is for you to turn him on, something as simple as you holding his hand could do it really. 
“I told you, my brain turns into mush.” 
His smile gets wider as he leans into his elbow, head tilting while he looks up at you, feeling you wiggle your hips until you’re perched right above his cock. The second you press down, his eyes flutter at the sensation, licking his lips over before speaking. “All you think about is me, was that right?”
“Mhm,” you sigh, wrapping your hand around his wrist when he grips your throat and releases it, feeling the butterflies in your tummy instantly. 
“Show me what you think about baby,” he rasps, voice low and gravely, going straight to your core. Jungkook feels your thighs tighten around him, your throat bobbing as you swallow, taking a shallow breath before your hips are moving. He bites down on his lip when you roll forward, grinding against him slowly, feeling the outline of his cock through the sweats, barely separated from your core. 
Your hand still grips his wrist, jaw dropping open to release the softest moan of his name when you angle your hips just right to nudge his length against your clit. It takes all his self control to not buck his hips into you, letting you take your time above him because Jungkook really liked to tease himself, loved nothing more than to build up the pleasure until he was desperate for a release. 
“Does that feel good?” he drawls out, his own stomach tensing up when you speed up the roll of your hips. His sweats bunch up around his thighs with each grind, friction against his cock making a low heat simmer inside of him. You can feel the outline of him perfectly, but it's not enough for you, needing to be closer to him. 
“Mhm, wanna feel you better though,” you sigh, staring down at him with lust filled eyes. 
“Yeah? Take these off for me then.” His hand drops to your thighs, trailing up the soft skin until his fingertips dip underneath your shirt, tapping against the fabric of your underwear. A playful smile is on his lips as he hooks his finger around it, tugging it out before letting it snap against your skin. 
You kneel up instantly, tugging down your damp underwear, maneuvering around on top of him to pull them off your legs entirely and toss them to the side. Jungkook takes it upon himself to tug down his own sweats, yanking them far enough to expose his cock, sighing softly at being released. He’s hard against his stomach, desperate to actually feel you, hand itching at his side, wanting to plop you back down onto him. 
The oversized shirt falls back over you, not allowing him the glorious view of your folds, already messy before you even really begin. Instead, he waits with anticipation as you settle back over him, palms pressing into his skin when you slowly lower yourself back down. Jungkook feels the warmth of your thighs before anything else, the wetness on your pussy coming directly after as you glide against his cock. It makes Jungkook hiss at the sensation, feeling his length slip between your folds, coating him in your arousal. 
Jungkook’s abs tense underneath you in time with each roll of your hips, his hands gripping your shirt once more, lifting it up so he has the perfect view of his cock peeking out between your folds each time you roll back. You look down too, biting your lower lip when you see how red the tip of his cock is, so needy for your touch. You’re both dazed as you watch the repeated motion, folds parted perfectly for his cock to slip through, glistening in the light. 
“Fuck baby,” he groans, beads of precum leaking from his tip, dripping onto his stomach and leaving a sticky mess. It takes all you have to not trail your finger through it, but Jungkook must be able to read your mind, swiping the bit of precum off his stomach and bringing it up to your lips. With a small moan, you’re dropping your mouth open, letting his fingers slip inside. The salty taste of him hits your tongue instantly, letting him slide his fingers further as you wrap your lips around them and suck gently. The weight of his fingers on your tongue has more hunger pooling in your stomach, groaning as he slowly thrusts them into your mouth. 
Maybe Jungkook should ask you to slap him more often if it leads to this, seeing the debauched look on your face as he slips his fingers out, shuddering from the tingles of pleasure. More of your weight rests on him as you quicken your pace, the slight desperation fueling your desire to hear him moan for you. 
“Wanna feel you stretch me out,” you mumble, eyes falling shut as you slow your hips, beginning to lift off his cock but Jungkook holds you in place, his fingers clutching onto the shirt tightly. 
“Not yet, need to see you cum first before I fuck you.” A teasing laugh spills from his mouth when you whimper, his thumb swiping at the pout on your lips, ready to complain about not getting what you want. “Please, pretty. You know I love to see you fall apart. Use me to get off and I’ll do whatever you want.”
His words make your stomach flip, the slight pleading laced in each syllable going straight to your core, felt as more wetness soaks his cock. “Promise?” you whisper, smiling down at him as you grind against him once more, gasping softly as the head of his cock rubs along your clit. 
“Promise,” he breathes out, pulling your face towards him to kiss you, swallowing down the moan you let out as you start to move again. His fingers tense up around your jaw, feeling your slick coating his length with each roll of your hips, the sparks of pleasure making his mind whirl. 
“Fuck,” you gasp, pulling away to catch your breath, fingernails pressing into Jungkook’s skin, leaving subtle marks that left him groaning. Your eyes focus on him, seeing his head drop back, his mint colored hair falling off his face, silver lip ring glimmering in the light as he licks it over. 
“Feels good Kook, you always feel good,” you trail off, voice breathy in that tone he loved to hear. His elbows lower himself down slowly, resting flat on his back on the carpet, hands gripping onto your hips to quicken your pace. Your voice stutters at the change, moan raising in pitch as he holds you down with more pressure. 
“Yeah?” His voice is breathy, a slight whine to it that makes your body light up. His brows are pinched on his forehead, trying his best not to focus on the pleasure he feels, wanting to focus completely on you. Jungkook can see the desperation growing on your face, from the small pout taking over your lips to the dazed look in your eyes. As your nails dig into his skin, hips bucking above him, your arousal pooling around his cock, Jungkook can tell you’re nearing your end. “Wanna see you cum babe.”
“Need more,” you gasp, giving him a pleading stare that he reads easily. You can only watch as he brings his thumb up to his mouth, licking a stripe along it before he’s bringing it down to where you meet. The shaky way you say his name as his thumb reaches your clit makes his cock throb, the movement of your hips getting sloppy as Jungkook starts rubbing tight circles against your bundle of nerves. He thinks it's cute how he can see the inner battle you have, debating continuing to grind against him or focusing on the pleasure he gives you directly. He doesn’t even care when you stop on top of him, finding more pleasure from the way you shudder and gasp from his ministrations. 
Your thighs tense around him as the feeling blooms inside of you, head dropping back with a lewd moan, and he swears you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. Jungkook’s jaw drops open in awe as you lose yourself, hips slowly rutting right over the head of his cock, bucking into his hand as the intoxicating feeling takes over you, inching closer to the edge with each flick of his thumb. 
“That’s it baby,” he groans, tips of his cock leaking more onto his stomach, getting onto your folds from your frantic movements. He knows you’re close when you bend forward, hands placed onto his chest, breathing getting erratic, each moan a little more high pitched than the last until finally, you’re falling apart like he asked. Jungkook feels the gush of your arousal as you cum, your hips locking up for a moment before you’re whimpering as he continues to flick his thumb against you.  
The pleasure turns sharp the longer he continues, but you can’t get yourself to ask him to stop, gasping at the prolonged feeling, enjoying the way it floods your senses. Jungkook can only curse below you, free hand gripping onto your thigh as you let him overstimulate you. Hushed praise meets your ears, a soft groan escaping him as you milk your orgasm by grinding down onto his cock still pressed onto his stomach. 
“O-okay, ah,” you giggle, bringing your hand down to stop his thumb, body still slightly trembling as the feeling courses through you. 
“You sure? It looked like you didn’t want me to stop.” That cocky smile is back on his lips, fingers softly massaging the skin of your thighs as you lean closer, your nose just shy of touching his. 
“I can’t get enough of you. But I kept my promise,” you murmur, kissing him softly, groaning out when he deepens it, slowly lifting himself up until he’s sitting. “Are you gonna keep yours?”
You can feel him smile as he kisses you again, arms wrapping around you as he pushes you off of him slightly to scoop you up like nothing. You’re half expecting him to haul you into the bedroom, but it seems like Jungkook’s too impatient to wait any longer, choosing to drop you onto the couch with mirth. 
“Of course I am,” he chuckles, smiling down at you as you give him a curious glance, teasing smirk growing on your lips when he yanks his sweats off all the way, leaving him fully bare for you to admire. His skin was missing that golden glow he had all summer long, no more uneven tan lines marking his body, but you kind of miss it. The only plus to his skin not seeing much of the sun lately, thanks to being able to wear a shirt while skating, came in the form of the new tattoos marking his stomach, having the freedom to get as much ink as he wanted without fear of messing them up. 
Your palm reaches out to grip his side, tracing over the broken chain of the new morningstar he had by his ribs, enjoying the goosebumps that flare on his skin at your touch. 
“Now tell me what you want me to do to you,” he sighs, wrapping a hand around his cock, your arousal coating it helping his hand glide up smoothly as he pumps himself. Like always, your eyes lock onto his movement, caught in a trance as he groans softly at his own ministrations. His thumb rubs along the tip, spreading his precum around with a slight hiss, inching forward with a sly smile when he sees your face. 
You sit up with a smile that means trouble, leaning forward slowly with your eyes glued to his, seeing the way he cocks his brow up at you when you stick your tongue out and lick up the mess from his stomach. His hand doesn’t stop stroking himself, abs tensing up at the wet feeling of your tongue gliding along his skin, cleaning up the mixture of his precum and the remnants of your orgasm before laying back as if you hadn’t just made his mind blank. 
“I don’t care. Just fuck me.”
“Your brain does turn to mush,” he laughs, pretending his own brain wasn’t currently scrambled as he releases his cock, kneeling onto the couch in between your legs. You’re not ashamed to admit it, whenever he was standing in front of you, looking like that, so obviously desperate for you, the only thing you wanted was for him to fuck you, the specifics didn’t matter. 
The smile he wears gets wiped off his face as you grip the hem of your shirt and slip it off your body, letting it fall onto the floor, seeing the hunger swirling in his eyes as he takes you in. 
Yeah, Jungkook’s brain definitely turns into mush too. 
Your sweet laugh pulls his gaze away from your tits, a light blush tinting his cheeks while he settles over you, realizing he’s been caught blatantly gawking at you as if he’s never seen you before. The cushions sink under his hands as he cages you in, strands of hair framing his face when he looks down at you. One of your hands comes up to cup his cheek, a mischievous glint in your eye. “So, are you going to?”
As he shifts forward, the weight of his cock rests against your folds, a slight thrust nudging your sensitive clit, making a gasp fill the air. 
“Jungkook,” you groan, hand sliding into his hair and giving it a sharp tug. It makes his mouth drop open, a breathy laugh spilling out as he raises his brows in question, still shallowly rutting against you, the small bursts of sensitivity leaving you mewling. “No more, just fuck me.”
“Sorry baby, feels too good,” he moans, applying a bit more pressure before reluctantly pulling away. Your legs slide against the cushions, spreading further apart while he reaches down to grab the base of his cock, leading it towards your center, eyes locked onto yours as he slowly pushes forward, breaching your entrance easily. 
Without fail, Jungkook’s eyes move down, glued to the way he sinks in, the warmth of your walls pulling him in, making his fingers clench up at the feeling. He’ll always crave the slight fluttering of your walls, the wet squelch as he thrusts in, and the shared gasp when he finally bottoms out, hips flush against you. Only then does he look back up, seeing your own eyes fluttered shut as you take it in. 
His head bows forward, pressing a soft kiss to your chest before pulling out, starting a slow pace to ease you into the stretch of his cock, speeding up once you’re ready for it, legs spreading even wider to feel him deeper. Once he’s rearing his hips back, snapping forward fluidly, your hands slip up his sides, clutching onto his back in desperation. Each thrust has him reaching further inside of you, tip of his cock reaching all the best parts as it curves inside you, rendering you speechless as you moan. 
Jungkook thinks you look cute like this, mouth open as you say his name in chopped breaths, brows pinched together, eyes bouncing from looking at him to staring at the way his cock drills into you. It’s a sight you always admire, the carved lines of muscle adorning his stomach, light patch of hair trailing down his bellybutton, to the glistening view of his cock. 
“Fuck,” he groans, pressing his forehead to yours, eyes falling shut when you tighten around him. “You feel so good baby, so fucking wet, so perfect.” It’s mumbled out softly, like a train of thought he just had to get out, but it makes you cling to him tighter, nails digging into his back and leaving those marks he loved to find the morning after. The slight burn makes him hiss, breath felt against your face when you drag your nails down, spurring him on to make you crumble beneath him. 
“God,” you gasp out as he thrusts differently, hitting a spot inside of you that makes your whole body tingle, feeling a jolt inside of you that you welcome. He smiles now, pressing a kiss to your lips, swallowing down your moans as he repeats the same motion, knowing exactly what spot he was hitting because he knew your body so well now. 
“Right there, right?” he chuckles, leaning back to stare at you, seeing the way you nod frantically. Jungkook hums playfully, hands moving down to your thighs, large palms gripping the back of them before he’s pushing them towards your chest. He has you practically folded in half, but the new position angles your hips just right, a strained plea for him to keep going filling the air and he’s never looked more proud of himself. 
“Yes,” you squeal, another precise thrust making sparks flash across your vision, the lewd slaps of your skin connecting filling up the room. His fingers dig into your thighs, dimpling your skin, leaving a dull ache that has you craving more. “Harder Kook, please.”
His tongue peeks out to swipe at his lip, brows pinched together in thought as he nods at your request, keeping his same pace and ignoring the whine of protest you let out. “Hold your legs here for me baby.” He pats your thighs, not releasing them until you’re unwrapping your arms from around him and gripping your own thighs toward your chest, exactly where he wants them. “Good girl.” The praising words make your walls tighten around him, nails digging into your own skin when he curses at the feeling around his cock before finally giving you what you asked for. 
Honestly, if Jungkook ever had any doubts about his skills in bed, you would have erased every single one of them. With the way your eyes roll back as he fucks you harder, hitting the perfect tempo, to the choked sob-like pleas for more more more, Jungkook could confidently say he knew exactly what to do to drive you crazy. It’s easy for you to get lost in the feeling of it, your hips rolling up into his in desperation, head thrown back onto the cushions as you gasp in between each moan, stomach tensing up each time he hits that sweet spot that makes your toes curl. 
“My pretty girl,” he drawls, pulling you out of your slight daze, slipping his hand up your chest to cup your cheek, thumb swiping at your lower lip with a sparkle in his eye. There was something about seeing you so fucked out underneath him, seeking your release anyway you could get it, that made his own pleasure sky rocket. Your tongue traces the tip of his finger, a throaty moan spilling out of his mouth at how sinful you look. “Feels so good you can’t keep your mouth shut, huh?” He finishes his question with a particularly sharp thrust, making your tits bounce and your back arch. “Maybe I should fill it up then.”
When your eyes widen, knowing exactly what he meant, he can’t stop the smirk from growing on his lips. Jungkook’s mind is spinning, recalling each and every moment he’s been in this position with you, pounding into you while you writhe around, and it never gets old. 
“P-please,” you moan, so close to the edge you could almost reach out and touch it. A fiery trail lights up on your skin as he slips his palm around your throat, fingertips pressing into your neck with the perfect pressure that makes your heart race. He can feel the vibrations of each moan against his hand, spurring him on as he leans over you, every thrust creating delicious friction against your clit from how close he is. 
The sweetest smile is on his face, not matching the rough pace of his hips, groaning softly when your walls clench around him, the coil starting to tighten inside of him. The wet kiss he gives you drowns out the moans, feeling his tongue slip inside, tangling with yours messily, as if he couldn’t get enough of you. The hand around your throat keeps your head in place, not able to follow his mouth for more when he pulls away, lips shiny and swollen. 
“Open up,” he coos, hooded eyes swirling with lust, a breathy laugh reaching your eyes when he sees how quickly you do as he asks. You look like his favorite dirty fantasy, tongue sticking out, eyes glazed over, waiting for him so patiently. His fingers press harder against your throat as he gathers spit in his mouth, pursing his lips slightly before he’s letting a trail of saliva dribble out. It connects from the tip of his tongue to yours, a glob pooling before the thin string snaps when you bring your tongue back, eyes locked onto his while you swallow it down, the fire spreading inside of you when he moans out. “Good fucking girl.”
Jungkook dives back in instantly, lips pressing into yours in a haste, teeth knocking into each other from the urgency, but you can’t get yourself to laugh at it, too lost in the heady feeling of it all. He’s groaning against your mouth, the wet glide against your walls pushing him closer to his own release, but he knows he wants to get you there first. It’s easy for him to read all the signs now, the way you pant into his mouth with each deliberate rock forward, no longer able to keep kissing him as you gasp for breath, his fingers against your throat sending you into a dizzy frenzy. 
“Fuck, fuck,” you chant out, broken and desperate, barely able to keep your eyes open, chest heaving with each breath. Jungkook moans deeply as your walls start to spasm around him, his eyes locked onto the euphoric look on your face, only twisting up in more pleasure as he slips his free hand in between you, circling your needy clit with precision. 
“Wanna feel you, c’mon babe,” he rasps out, abs tensing up as his own orgasm crests, forcing it down until you’re coming undone. Your brows are pinched tightly together, the ecstasy wrapping tighter around you, brain getting foggy as he flicks against your clit. The cocktail of pleasure becomes too much, hips rutting up frantically, cries slurring together in incomprehensible phrases before you’re finally falling apart. It's a view he’ll never get tired of, chest hiccuping as you gasp lewdly when he releases your throat, blood rushing and pulling you further under the haze, swollen lips parted as you shout out his name in a way that gets embedded into his mind.
“Jungkook,” you whine, writhing around as he continues to fuck you, hips snapping forward roughly, more of your arousal gushing around his cock and making an absolute mess. He loved it best like this, the evidence of just how much you want him felt against him, leaving his length coated in your slick, feeling your velvety walls fluttering around him. You’re sucking him in each time he pulls out, thighs spreading further apart as you fight the sharp flashes of sensitivity, wanting to see the cute way his face twists up as he nears his release. “Give me what I want, cum inside me.”
Jungkook’s eyes fall shut at your request, teeth biting down onto his lower lip as he leans back, settling onto his haunches and clasping his hands over yours as you grip your thighs. A final burst of energy surges through him, gaze locked onto the mess between your thighs, fingers laced together in an action so soft it makes your heart skip. 
“Fuck, I’ll give you what you want, don’t worry.” It comes out as a whine, striking a chord inside you and making you clench tighter around him, chuckling softly as his hips stutter at the sensation. With a few more shallow thrusts, strained moans of your name sounding like music to your ears, he’s cumming inside of you. The warm spurts leave you mewling, praising him softly under your breath as he comes undone, rutting against you to milk his orgasm, feeling the goosebumps flaring up on his skin. 
When he finally comes to a still, you’re both panting, skin sweaty and hearts racing as you bask in the afterglow. Your thighs feel like jello now, his palms gently kneading into your flesh, lowering them down once more with a cheeky grin on his face. Jungkook always got giddy after having sex, cheeks pushing out endearingly while he leans forward and kisses you, still buried inside of you. 
“So, how was my mint chocolate?” he mumbles against your mouth, snorting when you swat his shoulder with a laugh of your own. His nose scrunches up cutely, clearly enjoying his dumb little joke, even as you playfully tug at his hair. 
“I mean, if this is how you’re gonna try to sell me onto that flavor, I might need to get a few more taste tests…for science.” Jungkook’s brows raise, nodding along because that was obviously the only way. 
“I can do that,” he chuckles, kissing you once more as he pulls out, the both of you groaning softly at the feeling. He leans back once more, taking a moment to really take you in, enjoying the way you just smile and let him take his time, seeing nothing but adoration on his face. His attention gets pulled with a loud crack of wood from the fireplace, his head turning around to look at it. “Oh god, we’re creating an army,” he gasps, eyes wide as he stares up at the fireplace. 
“What are you talking about?” Your breathing was finally back to normal, heart race leveling out, so you’re able to take in the scandalized look on Jungkook’s face. As you follow his finger, you see he’s pointing at the deer plushie from earlier, and you hold back a laugh. 
“An army of plush voyeurs. We have to take him home now, we can’t traumatize him and leave him here.” When you start to laugh he turns to stare at you with disbelief written all over his face. “Why are you laughing?”
“Because I know you’re being serious,” you cackle, grabbing a pillow from the couch and tossing it at him, seeing the smile he tries to fight back. 
“Of course I am, if you see him in our luggage later don’t act surprised.” He points his finger at you before standing up, bare ass naked with no shame as he turns to walk out of the room. You can’t let him go without a quick smack to his butt, whistling at him when he brings his hand down to cover himself before you can slap him some more. “Control yourself, I just fucked you stupid, you can’t handle any more.”
“Oh really?” you laugh, crossing your arms over your chest as you sit up. “I’m ready to go again, do you need me to humble you a second time?”
Jungkook thinks about it, truly he does, sorts the pros and cons in his mind to decide if going another round would be worth the oversensitivity he feels already. The sheepish smile he gives you spells it out instantly, attempting to make a quick escape into the bathroom inside your room, but his need to keep you close has him pausing at the doorway. “Come shower with me you sex crazed monster.”
“Okay,” you giggle, “start the water, I’ll be right there.” 
He does exactly that, the running water filling up the silence, turning it to the hottest setting because he knows you enjoy boiling yourself in the shower. Now that he’s successfully distracted, you get yourself up carefully, creeping towards the deer plushie as he asks you about your Christmas plans together, genuinely wondering what kind of beer your dad likes so he could bring it and impress him. 
You take a moment to appreciate how cute he’s being, clearly worried about meeting your parents for the first time. He had been wondering what would be appropriate to gift them, if there was a budget you stayed under, even though you said his presence and goofy jokes would be enough. 
With a quick answer, you’re snatching the deer and running to your room, stuffing it into the luggage as quickly as you can, completely unaware that Jungkook could see you in the reflection of the mirror. 
Jungkook smiles to himself as you start to mindlessly babble about nonsense while you cover the deer with a sweater you have, his heart flipping in his chest as he stares at you.
“And you called me a klepto,” he laughs, ignoring the ’what’ you shout out when you hear him. 
That feeling he had at the beginning of this, the tingle of fear creeping at the back of his mind, full of uncertainty if what you had would hold strong once summer slipped away; it had left his mind long ago. All he feels now is complete adoration, grateful that a chance encounter had flourished into these memories over the last few months. When you step into the bathroom, smiling at him in that way that makes him weak, the one thing he’s absolutely certain about, is that he loves you. And as you get closer to him, hands slipping around his waist, looking up at him while you press a soft kiss to his chest, he knows you feel the same.
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