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#new artist

Redrew the first ever procreate picture I made. I wanted to see I I could see improvements with my drawing. What do you think? (1st pic is new drawing, 2nd pic is my first drawing)

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i’m not really a artist, that’s more my sister’s specialty. but! my sister introduced me to rune factory 4 and arthur is 😍😍 so i decided to draw him!! you cant really see them, sadly because of my LED lights but he has turnips behind him!!

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I really love the work of Public Spam Account and damn their animatic on How bas can I be was so good I needed to do something 😪✨

Also! I’ve watched Swaggersouls stream, all the 13 hours of it 👁👄👁 My brain can’t work anymore so imma head out.

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I am once again telling y’all to go listen to my both of my friend’s debut EPs! ‘From RyAnne, With Love’ and ‘The Angel Experiment’ are out now on all platforms‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️


IG: @imryannemusic & @lina.the.artist

light up, vibe, sip some drink and let the music carry you. Please let me know what you think! The music speaks for itself ☺️ and I’m not saying that because they my people

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mihin.island.tf2: where I post about my TF2-based comfort OCs

King Milo Kapnick 👑- not literally a king, i’m just simping for him

Occupation: housekeeper/musician

Class: Spy

¼ German, ¼ French, ½ American c:

Tom’s boyfriend

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Wear a mask 😷

(disclaimer, I don’t own the bg texture!)

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I’ve been forgetting to post on here lol but I’m gonna start using my realistic style more often! Here’s Symone from Rupauls Drag Race ! Follow me @ PoolKyd on insta for my consistent posts!

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