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[dark naturecore]
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I want to watch the night sky
& drink tea with you. 馃寵
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theladylost7721 a month ago
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I miss the beach鈥and & surf, tan lines, and late night bath house stripteases馃 Currently it鈥檚 in the 20s here with the wind howling against the windows & I am chilled to the bone.馃ザ I Miss the BEACH!!! Stay warm my friends!!
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osamuscumslut 4 months ago
猡 Haikyuu boys + how they sound in bed.
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Small whimpers and whines in your ear
猡 Hinata, Akkashi, Ushijima, Semi, Nishinoya, Atsumu, Oikawa, Aone, Lev.
Loud moans, groans and gasps
猡 Iwazumi, Kenma, Aone, Daichi, Tanaka, Osamu, Hinata, Aran, Kyotani, Yaku.
Full on degrades you
猡 Tsukishima, Kyotani, Tendou, Sakusa, Komori, Matsukawa, Iwaizumi, Suga.
Whispers sweet things to you
猡 Asahi, Kuroo, Daichi, Atsumu, Bokuto, Komori, Kita, Lev, Yamaguchi.
Too fucked out to say anything
猡 Atsumu, Kuroo, Kenma, Oikawa, Matsukawa.
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the softest titty pics ever
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Thank you for coming to my TED talk
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bpdlittlething a month ago
I can't like something without getting obsessed over it and making it my complete personality, and then forgetting all about it in two days
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astrologybyana 9 months ago
lilith in signs / houses 馃崅
hey you guys! i鈥檝e been getting so many asks about lilith lately, so i鈥檝e decided to make a post about it! 馃巿
lilith was adam鈥檚 first wife in the garden of eden, and she refused to be subservient to him
as she should 馃拝馃徎
lilith is like the archetype of the rebellious woman, she can鈥檛 be tamed. so, lilith, also called the black moon, is our unfiltered, erotic, uncontrollable side
it shows the traits that we need to embrace in ourselves and let free
what you need to know to read this post is, your lilith sign and the house it is in!聽you can find them our simply by going to astro.com, choosing 鈥渇ree horoscopes鈥 and then 鈥渆xtended chart selection鈥
from additional objects, choose聽鈥渓ilith鈥
and then, from house systems, choose 鈥渨hole signs鈥 and there it is!
it鈥檚 a long post, so i cut it from here 馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
lilith in 1st / aries
people with this placement tend to get lots of attention to their bodies! good or bad
they might be seen as really confident from outside, but feel otherwise
intimidating aura
people might have shamed you for being who you are
you might be recognized as a leader, but your impulsivity doesn鈥檛 make you always trustable
you might have a聽鈥渘ow or never鈥 mindset
lilith in 2nd / taurus
strong morals or none at all - extremes might be experienced here
remarkable aesthetic taste, talented in arts and singing
relationships might be a thing for you since earlier in life
lusting after money, hedonism
you are connected to earth and beauty
very sensual
lilith in 3rd / gemini
you are charismatic and you know it. you might get out of hell just by talking
a very analytical mind
lilith is a big influence on how you speak with the 3rd house, you might be an excellent liar and your voice might be seductive
lilith in gemini might be obsessed with what is good or bad
very talented in getting into character, getting in others鈥 minds
might be into orgies or swingers
lilith in 4th / cancer
people with lilith in 4th might have had a rough childhood, one parent or both of them might have been gone physically or emotionally
unusual families, either in childhood or the family you form yourself
there might be sexual scandals or secrets you have to deal with
people with these placements might fear lonliness
a big desire to help others, but incapable of being on the receiving hand
women with this placement might have psychic powers running in the family
lilith in 5th / leo
you鈥檙e either loved or hated
women with this placement are really powerful and seductive
the way you look is important for you
fear of giving birth
creativity might manifest in dark themes
trust issues might show here, leading to superficial sex and relationships because of the fear of getting hurt
lilith in 6th / virgo
workaholic since a young age, might have had to be tho
but you work smarter, not harder, and you demand respect 馃拝馃徎 as you should
co-workers might be gossiping about you alone, or you with other co-workers
lilith in virgo might show a person who suppresses their sexual desires, and often neglect themselves
a connection with earth develop while growing older
engaging with intellectuality might feel like some type of therapy for you
lilith in 7th / libra
this person either turns into lilith, or searches for a lilith
women here might fascinate men even if they don鈥檛 want to
you might attract people who are passionate with a rebellious aura
when undeveloped, if they get rejected they might become ruthless
lilith in libra might suffer a lot because of injusticeness and unequality
you might love leading a public life and having an audience
lilith in 8th / scorpio
ambitious and hardworking
privacy and loyalty is very important for you
you probably have a hypnotizing aura
鈥渁nd baby, when it's love, if it's not rough, it isn't fun鈥
people with these placements might go through a relationship that began with hate, and turn into love
sex is a fascination for you, and you know you鈥檙e talented in it
lilith in 9th / sagittarius
you want to experience new things and overcome your fears, limits
you might approach everything as an adventure, you don鈥檛 like planning
and you might awake this side in others too, encouraging them to do wild stuff with you
people with these placements usually don鈥檛 like structural educational systems, they believe they can teach themselves about more interesting stuff better
meeting lots of liliths while travelling, lol
as i鈥檝e read, many women here have experienced relationships with rich older men 鉁煉
lilith in 10th house / capricorn
this is a very powerful placement to have! a dominant energy shines through
you lust for power and success
you are usually in front of a large amount of people, your job might need you to deal with public
you are usually in the center of a scandal and the cause might be your sexual energy, however, you probably already like to shock people lol
because of the energy you radiate, people are just naturally drawn to you
you might be a very talented manipulator, you decide how you react to things
lilith in 11th house / aquarius
these placements might show a person who was / is bullied
i think you鈥檇 rather have one on one relationships rather than large groups of friends
unique tastes in fashion, movies, music
absolute freedom and revolution is very important for you
you might like orgies or having friends with benefits
if lilith aspects to mars, saturn or pluto, you might be jealous or possessive of your friends
lilith in 12th / pisces
lilith in 12th people might have an inner voice that is very critical, a lot might be going on in their heads
both of these placements might indicate an unknown trauma that even the native is not aware of
and again, people with either of these placements are prone to escapism
lilith in pisces people might be slow to react sometimes, and submissive without realizing / wanting to be
very receptive of other people鈥檚 energies
psychic abilities show themselves here, but the native might be scared of exploring further
thank you for reading 馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
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farzettki 2 days ago
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meudeliriiio 2 months ago
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me sentindo gostosa 馃崙馃敟 @meudeliriiio
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Some soapy kisses to kickstart your Monday morning!馃Ъ馃拫馃泚
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ur fav scorpio angel ^_^<3
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adictiva-ternura 4 months ago
Para los que les gusta la misma cochinada que a m铆, les dejo mi nuevo blog +18:
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shahednasser 2 months ago
Ranking high on search engines is important as it increases your traffic and visibility for yourself or your brand. Here are some tips to help you rank higher on search engines.
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the-empty-walls-legacy a month ago
Salve, sono sempre la persona che era dietro il blog the-empty-walls, purtroppo non so per quale specifico motivo, mi 猫 stato cancellato il blog che avevo da quasi ormai 7 anni.
Ho aggiunto gi脿 i blog di cui ricordo il nome, ma mi piacerebbe tornare a seguire tutti i mie mutuals 馃ゲ.
Per quanto possibile, vi chiederei se potete reblogare questo messaggio 馃挏.
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Offro in cambio link streaming gratuiti per film che cercate 馃挏.
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him-first 3 months ago
this is a reminder that you are fully known and fully loved by God. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is for you, not against you.
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the-diva 10 months ago
You attract what you put out there. Negativity and pessimism won鈥檛 bring you anything other than darkness in your mind. But a strong mind that always evolves prosperously will attract nothing less than prosperity and richness in your life. Nothing less, always more.
-Thy Diva
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