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Self or Selfish?

We have become selfish rather than happy in self. There are many misconceptions about selfishness and self. While both are completely different from each other.

Self is ‘knowing ourselves’. In self, the person tries to know thyself. They puts a question mark on all their activities. They donot try to get anything from themselves.

In self we become satisfied. We do not have the attitude of gaining, nor the fear of losing.

But in selfishness the person indulges in lust and is always dissatisfied. There is always a desire to get something in that person. Such a person is immersed in enjoyment (vindictive enjoyment).

That selfish person always lives for themself, think about themself and live in their own ego. These person never consider anyone’s grace and only praises their work.

That is why, “before immersing in the 'Self’, please check your symptoms”.

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Good morning! I hope you slept well and feel rested? Currently sitting at my desk, in my study, attired only in my blue towelling robe, enjoying my first cuppa of the day.

So, the big story in the music industry at the moment is the DCMS (Department For Digital, Culture, Media & Sport) enquiry into streaming. MPs have been hearing from leading figures in the music industry, giving their perspective on the streaming industry. As you know, when the MP3 came into existence, people stopped buying vinyl and CDs and began file-sharing, which is strictly illegal. Apple gave us iTunes and introduced everyone to downloading, but people didn’t want to pay 99p or 79p or even 59p for a song, they wanted to pay less. The concept of streaming came along and now most music-lovers pay their £9.99 per month subscription for Spotify and get access to 70 million songs. The big legal question is: what is a stream? When you listen to a stream, is it an active purchase like buying a CD? Or, when you listen to a stream, is it a passive action like listening to a song on the radio? If it’s a purchase of a song, then the record companies and recording artists should get paid but, if it’s a radio play, the music publishers and the songwriters should get paid. It’s clear what Spotify boss Daniel Ek thinks a stream is! He wants to “suck audience away from radio”. You’ve got a fat chance, mate! You might be able to steal audience from them dry and crispy stations, but most of the stuff we play on Mi-Soul, you don’t even have on Spotify!

In terms of making money, Spotify pays the record companies, the record companies pay the recording artists. If you’re doing billions of streams like Ed Sheeran or Drake, there is money to be made but, for 90% of acts, it’s not enough to buy yourself a Happy Meal. I would advise music artists to stay well clear of Spotify. They are making good money out of you but giving you crumbs. If you’ve got an audience, manufacture vinyl or CDs. If you haven’t got an audience, keep working at it.

Have a throbbing and thrusting Thursday (with hopefully a few thrills through your thoroughfare?) I love you all. And, if you’re looking for an interesting book to read, check out my second novel ‘Whatever Makes Them Dance’ (81 Amazon Global Ratings to date!)

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hello !!

- new to tumblr blogging ( not the fandom )

- larrie who believes L isn’t a father

- primary a louis + harry + 1D blog

- enjoy discussing theories / discourse

- ask me any questions you would like !!

- anon open whenever for you’d like

- this blog is a safe space , everyone’s welcome !!

- m

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Types Of Relationship

Hola! Everyone and readers Akdx is here! Today we know the Types of Relationship so, let’s Kick-off your learning

We have many relationships in this world. Something special, something close, something far away, something unknown that just became like this, because those relationships have no name. They are moving only with the help of love and trust. Don’t know when to break up! Well

Types Of Relationship~Relationsvilla Blogs

Well, whatever the relationship is, for every person in this world, the relationship is divided into two parts.

1. Blood Relation

2. Heart to Heart Relation

Types Of Relationship~Relationsvilla Blogs

Originally posted by doesntknowhowtowrite

Blood Relation

This is a relationship that happens in every person’s life, and in that too the relationship of mother, father, brother, sister is given to us by God as a gift. Who stay connected with us throughout our life. Apart from this, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, maternal uncle, aunt, aunt, aunt are also involved in blood relations.

Heart to Heart Relation

This is the relationship that we make ourselves, with love, trust, the heart comes first when it comes to relationships. Whose blood is not your relationship but to come forward in each other’s problems and to support each other. Also your friends, relatives, people of your company are included. And yes! That unknown relationship is also part of this link.

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Is it sad to say I don’t care anymore?

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I’ll get out….just you wait….

*‘Slasher’ is now open for asks*

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Sometimes I wish I was a toddler again. They don’t fully understand what’s going on around them. All they care about is eating, playing, and being a child. They can’t grasp the concept of being anything else other than themselves at any given moment. I just wish I couldn’t understand what’s going on around me.

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Feb. 24. 2021: Self-Compassion vs Self-Criticism

My life was always filled with wanting to be loved and wanting to find love, anywhere I went… anywhere I go I should say because I still do that. As I grow I learned that’s not a path to always follow. I want to love myself as much as I can, and to be honest I thought I did… but I think about where my self-compassion lies, and how much self-compassion I provide myself everyday, so I made it a priority to notice it everyday, or try to notice it….

Self-compassion isn’t easy, being nice to yourself? never heard of it, didn’t even know it was thing, if I’m being completely honest with you. Now the only way I learned this trait about myself was from my stay in the Hospital recently. Couldn’t be more thankful for my Psychiatrist, the first time in years of my mental health discoveries my doctor able to pinpoint something about myself that I never even notice. Making me feel more confident about my health.

“You are your own worst critic” I used to laugh at this quote, my view was that you need to be a critic to yourself because people will lie to your face. The only reason why I think that is because people have before, about my writing, singing, the way I feel about things, etc. Growing up I kept being my own critic, only relying on my own criticism ,never letting myself feel any compassion. Everyone has their own reasons for self-criticism… well, what are yours Erin? That’s what I want to open up to you about.

We all have our own version of childhood trauma, and it all affects us in multiple different ways. Mine starts off with switching schools in Grade 4. When you’re in the fourth grade that’s when you really start to remember a lot and really hold onto it as you grow and develop, which unfortunately can lead into different mental health issues, but mental health isn’t always a bad thing. I try to keep a positive eye on it, knowing that I will learn from this and I will become stronger than I’ve ever been. You just have to overcome and face those bumps in the road. Growing up I was bullied by a lot of people, when I say bullied I mean verbally. Everyone liked to make me fully aware that I was the weird kid, I was crazy, or I wasn’t normal and the list goes on. But nothing was wrong with me? I was just like every 9 year old girl, I loved playing with barbies, bratz and anything pink, I was pretty good with my classes and my parents never told me I was different. I just had a jailbird brother, that always caused problems with the family, but that was about it. Everyone always made it seem like something was wrong with me but in reality there was nothing. Then the rumours started and they were nasty rumours that came from people that were supposed to be my best friends (get this I still stayed friends with them through high school and my first few years of college). Everyone always made me feel different, like I didn’t belong. I thought well maybe it’s because I’m the new girl but it continued through the years.

Now, I wish I could give you my whole life story in this post, from the shittiest moments, to the best. But my stories of being bullied didn’t stop at the end of high school. Finally 2021, I feel free from the past, I feel like I can finally open up and tell my story.

What I’m getting to is this:

Self-Compassion vs. Self-Criticism

My mentality has always been revolved around self-criticism, I never have good thoughts about myself, but I made myself believe that I was happy and confident when inside all my thoughts were “you’re a horrible friend” “you’ll never be able to graduate college” and the list goes on. I’ve been tearing myself down repeatedly over the years. Learning self-compassion won’t be an easy ride, but I’m willing to take the time to learn to love myself and who I’ve become over the years because I know that I’m a good person and I know that I deserve so much better than what I’ve put myself through these past 5 years.

Take a second think to yourself do I criticise myself too much? Do I need to be nicer to myself? I can say one thing that can help, and that is; it will make you feel so much better

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oh for someone to be out there to love me the way I deserve

Oh for it to be you

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I gotta ask y'all


So I’m a little curious on how many diaper lovers there are around.

So here’s the challenge y'all I live in Indiana southern Indiana to be exact and I wanna see who out there is up to hang out

But remember I am 21 so if u are a diaper wearer under 18 be mindful of who u speak with out there y'all. Figured I’d give out some free advice to ya

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