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Day 2/100 Days of Productivity:

  • Downloaded 18 ebooks and borrowed a physical one from the library to last me the next month
  • Worked out (!!)
  • Laundry
  • Made my spread for the next week

Productivity isn’t just about studying, it’s about taking good care of yourself overall and I think I did that today! I’m all set for a nice productive Sunday + next week.

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hi everyone! since i just created a brand new blog my posts on it aren’t showing up in the tags yet, so i thought i would promote myself using my main.

my name is nic, and i’m an aspiring astrobiologist. i’ll be attending graduate school next year, but there’s lots i need to accomplish before i can do that (such as the grfp, gre, etc). so to keep myself on track, i created a studyblr!

i’m currently looking for new blogs to follow and people to befriend, so if you’re interested, reblog this post! alternatively, you could go follow my studyblr here:

it’s a little bare bones right now, but i’ll be updating with pictures and posts about my experience preparing for graduate school as well as getting a job soon. i might also be starting a bullet journal!

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july 2, 2019

hello! my name is nic, and i’m 22. i’m an aspiring astrobiologist, but currently, all of my research experience has been in organic synthesis. my majors in undergrad were chemistry & anthropology, so i did a bit of everything.

this blog will very soon become my gradblr for when i attend graduate school next fall. i’m trying to set things up as i set a schedule for myself to study for the gre, apply to the grfp, write my personal statements, and find a job in the meantime! i’m hoping this blog will help me become lots more productive than i have been since i graduated, so here goes nothing.

anyway, i’m currently looking for new friends and blogs to follow as i start my journey! i’ll set up an about page soon for anyone curious, but otherwise, let’s talk!

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7.4.19 // More grading… and I have a new batch of even longer papers coming in on Tuesday. Seeking solace at a nice cafe was really the only way to make weekend marking acceptable.

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4.4.19 // Golden hour bookcase. Spent all day teaching, trying to help my students figure out how to course-correct their research, & figuring out admin stuff. Going to spend my evening with a gallon of tea and some knitting instead of doing more marking because I deserve breaks, even if my schedule doesn’t always accommodate them very well.

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3.4.19 // Whole bunch of grading and class prep today. Some of my students show no improvement at all even after five rounds of revisions and feedback, and it’s depressing. It’s hard not to start doubting myself as a teacher, though I know that my students aren’t failing any harder than anybody else’s. I just want my babies to succeed…

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so I’d been quietly fretting(/complaining) to a couple of my cohort (cohort-mates? what do I call them??) that I was concerned the only two professors in my area seem to have left their teaching positions right as we got there (which I didn’t know until later due to a suspiciously non-updated faculty website) and that I was worried I’d be going through my first year with no classes in my genre -

but the course descriptions list came out last week and I got not one, but two courses that focus on the Gothic!!

praise dracula or mary shelley or somebody, bc I feel downright spoiled 🖤

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so anyway my first day was fantastic; the professor I’m assisting is absolutely phenomenal, they got applause at the end of our first lecture. they’re just so committed to their subject, their enthusiasm is infectious and they’re totally professor goals

my proseminar is more philosophy-heavy than I thought it would be, and that makes me nervous bc it’s definitely not my best subject. I think as long as I try my best and check in on the reg, I’ll make it, but it’s definitely going to be something that keeps me on my toes.

Having my own office is also really weird? Like, granted, it’s a desk in one big shared office, but it’s mine.

And my washer finally got fixed, so now I’m enjoying the luxury that’s washing my own clothes when I need them.

I don’t have class or office hours tomorrow, so I’ll just be handling what reading I need to do for the rest of the week. It’s a good feeling.

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Today was the end of May. On the last the of a month I always take some time to reflect. I go over the list of my monthly goal, try to understand why I could not reach some of them. I also take time to write a new list of things I want to reach the coming month. So I wrote a list of long term goals for June and tried to figure out what goals are reachable and which ones I should probably break down into smaller tasks and goals that are achieveable within a month. I also kept reading “Becoming”. I don’t know why it takes me so much time to get through it, especially because I find it extremely inspiring because I find myself in the same situation as early parts of the book describe. So I will keep on reading even though I already missed the point of reading it in May (which was actually part of the reading challenge I am doing). Speaking of the reading challenge I also reserved the book for June from the library, so that I only have to go and check it out next week.



I decided that today it was time to leave the house again. So I went to a coffee shop near my home. Actually I wanted to check out a book from the library but half way there I realized that I forgot my ID at home. So I will check out the book tomorrow. To not lose time that is needed a lot today I went straight to the coffee shop to start working. 

To Do for today: 

1. Read chapter for class 

2. Finish reading book for M.A. theoretical framework 

3. Research more on chapter for theoretical framework 

4. If I have time left, finish writing chapter of own book 

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May 20, 2020 - Week 9 of #2020quarantinechallenge

Wed - Are you a clean or messy person?

I’m mostly a messy person because I hate cleaning, but when I start cleaning it has to be super clean.

I finally put the days above my daily schedule and luckily realised on time that my paper is super thin. So, I didn’t use markers and instead drew everything with pencil, which makes it look kinda messy. But it also means that I have way more colour options and I’m proud of how it turned out.

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May 19, 2020 - Week 9 of #2020quarantinechallenge

Tue - What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve done quite a few daring things in my life. I’ve been canyoning and rafting multiple times, jumped into water from 12 meters high, and have done via ferrata (rock climbing in the Alps). But maybe more daring is the fact that I’m currently working in a convenience store in the middle of a pandemic (without a mask). And customers don’t seem to understand that you have to keep distance and that they shouldn’t touch us.

Today I got a small gift from my internship, they’re little tubes of hand cream. They already sent an email that the brand were giving a thank you gift to all the heroes of the moment (aka the healthcare staff at the hospital), but apparently the lab interns are also heroes. I don’t mind and really like the gift, but I’m quite surprised because I expected that they would only give them to the actual healthcare staff.

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