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#new horizon

I am trading:

  • Piano Bench (White)
  • Zen Cushion (Dark Blue)
  • Elephant Slide (Black)
  • Retro Gas Pump (White)
  • Film Projector
  • Drum Set (White)
  • Stadium Wall (Animated)

Message me if interested in any oof these items!

I am accepting: NMT, other furnitures, diys, &/or bells!

Please do not offer me any bamboo items.

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I doubt anyone will see this but it doesn’t hurt to try.. I really want a nice acnh hibike uniform dress with long sleeves. (and blue bow ! but if there isn’t any blue bow ones i’ll settle for any color bow) I’ve found a couple nice ones but they are all short sleeves, and the only long sleeve one I’ve ran into has a really tiny bow that isn’t my style, so if anyone has a code for a nice long sleeve one please throw it my way :,^)

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I haven’t played Animal Crossing in a while… I got pretty burnt out from grinding the game among other things. I will probably dedicated playtime to Animal Crossing for when I am traveling or staying in SF.

Isn’t Flora’s house cute by the way!

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Hi ACNH community!!!

So I have annalise moving from my island soon. I was hoping someone was searching for her! She’s so sweet, just want her to explore more islands.


I am in search of the Cat neighbors. (I hope to one day have all kitty islanders) so If you have someone moving or know a friend with a cat moving please message me!

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