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#new job

So I got a new job which I’ll be starting on Monday, which means today was my last day working at the GP clinic where I have been for coming up to 2 years!

This was the lovely surprise I walked into this morning at the beginning of my shift! Everyone I’ve worked with has been amazing, and to say I cried when reading the farewell card would be an understatement!

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so i put in my two weeks notice at work today. ahhhhh it’s hitting me i’m finally gonna be done working in early childhood education. i know God grew me a lot in this field n can’t wait to see how God will use, mold, challenge n shape me in pharmacy/retail.

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I have been at my new job for 3 months. I started 100% remote and have only met 4 out of the 60 people that supposedly work with me. I am in a lot of zoom meetings with a lot of them. I know a few of them really well now. Some motherfuckers I met through zoom, I never wanna meet them in real life. In any case, I was at a virtual happy hour today for someone who I never met’s last day - and my supervisor was there. It was so fucking awkward. I like my supervisor. I think they are really cool. They are like a white, more successful version of me, lol but they are non-binary in a relationship with a queer woman who identifies as lesbian and she/her. They are smart AF and usually very chill. 

But still - I don’t wanna be in a fucking virtual happy hour drinking beer in front of my supervisor. 

We’re not there yet. So I just left and told one coworker that I clicked on the wrong link and accidentally exited. 

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I am somewhat nervous to start working full time again. This position that I’ll take on in 2 weeks seems so permanent that it is borderline scary. But I know that I have the power to stop and take a step back whenever I want. I just gotta remember how much joy the simple phone call I received today. If it doesn’t bring me joy any longer, time to take off.

- Random thoughts from a girl who wants to stay rootless.

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Hm, in one and a half day I start my new job. First day basically and I still don’t have the contract :D…..

But hey, I got my internship contract on day three of the internship after I reminded her 2 times. And I had to call her one week after we agreed to work together, to finally get the staff form.

I am getting the feeling this is a theme in this company. I just hope they don’t be like that with payday.

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I hope it’s not too late for this! I’ve been pretty deep in Dewey-Land, so I used him for this and I’m kinda glad I did. He’s such a soft boi, I love him, and I’m excited to have a non-songfic request for him! I think this is my first one 🤗

(Also, it’s pretty safe to assume that most of what I post is barely edited. I’m so sorry.)

Words: ~1,135

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Me: why do I always hit a wall in both energy and mood 2 hours before my 8hr shifts end?

Me: remembers that I’ve been a slave to the six hour school day for most of my life

Me: ooooooh

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If it weren’t for university starting in two months, I was actually offered a job similar to that but I would also be involved in the lab testing team for the virus. Ugh, but having to force people to do the swab feels so weird!!! Kudos to you and those that are doing it! 💪💪

I have been stressing over my decision to go to university (as usual). My country just starting opening up a little so no plans for this weekend (yet!). 💜💜

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Transitioning from an Assisted Living Facility to Hospice care, and that is quite a transition in regards to how you speak to the family/patient, the charting that’s required, and the different qualities that are needed on the nurses part. Most unique development with this switch is the many life lessons that come from working with those who are end of life.

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