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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 12 months ago
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 9 months ago
All I think of is you
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logicaldreamer · 6 months ago
in the kitchen, you ask me if I am going to break your heart. I’m wearing your clothes & have half a piece of toast with eggs you made on my plate. I’m in the middle of a thought about your bicep & the feeling of your lips on my body. if anyone is going to do the breaking here, I hope it’s not me. I’d rather you leave than make me go. for you, I want to surrender myself, lay myself down belly up, show you all my flaws. you’d make me laugh about them & then tell me that even the trees have knots. we sit on the fire escape & I am not afraid. we’ve kissed in the darkness & the light & I like both. I can feel myself bloom. I couldn’t finish my toast after that.
g.t.e. // on first dates
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yon0vei · 7 months ago
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maraudersftw · 4 months ago
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New Love
@jilychallenge February'22 || @yumanichan vs @maraudersftw
Prompt: "Kiss me again—but don’t stop this time"
Short, sweet fluff for my sweet babies 💖 Writing this felt therapeutic, for some reason. Read on AO3 or below the cut!
New Love
He’s slightly out of breath as he slows to a halt several feet from me. Cheeks stained red, dark hair characteristically disruptive, eyes more brown than golden to the backdrop of October’s orange sunset. My heart—characteristically—gives a lurch. “You’re… alone.”
Wry amusement makes me arch a brow, like I don’t notice the tension that has yet to completely slacken from his jaw, from my own fingers. “Really, now? You came all the way from the castle to tell me that?”
James rubs the back of his neck, frowns, looks lost. “I thought—there was—”
His hand twitches involuntarily, here, and my gaze is drawn to the piece of folded parchment in his grasp; old, familiar, deceptively innocent.
“Ah,” I say, stealing a moment to take a drag of the cigarette dangling between my fingertips. I stub out the rest on the ground next to me, pull my legs more comfortably under, and slowly puff out the smoke, not ignorant to his impatience. The motion calms the restless beat beneath my ribcage, somewhat. “They left.”
“They left?” There’s incredulity in his tone, and when I look up again, it’s like he’s ripped me open with that knowing stare. “Just like that?”
“I made them leave,” I amend, “Same difference, really.”
James moves at that, and before I can prepare myself for the dangerously soothing warmth of his body, he drops down next to me on the ground. Every cell inside me stands on alert at the proximity, but I’m forcing myself to look at ease still, shoulders resting against the sturdy tree trunk at my back. Steady, Lily. He’s just a boy, I tell myself, and then almost laugh at the absurdity of the thought.
He’s not just anything.
“What did they want?” he asks, voice quiet enough that I have to wonder whether he’s afraid to scare me off.
I shrug, pick at the grass near our feet. “The usual. To get to me, I suppose.”
“That’s a non-answer if I’ve ever heard one.”
I smile at his petulance. “I can fight my own battles, James.”
“I know,” he acquiesces easily, shoulder bumping against mine, “But you shouldn’t have to.”
“No.” I glance sideways. “I suppose not.”
“Wow, you actually agreed with me,” he laughs. “Should I be concerned?”
“Just don’t get used to it, yeah?”
“Never.” He grins.
Silence stretches around us like a comfortable blanket, and I feel my limbs truly relax for the first time all evening. The thought to tell James about what Avery had said all those minutes ago—“It’s Mudbloods like you who are responsible for the deaths of Blood Traitors. We’ll be out of here soon. Potter better watch his back”—crosses my mind fleetingly. But I feel the reassuring weight of him against my side, recall the determination in his gaze as he’d walked across the grounds to come find me, and realize there are no facts to inform him of; he knows it all just as I do. He chooses it all, even when I can’t.
My eyes close, orange bleeding behind lids, and it aches a little like love.
In what feels like no time at all, a warm brush of fingertips on my cheek prompts me to blink blearily. “Hey,” James whispers, body angled to face mine, glasses sitting crooked on his nose. He’s closer than he was before, and I watch a new sort of softness linger in his gaze. “It’s getting dark. Want to head back inside?”
“Okay,” I say, and the traitorous haze of sleep loosens my inhibitions, makes me drop my eyes to his mouth. I wonder, distractedly, if they’ll be just as warm as the rest of him.
It’s only when he parts his lips, slow, that I slam back into myself, the skin around my face and neck scorching with mortification at having been caught staring.
But James’s hand, still brushing against my cheek, shifts gently, knuckles skimming over the redness, burying almost hesitantly into the hair at my nape. He tugs, just as lightly, and I only have time to let my eyes fall shut again before his lips cover mine.
And it’s soft, this kiss—soft and sweet, and warmer than I’d expected, like he’s determined to chase away any remnants of cold that may be residing in me. A breathless relief crawls up my throat, colours spangling behind closed eyelids at the rightness of this moment, of feeling his pitch-dark hair slip like silk between my fingers. I sigh that satisfaction into him, all but melting to fit against him better, the tree trunk at my back all but non-existent, the ground beneath our feet all but irrelevant—
And suddenly, devastatingly, he’s pulled away.
“Sorry,” James huffs, out of breath, eyes wide. “I didn’t—I don’t know—I shouldn’t have just assumed—”
“Shut up.” I wrap his tie around my fist. “It was about time you assumed. Kiss me again, Potter—and don’t stop this time.”
His half-awed, half-amused, fully grinning response tastes like sugar against my lips when I bring him back to me with an impatient pull. “Okay, since you asked so nicely—”
I could roll my eyes, but pushing him back onto the grass and losing myself in him wins out as the better alternative by a long stretch.
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floralfloods · 8 months ago
you know that feeling when you get your heart broken after someone leaves and you think, “but how can i ever love anyone else?” then fall in love with someone new unexpectedly and it’s a healthy love and you’re happy and things don’t feel so bad anymore
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good-gravy-brett-somers · 7 months ago
I like you and it scares the hell out of me
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trekahouse · 5 months ago
We didn’t work, because I could no longer trust you. People erroneously believe that trust is only built around fidelity, but it’s deeper than that for me. When I can’t trust you with my peace, my livelihood, my sanity, my hardships, my secrets and the deepest parts of myself; that means that I can’t trust you with me. I stopped trusting you with me, when your need to destroy me, became stronger than your desire to love me.
Treka L. House
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euesworld · 6 months ago
"I feel like we are just getting started, like our love is still new and it is just beginning.."
Every day with you feels like the first day, it's wonderful - eUë
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a-poetic-elsewhere · 2 months ago
I think of you as I drift asleep your face among the stars and sheep got all the magic said it's mine to keep should've called me Alice 'cause I fell too deep
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hugglesuggestions · 3 months ago
I can’t believe you’re finally mine, and I’m finally yours. How long has it been since we first began to fall? Now here we are miles apart yet closer than ever. I can’t wait to fall in love with you entirely.
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escapeluminary · 4 months ago
I write best when I’m sad, but when you left, I was too broken I couldn’t even hold a pen. Yesterday though, I started typing notes again. At first a few words, until there were phrases.
I still read your horoscope sometimes— everyday, if I’m a little more honest. But I no longer wake up with that heavy feeling in my chest. I have gained back the few kilograms I’ve lost, and I finally stopped taking those anti-stress pills.
You were not the first one to leave when I needed them the most. You were not the first one to make me question my worth. You were not the first one to break what’s already broken, and most of all you were not the first one to teach me that I can recover.
And that is how I know I’ll be fine— even after you happened.
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 7 months ago
I don’t allow people to touch me, but somehow she’s gotten close enough for me to comfortably fall asleep in her arms
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logicaldreamer · 6 months ago
when she doesn’t call me back, I build a desk with a butterknife as a screwdriver, bake three different kinds of bread, buy a new couch & hoist it up my back staircase. my pillows still smell like her. I don’t know if this is the end or the beginning of it. I write her a letter & cry in the car on the way to target. I don’t want to fall in love again if it isn’t with her. we’ve known each other for half a second & I just want this to be it. I am tired. of loss & asking people their favorite color & first dates & last kisses. please god I am begging you. let me have this one.
g.t.e. // anxious poem
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poetryatmost · a year ago
They fell in love quietly, in their own little world, like happiness was a secret that only the two of them shared.
-Poetry At Most
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heartofmuse · 10 months ago
When we touched a spark jumped from my fingers to yours and painted the winding path of a comet up your arm to hide in your eyes and shine there like a newly born star that twinkles with butterflies.
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elevnthirtypm · 3 months ago
My heart desires that old fashioned type of love <3
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little-bird-sings-forever · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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xliyahx · 8 months ago
I still don't know if you will break, or heal my heart from the pain.
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howifeltabouthim · 6 months ago
He woke and slept and woke that night, in the inebriation of new love.
Tanith Lee, from Red as Blood: Tales of the Sisters Grimmer
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