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..:: #15. Steve Gunn - Lightning Field ::..

I recently got into Steve Gunn after falling in love with his last album Eyes On The Lines and I’m happy to announce he dropped another slice of beauty on us in 2019 called The Unseen In Between. Steve is quite adept at crafting soft rock tunes that are surprisingly psychedelic in nature by making use of multiple guitar lines that intertwine, ultimately ascending to another level entirely. “Lightning Field” finds Steve using this technique to calmly sing about that moment when the sky and ground suddenly become connected. The real focus of the song, however, is the electric guitar line that blossoms out of the acoustic bedrock in order to triumphantly soar through the sky, and if you surrender yourself to it fully, you just may find yourself soaring along with it.

Best Moment: The guitar windup that starts at 3:27 and eventually builds into the final lightning liftoff that occurs at 4:02. 

Live Video

The Album [The Unseen In Between]: 8/10

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