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nartotrics · 2 months ago
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Uhhhh hello people of tumblr
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 8 months ago
The way you turned and looked at me made me fall for you again and again
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wiirocku · 4 months ago
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2 Corinthians 5:17 (CEV) - Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. The past is forgotten, and everything is new.
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augustus-kira-clover · 10 months ago
You look like that villian from Sonic the hedgehog.
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alaezasmystery · 21 days ago
No no nooo I don't want any ex energies in my life .....pls God you know how much I hate them pls I deserve better ... but why the hell I always have to be in CROSSROADS !?!?!? Like having to choose between ex and new one ,...its tiring 😫😩😭
Pls pray for me 🤌😭
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nyctcphiliacs · 21 days ago
Auburn brow furrowed at the sight of the other on his doorstep, he couldn’t quite remember if perhaps he had invited them? A bottle of whiskey or two made recalling the events from the night before harder than he cared to admit. Hand moving its way through his hair an attempt to make it look as though he hadn’t just rolled out of bed before the door is pulled open. “What?” The gruff voice questions, eyes squinting against the light spilling in from behind the others form.
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virgilsteve · 2 months ago
What is your favorite food?
Corrupted File: pineapple pizza.
VirgilWolf/Me: grilled cheese.
Corrupted File: oh by the way this is the mutt!! he's new... well sort of...
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esmeraysin · 2 months ago
HELLO, I'm a person of color, and I'm a female I support LGBTQ community. I like to watch,read,write,and draw about anime.
You can vent to me:).
I can do one shots of characters just ask me.
Basics: nsfw,fluff, angst, yandere,gore,and Etc...
I have a 7ds obsession especially 💞🐿️Meliodas 🐿️💞
Seven deadly sins Oc: (name Change)
Backstory: explained later.
Love interest: Meliodas, dragon sin of wrath.
I'm writing a seven deadly sins book also and I might post the stories on Tumblr and Wattpad either one of those. If I can figure it out🥲👍
I don't feel comfortable telling random my age ,so it's censored(sorry,and no offense) you don't have to tell me your age either. Just don't be weird to me.
This is a safe place for people to express their emotions and opinions (please be gentle, some people are sensitive {like me} and tends to overthink.{not picking}
I can accept profanity,
This will also be on my profile, please following and consider being apart my 7ds obsession and buddies!!
Autocorrect warnings
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random-potato-mil · 8 months ago
Hello potatoes!
(Yes you are a potato now, live with it)
I am Mil or The Potato, I use they/them pronouns, and are just here too vibe.
I'm gonna upload my drawings, and other fun stuff.
Yes, this is a good post to make, I know what I'm doing.
I hope you have a good night/day/noon/evening/life.
-Mil the potato
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bushelofmuses · 3 days ago
@aqueenofstone fucked up and asked for one too
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Sombra gave her a slow once-over as her smile grew.
Tumblr media
After a moment she tried, "If you're looking for a throne away from home, I volunteer, ma'am."
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queenmoriarty · 9 months ago
*drinks tea angrily*
can’t i
*stirs tea furiously*
just for once have a conversation with a new person without being socially awkward and shy so the other person gets the feeling i'm not interested even though it's the complete opposite i just can't show it due to my socially-rusty-phobic nature and would love to skip the small talk to get to know the person without misunderstandings ugh
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 8 months ago
Never imagined my life like this
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wanderpikmin · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello There! I’m new here and I would like to share art about Pikmin and Wandersong. Maybe a little bit of other things too.
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mina-globes-and-maps · 5 months ago
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augustus-kira-clover · 10 months ago
Ey yo you know that dude thats "Married" to Damnatio?
Cheating on him for Nicholas Cage.
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loreber · a year ago
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abluehappyface · 11 months ago
ooh r u blueee like a smurfff
u sont kno me but im sleep deprived ir at least im pretty sure we’ve never talked before but i want answers
I don't know you, but I see you hanging out a lot with @wh0w0re so I've seen you before. As for your question, physically nothing about me is blue, but mentally I'm VERY blue. So, what about you?
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naesworldx · 10 months ago
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Let’s talk change….
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sadangelicgirl · a month ago
Hi, I’m new.. follow me & I’ll follow u <<33
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l-lend · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
hi there,
First post on tumblr here so we'll get some intro stuff done. So a bit about me and what I write about:
- 28 years old
-mostly a hobbyist when it comes to writing so I'm trying to get back into it. Took a couple of classes in uni and rediscovered the love I have for it.
Things I'll write about:
- The Bad Batch
- dnd 5e content (I tend to take prompts with some of my characters but wouldn't mind branching out)
Things I will not write about
- non con
-smut involving minors (please.. just no)
- gratuitous gore
-NSFW Content (that's over on @boozeandbaddecisions )
Anyway, thanks for reading and I look forward to showing you guys what I got. Oh, and for now asks are open!
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