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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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un-poetryy · 2 hours ago
Love ‘n’ Jokes
Isn’t love a funny thing?
It make you and break you all within seconds.
- Kiran
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authenticverses · 2 hours ago
Summary: We all have lost that golden opportunity at least once in our life - love, education, wealth, fame, happiness etc. with our once beloved. This poem hopes to capture the lingering regrets we might have because of that. But as Oasis sung - "But don't look back in anger, don't look back in anger"
Tumblr media
Two birds meet on a grassy knoll
Lifelong friends on a rendezvous
Weavers they were, artisans small
Nests they built, one of nature’s wonders
While one looked petite in coal black plumes
The other seemed his world had been turned asunder.
And on the green earth that morning they stood
As close to the other as they could
Fifty miles away from both their places
No movement or chirpings of any kind
Just utter silence and deep stares into each other’s eyes
Knowing the feelings in their hearts as they should.
Then the gloomy one said with a sigh
Oh, I wish with you I had flown away
To the lush woods of happiness
Yet, soot and smoke shrouds my body
I dwell in a place where all is razed to ruins
Sleep is a dream, living in constant fear of being blown away.
Oh, I should have flown away with you again he sighed
To a heaven so pure and untouched
Where the sun smiles and shines, the trees hum in unison
Where berries so ruddy, like a toddlers’ cheeks
There I would weave my nest of leaves and grass
And so big as to put the social bird to shame.
Yet, I am trapped in a place so gloomy
Where the machines send plumes of black and cloud the blue sky
Where my nest of thorns and charred twigs
Chars my soul, chokes my dear ones
Oh friend, the other said with tears in his eyes
I wish with me you had flown away.
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wwpoetry · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
My body is levitating
From the ground
I feel myself being
Pulled into a realm
I see you there
Before my eyes
Slowly my heart
Begins to rise
Your hands are
Holding my face
Your lips are on mine
Ready to be embraced
So much passion
In one little kiss
Is this what it’s
Like to feel full bliss
Your tongue is
Warm and soft
I can feel myself
Becoming completely unlocked
My body gets lighter
With every touch
I’ve never loved
Someone so much
When I’m with you
I begin to float
Sometimes I feel like
I’m your assigned ghost
I am your Calypso
Always and Forever
Captain I can’t wait
For you to open
This treasure
By: NostalgicMermaid77
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theluciddragonfly · 6 hours ago
Write to my insecurities.
Write to my shame.
Write to my love gone wrong.
Write for the obsession of my soul.
Write for the wide eyed girl lost in my brown eyes.
Write for the amour etched in every single letter I typed to you even despite your multifaceted smile.
I write to you in the gleam of the moonlight and the glimmer of a thousand stars aligning in the sky to watch my declaration of love overflowing in stardust.
I quickly erase the cries of my soul right before me.
The trio of dots suddenly disappear as I type a simple hello.
I write to you in vain.
Tumblr media
— L.O.V.E by @theluciddragonfly
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brokendreams111 · 8 hours ago
I stayed way longer than I was supposed to. I take responsibility for it. On my defense, my soul was tied to yours. I deposited all my dreams in you. For loving you I was willing to fight alone against the world.
You found me when I was hurting and you fixed me only to leave me in pieces again. I have forgiven you but I cant seem to forget the pain.
Remember that big snowstorm we had in February? I was frozen shoveling the snow outside while you was cleaning her driveway. I am capable of handling life by myself but that doesnt take away the fact that it hurts to be this lonely while you claim to love me.
I must have heard you say a thoudand times how well you are doing financially and Im happy for you but I wish you knew at times I struggled so hard to barely survive... Where was your love? Where was your love when you moved on with your life like I had died?
On Sundays you pump her gas while I pump my own. I woke up in an emergency room covered in tubes, tears running down my face I stared at the empty chair beside me. Where was your love?
I cried my soul out in my car on my birthday, a birthday you forgot two years in a row. I cried my soul on my Dad's death anniversary because I didn't have a shoulder to lean on. Yes I am strong but it doesnt mean it doesnt hurt to be alone.
Forgive me if now when you tell me how much you love me all I hear is empty words. Words can be beautiful, they are what I live for but when it comes to love, words need to match your actions.
Dont tell me you love me when you forgot about me. Dont tell me you love me when it was easy to let me go. Dont tell me you love me if you lay down every night next to someone else while I cant even imagine being close to someone ever again. Love must be a foreign concept for you.
You will look for me in every woman that you encounter for I not only touched your flesh, my love touched your soul everytime I made love to you.
Dont act like I didnt fight for you.. for us.. I did and for a very long time so forgive me now if Im exhausted.
Its certain I will love you until my last day with my last breath but my heart finally accepted I wasnt the one you wanted.
~ YB
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still-beliefs · 8 hours ago
Wandering out there
Insecure in the footprints you leave
Press hard, soft
It doesn’t matter because what will stay
Lives inside us and not around us
If you haven’t noticed
Tomorrow could be entirely different
It’s all subjective
Relative to the amount of stress I feel
Pummeling these shoulders down to the ground
A hammer to nails
I have no tales left to tell I just
Want to make memories but
No one is here
Like testing a microphone
I’d love to hear one annoyed ugh
A hollow scowl
We meet eyes but you don’t meet me
In the spiritual plane where I walk confidently
Like it’s beneath me even here in this
Fucking god damn eternal hell
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out-ofthings · 8 hours ago
juat because i carry it well doesn’t mean it is not heavy.
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out-ofthings · 8 hours ago
“The days you are most unconfortable are the days you learn the most yourself.” –Mary L. Bean
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still-beliefs · 9 hours ago
You were lost in the world
Small steps, big dreams
Like nothing could take you down and
You’d look around with so much meaning
In comparison to it all
Misunderstanding the vibe but
Positive in your light, changed it all around
Your own hero
Proud and courageous just because
You followed the true path and fought for it
Making you strong
We never start out as gods
Just hope in their eyes
Following us down to earth like tears
Shooting stars stronger than the atmosphere
We belong here in many ways
Shapes that fit and rotate
Like a flock of birds we are all
Close but disconnected
Relentless in flight
I don’t want to glide
I want to soar
The strength to go straight up
Against all odds
Guitar in hand I
Sing songs to this creek
Passion is a pathway to peace
Give me this and
You can tell me all your stories
Of the times you’ve wandered
Feet so tired I
Would love to close my eyes and just
Listen to something truthful
Like a lullaby massaging my mind to
Remember why we center here
In the only empty space
Amongst the encasing trees
Where they can’t get to us any longer
A place quiet enough for you to love me like I hope you can
My hands soft unarmed inside
The echo of your heartbeat against mine
Thumping loud in the forest forevermore
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