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At the precise moment that after a few days the fierce storm that

and I avatia, drenched with courage, and even our lives diminish; they were diluted.

A new desire to want to scream was born, it will not achieve anything to stop loving us …

This stopped being a battle in our hearts, everything began to be repaid.

In a way that I would never have known,

And that, I confess that it made me meditate, and love him more in a beautiful and sinuous way.

I don’t think there is hatred, between her and me, nor that it should exist, life is made up of challenges and experiences, which keep coming …

“He who owns his life does not lend it with strange love, does not rent it for nice words, nor does he allow himself to be bought by the crumbs of illusion.”

Sometimes, the most beautiful stories are unfinished onesn…

After all, they remained unanswered, which means they have a smack of eternity.

The same as always… but not the same as before.

Juan Francisco Palencia.

Apology for Two Worlds ™.

Tepito Mexico neighborhood.

Fall 2020 ©

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İyi ve kaliteli insanlar ile oturup kalkın. Yalancı, vicdansız, kıskanç, cahil, cimri, sürekli geçmişi ile ilgili boş hikaye anlatanlardan, egosu yüksek ve her şeye olumsuz bakan kişilerden uzak durun! Merhametsiz ve sevgisiz insanlara sevginizi de zamanınızı da heba etmeyin!“

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A life on repeat

That’s all it is

Nothing unique

In this overrated bliss

What we wish to find

We dont know

Caught up in a bind

We seek the unknown

Always on a lookout

For something new

A mind full of desire

Our time is due

Some people we are

Not as noble as we say

With falsehood and no integrity

Look at us today

- Gru

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So many pieces have fallen off

The marijuana only induces shaking

Violent rattling

I am off the wall

My favorite melody

Sounds like an ice box to you

I ran myself around my region of existence today


I circulate and gravitate to this lone highway town

To each their own

A melodramatic comedown

I said easy

Easy on the comedown

I told him I’ll pray for him so that’s what I’ll do

Wait for him

Waiting on que

Que for his arrival

His sweet return

It’s been a lifetime too long

I stayed praying for you

All of the men

I find myself loving

Are interesting and the rawest form of masculinity’s finest

I masturbate to sensei all of the time

I come to fly boy at full moon’s rise

I shriek to wiseman when the only thing that will shake depression is one lift off

Get me poison

Daddy why were you such a dog?

Why did you kill the dog?

Why didn’t you bury the dog and left her for innocence to find?

I guess that is why you became ashes and I am rising out of them

Thankful I don’t have to see pitiful broken, never-going-to-heal ribs

The devil stole the man right out of you

How Gabriel the archangel is once more,

Casted aside

How Marianne’s Trench only gets deeper and wider

How you split her open at the thighs

My fresh and sweet eyes

How you could not disguise the grunts and the groans

I grew up listening to you fuck my mother with those tones

You fed me to the wolves


The hawk can guide me

The butterfly can embrace me

The raven can warn me

The owl can feed me

The eagle can heal me

These northern winds

They keep me safer than you ever would

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I’m passing by

blurred like time

A world covered by a gown

Reflecting the lights of neon

feet pounding

A theme of the somber

So dull

All grey


if I have to go

Was I here at all

Time stops

With me

We make no sound

It’s all


Our head

The stars I see

May be long gone

Like me

Past me

Everybody is an after image

Of a blurry tragedy

No sound left

No stars left to see us

To laugh at us

So loudly

About our misery

How would I know the difference

What is left and what is gone

Is there a difference?

Are the stars I see there

Or are they long gone like me

What if they are the only thing

That can see me

And now

Day came

And they’re gone, sleeping

If nobody is here to see

What am I gonna be

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