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aisxmz · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Physically I'm here but mentally I'm living in an old, abandoned castle running around in silk gowns.
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witchofoz · a year ago
I used to think I wanted someone like a God: glorious, trembling, divine. I wanted to be holy, I think. I wanted to be touched in a way that could break the earth into two and end the world tomorrow. Then you came along and you did something else entirely: you made me feel human again. You breathed life back into my bones and I saw grass grow in all the places I thought to be dead. I no longer walk through life trying to escape it. I am happy to be here, with you, for however long we are gifted.
Achilles and Patroclus by Sara Li (via ig)
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drunk-on-writing · 7 months ago
20 things i learned in 2020
(inspired by shannon barry)
at a moment’s notice, in the blink of an eye, from one second to another, everything can change. there’s no preparing for it sometimes. just accepting it. 
being apart doesn’t mean we lack togetherness; there are a multitude of ways to forge connection with someone aside from physically being with them.
it really is the little things -- never underestimate just how healing a warm walk or reading a good book can be.
empathy is still a foreign concept to many so surround yourself with people who care about more than just themselves.
just because the world stopped spinning for a few months, doesn’t mean time stopped moving; the months may have bled into each other but that doesn’t mean we were living in an endless march - october still came and it blessed us with orange leaves and crisp skies. july brought the fireworks it promised it would. december still came with christmas. it may have felt different, but it was still there.
don’t be afraid to stand up when others are telling you to sit down; don’t be afraid to shout when others are telling you to be quiet.
the people in your corner will save you in more ways than one and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be saving them too.
you don’t need a reason to do your makeup or wear a fancy dress. look like you’re going to prom in your backyard, eat mcdonald’s with your face beat. who cares? “just because” is always reason enough.
that thing you’ve always wanted to try? do it. instead of starting your thoughts with “what if i” or “i could just” -- do it. nothing’s holding you back except for you.
the world will turn upside down in more ways than one and you are going to turn with it; all you can do is hold on tight and go with the flow. 
it’s okay to be scared, it’d be scarier if you weren’t. 
injustice doesn’t stop because the world stopped; hatred will always be loud and ugly and it’s up to us to turn that pain into promise through education and action.
being alone doesn’t have to be lonely. learn to fall in love with spending time with yourself. 
we’re all connected in ways we never realized and we affect each other’s lives in more ways than we’ll ever truly understand. we’re all connected someway, somehow. 
just because it seems like everyone else is hustling, doesn’t mean you have to as well. move at you’re own pace. 
don’t stop taking pictures just because things are ugly now; one day, you’ll look back and be glad you did. 
we haven’t lived through a chapter of a US history textbook -- we are still living through one. just because the page is turning doesn’t mean everything is changing. be patient. 
you’re allowed to just be. you’re allowed to just exist. 
don’t stop chasing happiness just because it’s harder to get a hold of.
keep trying. keep fighting. keep loving. keep living.
(cc, 2020)
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civilizedancestors · 17 days ago
the intimacy of knowing how to make someone’s perfect cup of coffee
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drunk-on-writing · a year ago
tales from the disney princesses
snow white a kind heart like yours is a gift more precious than gold but keep in mind not everyone’s intentions are as pure as yours
cinderella don’t confuse her hateful speech as motherly love or sisterhood just because they are your family doesn’t mean you are their property
aurora your silence is not your consent and if he twists your lips into an unwitting “yes” coat your lips with poison and show him what that mouth can really do
ariel you can make the seas tremble with how loud you can speak; don't let anyone steal your voice
belle she found herself while lost in a world of fiction; she survived reality because she lived in fantasy
jasmine she, who knows her worth is a force to be reckoned with; the tiger can never be made to believe it is only a helpless kitten
mulan the next time he tells you to “man up” remind him that true strength comes from within not from what’s in between your legs
tiana she doesn’t wish on shooting stars she is the shooting star she shines so bright and makes her own wishes come true
rapunzel don’t throw your hair down for just anyone; it’s easy for them to get to the top when you’re the one doing all the work. someone who cares will show you’re worth the climb
elsa you are an entire snowstorm in a single snowflake you can be both annihilating and soft
(cc, 2019) part i / part ii / part iii / part iv
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