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richincolor · 2 days ago
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New Releases -- Week of August 9, 2022
There's a nice variety of books coming our way this week. We have a little bit of magic, mystery, a few zombies, messy families, and a few other interesting situations. What are you excited to read?
Blood Like Fate (Blood Like Magic #2) by Liselle Sambury Margaret K. McElderry
Voya Thomas may have passed her Calling to become a full-fledged witch, but the cost was higher than she’d ever imagined.
Her grandmother is gone. Her cousin hates her. And her family doesn’t believe that she has what it takes to lead them.
What’s more, Voya can’t let go of her feelings for Luc, sponsor son of the genius billionaire Justin Tremblay—the man that Luc believes Voya killed. Consequently, Luc wants nothing to do with her. Even her own ancestors seem to have lost faith in her. Every day Voya begs for their guidance, but her calls go unanswered.
As Voya struggles to convince everyone—herself included—that she can be a good Matriarch, she has a vision of a terrifying, deadly future. A vision that would spell the end of the Toronto witches. With a newfound sense of purpose, Voya must do whatever it takes to bring her shattered community together and stop what’s coming for them before it’s too late.
Even if it means taking down the boy she loves—who might be the mastermind behind the coming devastation. — Cover image and summary via Goodreads
The Lies We Tell by Katie Zhao Bloomsbury YA
Anna Xu moving out of her parent’s home and into the dorms across town as she starts freshman year at the local, prestigious Brookings University. But her parents and their struggling Chinese bakery, Sweetea, aren’t far from campus or from mind, either.
At Brookings, Anna wants to keep up her stellar academic performance and to investigate the unsolved campus murder of her childhood babysitter. She there she also finds a familiar face – her middle-school rival, Chris Lu. The Lus also happen to be the Xu family’s business rivals since they opened Sunny’s, a trendy new bakery on Sweetea’s block. Chris is cute but still someone to be wary of – until a vandal hits Sunny’s and Anna matches the racist tag with a clue from her investigation.
Anna grew up in this town, but more and more she feels like maybe she isn’t fully at home here — or maybe it’s that there are people here who think she doesn’t belong. When a very specific threat is made to Anna, she seeks out help from the only person she can. Anna and Chris team up to find out who is stalking her and take on a dangerous search into the hate crimes happening around campus. Can they root out the ugly history and take on the current threat?
The Lies We Tell is a social activism/we all belong here anthem crossed with a thriller and with a rivals-to-romance relationship set on a college campus. — Cover image and summary via Goodreads
How You Grow Wings by Rimma Onoseta Algonquin Young Readers
Sisters Cheta and Zam couldn’t be more different. Cheta, sharp-tongued and stubborn, never shies away from conflict—either at school or at home, where her mother fires abuse at her. Timid Zam escapes most of her mother’s anger, skating under the radar and avoiding her sister whenever possible. In a turn of good fortune, Zam is invited to live with her aunt’s family in the lap of luxury. Jealous, Cheta also leaves home, but finds a harder existence that will drive her to terrible decisions. When the sisters are reunited, Zam alone will recognize just how far Cheta has fallen—and Cheta’s fate will rest in Zam’s hands.
Debut author Rimma Onoseta deftly explores classism, colorism, cycles of abuse, how loyalty doesn’t always come attached to love, and the messy truths that sometimes family is not a source of comfort and that morality is all shades of gray. — Cover image and summary via Goodreads
The Undead Truth of Us by Britney Lewis Disney-Hyperion
Death was everywhere. They all stared at me, bumping into one another and slowly coming forward.
Sixteen-year-old Zharie Young is absolutely certain her mother morphed into a zombie before her untimely death, but she can’t seem to figure out why. Why her mother died, why her aunt doesn’t want her around, why all her dreams seem suddenly, hopelessly out of reach. And why, ever since that day, she’s been seeing zombies everywhere.
Then Bo moves into her apartment building―tall, skateboard in hand, freckles like stars, and an undeniable charm. Z wants nothing to do with him, but when he transforms into a half zombie right before her eyes, something feels different. He contradicts everything she thought she knew about monsters, and she can’t help but wonder if getting to know him might unlock the answers to her mother’s death.
As Zharie sifts through what’s real and what’s magic, she discovers a new truth about the world: Love can literally change you―for good or for dead.
In this surrealist journey of grief, fear, and hope, Britney S. Lewis’s debut novel explores love, zombies, and everything in between in an intoxicating amalgam of the real and the fantastic. — Cover image and summary via Goodreads
The Memory Index Thomas Nelson
In a world where memories are like currency, dreams can be a complicated business.
In an alternative 1987, a disease ravages human memories. There is no cure, only artificial recall. The lucky ones--the recollectors--need the treatment only once a day.
Freya Izquierdo isn't lucky. The high school senior is a "degen" who needs artificial recall several times a day. Plagued by blinding half-memories that take her to her knees, she's desperate to remember everything that will help her investigate her father's violent death. When her sleuthing almost lands her in jail, a shadowy school dean selects her to attend his Foxtail Academy, where five hundred students will trial a new tech said to make artificial recall obsolete.
She's the only degen on campus. Why was she chosen? Freya is nothing like the other students, not even her new friends Ollie, Chase, and the alluring Fletcher Cohen. Definitely not at all like the students who start to vanish, one by one. And nothing like the mysterious Dean Mendelsohn, who has a bunker deep in the woods behind the school.
Nothing can prepare Freya and her friends for the truth of what that bunker holds. And what kind of memories she'll have to access to survive it. — Cover image and summary via Goodreads
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tinnitist · 4 days ago
Next Week in Music | Aug. 8-14 • The Long List: 200+ Releases On The Way
Next Week in Music | Aug. 8-14 • The Long List: 200+ Releases On The Way
Today in music birthdays: Throwing Muses and 50FootWave leader Kristin Hersh is 56, Mavericks singer-guitarist Raul Malo turns 57, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson is 64, and Nashville veteran Rodney Crowell hits 72. That should give you a start on a pretty interesting playlist for the day. And while you listen, peruse this list of the 200-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets,…
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kpopmultifan · 5 days ago
Scheduled New Releases: August 2022 - Week 2
This list will continually be updated when MVs, iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, & YouTube Music links & additional new release information becomes available.  
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Golden Child - Aura (6th Mini-Album) Title Track: Replay [MV] [highlight medley] Release Date: August 8th [Apple Music/iTunes] [Spotify] [YouTube Music]
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TRI.BE - Leviosa (3rd Single Album) Title Track: Kiss [MV] Release Date: August 9th [Apple Music/iTunes] [Spotify] [YouTube Music]
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KINO (from PENTAGON) - Pose (Special Single) [MV] Release Date: August 9th [Apple Music/iTunes] [Spotify] [YouTube Music]
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BM (from KARD) - Strangers (2nd Digital Single) [Visualizer] Release Date: August 9th [Apple Music/iTunes] [Spotify] [YouTube Music]
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TNT (Teens in Times) - Dusty Schoolbag (Single) [MV] Release Date: August 9th [Apple Music/iTunes] [Spotify] [YouTube Music]
E.SO (Berry Good alum Seoyul) - Black Ocean (Single) Release Date: August 9th
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M!LK - Kiseki ga sora ni koi o hibikaseta (3rd Single) [MV] Release Date: August 10th [Apple Music/iTunes] [Spotify] [YouTube Music]
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NIK - La Vida Loca (2nd Single) [MV] Release Date: August 10th [Apple Music/iTunes] [Spotify] [YouTube Music]
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lol - Fever Fever (Digital Single) Release Date: August 10th [Apple Music/iTunes] [Spotify] [YouTube Music]
WEi - Youth (Japanese Debut Mini-Album) Title Track: Maldives [MV] Release Date: August 11th
Jo Yuri - Maybe (UNIVERSE Digital Single) [MV Teaser] Release Date: August 11th
CRAVITY - Boogie Woogie (1st English Single) Release Date: August 12th
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theplaystationbrahs · 5 days ago
South of the circle Review|Indie Surprise of the Year?
South of the circle Review|Indie Surprise of the Year?
South of the Circle is a narrative adventure, about Peter, a Cambridge academic who finds himself fighting for survival in Antarctica during the 1960’s Cold War. Along the way Peter has flash backs to his life at the university and his relationship with Clara. All these flashbacks occur while Peter is stranded with his pilot after crash landing. He’s soon forced out in to the unknown in search…
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solvoarticlescom · 5 days ago
Madonna Joins Beyoncé on New “Break My Soul” Remix: Listen
Madonna Joins Beyoncé on New “Break My Soul” Remix: Listen
Madonna has jumped on the latest remix from Beyoncé’s Renaissance LP, “Break My Soul” (The Queens Remix). The song prominently features an interpolation of Madonna’s 1990 hit single “Vogue,” and name-drops a bevy of Black artists and ballroom legends. It’s available for purchase on her web store. Madonna’s original song and video for “Vogue” was a watershed moment for ballroom culture in the…
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cybercitycomix · 8 days ago
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Top New Misc Comic Releases for the Week of August 3rd, 2022.
20XX Transport #1,
Bloodborne: Lady of Lanterns #1,
Dead Lucky #1,
Elles #1,
Frankenstein: New World #1,
Golden Rage #1,
Sacrament #1,
Survival Street #1,
Two Gun Terror #1 +
Vineyard #1.
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bookaddict24-7 · 9 days ago
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(New Young Adult Releases Coming Out Today! (August 2nd, 2022)
Have I missed any new Young Adult releases? Have you added any of these books to your TBR? Let me know!
New Standalones/First in a Series:
How to Date a Superhero (And Not Die Trying) by Cristina Fernandez
You, Me, & Our Heartstrings by Melissa See
Bloody Fool for Love by William Ritter
Dauntless by Elisa A. Bonnin
It Sounds Like This by Anna Meriano
What’s Coming to Me by Francesca Padilla
Bad At Love by Gabriela Martins 
The Stars Between Us by Cristin Terrill
Don’t Go to Sleep by Bryce Moore 
Sadie Starr’s Guiding to Starting Over by Miranda Luby
The Brink by Holden Sheppard
Wild is the Witch by Rachel Griffin
New Sequels: 
My Imaginary Mary (Mary #2) by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, & Jodi Meadows
The King Will Kill You (Kingdoms of Sand and Sky #3) by Sarah Henning
Happy reading!
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