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#new rp
beefruitz · 3 months ago
︵ ᷼ ⏜  *݂ 𝅄 𖥻 ↓
⭒ 𓈒  ׄ ૮ ( ᴗ 𝆹 ᴗ ֢ ) ડ 𝅄 ⏱⃝ ꜞ
– ᧉstética ! (⠀୨ bᧉcɑ̠ ‹𝟹⠀) ↓
⩇  ⭒  ଘ  ⬫  ⑅  ◦
◍  ᥀  𝆯  ◖  ♡ ១
☆ 𓊪 !▯  ҂  ᰋ  ᰥ
✽  𖣂  ᰍ  𓈈  웄
‹𝟹  𓍱  ୧  ★  𔒌  𓍢
❁  Ꮺ  ꩜  ﹪  ✦
⌕  ◌  ﹖  𖨂  𝅄  𖥦
𖦹  あ  ५  𖦆  ⊹ ✿𝆫
ᦾ  ❀𝆫   𒀭  𖥧  ✹
﹅  ꣹  ⁂  ꧈  𓏭  ﹢
ꜞꜞ  ⁕  ⊞  ఽ  ❅  ⁑  ꒰
⋆  ᰔ  あ  ᖗ  𓎆  ∞
ぅ  ᥫ  ᭡  ა  ✫  ∿
ഒ  ⬞  ゅ ୫  𔘓  ᦒ  ⬪
ᝬ ✧  ก  𐇵  ᕱ  ๑
⨾  𖧧  ≀  ⌯  사  랑
𓍯  ⌁  ✷  ﹖︎  𖥻
◍̵⃘   ﹠  ◔⃘ 𝆬  ⸙  ﹗
◌⃘   ୭  ੭  𑁤̶  ౿  𓈒  ⸼
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obsessiveandirritable · 3 years ago
Send “💘” to drag my muse out on a date with yours.
(If you don’t specify where they’re going on a date, my muse gets to choose)
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cursedatabase · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
BEFORE PROCEEDING :   if your suspected fate is putting any mortal in direct, imminent danger   ( including, but not limited to: mind control and manipulation, loss of senses, loss of limbs, torture, mutilation, or death )   please report to one of our secure locations immediately.
                                                                  CLICK HERE TO BEGIN REGISTRATION.
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seventeaser · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
If you listen to the winds, they gossip that even the spirits are afraid.
The world has seen this kind of crumbling before — back when Chaos’ disruption of harmony perturbed every inch of earth and sea. 800 years later, Chaos is beginning to rebuild strength. Any moment, Their primordial hand could raise on humanity and come down in a fist. Only twelve strangers, brought together by their bloodlines, can stop the destruction — but can doesn’t mean they will.
Seven Spirits is a literary fantasy roleplay set in a world untouched by Western colonialism. Although the plot, world, and characters are original content belonging solely to the roleplay’s creators, Seven Spirits takes inspiration from Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Salt Fish Girl. The group is run by QTPOC and aims to center POC and LGBTQI-identified folks. 
Stay tuned for more information!
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obsessiveandirritable · 3 years ago
Try to fluster my muse.
I’ll react, and rank you out of ten.
(reblog the thread to try for a higher score)
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kristynleroy · 7 months ago
You know how some people’s love language is physical touch, giving gifts, speech, acts of service, etc. Well I feel like mine is a combination of physical touch and giftgiving. On one hand, I would melt at the touch of someone im truly romantically attached to. On the other hand, the second I give a friend or a significant other a book or my own written poetry, whether its platonicly or not, it means I love them enough to share a piece of me with them, and that isn’t always easy for me...
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emirkocturk · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beni halimden anlayın istemiştim gül bahçemden değil beni yalnızlığımdan suskunluğumdan koruyun istemiştim sırtımdan bir öpücük tanesiyle vurulmak istemedim..
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thievesrpg · 2 years ago
They’ve done this before, and they’ll do it again. It’s what they’re best at. An elite group handpicked and recruited over the years, trained to execute their part of the plan with precision. Every detail counts --- the perfect smile, the smallest brushstroke, every 0 and 1 in that code.
They know what they’re doing, and they ready themselves as they await the perfect time to strike. Whether it’s artwork, jewelry or even information, the thieves have their eye on their target and their hands itch to take what they desire.
For them, the only crime is getting caught.
For an early look at the timeline and masterlist, reblog this post. Make sure your ask box is open, because the admins will be dropping by.
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anony-rpgirl · 2 years ago
Midnight Messages
New RP with @fluidityandgiggles or @jelliedgigglejuice !! This is a soulmate au this time, focused on Logicality with backed up Prinxiety, Remile, Thomas x Jon, and Nate x Brian! Basically based off Kylo’s story, where at midnight you get a text which is something your soulmate said the day before (Unless you count midnight in the same day in which it would’ve been something your soulmate had said that day). Anyway! Enjoy!! ^-^
“I fell out of a tree… am I an acorn?” The text on Logan’s phone read. He almost gave in to the urge of facepalming and smiling at the same time at his soulmate’s word. He was also almost tempted to respond with “You could also be a coconut or durian” but he knew better.
It was currently midnight, and with all activities done for, he decided to finally rest. Admittingly, that text was the last on his list and now, with exhaustion clouding his mind, he turned off his phone and rested for the night.
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stormwaterwitch · 2 years ago
::Welcome to Autumn Oaks::
Tumblr media
One of my art friends has made a Witchy Roleplay Forum and I wanted to share with my followers who enjoy Rp-ing. 
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obsessiveandirritable · 3 years ago
Send “🍷” For a drunk ramble on what my muse thinks about yours.
(Specify whether you’d like to overhear it, or have it directly said to you. “overheard” or “direct)
(results may vary.)
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trini--redacted · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Of course Kim takes my favorite jacket with her to India. I’m not sure if I should be pissed or turned on.
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