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artandstarstuff · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello all, you might’ve noticed I’ve been inactive for a while. Well now you know why! I been designing, formatting, and illustrating my own original RPG, Creature Feature. Players act as monsters who’s goal is to hunt down humans in a setting made by the GM, or Director.
The above images are samples of my rule book. It includes:
A character design section with original illustrations
A character sheet for players
A sample adventure
And guidelines for the Director, as well as GMing advice!
This one-shot game is perfect for first time Game masters who want to dip their toes into running a game, or experienced ones who want to spice up game night. Please note this rule book includes illustrations of gore, firearms, and body horror. If any of that disturbs you I don’t recommend purchasing it.
Get the PDF here on my Kofi shop!
I couldn’t do what I do without y’all’s support. I put a lot of work into this book and would really appreciate it if you bought a copy. Thanks so much, and happy hunting!
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outlawofkansas · 8 months ago
Based on Supernatural: a canon and alternative portrayal of 𝑫𝑬𝑨𝑵 𝑾𝑰𝑵𝑪𝑯𝑬𝑺𝑻𝑬𝑹. Possible Triggers ahead, crossovers welcome. 21+ Multiverse & multiship. Brother to Sam. [Verse one:] Planned ship with Lexi. [Verse two:] Planned ship with Caroline.
“ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴋɪɴᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴅᴏᴜᴄʜᴇʙᴀɢ ɴᴀᴍᴇꜱ ᴀ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ ᴀꜰᴛᴇʀ ʜɪᴍꜱᴇʟꜰ?” / Author of many fictional characters. Writer for @divinekindred & @adarutofiction writing group.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ichigowallpaper · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆Wallpaper: Kaeya
☆Game: Genshin Impact
☆720x1280 | 720X1560
☆ Like or reblog if u save
☆Don't Repost
☆My pinterest:
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roleplayersonline · 26 days ago
Hello! 21nb looking to create a Squid Game RP server on discord! The server will consist of oc’s and using tupperbox, and following the plot of the show. But possibly making it take place in the US.
I’m trying to gauge interest in the server, and I would love some input from members as to how we want the server to be set up!
If you’re interested in participating, please like/reblog this post and I’ll reach out to you! (so please have your inbox open!)
Because of the contents of the show/rp, please be 18+!
squid game roleplay server | like/rb
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arthurgustin · a year ago
Arthur slows to a stop on the sidewalk with a frown. He takes a moment to glance down the sidewalk and around to the nearby buildings and the street signs at the corner. He thought he had mapped out his route perfectly before he left his building, but this definitely wasn’t where he meant to end up. “I think I messed up,” he announces aloud.
Tumblr media
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superstes-promo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
DO YOU CRAVE FAME? You are one of the lucky ones to be part of the reality show thousands of people tried to get in. You are part of a group of 10 contestants who are eager to win the prize and leave your mark while being part of this reality show.
                                 DO YOU WANT TO BE WIDELY ENTERTAINED?
The Superstes was a dream coming true, and in a blink of an eye, there you were, appreciating the view of the island that would be your home for the following weeks and, hopefully, you’d be the one to remain there up until the very end. Winning would be the only way out of there for you and nothing would change your mind about it. But who’s told you in the end you’ll be the last one in the island?  THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM TO BE.
Inspired by Total Drama Island, but with a whole different background, Superstes is a small group skeleton roleplay with a psychological thriller atmosphere where players alongside the admins work together to develop the following chapters of this reality show as the plot moves forward, offering a safe environment to develop characters and build connections. Join us! We’d love to have you here!
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josh-cole · a year ago
If Elijah saw him right now, he’d go ballistic. Josh is pacing in a huff through a busy New York route with his laptop tucked under one arm for every questionable character on the street to see, as he struggles to pinpoint his hotel. Yeah, you read correctly; he’s lost sight of an entire hotel, and his own at that. He’s only been back in the city for two days, in his defence, and so many of the streets really do look the same – especially at this time of night. If he were here, Elijah say he’s stupid for not bringing a bag for starters, and Josh would swing his laptop down near his legs between a few clumsy fingers just to prove a point.
Elijah’s not here though, so Josh can admit that that one guy across the road is giving him a pretty creepy look, and that holding his laptop close to his side does feel a hell of a lot safer. He’s just about to pull his eyes from the man -who’s probably harmless really, just sitting silently with a cup at his side- when his shoulder collides with another.
“Sorry,” he rushes as he just barely catches the laptop that was seconds from smashing to the ground. “God, sorry. I was,” he makes a vague motion toward his head- 'in my own world' -but his attention is more so on his device, which he checks over in slight disbelief that he’d managed to catch the thing. As he tucks it back beneath his arm, he asks, “are you okay?”
Tumblr media
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duskfellhq · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
the golden apple: city of opportunities; kairos looks down upon the city with more love than any other, with everything to show about it. it might be the flourishing and divergent neighborhoods in the residential area that gets you, or is it the high rises in downtown manhattan, the ones that kiss the skyline with their neon lights, the CEOs and CFOs argue numbers with whatever men and women in button ups and ties they bought for too much money, or maybe it’s the small sandwich shop in brooklyn that’ll get you, the one that knows you by your first name, making every sandwich for lunch from the day you started kindergarten.
you would never be able to tell that this city was a BATTLE GROUND of species, one that left some to be wanting more, yearning for revenge against the one’s who wronged them all those years ago. there’s turf wars, of course, between species; because what city doesn’t have them ?
BUT anyone who knows anything, knows the real opportunities lie beyond the daytime life of new york, through the passing glances those families who live in the hills or in the high rises that you so desperately want to be in, of those who hold their head high — or maybe hang it in shame — through crimson drenched souls, stinking of death and iron, or those who sharpen their weapons just to feel the blade in their hands, or the ones whose tarot cards are a little too accurate, or maybe it’s just that one person you can’t put your finger down on what exactly the hell is wrong with them.
duskfellhq. is an appless, plotless, original character supernatural based rpg in new york city that focuses on character development and small plot drops & events to move the story forward.
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theislesrphqpromo · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Waking up in a new strange place those from Beacon Hills and those from New Orleans and Mystic Falls must try to figure out who is an ally, who is an enemy and trust that those titles do not drastically change as things move forward. The dead from those lands have also seemed to be ripped from their rest and thrown into the Isles without any warning. Its not just each other or the Faye they have to watch out for but the strange dark creature that has been leaving bodies behind, are the Isles meant to be a new home or simply a stopping place till they can find their own dimensions once more?
This is an Teen Wolf, TVD, The Originals, Legacies, and OC based rp set in the Isles of Avalon home of the Faye.
Home ||  Plot ||Navi ||App
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t-ycho · 8 months ago
Need your help.
My buddy is trying to get his rpg zine to have some traction for zinequest 3 on kickstarter:
Tumblr media
From the kickstarter page:
Tumblr media
I've played systems he's made before and he is a very talented game creator and an even more talented artist.
Tumblr media
Please. Have a look when you can and consider following the project.
Insta link
Kickstarter link
And if it's not your thing, maybe consider boosting? It would be awesome if you could
Thank you ❤️
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bigapplebottom · a year ago
Out of curiosity, if I were to tell you I was, say... 5 ft 11, would you belive me? Also what says ‘I’m a fun guy but I know how to take care of myself’ better; ‘long evening walks on the pier’ or ‘brisk morning jogs in Central Park?’ ... Anyway, completely unrelated but, for such a big city, it sure is hard to get a date around here.
Tumblr media
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roleplayersonline · 19 days ago
❝ 𝒲𝐸𝐿𝒞𝒪𝑀𝐸 𝒯𝒪 𝐻𝒪𝒢𝒲𝒜𝑅𝒯𝒮 𝒮𝒞𝐻𝒪𝒪𝐿 𝒪𝐹 𝒲𝐼𝒯𝒞𝐻𝒞𝑅𝒜𝐹𝒯 𝒜𝒩𝒟 𝒲𝐼𝒵𝒜𝑅𝒟𝑅𝒴 ❞ a marauders era based discord roleplay. based in 1976, the sixth year of the infamous marauders' and their classmates. this is a literate roleplay that accepts both canon and oc's— however a minimum of 5 canon characters must join before oc's are accepted. taken: marlene mckinnon please be 18+ due to mature themes that may be present in this roleplay! i am also looking for moderators to help out in the group too, so if that's something that interests you please don't hesitate to ask! if you're interested in joining, like this post and i'll reach out to you. x
marauders era roleplay group | like
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neonmysticaads · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Founded in 1946, its purpose was to create a safe place for supernatural beings to live and be themselves without the strict pressures of human society.
Sandwiched between mountains on one end and a suburban area on the other, not to mention being a coastal city, you can get the best of both worlds living in the city and it has become a popular city for people to start families.
Resting on a ley line intersection, much of the city is powered by magic itself, aided by technomancers. While the city is relatively safe, many believe the city to be sentient in some way and is always listening …
NeonMystica is an urban fantasy roleplay that takes place in modern day (2021) Japan in the fictional sanctuary city of Mystica. We are a small, inclusive, 18+ mature roleplay. We take inspiration from D&D, urban fantasy genre, the anime Brand New Animal and many others! We are currently accepting OC applications!
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vicecityhq · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
WITNESS(ES) SAY HE REMINDS THEM OF:    soft cascade of the rain, overwhelming scent of antiseptic burning your nose, cold taste of bitter black coffee left overnight . With a slight resemblance to BANG CHAN of/the STRAY KIDS.
last name, first name: kung, castor alias: tyndaridae realm of birth: earth . new zealand, dunedin age: 23 date of birth: july 15, 1998 gender: male  preferred pronouns: he . they species: children of the twelve occupation: ivory lotus . medical personnel / second year medical student sexual orientation: demipansexual 
skin color: honey tan eye color: heterochromatic . mute rose tone ( left ) && black ( right )  scars: small faded out scars across his knuckles and palms, a cut just tucked right behind his right ear lobe ( an accident when he tried to give himself diy piercing ),  a few closed up holes along his ears, a nick stretching from the bottom of his left eyebrows and running through and ending just midway of his forehead ( sports accident ), small light pink patches of raw skin on his lips where he nervously chew broken.  piercings: various piercings along his both of his ears && a lip ring on his bottom lip ( sometimes removed due to work purposes ) tattoos: various small geometric tattoos on his waist, thigh and collar bone && gemini constellation that spans across his back, in between his shoulder blades hair color: sandy blonde hair abnormalities: markings and runes glowing a pine green hue across his body ( mostly his arms, collar bone and waist down to his thighs ) horns/ wings/ etc:  n . a transformed form: n . a
SINS:  greed  /  gluttony  /  sloth  /  lust  /  pride  /  envy  /  wrath
VIRTUES: chastity  /  charity  /  diligence  /  humility /  kindness /  patience /  justice
known languages: english ( fluent ) . korean ( fluent )
i. within his family, the talk of castor's birth is a taboo due to the circumstances surrounding it. he was supposed to be born with a twin, however the other was still born and many view it as an unholy omen. he was brought up believing he is an only child, however it’s a complete accident that he hears the slip of truth from a few drunken relatives at a family dinner.
ii. to a certain extent, castor is aware that he isn’t quite normal compared to other people. there is always a sense of something missing, a gaping hole in his heart that couldn’t be fulfilled. he doesn’t know what it is that is missing, but the emptiness of his makes him insatiable to people’s attention and affection, be it physical or emotional. he doesn’t tell this to his family or people around him, in fear of the hole growing bigger in his heart. 
iii. he doesn’t want to be a doctor, but rather forced into it due to his family constantly chasing for prestige and honour. while he excels in his studies, he feels miserable and dreads the day when he finishes his study.
iv. he talks to himself a lot and usually in various voices to cope with the feeling of emptiness. the habit first started when he was a child, but he never grew out of it and stuck with it. he doesn’t tell anyone about it because he knows how crazy it comes off towards others.
i. proficient with the use of a knife. he is a medical student aiming to be a surgeon, it is a given that he’s good with knives.
ii. detailed oriented and composed during moments of high stress, it is one trait that makes his family believe that he will succeed as a surgeon.
iii. wide vocal range, if castor isn’t being pushed to be a doctor, he would have been a great singer for his wide vocal range. he often uses this to talk to himself when the feeling of emptiness is too overbearing. 
iv. good reflexes, it is unknown if this is something he is born with or naturally built up due to the various sports he used to play as a child. 
v. puzzles of any kind are a good de-stressor for castor. he personally prefers playing horror games or fps games as a way to hone his attention to detail and ability to operate under high stress. 
powers & abilities: bio-fission (copying/cloning themselves or their ‘soul twin’), aerokinesis, the ability to copy their twins, atmospheric gas manipulation, flight, stellar manipulation, ermískinesis, shapeshifting (into other humanoids only), reality warping, precognition (only involving their twin), empathy with touch, fusion with their twin (to create basically one more powerful version of themselves for an allotted amount of time.
traits: empathetic . needy
Date of Birth: July 25th 1998
Date of Death: N/A
Crime Record: N/A
born to the kung family, castor was a privileged child who was raised with only the best given to him. his family had an extensive history of fame and prestige, being an old money family that focuses on the value of tradition. anyone who bears the name of kung is expected to make a name for themselves, living only as the best and nothing less. 
such expectation was given to castor, the seemingly “ golden child ” of the family, yet such a title also came with the hush whisper of a shadowed secret. he was sheltered away from the world and every grim and dirty thing that his parents found unfitting in their eyes. perhaps it is the spoiling of his parents that made him so empty as a child, with a gaping void in his heart for something that he doesn’t know of. 
like any child, he was given only the best education and participated in numerous lessons and sports. however nothing satisfied him; the constant showering of praises and compliment, the shining gold medals that lay to collect dust on his shelf or the never growing achievement that seems meaningless in his eyes. he wanted more, craved for more but never knew what it was that his heart yearned. 
and now as an adult, castor finds himself lost in a new country with the pressure of his family into a path that he doesn’t quite feel committed to. the devouring sensation of emptiness seems to be unstoppable no matter how much he ignores it, yet he feels a calling towards him that guides him into the busy streets of adoeg, south korea. perhaps now it is time for him to truly find himself within the mysterious that lurks among adobe, to finally break out of the small world that he had been isolated in for so long and see it for what it is with his own two eyes.
INTERVIEW QUESTION (para sample): “Just run us through what happened that night”. - Officer
tw: description of blood && gore.
❝ just run us through what happened that night ❞. 
he could feel the scratches against his skin of the slowly drying blood on his what used to be a pristine white dress shirt. the uncomfortable stickiness as bits of half dry liquid cling itself against his skin, contrasting brightly against the dimly light interrogation room that he had found himself within. the cheap plastic chair digged painfully in his back, a welcome distraction away from the fact that he’s sitting in a police station covered in blood, someone else’s blood. 
castor doesn’t need to turn his face to know how repulsive he looked, his sandy blond curls sticking closely to his forehead as his fingers unconsciously pick at the drying scabs of blood that covered his hands. the officer before him was a middle aged man with a few grey hairs standing stark against the ebony black, signs of an overworked and tired officer who very much would like to be at home than in front of a blood soaked medical student. at least the other was considerate of his emotional and mental state, words coming out a bit softer and less abrasive as he narrows his eyes carefully towards the blonde hair male that is curled into the tiny seat. it was a sharp numbing pain from his lips that reminded castor of his current predicament, that the male before him is waiting for his answer though now a bit less patient than before. sharp taste of iron fills his mouth, and he briefly wonders if this is his own blood or the blood of the victim. he doesn’t ponder on the morbid thought for too long.
❝ i was heading back to the campus after my shift at the hospital, i intended to take the bus back but i needed a breather. so i took a detour instead and decided to walk to the next stop instead to wait for the bus. next thing i know, there is a dying lady in front of me. ❞ finally did he raise his head up to meet the other’s sharp stare, his already dark eyebags even more evident by the shadowing of the singular lightbulb hanging in the room. what else is he supposed to tell the officer? it wasn’t like he had made plans to see a near death gasping lady with a large hole in her chest reaching to him for help. ( in the end his effort was futile, she had passed away the moment the authorities arrived at the scene. his entire body covered in vermillion, steady hands still pressed against her gaping chest and eyes wide at the realization that he didn’t save her. ) 
❝ that’s it? you just so happen to see her on the floor with a hole in her chest? ❞ 
the officer’s tone wasn’t accusing but the subtext of it was there. castor knows well of the implication behind those words, it isn’t a normal occurrence to be covered from head to toe in someone’s blood. ❝ yes. she was on the floor, with a large hole in her chest and gasping at me for help. what was i supposed to do? ❞ frustration slips into his words as he uncurls himself, tense and hungry as the weight of the whole situation comes crashing into his body. ❝ i’m a medical student, i am studying to be a surgeon. i am to save someone if they need it and she needs my help. am i just supposed to leave her bleeding there on the floor? if so then i would make a shit ass doctor. ❞ anger flares in the bottom of his gut and at this point castor isn’t sure what he is angry at. the long day that doesn’t seem to end? the fact that he tried to save someone and end up watching them die in his hands? or the fact that he is currently being held as a suspect for the death of a stranger he doesn’t know? ( maybe it’s everything, the fact that his studies hasn’t prepared him enough to be thrown into this situation. the dawning realisation that this would be his life now, that he would have to watch people die because he is incapable of doing anything about it. the clawing holds of how there is nothing he can do about the situation, but to deal with it like most things in his life. ) 
the officer gives a grunt of dissatisfaction, perhaps at his snarky remark or the fact that someone is dead and they have no suspect to start solving it. crossing his arms, the officer remains a cold stare on him, eyes so piercing that it can perhaps burn a hole through his body. ( would it be like the lady? how the wound is larger than his hand, seemingly caused by a rough tear of either vicious teeths or a clawed fist. so deep that he could see the detailed tears of the muscles around it, even the clarity of the pounding heart that is rapidly trying to pump out the blood that is slowly seeping into the cold dirty road that they laid on. how easy the bones snapped around it, like it was mere clay as shards of it protrude outwards. ❝ s-save me . . . p-please . . . ❞ ) 
tense silence filled the room and now castor is dully aware of the sharp smell of rust filling his nose. right, he needs a shower, perhaps bare minimum of three to even get rid of the smell that now seemingly clings to his body. and the shirt is too far gone to be saved, which is a shame since this was his favorite dress shirt. ❝ i just wanted to save her. that’s it. ❞ his voice finally broke through the silence, quiet and empty as he falls backwards into the tiny plastic chair. his head turns upwards towards the ceiling and he could feel wetness travelling down his cheeks, searing hot as the officer before him softens his expression. ❝ what was i supposed to do? tell me. ❞
  the officer had no answers, and neither did castor. 
it was just a matter of him being at the wrong place at the wrong time. 
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thebalancepromo · a month ago
The balance
Tumblr media
Coming Soon
The vampires and shapeshifters have lived in peace due to a fragile treaty written in 1936. The Quileutes have always waited in suspense for this fragile peace to be threatened. If you asked a Quileute what the treaty meant to them, the consensus would be that it’s more of a fragile balance of tolerance than any sense of peace. Since Bellas return to Forks, tensions have begun to grow. Bella has met a young man named Edward and whispers have begun to spread throughout the reservation of this new threat.
Bella has lived blissfully unaware of the threat that her actions posed to her tribe and to the pale young man and his family. She was told the legends as a child but wrote them off as tribal stories. This was until Jacob came to Bella, demanding that she reconsider this relationship, insisting that the stories she had heard sitting by the fire were not stories but the reality of the world she lived in. Bella trusts Jacob, he was basically family after all but vampires and shapeshifters are just in storybooks… aren’t they?
The Balance is a semi-literateTwilight AU group where Bella grew up on the reservation until she was 7 when her parents split up because her mother is Quileute. Bella left when her mother moved to Phoenix Arizona and has now returned to live in Forks with Charlie. The RP follows the tensions and threats that Bella and Edward pose to the treaty between the Cullens and the Quileutes.
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