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2 December 2020

I had a late start to today but now realizing how long my to-do list is for the day is making me wish I got out of bed at 7 am. I’m determined to finish my semester strong while juggling the demands of both Chanukah and Christmas this year for my religiously mixed family. This Friday marks the two months my boyfriend and I have been dating and I’m planning a bento picnic for him. He’s never had a bento box lunch so I bought him a bento box from IKEA and I’m currently looking for ideas. One of the first times I really made him something special was the day I made homemade dumplings (pan fried and dumpling soup). Since then we have honestly eaten out a lot more than I have cooked for him, but we do cook together and bake. I’m trying to teach him how to cook and bake as he has little skill in those regards.

@myhoneststudyblr Winter Studying Challenge

Prompt - What is your favorite thing about winter?

My absolute favorite thing about winter is being able to wear cute and warm accessories while going out or staying in. I love the sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves or mittens I have the opportunity to use during the winter. I also love staying in with hot chocolate or a big cup of tea under blankets with a good book by the fireplace. There’s something about winter that feels inherently cozy all the time even when you’re freezing.

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Hi, I’m Collin (he/him), I’m 19, and I’m a Political Science Major studying in Washington DC.

If you’re interested in that, please check out my blog or follow me: 

if that’s not your thing but you wanna help me out, could you please like or reblog to boost this post? 

Online school has been hard but I think this will be a good way to stay motivated. Plus, I’d love to get to know to other people who are also political science majors (or anything adjacent to that, like international studies, history studies, philosophy, pre-law, etc.) 

If any of this applies to you, please interact with this post.

thank you :)

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Studyblr Intro


Heyo! My nickname is dulce and that’s what I named this blog after! I made this blog to be more productive, hold myself accountable and to document my growth and progress.

About me 🌟

  • I’m 19
  • I’m a second year psych major and comp sci is my intended for a double major
  • I’m learning spanish!
  • was ENFP-T (campaigner) now I’m ESFP-T (entertainer), aquarius, gryffindor
  • favorite colors: blue, purple, green and I’m recently getting really into pink
  • I use google calendar a lot (like a lot…)


  • long-term goals: I want to get a software engineering internship, probably with iOS dev since that’s what I have the most experience with. I honestly don’t think I’ll get one yet, but I will definitely apply.
  • I want a job where I can code and develop software and still interact with people because I’m incredibly social and love to smile (an old nickname was smiley)
  • meeting people with interests similar to mine or just people in general, idk people can be cool sometimes
  • background: I was pre-med with a bio and psych double major. I was absolutely disinterested with bio. Computer science was my intended minor, but I got so interested that I decided to switch my bio major for computer science. It isn’t declared yet, but it will be. All I have to do is get A’s in those classes and I’m good.


  • writing poems, journaling, writing my friends love letters, music and singing, reading, musicals, anime (any recommendations??)
  • I love studio ghibli with all of my heart and I love JOJO (let’s argue😤) and im currently watching AOT
  • favorite shows/movies of all time: the twilight zone (original series), stardust, Monty python and the holy grail, Star Trek (currently watching everything an in order)
  • things I want to learn: how to play the bass guitar, python, more java, more swift, investing
  • my new fashion ✨aesthetic✨ is dark/light academia and it’s rly cute and makes me happy

Why a studyblr 🌟

  • I thought this would be a good way to document my progress/ growth and inspire myself and others along the way
  • COVID and quarantine have been tough on me academically, mentally, kinda socially but I still talk to my homies and I just need to re-organize myself

Anyways I’m really open so if you have questions or just wanna talk, message me :)

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Weekly update #1

Don’t think that my blog is entirely a studyblr now. I’ve decided to add a weekly update every Sunday so that I could know how much I’ve progressed through out the week. It’ll help me get my life under control and motivate me to study more. Also, I would like to add any new experiences or things that I learned during my week. So this week went like:

  • Going on a drive with my siblings to nowhere and singing songs on top of our lungs (it was therapeutic)
  • Finishing biology syllabus for midterms
  • Doing a lot of past paper practice questions for bio and getting an average of 90%
  • Getting 100% on my bio test ;)
  • Doing 3 topics for math
  • Getting 90% on math test
  • Starting chemistry syllabus for midterms and halfway through
  • Getting 97% on physics test
  • Starting The picture of Dorian Gray for the second time and making a vocabulary list side by side
  • Resuming Latin classes on Duolingo
  • Watching Waves and continued watching Love 101

So this was basically what it consisted of. I think I made some good progress but I’m still 2 days behind my schedule. I’m hoping to study a bit more today so I could get on track. Well, I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Wishing you all good luck for the upcoming week :)

P.S. I found this quote in my bio book:

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

🎶: Teqkoi - i said i’d never let you go

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Name: Rose

Age: 18, nearly 19

What am i studying: I am double majoring in Choral Music Education and Music Composition

Study drink: Either coffee or throat coat tea, depending on my vocal health that day, or just some water.

Fave study music: I generally don’t listen to music when I study, other than the music that I am studying, but when I do it’s usually Lofi.

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff gang

Tv shows: The Good Place, New Girl, Community, Attack on Titan (middle school obsession that never died)

Movies: From Up on Poppy Hill, The Fundamentals of Caring, Ratatouille 

Books: I’m currently reading An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

Music: Peach Pit, Dodie, Jacob Collier, Sammy Rae

Other random facts about me:

  • I can play many instruments, though not all of them particularly well. 
  • I am an ENFP
  • Besides music I am a massive stem nerd. All of my back up majors are stem related, particularly engineering and chemistry.
  • I am in an a capella group!
  • I have ADHD and executive dysfunction, but I think I have learned how to cope well with it.

Currently I’m Taking

  • Music Theory I
  • Dictation and Sight Singing I
  • Intro to Music Education
  • Intro to Music History
  • Technology for Music Educators
  • Voice Studio
  • Composition Studio
  • Performance Lab
  • University Singers
  • Women’s Ensemble
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> My name is Dakota (I go by they/them) and i’m 16 :)
> I’m currently in year 10, attending high school in Sydney, Australia
> subjects I’m taking in 2021: maths, english, japanese, visual arts, chemistry, physics
> I wanted to make this blog to keep on top of my homework/assignments, and hopefully stop procrastinating and be more productive !!
> if u have any questions feel free to ask me here!

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I spent majority of today trying to complete all the Chemistry work set. It’s quite hard trying to balance completing work and revising for the mock exams. I had to type up an entire exam question doc because the formatting kept messing up when I was trying to copy and paste the questions.

QOTD: What type of music do you guys listen to when studying?

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💫Some random stuff about me💫

Name: Preema

Age: 17

Birthday: 02/12/2002

A-Level Subjects: Bio, Chem and Psychology

Anime I’m watching atm: Fire Force

Fav anime: Haikyuu, BSD and Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Fav genre: Action, Shounen and Sports

Pronouns: she/her

Fav food: Pasta🍝 and Pizza🍕

Fav colour: anything tbh

Languages I can speak: English, Bengali, Spanish and currently trying to learn Japanese😋

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day 8 of bookish girl’s lockdown studies 


Monday 09/11 

I studied together with a friend over facetime and worked on an essay, did some reading for my afternoon classes and then I had 2 lectures. 

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day 3 of bookish girl’s lockdown studies 


Wednesday 04/11. 

I stayed up until 4am trying to follow the US elections last night, 0/10, would not recommend. So I was tired all day, was not my best decision lol. I had a seminar and a meeting with a professor in the afternoon, and afterwards I went on a walk with a friend. I had a nice day, though not the most productive.
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