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Boiserie from the Palais Paar, 30 Wollzeile, Vienna, Austria

Designed by architect Isidor Canevale (1730–1786)

I saw this beauty at the MET in 2018. I wish I’d had a better camera back then.

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Hey Studyblr’s!

I’ve had my studyblr for a while, but I haven’t made many friends! Like/reblog this, or send me a message if you want to be friends! Here’s what I’m interested in:

• history

• mythology

• books







•video games

Let’s be friends!

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Hello guys! I’ve been interested in the Studyblr community ever since I joined Tumblr, but now that I’m in college and am able to make actual contributions, I’ve decided to join in! This a little introductory post about me and the stuff that I’m going post.

⚘ The part of my long-ass name that I like to be called by, is Zuniyah :’)
⚘ I’m from Bangladesh
⚘ I landed on Earth on September 2002
⚘ I like to do a fuckton of things together, due to my pea-sized attention span, and hence may be a slow updater ugh forgive me x’(
⚘ A workaholic Ravenclaw
⚘ Because mental disorders are like buy one get seven free, I’m living by being being dipped into a nasty solution of a bunch of them by God :’D (life is gr8)
⚘ I’m basically a lost penguin in the hooman werld
⚘ I’m here to provide lessons and practise questions, whose answer scripts can be found if you leave your email under the respective posts
⚘ This is my secondary blog (ask for my main one!)

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Hi, I’m Daisy. I’ve recently started a new studyblr. It’s only been reposts for a while, but with the recent quarantine I want to start using the free time to be productive and make my own posts. They will most likely be studyspo updates! My blog will be centered mainly on the humanities: literature, fine arts, french. I will also repost french vocab lists, dark academia aesthetic posts, and masterlists. Follow if you’re interested, and please recommend similar studyblrs!

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Hi guys 🥰 I need some help here :) I usually start making mind maps and summaries for an exam, 3 days before the exam date but I always end up studying the night before :/ .

I can’t complain because I usually get 6,7 or 8s out of 10 just studying at the last minute, but I think I could do better and I was wondering if u could give me some tips or tell me when do u usually start studying and making summaries ? 🧡

thank u ~ B 😊

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Ava here. I had a super productive day. I acted according to the plan that I made yesterday and I am quite proud of it. I solved a Maths sample paper and CS paper and managed to study chemistry and english. I hope I can pull off this kind of work till my finals and even after that.



🎶Pure Grinding - Avici🎶

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Hello friends,

after not being active on here for a very long time I’ve decided to come back as I love this community so much and I wanna share my uni journey with you more. But I had to unfollow lots of inactive accounts so I want to follow more people who post their own stuff and are preferably medblrs/Uni students or studyblrs in general with original content. So please like or reblog this post and I’ll check out your tumblr!

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| 20/09/19 |

Today marks the end of orientation week and I’m so happy with how it’s going so far. The professors are enthusiastic to meet their students and that adds so much to the good vibes.

Today, with a randomised group of students from the same Bachelor program, we had to do a scavenger hunt around the city and oh boy it was tiring but worth it because my group won!

Tl;dr it was a good orientation week and I’m honestly excited for the first real week of classes to start. I feel much more organised than last year and everything seems so much more clear.

Til next week


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Good evening! Today I passed my digital info exam with a 906, got more calc work done (what else is new), and organized my planner :)

I also harvested some mint leaves and made tea with them for my study session. Not exactly studyblr related but oh well. Have a good night and nice dreams !

(ft. my kitty)

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