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#new studyblr

Hii I’m a new studyblr and this is my intro. Enjoy!

✨ about me

  • I’m Anaïs, 16
  • INTJ
  • I live in Quebec, Canada
  • I speak French, Arabic and English
  • “graduating” high school!
  • I’ll be starting my semester of cegep in September, in the Sciences, arts and literature program
  • trying to learn korean by myself

✨ interests / hobbies

  • kpop :) (my url might’ve given me away hehe)
  • Murakami’s entire bibliography
  • fashion, arts, aesthetics (my main’s @vldphan and I post about that there)
  • chemistry and literature

✨ why a studyblr

I’ve been a passive part of the community for years now and it has helped me so much in terms of focusing on my studies and productivity. Given the current situation in which I essentially have no school but still need to study certain subjects, I’m hoping that it’ll help stay focused. I also hope to be able to work more seriously on my Korean, and perhaps make a couple of friends along the way!

✨ my inspirations

@studyblr @studylustre @study-van @bright-goals @noodledesk @acaedmic @hannybstudies

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2 June 2020 ~ 15/30 Days of Productivity

I’m having trouble focusing today, but oh well not every day is your best. I’ve decided to take a looong afternoon break and I’ll try to tackle the rest of my revision late at night when I have less distractions around me.

Also good news, I got the job I applied for a few weeks ago!

Study time: 1 hour

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Exams are over !! I’m unofficially done with my third year and my bachelor degree. Results will only be on 31st of July but i’m optimistic about it since my professor are making 90% of the grade due to the pandemic.

I’m afraid i will miss school so i’m considering looking at MIT undergraduate free courses on physic. It was my speciality when i was in high school so maybe i will understand some stuff ?

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1 June 2020 ~ 14/30 Days of Productivity

Good morning from a very gloomy but equally productive morning! I can’t believe it’s June yet we still get heavy rain and shivering cold nights…

Started off the day but submitting my essay (only an hour before the deadline) and practiced some touch typing. Only a week or so left for my last two exams and it’s going to be a TOUGH week

I have started tutoring a few people online about stats, and I’m enjoying it so far so we will see how it goes

Study time: 4 hours

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94/100 days of productivity


these are some very old photos following an english class where i had lots of classic books out to analyse covers! today however was spent working on one of my final papers, doing some reading and going for a bike ride!

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31.05.2020 // Week 10 of the 2020 Quarantine Challenge

The last week has been pure madness for me, and I’m so glad I had these questions to look forward to at the end! If you don’t already know, languages are kinda my passion :’) they’ve kinda been keeping me sane. So here goes with my catch-up!

Mon - What is your native language?

English! However, my dad is a Spanish heritage speaker, and I speak Spanish at home with him and my brothers.

Tue - Do you speak any other languages? Are you currently learning any?

I speak Spanish fluently and am an intermediate speaker of Brazilian Portuguese. I’m also learning German and ASL, though my study of them is informal and I haven’t had much time to dedicate to them even during shelter-in-place.

Wed - If you could become fluent in one language overnight, what language would you like it to be?

Nahuatl! I have always been interested in it culturally and linguistically but extremely daunted by how difficult it is for an English speaker to learn and have not had access to any learning resources. I would also love to be able to support the speaking community and use my fluent knowledge for advocacy, plus would be able to reconnect with my heritage.

Thu - What do you think is the best sounding language?

To me, every language sounds beautiful, but I have a particular affection for Brazilian Portuguese from all the bossa nova my dad played when I was growing up.

Fri - What is your favourite idiom? (in any language)

Spanish: “Por si las moscas” (literally: in case of flies) meaning “just in case”. Every time I use this expression, I always a smile and a laugh from a native Spanish speaker!

Brazilian Portuguese: “Águas passadas não movem moinhos” (literally: passed waters do not move the mills) meaning “let it be water under the bridge”. I like this expression much better than the English equivalent!

German: “Das ist mir Wurst” (literally: that is sausage to me) meaning “it’s all the same to me”. There are so many German expressions about Wurst but this is by far my favorite.

Sat - What is your favourite word? (in any language)

guango (Mexican Spanish for “loose” or “crooked”) - I’ve used this word my entire life without knowing how to spell it and had no idea that it was an actual, documented word. If one of your socks is on backwards or a car is parked weirdly, they’re güango. WordReference will tell you something different, but that’s how I’ve always used it.

schmetterling (German for “butterfly”) - The phonemes here, those liquids, those fricatives, those delicate dentals and affectionate velars! Just a great word overall, 10/10

Sun - What is the most important phrase in your native language that someone should know?

BLM, Black lives matter. If you’re studying American culture and race relations, this phrase is crucial, and I highly recommend you look up the history behind it to understand what we’re going through right now. And that we need to say it over and over again until “existing while Black” is no longer a crime punishable by police brutality and murder.

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31 May 2020 ~ 13/30 Days of Productivity

Some more Korean before I give all of my attention to revision next week, only 10 days for my last exams!

The illustrations on these books are so cute that I sometimes color them in heh

Study time: 3 hours

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