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Studyblr Intro


Heyo! My nickname is dulce and that’s what I named this blog after! I made this blog to be more productive, hold myself accountable and to document my growth and progress.

About me 🌟

  • I’m 19
  • I’m a second year psych major and comp sci is my intended for a double major
  • I’m learning spanish!
  • was ENFP-T (campaigner) now I’m ESFP-T (entertainer), aquarius, gryffindor
  • favorite colors: blue, purple, green and I’m recently getting really into pink
  • I use google calendar a lot (like a lot…)


  • long-term goals: I want to get a software engineering internship, probably with iOS dev since that’s what I have the most experience with. I honestly don’t think I’ll get one yet, but I will definitely apply.
  • I want a job where I can code and develop software and still interact with people because I’m incredibly social and love to smile (an old nickname was smiley)
  • meeting people with interests similar to mine or just people in general, idk people can be cool sometimes
  • background: I was pre-med with a bio and psych double major. I was absolutely disinterested with bio. Computer science was my intended minor, but I got so interested that I decided to switch my bio major for computer science. It isn’t declared yet, but it will be. All I have to do is get A’s in those classes and I’m good.


  • writing poems, journaling, writing my friends love letters, music and singing, reading, musicals, anime (any recommendations??)
  • I love studio ghibli with all of my heart and I love JOJO (let’s argue😤) and im currently watching AOT
  • favorite shows/movies of all time: the twilight zone (original series), stardust, Monty python and the holy grail, Star Trek (currently watching everything an in order)
  • things I want to learn: how to play the bass guitar, python, more java, more swift, investing
  • my new fashion ✨aesthetic✨ is dark/light academia and it’s rly cute and makes me happy

Why a studyblr 🌟

  • I thought this would be a good way to document my progress/ growth and inspire myself and others along the way
  • COVID and quarantine have been tough on me academically, mentally, kinda socially but I still talk to my homies and I just need to re-organize myself

Anyways I’m really open so if you have questions or just wanna talk, message me :)

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I found out about the cutest little desktop app to keep track of studying (and other activities) just a few days ago. Virtual Cottage is my new go-to when it comes to timing my study sessions, it’s a very simple and minimalistic desktop app and it absolutely warms my heart.

The last few days have been so cold (and I can’t stand the cold), so all I’ve been wanting to do is curl up in bed and rewatch Merlin, a show I used to like back in 2008 (where has time gone???). But today I’m forcing myself to get up and pick up the textbooks.

Wish me luck!

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28/11/2020 | 1-7/100 days of productivity

  • finished the first question in my international law project
  • finished the readings for all my courses this week
  • worked out 4 times
  • did 20 minutes of Korean in Lingodeer

this weekend has been so chill, I catched up on some tv shows and seen a cute old horror movie (beetlejuice). also made pizzas for my parents today ✨

🎧 myths baby (podcast), episode 6

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Saturday, 28th November 2020 - 9.34 am

# 100 days of productivity- day 21.

While studying I kind of always seem to think about the places I’ve been to and one of these cities is Vienna. I just want to go there again and study in one of the old cafés, go to museums and theatre and get the feeling of home again.

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27.11.2020•27/41 days of productivity

Did you know IDGAF in french was a THING? I didn’t knew it until today and I really like it 🎶💜

Well this week after all was good, I got to exercise more frequently so that’s good, and I am taking out things from my lists, today I worked a little into a french project that’s due for Wednesday it isn’t so long and it’s a group project so maybe it’ll turn out to be funny of making.

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Nov 27 2020

We are so close to the end of the semester! Today I finally submitted my 3rd (and final!) paper for my decision making in the CJS class on the abolition of the current CJS for mentally ill offenders. I had to get an extension on this paper and I’m so grateful for how understanding my prof was.

Now I have to focus on my take home history exam which is due monday night. Even though I haven’t done any of the readings or lectures, I feel confident that I’ll be able to catch up this weekend and crush it! I also turned in my first directed studies application form to my supervisor for next sem.

Since we are nearing the end of the semester, I’ll be ending all my posts now with my remaining projects for this sem. Hopefully it will be motivating to see the list continue to get shorter!

1. History - Exam #3

2. Decision Making - Final Quiz

3. History- Article Summary & Eval #2

4. Directed Readings - Final Submission

5. Violence Risk Assessment - Reflection

6. Conference Submission - Abstract & Proposal

7. Violence Risk Assessment - Research Proposal

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• 26|11|20 •

Finally we’ve finished and submitted the lab report!! And I’ve already talked with my labmate about the next one and how to oragnize all the work in a better and more functional way.

Besides that, I had my usual lessons + German course and a bunch of Physics 1 lessons. Since I was feeling unfocused I’ve also been grocery shopping/took a walk!

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11. 27. 2020; 3/100 days of productivity

Song of the day: ice melt by Cö Shu Nie

Another amazing day! I really ended this week with a bang huh. I must have completed around 10 tasks today including yoga, finishing a module for my history class, a group work proposal, reading probably 20% of What the Buddha Taught by Walpola Rahula Thero, and more 💖 I feel absolutely unstoppable (but like in a mindful way haha). But I just got so lazy by the end of it all so I didn’t bother taking pics. Again. My bad.

Also did a short tarot reading just to figure out how I’m doing with life in general bc I really felt like this week is heralding a big turning point in my life. So my deck responded to that and The Sun fell out. But I might need to calm down a bit more and take on way less than I think I should. Pulled IV of Swords, reversed when I asked how to keep this momentum. This post is my reminder.

Have a great end of the week, everyone! Remember to rest and drink lots of water and recharge 🤗

(cö shu nie fans can we talk abt that album art though??? genius 😔)

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↳ November 27, 2020

After lurking around the community for a few weeks, I finally decided to make an introduction post! enjoy :)

personal info:

 ⪼ My name is aza (not my real name, but I’m not comfortable sharing it online so aza it is :) )

⪼ I’m 18, she/her

⪼ I’m going to start my first year in university, my major is computer science (very eager for classes to start lol)

⪼ I’m an INFJ-t, Slytherin and Virgo

⪼ I’m fluent in three languages, including English, and am (trying) to learn french 


⪼ I can very often (probably too often) can be found with my headphones on, singing too loudly. I sing as well and have always been a part of music groups in schools.

⪼ Surprise, I love books! Reading book, hoarding books (it’s a different feeling, admit it) and sometimes, when the writing god strikes, writing. This is my Goodreads account, I’d love to be friends on there!

⪼ I also happen to love true crime and love reading conspiracy theories. Recently, I started listening to ‘My Favourite Murder’ podcast.

⪼ I’m an absolute introvert who finds initiating conversations hard. but you can always message me, I’d love to make new friends here :)

academic info:

⪼ My first year in the university will start soon (hopefully in a month!).

⪼ I will be majoring in computer science. As of now, I plan to specialize in algorithms and computing models.

⪼ I want to do a PhD in computer science 

⪼ I love math and coding.

why studyblr?:

⪼ throughout high school, I have been dealing with a lack of motivation and procrastinating my life away. Although I always did do well in exams, I did not like the way everything was working.

⪼ With studyblr, I hope to stay motivated and productive and not repeat the same mistakes in university.


⪼ To maximize my productivity, develop self-discipline, and minimize procrastination.

⪼ Make great friends along the way :)

the blogs which motivated to create an active studyblr:


So this is pretty much it. Kinda boring but hopefully too not too much XD 

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Hi! Hola! This is my little intro, i hope you like it, have a nice day.

About me

• My name is leidy thats why (ly)

• Birthday 19 August, 2001

• Leo ascending saguitaruis

• I’m Colombian

• I speak Spanish and English.

• Studying public accounting


• Writing, poetry and reading

• Korean music

• Paints and art

• I love to dance

• Singing a little bit

• Kdramas

• Loving horror films


Why not… I joking I want to try something new, always loving writing and study new things, and is a good way to be more organized with my class.


• Be organized

• Better notes

What I’m Currently Learning:

• More writing

• More photos

• Be more myself

• Korean

• Excel

• English

• sewing

If you reblog I will follow you, I’m nice and you can dm if you want, I love to talk about everything. Thanks for reading!


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