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#new studyblr

Another drawing, another installment of my online study club for RVC students! I had the most fun time making these, I almost found it relaxing. Currently have the LARGEST food baby ever :p Trying to stay on track with working out but sometimes u need to stop counting calories and just live! A flat tummy shouldn’t cost your happiness :) 

As always feel free to send me asks/messages! I love it when I hear from you guys <3

♬ pete davidson, Ariana Grande

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Week 1: updates to my initial plan.

Hi! I completely lost track of time today and it’s 11pm as I’m writing. My hamster is crawling over me and I’m a little distracted because of the time, but here’s to the post.

I’m updating my plan! I want to include more reading, so I bought a couple books (If We Were Villains and The Atlas Six [I wonder why I was drawn to this one…]) to spark my interest and find something new to enjoy.
I read a post – I sadly can’t remember where or who wrote it – about how people who loved to read as kids can struggle to do it now because we keep trying YA fiction and never advanced our tastes to match our situations, and that’s a terrible summary but it really hit home for me, so I’m hoping these two books will be a little more relevant to me now and I can get back into reading stuff other than the Beat Generation authors.

But as a bullet point: things I’ve done so far for the learning challenge, not a daily thing yet, but i’m working on it!

  • Bought books that actually interest me
  • Researched into dark academia: the aesthetics, history and aspirations as a movement
  • Found English modules from other universities that sound really cool as headings for independent research/essays, including Radical Theory, Banned Fiction and Aestheticism
  • Reread all of my Ginsberg collection and some Wilde plays because Oscar Wilde is a true icon
  • Wrote some terrible poetry + one stanza I adore, some bits of which are pictured below in iPad - Goodnotes form (with equally terrible handwriting I’m so sorry) One of these days I will actually start taking aesthetic photos again and i’ll update with a collection of my full loose-leaf poetry, rather than just sections like this…


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hey! figured i would reintroduce myself since i am going into university and i changed my blog name!

About Me —

  • my name is luciel! any pronouns are fine!
  • i’m seventeen years old and i’m going in as a freshman anthropology major! i may double in global studies though. we’ll see.
  • i’m studying japanese in my university!
  • i’m also self studying coding and spanish.
  • i enjoy video games, anime, and different genres of music!
  • i’m also very passionate about cooking and baking, and i wrote my college application essay on baking.
  • i live in philadelphia, but i’ve also lived in los angeles and seattle.

Goals —

  • post frequently about my notes/planner/general school life.
  • include fandom and my interests in my day to day life.
  • get into good study habits!
  • meet some new people and make some friends!

i’m always down for a chat, though i am a little shy. thanks for reading this! have a great day :]

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This spans the past two weeks of final exams and honestly I am so beyond happy that my summer classes over and I now have more freedom in my study schedule for the rest of the summer. I’m also thankful for wine and a very appropriate wine glass. Think I’ll take a few days off to relax before jumping back into studying. I also need to add one more class to my fall schedule as one of the classes I was registered fro is no longer running in the fall. 

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Blusighs is typing…


Day 1(6)/30 for #30dol

Today, I learned 그리고/그래서, -ㄴ/은, -를/을, 있다, & 이다 !
오늘은 그리고/그래서, -ㄴ/은, -를/을, 있다, 그리고 이다 배웠어요. 
Guess who’s my wallpaper? Jaehyun (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑!
For the first time, I used my tab’s focus mode where I can choose which apps are accessible for me and which are unusable during the focus session. It definitely helped me not use Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook. 
I also got my schedule for my first semester of Nursing. Unfortunately, we’re going to conduct it online (online classes). It kind of makes me sad to not physically see and talk with my new classmates. But I’m really excited !
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Tumblr killing the photo quality as usual :P The full snake anatomy poster <3 I find serpentine medicine so interesting honestly can’t wait to grow up and own my very own danger noodle.

I’m finding myself in a bit of an odd (but not unwelcome) area in my love life. Anyone else here feeling the same way? (message me if u are lol) I mean, I’m happy haha so no need to worry bout me guys ;) 

As always feel free to send me asks/messages! I love it when I hear from you guys <3

♬Love on The Weekend, John Mayer

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july 5, 2020 🎨

my two favorite tagalog words atm!! just starting my journey learning my native language & it’s pretty intimidating ngl lol but I’m excited :>


salit: (adj) something that is worth it

tadhana: (n.) destiny; fate


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My productivity in June! Of course, I chose the rainbow flower because of #Pride.
That was the month that I used Forest the most. Being at home and having to study for UNI is difficult and there are a lot of distractions here. Especially when the only way to communicate with my friends is through my phone, and many times they want to play games or get distracted. 

Hope you had a great week! 

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Had a bit of a productivity spell today! Made use of my planner for the first time in weeks and got some writing done for a HP fanfic that has been laying around on my acc for almost 2 years now (oops🤦🏻‍♀️) and ended up pulling one up on the side so I could read it later. I was also feeling nostalgic and dug up some of my favorite essays to write in highschool. One was on the French Revolution for Global History in sophomore year and another one an analysis of a short story that I read in AP Spanish during junior year— El Delantal Blanco (The White Apron) and that was one of my favorite stories among many. Actually went and found the print outs we got in that class of every story and poem we read and I’ll be making it my mission to reread them this summer.

Featuring a painting my younger cousin made for me for Christmas, bad lighting, and the small collection of books I keep on my desk! 

Listening to A Boogie- Secrets✨

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hello people of the internet, my name is nandini and I’m starting a studyblr!


  • I’m a 16 year-old rising senior (I graduate high school in 2021) 
  • Indian-American (specifically Telugu-American)
  • planning on majoring in english or political science
  • a libra / infp (though I don’t really believe in myers-briggs) / slytherin

interests + things I love

  • bollywood and tollywood! I specifcally love indie films (Anurag Kashyap and Tharun Bhascker are my favorite directors)
  • kpop! I’m not as involved in the fandoms as I used to be, but I’ve been a MeU and Reveluv for two years
  • literature! I’ve loved reading ever since I was little. My favorite books include The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, and The Awakening by Kate Chopin.
  • languages! My current target language is my mother tongue, Telugu, so I’ll post a lot of pics of my notebook this summer
  • music + tv shows! I’ve already mentioned some of my favorites above, but a few of my other ones are the Beatles, the Monkees, Prateek Kuhad, M.I.A, Raveena Aurora, Community, That 70′s Show, and Arrested Development (phew!)
  • school + the whole studyblr aesthetic, which is why I started this blog! I’m really excited to finally contribute to such a wonderful and supportive community

I won’t be posting too much right now since it’s summertime, but expect activity to kick up mid-August once school starts. Thanks so much for reading!

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05.07.2020 | I decided I’ll do a weekly log instead of a daily log for practical reasons. I have two exams left of my summer session to take, and then I’m done until September. Can’t wait to have some more free time to properly relax!

What a week everyone! This Thursday I had my Cultural Anthropology exam, and it went really well. I was stressing out so much over this one because I love the subject but I feared the professor. I was so wrong guys! He’s such a lovely person and was very nice during my oral examination.

Some accomplishments of this week:

  • Smashed the Cultural Anthropology exam (lol).
  • Reviewed Unit 1 for my next exam.
  • Studied Unit 1 for my Latin Literature exam.
  • Stayed consistent with my skincare routine.
  • Started Duolingo’s Dutch course.
  • Finaly found a workout week plan that fits me.

Pictured the view from my window on my neighbour’s garden.

🎧 Listening to Lucid dream mix playlist by Lewis Hamilton

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“Absolute black does not really exist. But like white, it is present in almost every colour, and forms the endless variety of greys,—different in tones and strength. So that in nature one really sees nothing else but those tones or shades.”

-The letters of Vincent Van Gogh

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studyblr intro.

hi everyone!!

i go by Laurie and this is my study blog! tada! its not much right now, but im just getting into this side of tumblr so it will take some time :)

i started this blog to keep myself motivated, especially since im taking a few summer classes online and its mostly self learning

im also thinking of starting up a side blog just for writing, like maybe some of my own stuff and also some tips and advice i have for more conventional writing! we’ll see how this goes first though, idk if i’ll be able to handle two blogs LOL

some fun facts about me/what you will see:

my favourite courses are biology and history, but math is fun sometimes too 👀

im currently teaching myself piano and electric guitar! im kind of a music noob so ill probably be posting a lot of theory notes

i speak a little italian, but id hardly call myself fluent so i’d like to practice that a bit more

i also play a few sports, but since this is a studyblr you wont see any of that haha

some blogs that inspire me!

here are some blogs ive either followed on instagram or tumblr at some point that have inspired me to start my own blog! :)

@studyquill @coffeeandpies @darkmacademia @calscoffee @captainofstudies @clabujo @myhoneststudyblr & so many more!

im super excited to join such a productive and amazing community!! thank you for reading and i hope you have a good day! :)

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