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#new studygram

Sun, November 22,2020 | Night

Hello! I just wanted to start a study blog for self-improvement and have an account where I can share my realizations, goals and everything beyond with it. For us, dreamers, let us chase and appreciate our journey until we can bask in our destination. Love lots! ❣️

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hii friends - this week has been a lot sunnier for me, I’m still feeling a little tired but it was nice to take some time out of my day to relax, sleep in, and just slow down. Today’s mostly chill, just finished up the last bit of uni work that i had. Now I’m going hiking with a friend and in the evening I might film a video for my YouTube, it’s probably going to be about what to expect from vet school - if you have any suggestions for what you want to see from me I’d love to hear them :D

As always message me/send me asks with your questions because I love hearing from everyone and it always makes me smile :) hope everyone is having a lovely Friday <3

♫ positions, Ariana Grande

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new studyblr (ish) introduction


name: emmy or lee

pronouns: she/they

age: 15

year: sophmore



-world history



(i take classes in quarters, so i only have four atm)



-pillow pets!!!


-tv shows/film

-smart cartoons (steven universe, atla, etc.)

-music!!!! especially the analysis of music in film shdhsjjsjxjsmus

-uhh i think that’s it

💗overall aesthetic/content

i love note-taking and i have a rainbow pastel palette (light pinks and blues are my favourites); because note-taking is v time-consuming, i don’t do it often. my content will probably be text posts with some aesthetic images- not all pertaining to the study aesthetic. i am mentally ill and keeping consistent content can be very hard, but i will try my best. happy to be here and take care of yourself!!!! 🥰

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Happy Friday everyone!

I have a paper due this Sunday for my directed readings class and a volunteer shift tonight, so this weekend is going to be pretty busy for me. But I have no classes next week so I’m looking forward to having some extra time then to relax and hopefully do something fun for fall 🍁🍂

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my first actual post on here! i’m terrible at photos hahah. online uni is surprisingly easy and stress free so far; i homeschooled for a few grades in high school so i’ve got a pretty good grasp on discipline and all that fun stuff. it’s cold here today, and the leaves are changing. 🤍

🎧- shrike by hozier

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new studyblr

hi there!

I’m Madi an incoming college freshman. I’ve been wanting to make a study space like this for years but thought it would be too much work and didn’t see the value in documenting my educational journey. Now as I’m beginning to start college with a new school, higher workloads, and bigger responsiblilty, all while studying from home, I think this might be a nice place - kind of like a journal - to take accountability and pride for my learning while also getting to meet new people!

about me

  • Madi | 18
  • studying pysch + poli sci
  • online freshman year


  • the owl house/atla/tlok
  • skam >>> (esp is my fave remake)
  • love baking, sunbathing, and reading anything
  • abba/folklore/haim


  • semi studying Italian/Spanish
  • building a healthy studying mindset
  • finding a political outlet for social justice


@luminous-studiess @rylie-studies @mardistudies @eintsein

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studyblr (re?)introduction

hello study community !! i used to be @sarstudjo, and later tried moving to a side blog but i’m back to this account and want a fresh start ^^

about me

  • my name is sar and i go by she/her pronouns
  • i’m 19 and a leo hehe c:
  • i’m a POC (brown/desi; not in india tho)
  • 2nd year business and finance student
  • i have difficulties with focusing (no i have not been diagnosed with adhd), memory and with numbers (ironic because i’m a finance student)
  • i’m currently trying to start learning more languages (french and spanish, maybe even korean so i can watch k dramas without subtitles or while studying)
  • i will be tracking #studysweven
  • studygram: @studysweven


  • art !! i draw for fun maybe i’ll improve someday tho
  • learning about mental health and biology
  • philosophy, sociology and psychology: i really wanna a take a course in some of these in the future
  • CATS !! (send me cute cat pictures to be instant friends) and animals in general
  • recently started watching kdrama (if you have good comedy kdrama recommendations let me know !! so far ive finished waikiki 1 & 2, strong woman do bong soon and hotel del luna. currently watching goblin)
  • i like dressing up in different aesthetics depending on my mood??? idk i just like putting outfits together
  • anime and cartoons (i love bojack horseman so much, and also hands off eizouken)
  • i also wanna start bullet/art journaling

why a studyblr

  • so that i can hold myself accountable and try to be consistent with my productivity
  • the study community seems like a good place for me to make friends with people who have similar interests
  • maybe if i romanticize studying i would actually start enjoying it HAHA
  • i just really need motivation to study harder
  • wanna stay motivated for my online university semester

blogs that inspire me

@studylustre @study-van @luminous-studiess @almostreading @gaaaandaaaalf @myhoneststudyblr @tbhstudying @fivestarstudying @goblinstudies @emmastudies @studyign @studyquill @milkteastudies @studyplants @tatstudies @athenastudying @darkmacademia @nabasynth @cesarewrites @dungeonstudy @elleandhermione @softlystudying @teacomets @etudiaire @blushstudies @katsdesk @acataemic @warmhealer @stuhde @hannybstudies @study-fox @sonderstudy @studypetals @philology-studies

reblog if you wanna be mutuals ^^ i’d love to start making study community friends c:

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Hey friends!

I just started an instagram account @studygramsouthafrica and I’d so appreciate it if you would check it out.

Mainly I want to hype up studygrams and studyblrs from South Africa (and the rest of Africa tbh, because I feel like the whole continent is underrepresented in the community). I always get so excited when I meet a fellow South African in the studygram community so I wanted to create an online space for us all to get together.

So many students have to work from home for the first time in their lives now and I feel like we all need a little extra motivation during this time.

I’ll also be sharing loads of study tips, so even if you’re not in SA come and hang out with us :)

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28.04.2020 // Week 6 of the 2020 Quarantine Challenge

Tue - Take a picture of the sunset

Tragically, I missed the sunset on Tuesday, which also happened to be the only clear day all week! So instead, here’s a picture I took of the sunset during my first week studying abroad in Madrid.

¡Lamentablemente, se me olvidó tomar una foto del puesto del sol el martes, que sucedió ser el único día sin nubes de la semana entera! Entonces, en su lugar, aquí es una foto del puesto del sol que tomé durante la primera semana de mis estudios en el extranjero en Madrid.

Tragicamente, esquecí tirar uma foto do por do sol na terça-feira, que foi o único dia da semana enteira sem nubens! Então aquí é uma foto do por do sol que tirei durante a primeira semana dos meus estudios no extranjeiro em Madrid.

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i’m a new studyblr / dark academia blog! i’m an indian tenth grader, and i go by they/them pronouns. my favourite subjects are english literature and history! i created this blog in the hopes that it will motivate me to study more. if you want to follow me along this journey, please give me a follow. i’m always looking to make new friends, so please don’t hesitate to leave me a message!

- v

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