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#new studyspo

Hi hi hi!! I made a list today of all the lectures from last term I need to catch up on and you guys I might as well do the entire term again from my own house, which is a nice feeling. I guess self isolating has its perks, but I’m still too anxious to sit myself down and whiz through lectures like I normally would when push comes to shove. 

Which is okay, because, like, I know this is a totally uncertain time. I’m going to try and focus on things that make me happy, like writing projects - I’m currently wondering how to take up writing in a way that isn’t just recreational and in a way that’s like, structured and maybe ever  content that I’m able to put out in the world? Not neccessarily on a super large scale, but it would be nice to dip into something I’ve been using as a coping mechanism all this time. 

Leave me a message/ask/comment telling me how you guys have been and how you’re coping, I’m always looking for new things to try out and hearing from you all always puts a smile on my face :)

♫ Fine China, Lana Del Rey

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let’s be real, I have a weird obsession with posting these collages, it’s intensely satisfying to just see all of these together. Should hopefully be giving u guys *too much* content if that’s a thang. 

♫ Boyfriend, COIN

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I have been drinking, like, three coffees a day? Somebody intervene pls, is this because self-isolation stress has made it harder for me to stay awake for extended periods of time? Unfortunately, I’ve got to report that I’m feeling drained, you guys. I’m gonna push through this though and the sunshine is just around the corner.

♫ Sit Next To Me, Foster the People

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24/3/20 ‘Proper’ Isolation Begins

What’s worked for me so far: 

1) Breaking up stints of work with exercise. For me, this looks like working out for an hour in the morning, afternoon and evening around studying. This will provide some semblance of structure to your day, and also take you away from your desk. It was a godsend for me today after four online contact hours!

2) Keeping to my typical routine where possible. Today, I wore my “uni clothes” when working, and my “gym clothes” when working out. I woke up, ate, slept and showered when I usually would. 

3) Keeping in touch with classmates and professors. So far this has helped me immensely- not only in keeping me on track and informed, but in alleviating some of my anxiety. We’re all in the same boat!

4) Taking proper, lengthy breaks to avoid burnout. Read, draw, talk to your family. Skype your friends. Exercise. Now more than ever, it’s essential to manage your time healthily. 

5) Drinking a shit tonne of water. Keep yourself hydrated- I’m a history major, so I couldn’t tell you why this is good for your immune system, but I’ve been told that it is, as I’m sure you have too. It’s also great if you struggle to pull yourself away from your work- remember, breaks can be as simple as the five minutes it takes you to go to the loo, and refill your water bottle. 

6) Keeping clean, and presentable. Wear clean clothes. Shower. Take care of your hair and skin. Holding on to whatever semblance of normality you can right now is absolutely essential, and slumming it in your PJs and stale BO is going to make you feel worse (this is from experience!). 

7) Physically compartmentalising my space. For me this looks like: working out in my garage, studying at my desk, taking breaks in my garden (it’s finally warming up here!), and eating in my living room. This sounds absolutely redundant, but it’s so, so important. 

Remember- it’s okay to feel weird! These are strange times. Focus on what you personally have control over- your work, your mental well being, your fitness and your immediate surroundings. Rest, keep active, and stay safe! Enjoy this blurry time lapse of me prepping for a seminar on the anthropocene. 

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more close up pics of my notes? WHO WOULD’VE SEEN THAT COMING? All of my content lowkey looks the same but pls note the rete mirable diagram in the top right, that took me way too long and was WAY too satisfying to draw.

♫ Tongue Tied, Grouplove

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staying home and trying less to be hyper productive and more to enjoy the process of having aesthetic noets and just, drinking some coffee, man. Don’t beat yourselves up for not being hyper productive. We’ve all had six months of our lives cancelled (for some of us), and some have had major disruptions to life that we need to come to terms with. Trust me guys, a PANDEMIC is enough of an excuse to just kick back for a bit, do nothing, take care of yourselves, process stuff, cope.

And you can always message me as you guys know <3

♫ Don’t Take The Money, The Bleachers

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Hiya everyone!! I have those day six quarantine feels. I hope you’ve all been doing okay and taking care of yourselves. I think I’m feeling a bit more anxious and alone but well, I’m trying to keep my routine on and try not to let little family spats get in the way of my wellbeing during this REAL tough time. I will say though, I can’t wait to get back to London.

♫ Cherry Blossom, Lana Del Rey

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there isn’t any productivity anymore.

one will need to massively adapt at a steady pace as the rest of the semester is transitioned online. it’s honestly a very tricky and new situation. but doable perhaps. grateful for technology but there are so many aspects that aren’t accounted for. I hope to get back into the mindset soon enough, but for now it’s super unproductive and I cannot help it.
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queen of reusing photos and getting overexcited about rainbow lighting. 

Hopefully by the time I’ve posted this I will have found my student ID (given that I kind of need it) and also will have gotten somewhere with this whole studying thing. 

Also I hope I’ve conducted myself in a respectable manner during sports ball because cmon, Yashu. It’s not first year anymore.

Hold your breath for me guys!

♫ Lucky ones, lana del rey.

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life’s a damn rainbow!!! 

my coffee mug’s glass lid refracted (is that the word?) some pretty rainbow light yesterday. I could’ve done a bit more creative lettering, but I was just frantically trying to get a pic before the light died.

I’ve lost my student ID card, for like the bazzilionth time. SOOOO annoying I swore I had it like, yesterday. Am excited to treat myself to a yummy bath today (Lush’s new Easter range, anyone?) and then GO TO SPORTS BALL. My crush may or may not be in attendance. I may or may not be a little extra ditzy today.

Also, now that it’s easter and I’m going somewhere warm I might actually post. Surprise!!

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Studyblr Intro

Hi I know I’ve already made an intro but that was in another blog! I just want to make another one to get this blog some publicity.

about me

  • Name: I go by Azura
  • Age: 15, 16 pretty soon!
  • Grade: 10th
  • I homeschool
  • I’m Christian
  • I’m Demisexual/Asexual
  • I started the hashtag @pastel-academiia (proud moment I gotta brag)


  • fantasy. LOTR is an excellent example
  • history, biology, English, and Japanese, Algebra is fun.
  • travelling, to places like Rome, Tokyo, California…
  • 40s music, lofi, metal (it’s weird I understand)
  • crochet, knitting, sewing, cooking, gardening, painting, drawing…I have too many hobbies
  • Stardew Valley. Animal Crossing. The Elder Scrolls
  • Kind of obsessed with becoming an elf.
  • Plants are amazing.
  • I like fashion a lot. Mostly vintage inspired fashion like from the 40s. I’m so old fashioned
  • I love the ocean. But I hate the feeling of sand. If sand was soft I’d like the beach more.
  • Hello Kitty and Sanrio bring me to my knees
  • I love to collect rings, necklaces with pretty crystals on them, and turtlenecks.
  • Can’t think of anything else!


  • To graduate tbfh.
  • To get better at math.
  • To get over my social anxiety
  • To learn how to drive
  • To make friends
  • To drink black coffee at least once


Please allow me to tag about a billion people. 💛✨

@cals-desk @study-with-gabbie @bentostudy @lemony-academic @deadacademicsociety @byronicstudies @oblivionstudy @stuhde and more!! ✨💛

Thank you for reading!!

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day 6/100 of productivity

it is a new week. sunday was about women’s day & celebrating the women in my life. it was good to sit down with little cousins and draw my heart out. it helps. the break is still here but the work is piling up. maybe in this post I can list everything that has to be conquered ugh.
  • re submit & re do an assignment
  • homework #4 for the logic course
  • response paper for sci tech society class
  • a policy memo for the public policy class
  • literature review for the sci methods class
  • mid term for the literature class
  • research work for the project I’m doing
I’m sure I might still be missing some from this list. but it’s a new week and we got this. one day at a time. one thing at a time.
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🗒️🌿 : 18/100 days of productivity


-today was meh, really tried to get myself to do more things but i just don’t have the mental clarity for it and i’m stressed about the 12hr shift i have to endure tomorrow. life is a bit much but have my spread for an ig collab.

(ig: voices.mp3)

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🗒️🌿 : 17/100 days of productivity


-to be 100% honest (because i need to get this off my chest) these past few days i’ve had a lot of negative things on my mind. i think i’m experiencing the low after over exposing my brain to visually exhausting things (spending too much time on pinterest is entirely to blame). the goal of this challenge is to list all the productive things you did but i feel like i’ve been more focused on the pictures i take than making any real daily progress.

-so i’ve decided to start a new challenge alongside this one because ‘productivity’ isn’t specific enough. i can’t say i’ve been productive unless i’ve studied korean for two hours that day. this will hopefully be a useful restriction as my exam is in about a month :)

(i accidentally saved this in my drafts yesterday instead of queuing it)

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March 5th, 2020

Long time no see! Life’s been crazy — I travelled to the UK all by myself and stayed with my girlfriend for a week, and now there’s less than two weeks left until my next test week. Together with an extra theatre production on the side it’s pretty busy sometimes. On the upside, I believe I’m starting to figure out that I actually want to pursue Medicine! My biology teacher gave me the study materials used for the entrance exam to the course from this year, and it’s pretty darn interesting. Sad that the Doctor Who series had ended, though.

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🗒️🌿 : 15/100 days of productivity


-literally five minutes away from 12am but i completely forgot to post today. had a great breakfast outing with one of my friends, then met up with my best friend. overall chill day as it’s a national holiday + these are small spoilers for tomorrow’s post over on my ig (voices.mp3).

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