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#new words


The word egoisme is badly connoted. It means you only care about yourself.

But sometimes you need to take care of yourself and I wasn’t able to find à word similar to egoism but in the positive way in my native language French.

We use the same term “you should be more egoist sometimes” And it’s true but since the term is so badly conneted many peoples suffuring from low estim of themselfs will feel guilty.

So of you know a word please help me find it and spread it.

If there is nothing more than “take care of yourself, i would like to propose ” Medego “ ”Medegoisme

From the grec mede : taking care of

And ego : yourself

You have the right to be medego /medegoist

Spread the word so we can feel no guilty any more or share your ideas or similar words !

This post was vert spontanous so… I fear a little to looks stupid

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#simpin for yandere deku pt 2, #deku remembers there’s about 30 people watching so he drops ur chin takes a step back and says, #‘next time i will win so watch out’ before flashing one more killer smile and disappearing just as fast as he appeared, #u think about that day for weeks and weeks. u cannot get him out of ur mind. his words r engraved in ur head now, #‘ur amazing! im so impressed!’ could he really think u were amazing???? u calm urself by remembering that ur quirk is what he was impressed, #by & that he does even know you, #ur seeing him more & more around the office & each time u think ur heart w explode but it doesn’t. u even get to go on some missions w him!, #he’s so cool & he does most of the work but everytime u fight next to him u get this surreal feeling in ur chest like it’s just too good to, #to be true! i mean just a few months ago u hated ur life! u were alone & sad; but now? now u have all this purpose & friendship srounding u, #deku always makes u feel so inspired and special! he’s constantly praising u & u can’t believe that someone as amazing as him could see, #so much in someone like you but it’s the best feeling you’ve ever felt hands down. no ones ever made you feel like this before, #there’s one weird thing though, #you could swear someone is following u around lately, #u keep writing it off as nerves or ur mind trying to find one thing to complain about since life is so perfect now but u can’t shake their, #ur walks home from work are the worst. especially when u had such a great day w izuku (he insists u call him that now) cause it puts a bad, #vibe on ur happy mood. it’s like someone is always two steps behind u but u can’t ever seem to see them when u turn around, #& sometimes at night u wake up in a cold sweat and u could swear that someone was just there beside u. the bed even feels warm like someone, #was just there. ur things always seem just a little out of place. not exactly how u had them last time. but again ur mind must be playing, #tricks. ur happy now!! life is GOOD. there’s no need to be scared or weirded out. & even if someone did mess w u?, #well ur stronger than ever now. plus u have new friends who would help u. one special friend who u know could crush anyone who harmed u, #but then one day on ur walk home after a particularly happy day (u & izuku kicked major butt together & he took u out to dinner his treat!), #something is ... wrong. really really wrong. u can feel someone watching u/walking right behind u, #they r closer than they’ve ever gotten before ur hairs on the back of ur neck are standing up & ur entire body is tense, #u start running as fast as possible (which is fast considering ur quirk) and u manage to make it home safely, #u slam the door & full on panic ur heart is racing & u realize u aren’t crazy. someone is stalking you & they just took it up a notch, #u do the only thing u can think of .. call deku, #ur crying and breathing hysterically when u call but he somehow understands u. he’s there in an instant and the second u see him u just, #fall right into his arms. u cry into his chest & tell him how thankful u r for him. u keep apologizing for calling but insist that, #pt 3 now? god im sorry apparently i am all over the place w this, #izuku 💚
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I write to you as if these words will ever make it there.

I write about you like there’s another soul who cares in the world.

I write our story because Its all I have left of me and you.

I write to be okay because of you.

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Guys I hate to tell you this but I do not have a hoard of smut fics I’ve been holding back. 😆 …but there might be one (1) thing I wrote back in March I’ve been sitting on because I thought it was too embarrassing, that I might finally post once the family is taken care of for the night. It was written more for the funny than anything else and while there are definitely things happening under a table it’s not explicitly detailed. That’s the best I got for the thirsty people. The truth is I am dirty enough to joke around and encourage others but when it comes to writing it myself I’m a total prude and get waaaay too embarrassed to continue before the clothes come off. You’ll have to settle for hot makeouts that fade to black from me I’m afraid. I can’t make myself say it but I can imply like crazy. 😆

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From JOYLESS KINGDOM available now @

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It was a long, hard trek back to camp. As unforgiving as the Mojave was in broad daylight, the dry chill of the night air seeped down into the bone. Jesse shifted his bandana higher up his face, taking pleasure in what little warmth it gave his near frozen nose. His horse nickered and shook its head, spooked by something in the night. With a gentle pat to her neck and soft reassurance, he caught up with the others. Most of the men looked agitated- a job gone wrong could do that to anyone- but the weather didn’t help much.

“Told you we shouldn’t’ve been out so long, Tommy.” One of them spoke up. Micah, Jesse thought.

“Heard you the first five times,” Tommy grunted, spitting tobacco into the dirt. When his horse came to a halt, so did everyone else’s. He turned and cast a hard look over the group. “I reckon it sounds like you might prefer the warm caress of a noose, fellers.”

Silence. Another grunt from Tommy.

“Didn’t think so.”

No one else spoke up during the last part of the trip to camp.

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