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@deardiary17 you sent this yesterday to my main I'm guessing by accident but I wanna do it
They were in trouble. Again. It wasn't all that surprising honestly, they seemed to have a knack for finding themselves in these situations. But this? This was new.
"Do you even know how to drive?" Rose asked as she got situated in the car the Doctor was currently sonicking to be their getaway vehicle.
The Doctor scoffed, Rose couldn't see much of his face from where he was trying to hotwire the car, just a headful of spiky brown hair but she could picture the offended expression on his face that went along with that sound.
"I'm 900 years old of course I can drive." The Doctor said sitting up and suddenly they were speeding away from the pursuers.
Rose was slammed into her car door as they swung around a corner at high speed. She glared at him as she clutched at the seat.
"I think you're lying to yourself."
"Rose Tyler!" The Doctor shrieked insulted, "I got us away didn't I?"
"Coulda done it without the bruising?" She sniped back.
"No pleasing you." The Doctor tutted.
"Why do you own so many cars?" Amy asked striding into the console room.
Ah, it seemed she'd find the garage on her wander today.
Rose briefly looked up from her book at the red head.
"Ready to go dear?" Her bowtie wearing Doctor beamed as he hopped over the door of the open roofed car.
Rose quickly followed suit, buckling herself in as soon as she was seated.
"Please tell me you've gotten better at driving?" She tentatively asked as he ran the sonic over the controls.
"Only one way to find out!" He grinned.
Rose couldn't help but grin back.
"Uh they're not ours." Rose answered absently, still lost in memory.
"They're stolen?" Amy questioned, eyes bulging.
Rose shrugged. Really she didn't understand why she was so surprised she'd been there when the Doctor had stolen his outfit from the hospital.
"Where do you think most of the clothes in the wardrobe room are from? We own very little on this ship."
"Unbelievable, I'm living with criminals." Amy muttered to herself as she exited the room.
"Now let's see if I remember how to do this?" The Doctor muttered, a curtain of blonde hair falling over her face as she bent over to look at the controls.
Rose rolled her eyes at her wife, typical.
"Switch. I'll do it." Rose told her as she climbed over the seats to get to the drivers.
The Doctor squeezed past her to allow her space, getting comfortable in the passenger seat while Rose ran her own pink tipped sonic over the controls.
It wasn't long before they were peeling away leaving the shouts of the local species behind.
"Huh, should let you drive more often. I definitely have less bruises than usual." The Doctor broke the silence after a couple of minutes of driving.
Rose shook her head unable to stop the fondly exasperated smile tugging at her lips.
"That's what I've been trying to tell you babe."
Thank you for the ask darling! Sorry if this wasn't what you intended
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Kehlani - Right Now ft. Chris Brown (NEW SONG 2021)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ezra Miller for Playboy (2018)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also here’s some doodles of Mokie with a kitten he adopts post main story (named New Moon, or Newm for short) and of a magical girl Mokie (specifically a “if he was in my friends story” au)
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Por cierto a quien dedican canciones
Cuando no hay nadie, el viejo amor ya fué, el enamoramiento también ya fue y la ilusión de un nuevo amor también
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Stay High - Dead Poets Project by Dead Poets Project https://ift.tt/2RQYsdj
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Ah sorry sweetie I got this while I was working on my report and completely forgot about it.
POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective.
This is from 'Intrinsically Linked' which is a Kennett fic that I'm two chapters into writing. Originally from Bonnie's POV here's Kol's:
Kol had known from the moment that they'd began putting the pieces into place for their plan to fix the situation regarding their memories that he was going to be the one to meet Bonnie. Now he'd not mentioned this to his siblings, knew they'd intervene (they never let him have any fun) but he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to lay eyes on the little witch again.
So the second her hand knocked upon the door of their latest mansion, Kol was their swinging the door open to smirk down at her. He'd forgotten how small she was. Had she always been that short or had a thousand years warped his memory?
“Ah you must be the witch. We were making bets as to whether or not you’d actually turn up.” He said as if he wasn't fully aware of who she was and what she was about to agree to.
“Well I’m here. I thought I was here to speak to Elijah, so who the hell are you?”
“Kol Mikaelson, darling.” He smirked, stretching a hand out to her in greeting.
He watched the way the blood drained from her face at the sound of his name with fascination. It seemed she was already familiar with his antics. Shame. As was her ignoring his outstretched hand.
“Where’s Elijah?” She asked.
Kol was right, this was definitely infinitely more fun than anything their poxy home town had to offer by way of entertainment. Oh she didn't know who he was know but soon she would become very well acquainted. And there was Elijah now, coming to ruin his fun.
“Kol do go be a nuisance elsewhere, your participation for the evening has already been concluded. Apologies Miss Bennett, do come in.”
“You always ruin my fun Elijah.” Kol groaned before disappearing out of the door past Bonnie.
NEXT — the next line. meaning i will finish the sentence I’m on and write a new one, which you’ll get.
This is from a fix-it for the episode 'a view to a kill' that I started yesterday, it doesn't currently have a name.
"How nice to know you care Nik." Kol spat down the phone. "Remind me how long you mourned our brother Finn's death again? How long would you have mourned me if I hadn't been prepared for the Gilbert's ploy I wonder?"
"Well you're not dead yet so I don't see what it matters."
Kol rolled his eyes, safe in the knowledge that Nik couldn't see him and that he had all of his daggers anyway.
Thanks for the ask sweetpea! Sorry that it's all tvd 😂 that's where my brain is at atm
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[free] jhene aiko type beat x drake type beat "company"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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i met the saddest and happiest version of myself this year , i love her
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Últimamente ya no he pensado tanto en A ni en newM
Me atrevería decir que en nadie, ni en Jess tal vez por eso no fue tan productiva la semana, creo que me gusta pensar en alguien
O tal vez pensé en todas y en ninguna
Bueno mejor dicho pensé en que iba a hacer ahora que se me acabará la renta, para este punto pensé tener más claro todo, pero ahora no sé si obtendre un trabajo acá, los procesos son más largos, he pensado irme a Orizaba, vivir en Puebla, visitar Xalapa, no me gustaba Puebla porque mamá puede caer pero no creo que pasaria pronto, igual y Querétaro, creo que la fijación de vivir aquí se me ha quitado.
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Tumblr media
Crescendo by Zeeder https://ift.tt/2ODUzaa
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hello dear! first and/or next for the ask game!
Hi sweetie!
FIRST — the first two sentences of my current project
This is from Last One Standing:
This was not how Rose envisioned things going when she’d crossed parallel after parallel universe. Maybe she had been unrealistic in envisioning a romantic reunion with her Doctor after everything when she was supposed to be focusing on the end of reality but that was generally par the course for them.
NEXT — the next line. meaning i will finish the sentence I’m on and write a new one, which you’ll get.
I'm doing this one as well because I want to finish Last One Standing 😅
From there - surprisingly - things had only gotten worse, which Rose hadn’t thought was possible but apparently the universe was paying her back for all of those interdimensional hops she’d made. As if facing an empire of Daleks wasn’t bad enough, Donna had been locked inside the powered down TARDIS, the three of them powerless as the Daleks disposed of the supposed threat.
If she hadn’t been on the edge of hysterics before she was sure this would have brought her there. She desperately tried to think through the fog of fear that was starting to consume her mind but it was difficult to do so. Especially when faced with the monsters that starred in so many of her nightmares since the very first time she’d met them. Even the devil hadn’t compared to the way the Daleks terrified her.
Yes, actually managed to write a few! Thank god, I hate write journeys end and this ficlet has been kicking my ass 😅 Apologies for any spelling or grammar weirdness, it's unedited
Thank you for the ask sweetiepie!
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Back To You
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