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ive been thinking abt SOS by abba as a post first movie newmann song……like..


especially the part “i tried to reach for u / but u have closed ur mind” like!!! i keep thinking abt them having like..residual drift effects i guess? where like theyre kinda in each others heads sometimes? idk i didnt come up w/ it, i just dont know what 2 call it.

oh also “the love u gave me / nothing else can save me” is classic Hermann’s Love Helps Newt Overcome the Precursors 👌🏻

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36. Scarecrow

from autumn fic prompts here

just a little short one! more gen than shippy I realized but I mean. theyre basically married in this so


Hermann is never quite ready to deal with Newton first thing in the morning, but some days–most days–he is less ready than usual. Some days he simply wants to enter the lab, drink his coffee, and exist in blissful silence for even ten minutes before it’s back to explosions and blaring music and alien guts. Ten minutes. No Newton. Is that so much?

Evidently it is. The scarecrow is sitting on a bale of hay outside the laboratory door when Hermann arrives one rainy October morning, staring, unseeing, out at him, a sad little lump of straw shoved into tan nylon stockings and surrounded by plastic pumpkins. It’s dressed in a sweater and glasses. It’s frowning. Hermann sighs.

Newton,” he says.

Newton pokes his head around the doorframe. He’s dressed in a bright purple sweater, dotted with little orange Jack-O-Lanterns–a massive eyesore, if you ask Hermann. Unlike the scarecrow, he’s grinning. “Good morning!” he says. Hermann gestures to the scarecrow with his cane. Newton shrugs. “The lab was looking a little boring,” he says. “Anyway, it’s Halloween!”

“In a week,” Hermann reminds him, pushing inside past him. Thankfully, Newton has reserved the bulk of the Halloween decorations (orange string lights, a couple more plastic pumpkins, some garland) for his half, though a few paper bats are threatening to creep over to Hermann’s chalkboards. Though it’s not too noticeable–if he squints, it’s as if they’re not there. Unfortunately the same principles do not apply to Newton.

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another concept thats near and dear to my heart: trans couple newt n hermann!!!

one of the reasons newt loves getting tattoos is it feels like a way he can take control of how his body looks and how he presents himself to the world. he is loud and expressive, unapologetic and (for the most part) loves who he is now. i also imagine he might be a bit gnc, no longer feeling stifled and uncomfortable wearing more feminine clothing.

hermann feels most comfortable when hes covered up, dressing formally and masculine in lots of layers. he doesnt necessarily hate himself who he is, but is more dysphoric than newt and generally just feels most safe and happy that way.

they both feel very at ease around one another though! i like to imagine it was before they met, while they were writing to each other, that they both ended up revealing that theyre trans. at the time i bet hermann didnt really know many or any other lgbt people (especially someone else just like him!) so he was particularly excited when newt told him.

im not sure where this is going so that’ll be it but i might elaborate more another time..who knows!!

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Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb

Pacific Rim

Baby, You’re Hotter than my Bunsen Burner

They argue like they breathe—but that’s not all there is to it. Newt flirts, and it’s disgusting.

It’s not that Hermann minds flirting. The Kaidonovskies have propositioned everyone in the PPDC, or so it seems, and Tendo has intimated more than once that he wouldn’t mind spending some time in the lab, “talking numbers.” The Shatterdome is a small place. One has to practice somewhere.

It’s just that Newt is so bad at it.

You’re Everyone That Ever Cared

Newt’s kind of had a thing for Hermann since the beginning of time, which is fine. He’s dealing with it. Totally not pining or anything.

Only then there’s the drift, and the dreams, and memories that aren’t his own. And on top of everything, Hermann’s started acting all un-Hermann-like.

Five Times Newt And Hermann Kiss While They Are Drunk

A brief timeline of the apocalypse from the perspective of a pair of nerds: a story of science, alcohol, and love.

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i know i already posted about this once (but u should expect more tbh) buuut i was just thinking abt how newt n hermann are both autistic. like i just luv that for them!

for real tho i think thats part of why theyre so (surprisingly, to some - especially people who dont know them well) compatible. (also drift compatible!!!! how could i FORGET?) like little things they do or say that might seem off or strange to others just makes sense to them.

like when hermann stays up all working on a particularly important but tricky equation for hours on end without rest, newt gets it. so he doesnt try to stop hermann when hes on a roll, just makes him coffee and keeps as quiet as he can when he finds hermann sound asleep on the couch the next morning. also, newt often acts as a buffer for hermann between him and others since newt is more naturally extroverted and comfortable around people.

or when newt cant keep himself from rambling on about kaiju, other people at best are rolling their eyes at the weird guy obsessed with monsters. but hermann knows its newts biggest special interest, so later when theyre alone, just the two of them, hermann makes a point to ask newt something about them. maybe its even something hermann already knows about, but its worth it to see newts face light up because someones actually taking an interest and genuinely listening to him.

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Newt always wears funky socks under his docs. At the end of each day he’ll excitedly go “Hermann! Look!” And slide of his boots to reveal today’s sock choice. His favorites are a pair with Kaiju on them and another pair that says “monster fucker” on the bottom in bright blue letters. Hermann hates both

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