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retropopcult · a month ago
Tumblr media
"Seven-year-old Ferris. Tiny newsie who did not know enough to make change for the investigator. There are still too many of these little ones in the larger cities." Photographed October 22, 1914 in Mobile, Alabama by Lewis Wickes Hine.
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onceuponatown · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Washington D.C., November 8, 1921, When Republicans Wanted a Tax on the Rich.
A young news seller holds up a copy Of the Washington Daily News. The headline reads: Millionaire Tax Rends G.O.P.
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imjustalonesomewriter · 8 months ago
the results are in!
tagging people who liked the first post: @kitkatt16, @shewearsprada, @stroopwafeldetective, @bunnihat-newsie, @rag-tag-ragamuffin, @broadwaydreamerblog, @insaneinspireddreamer, @art3m1s2004​, @umbre-honest, @addie-your-queen, @mattycosplay, @in-a-most-auspicious-manner​ and @queenlmno! click for better quality (i think).
this was really fun! thanks for taking the time to respond, everyone!
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
the optional questions below the cut:
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plain google forms summary
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stupidnewsiememes · 8 months ago
Tommy boy and JoJo who are fully grown adults who have jobs
JoJo: what do you want for lunch
Tommy: nuggies
JoJo: dinosaur
Tommy: ofc
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kkshowtunes · 6 months ago
Newsie: newsies but it’s a one man show
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@your-lover-crutchy look!!
It's York! Sorry he's not great I'm not as familiar with him
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crumbb-nugg3t · 4 months ago
Showing my new friend around the apartment building
Tumblr media
That's newsie, but in casual wear.
Tumblr media
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babygruenwald · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Rare American postcard from 1926 utilizing special Chinese inks which never fully dry, producing a tacky feeling on one’s fingertips while giving off a faint odor which has been compared to the smell of Carmelite nuns on holiday.
Besides the marvelous view down Merrimac Ave. toward Winslow Park, an observant “postcarder” may notice the famous Crater Bay pterodactylus, Bernadette, as she stalks her prey - usually a momentarily unattended infant or a club-footed, underfed newsie.
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butchpartypoison · a year ago
party poison: [wearing mad gear and the missile kid t shirt]
newsagogo: hey! i like your gay pride shirt :]
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s9da · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i believe in girlsie jojo supremacy anyways this is jojo from the arena stage production of newsies
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stupidnewsiememes · 3 months ago
I come bearing a warning. Juck will return.
I’m scared…is this a prophecy??
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venomroses · 8 months ago
time to inflict a new AU on u guys istg i come up with like 100 of these a day but never post them so anyway here you go:
the Girl dies with the rest of the fabulous four in SING. 
Newsie and Hot Chimp fall off the radiowaves
Show Pony disappears
Cherri is killed in a clap
Val kills Dr. D and becomes the new face of the revolution
he leads the others to storm BL/ind and without the Girl, they’re dead in 10 minutes
those bulletproof faces weren’t so bulletproof
without a leader the revolution efforts start to slow
and come to a stop
‘joys are killed or kidnapped by BL/ind left and right
the revolution is dead
and BL/ind has won
the Witch is dying as this happens, fewer and fewer people believing in Her, until the last person stops believing, and She dies with the rest of them
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kkshowtunes · 11 months ago
My mom just said “What is a Wormsie?And why?”. Can y'all tell me what to say?
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static-phantom · 10 months ago
Kobra Kid, Newsagogo, Jet Star!
Kobra Kid
First Impression: He seemed awkward and uncomfortable, very much a ‘younger sibling in the shadow of the older sibling.’
Impression Now: He just wants to be good. He lashes out because it’s the only thing he knows how to do when it all gets too much, but wants to make sure others feel safe. 
Favourite Moment: Has always been the questionable karate in the Na Na Na video, don’t know why.
Idea for a Story: Kobra in the City, the conflict between his loyalty to BL/Ind and the itching feeling that something isn’t right. Poison dragging him out and making the decision for the both of them.
Unpopular Opinion: Absolutely looks like a Highschool Sports Dude (derogatory)
Favourite Relationship: Kobracola 
Favourite Headcanon: The Girl goes to him when she has a nightmare because he knows how to deal with them the best. (Creds to tinyplnets in WKIL)
First Impression: Really didn’t know much about her, saw her as someone only vaguely connected to the Four and more so to Dr. D.
Impression Now: I think she’s the character to whom I’ve given the most thought, especially with Radio Silence. She likes to have a solution and is extremely sentimental, even if she doesn’t show it all the time.
Favourite Moment: ‘Today’s broadcast is brought to you by Battery Powered Exploding Sheep!’ (From the Newsagogo twitter account)
Idea for a Story: Dr. D trying to teach Newsie guitar (at her request)
Unpopular Opinion: (This isn’t particularly unpopular but) she should have been in the comics. She deserved page time and didn’t get any.
Favourite Relationship: Romantically it’s Newsie and Chimp, but in a general sense it’s the Cherri and Newsie sibling dynamic.
Favourite Headcanon: Her room is filled with small trinkets Chimp made and scraps of her past. Bottle tops, ripped posters, a broken pen, all with their own meaning.
Jet Star
First Impression: The brains behind it all, happy to go along with most things, focused on getting the job done even at his own risk. (Saw Jet as he/him)
Impression Now: Really intelligent, fairly open about her past. Doesn’t always know what to say, but her presence is oddly comforting. She sets the boundary where her safety comes before the task at hand if it’s not something worth dying for. (Now see Jet as she/her)
Favourite Moment: (Not including fanon moments) The look back towards the fight in Sing as she takes The Girl outside.
Idea for a Story: Her first broadcast from the City, followed by the moment where she first sees the face of someone who’s been listening from the Zones.
Unpopular Opinion: Jet is City Born and doesn’t get out until she’s in her late teens.
Favourite Relationship: There have been very few Jetgear HCs and stories which I haven’t wholeheartedly enjoyed.
Favourite Headcanon: Either Jet learning to crochet from Ghoul and becoming better than him within a few weeks, or the monocle/eyepatch combo adopted after she loses her eye.
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crumbb-nugg3t · 4 months ago
saw @becauseimgabbeh-blog 's post and I thought of this
Tumblr media
Text incase you cant read my shit handwriting:
"Twig your hair is just like Newsie's (but way worse)
yeah Newsie never brushes her hair no matter howmany times Rukkue naggs her
Tumblr media
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I'm just now hearing about the Newsies fandom drama that happened in 2017/2018 when my blog was just sprouting from it's roots. And damn. I'm really glad I never found out about all this triggering, insensitive fics that people wrote. That being said, I've seen my fair share of controversy around here and it's not great.
Stay unproblematic, Newsies fandom.
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