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maggs-is-a-muppet · 2 days ago
Parents please check your kid's Halloween candy. Just found the Santa Fe Dance Break inside a Snickers bar.
Tumblr media
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matt-murdok · a day ago
Top ten emotions:
1) the key change in broadway Once and for All
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turboshot49cents · a day ago
A Disney musical about the newsies strike of 1899 does NOT have the right to slap so hard
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newsieunion · 2 days ago
I don’t know if anyone is still on newsies tumblr, but I would like to say that I saw Ben Fankhauser in a show yesterday and afterwards during a q+a, got him to write “seize the day” in his handwriting so I can get it tattooed. My entire existence is now fulfilled.
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Race: Hey, you dropped something.
Spot: What?
Race: Your standards.
Race: Hi, I’m Racetrack. *holds hand out*
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that-one-bi-wizard · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Like, I’m just saying Varian and Jack Kelly—
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improving-the-truth · a day ago
Jack asks David to homecoming (set in the 1990s)
Jack was leaned up against a tree when David got there, arms crossed, hair mussed by the autumn wind. David approached with a courteous smile.
Jack’s note requesting to meet up was ominously punctuated. Jack never used punctuation - or capitals, or any proper grammar for that matter - unless he was extremely serious about something.
Jack pushed off the tree to meet him halfway, impossibly calm and unreadable in the disarming way that only he could be. “Hey.”
“Hey.” David’s fingers curled around the strap of his bag. “I got your note. I mean, obviously, or I wouldn’t be here.” What a stupid thing to say, David chastised, burning with embarrassment.
Everything about this was off. From Jack’s rigid shoulders, to the note rather than Jack just tracking him down after school or something, to the location, tucked away in the little woodsy area behind the old overgrown tennis court, where the creek browned and glided over perfect stones at the edge of the clearing.
“What is it you wanted to talk to me about?” David managed, biting down hard on his tongue.
Jack shrugged, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his jacket. “Just a question.”
“You could’ve written it down,” said David, only because he was running out of things to say that wouldn’t make himself mad.
Jack started walking away, nodding once towards the bridge over the creek down along the path, dry and covered in browning leaves. David followed, hurrying a little to catch up. It was abominably cold for early fall, his hands were gloved because it put his mothers’ mind at ease to know he wouldn’t lose any fingers when he went out.
“Relax.” Jack clapped him on the shoulder and David stiffened.
Take your own advice, he swiftly bit back, because he could tell that something was bothering Jack just as much as David was bothered by the uncomfortable atmosphere.
The wondering ached in David’s chest. He’d been thinking too much lately. He wanted to know what was going on in Jack’s head, tried to read his face of steel, the smile that played on his lips that never reached his dark and piercing eyes. Jack stared at the bridge ahead of them, bobbing closer with every frigid step. Strolling like it was nothing, like David’s skull wasn’t clamoring with the onset of a headache.
“I know that look.”
David started. “What?”
“Put on your glasses.”
“I don’t need them.” David didn’t know why he said that, because it was a lie, and Jack knew it was a lie, and even worse, David knew Jack knew he knew it was a lie.
Without another word, eyes throbbing and defeated, Jack paused to let David fish around in his bag for his little square glasses that made his eyes look like weathered diamonds.
They continued their walk quietly, the discomfort settling between them like bricks. It was worse that David could see Jack’s face now.
Suddenly Jack’s voice was beside him, so close David could feel his hot breath in the cold breeze. “My question.”
“I don’t know how much you’ll like it.”
All the more dreadful a thought, David believed everything depended on Jack’s reaction rather than his own, sneaking a finger to hook around the strap of his bag once again, holding on like a mast at sea. “Yeah?”
“Fact is, you might even hate me.”
Again and again David stopped himself. He chewed his lower lip. “No.”
“You don’t know yet, huh?”
“I couldn’t hate you,” David explained. They crossed over the bridge, approaching the treeline to the four blocks of houses obscured by the light woods, the orange and black and purple of Halloween decorations already visible between the brush. “I couldn’t.”
Jack reached up and scratched the back of his neck. “You swear?”
“Of course.”
“Well.” Jack gave him an indescribable look of hazel and knives. David withered in his boots. “Here it goes.”
“You’re teasing me.” David elbowed him, a lot lighter than Jack would have done if they switched places. “Do you want me to help you hide a body or something?”
“Tease?” Jack huffed. “I’ve never teased you.”
“Whatever. Tell me already. You’re dragging this out.”
“Could be that it’d be a shame for you to go home so soon.”
“It can’t possibly be that bad,” David attempted to rationalize. “Why did you even…”
“Do you have any plans for homecoming?”
David’s breath hitched. His answer came several seconds later, slow and deliberate. “No.”
They walked through a patch of sunlight where the branches above parted. David squinted, catching Jack’s fleeting eyes.
“Neither do I.”
David thought he knew where this was going. He couldn’t be sure, not really, until Jack said it for himself. It would be way too good to be true, too far removed from reality to assume that David was really there walking home with Jack instead of face down in a coma being buried in a ditch somewhere.
It was so cold. David crossed his arms over his stomach and rubbed his hands.
“So neither of us has plans.” Jack said, sounding it out as he went. “If a guy wanted to ask you to homecoming, what would you say?”
A guy. Jack’s wording was specific. David was burning, and freezing, the sliver of his socks exposed beneath the cuffs of his jeans was turning to ice.
There was an easy answer perched on the tip of his tongue. It would be pathetic to blurt it immediately. David considered it, tugged on the collar of his coat to straighten it, pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose.
He cleared his throat. “Okay.”
Jack absorbed that. “Do you wanna go to homecoming with me?”
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shes-a-plum · 2 days ago
Jack: *is cooking*
Jack: beat three eggs
Jack: at what?
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onde-and-for-all · 18 hours ago
random modern Newsies headcanons that live in my head rent-free ✨
jack fails his driver’s licence test like 6 times. race gets his license on the first try but still everyone trust jack more as a driver
(it pisses race off)
jojo comes up with the best ideas for birthday gifts
and then when it’s jojo’s birthday the gifts aren’t very good cause they weren’t the one that came up with it, they don’t mind tho
when newsies have movie night they spend half of the night trying to decide what movie to watch
they end up watching mean girls everytime
”we have seen this like 16 times-” ”shut up davey we are gonna watch it again”
albert listened to the music most and it feels like he knows every single song that has ever existed
monopoly is banned from their game nights cause crutchie took it too seriously
race hates coffee with passion
elmer is always late
once he was on time and it was only because he though they were supposed to meet at 2pm when it actually was 4pm
davey reads a lot but he never read harry potter and at least once a week romeo tells him he should read them
specs has two pair of glasses and no one noticed for months
katherine is on like, level 250 on hay day
henry is actually good at math but no one trusts him, like someone is like ”what’s 37+18” and henry is like ”55” but they still do check it on calculator
buttons knits a lot
he taught katherine and jojo to knit and now they have a small club for it
at first davey took les with him when newsies met just because he had to but almost immediately les became a part of the group
albert was not a huge fan of the random kid spending time with them but then once les roasted race so bad that albert laughed for 15 minutes and after that he never questioned les’ precense again
davey and specs are the best at mario kart
the both can be kinda quiet but once it comes to mario kart they do get loud
race sucks at mario kart
that is actually the reason they don’t trust him as a driver
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thefactsofthematter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
loving can mend your soul
Reality sort of starts to set in, as he looks at his worn-out t-shirt that's now stained with both paint from working on his AP art portfolio and some fresh baby spit-up.
He's a dad. He's seventeen, he's still in high school, he still lives with his mom and his brother like any other teenager, but he's got two daughters. He's responsible for two little lives and he's not even a legal adult yet. This is sort of insane.
jack’s first night at home as a single, teen dad is a little rough. thankfully, he’s not in this alone.
3.7k words. part one of the care and keeping of your greatest mistakes.
(read it on ao3)
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mosiee · 2 days ago
Jack: hey what’s that one ride with the animals?
Jack: the one that spins?
Jack: the horse tornado?
David: a carousel??
Jack: yeah that one
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flurrin · 2 days ago
Hi sorry the scene in Newsies where Snyder comes to where the boys live and asks the old man where Jack Kelly is and deadnames him and the old man just pretends to ponder and goes "never heard of him, never heard of him" while the other boys stand around jeering? Disney transed my gender with that
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Spot: *about Race* He’s so cute, I wanna throw a brick at him.
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random-french-dessert · 2 days ago
I forgot onesies was a word and not a term adopted lovingly by the Newsies fandom
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