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#newsies musical
hey-op-just-kill-me · 2 days ago
Spot sitting on top of the fridge: hello parental figure
Denton not looking at him and pouring his coffee: hello problem child
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we-are-inevitable · 18 hours ago
got any spare details you wanna share about we could break away?? i’d love to know more about jack’s backstory/childhood! 💕
AHHH OK so i was actually planning on writing a little fic abt this for the series, but idk if that'll actually happen, so here's this!!
tw: death mention, emotional and physical abuse
Jack is 17 in the fic, a month away from turning 18, and he was adopted by medda when he was 12, but he’s been with her since he was 11!
he was pretty young at the time of adoption, of course- but he still had his issues.
both of his parents were around for the majority of his childhood, but they were the kind of parents that shouldn't have been parents. they loved him in all the wrong ways. they were determined to make sure that Jack had a chance at success, something they never had, so they were extremely strict and harsh.
they were the kind of people that said that no grades below an A were allowed to be brought into the house, he wasn't allowed to play with other kids unless he did homework and chores- chores that were much to extensive for a little kid.
especially a kid with undiagnosed ADHD who was constantly told by his parents that he needed to do better and get smarter and try harder when he was working himself into the ground already. nothing was ever good enough.
his mother passed when he was eight, though jack still doesn't really know what happened; he knows she was kind of sick, had always been sick since he was really young, but no one ever gave him specifics.
that's what sent his father over the edge.
his dad was even more strict, and constantly made jack feel like he would never be good enough, even though jack was trying so hard to do good in school and be nice and respectful and all those good things
but jack had trouble focusing, and he wasn't a fast reader, and sometimes he would switch around words or numbers, or talk way too much, or get really overwhelmed, and his father didn't like that.
jack was put in foster care after came to school and his teacher noticed bruises on him.
only a year passed between his mom's death and his father going to prison. since he didn't have any other immediate family who were able to take him in, spend ages 9 and 10 bouncing from foster care to foster care.
he started acting out. he was always told that he wasn't good enough and that he was stupid and annoying and that he wouldn't amount to anything, so what's the point in trying now with a whole new set of people? he was a very difficult child to foster. very unmotivated.
he didn't really have anyone who believed in him until he was taken in by Medda at age 11.
she was so patient with him, and she didn’t force him to be perfect- she just helped him do his best, even if his best wasn't great. Jack was actually the one who brought up Medda adopting him, and by the time he was 12-going-on-13, Medda officially had custody!! (the hardest part was getting Jack’s incarcerated father to sign a Consent to Adoption agreement)
and the rest is history!!!
as you can tell with Jack’s past, he's always felt like he wasn't good enough and has always kind of struggled in school, which is why he pushes himself so hard at the beginning of We Could Break Away :(( he puts up a confident front but always feels like he's coming up short !!
thank you sm for this ask !!! and sorry it's so long AHAHA
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springbon-t-art · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PLEASE do not repost my artwork, PLEASE
Renaissance and Musical costumes :D (sorry if i didn´t add others, i just went for the ones that Broadway told me were most popular :0)
this took like 3 weeks but i´m proud of it :,)
Speed Draw
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bemorekleinman · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
you can tell when everyone’s gonna start dancing bc all the leads in the show will mysteriously disappear 5 seconds before
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jack-the-queer · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
This is a redraw of a thing I drew back last November! I thought it turned out kinda good
Reblogs are greatly appreciated!
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harlem-to-delancy · a month ago
It took an embarrassing amount of times listening to ‘Once and For All’ to realize that in this part of the song
Tumblr media
Ben Fankhauser holds that all note the entire time. Like, I didn’t hear it until I listened to it out loud on my car radio but he holds that note for so long and I am baffled that I have never seen anyone talk about this.
Ben deserves more respect and appreciation for his vocals tbh
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one-frog-in-a-trenchcoat · 4 months ago
Ladies, if your man is:
Heroically charismatic
Cocky little son of a-
A flirt
A complete egomaniac
The face of a strike
What a face!
A face that could save us all from sinking in the ocean
Then that’s not your man, that’s Jack Kelly
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hey-op-just-kill-me · 2 days ago
Jack: you don’t like my idea?
Crutchie: you know what let’s take a vote
Crutchie: all those in favor say I
Jack: what kind of vote is that?
Race: it sure ain’t a vote of confidence
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thefrankensteinplace · 4 months ago
My favourite trope in newsies fics has gotta be when Jack and Davey are hopelessly in love and dancing around their feelings and when they finally get together everyone freaks the fuck out cos they’ve basically been watching and waiting the whole time.
Meanwhile Spot and Race have been secretly getting it on for ages and no one knows or gives a shit
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bemorekleinman · 8 months ago
concept: a newsies revival where nothing is changed except somewhere, the phrase “whoever threw that pape, your mom’s a hoe” is added into the script
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vive-la-revolution · 2 months ago
powerful quotes from musicals that i literally live by
“Here’s to the kids shinin’ shoes on the street without shoes in their feet every day”
Once and For All // Newsies
Tumblr media
“‘Till it finally reminds her to fight, just a little, to bring back the fire in her eyes”
She Used To Be Mine // Waitress
Tumblr media
“Have my golden rule, gotta keep my cool”
No Way // Six
Tumblr media
“You know what friends do, they’ve got your back, and they are fun to be around”
Revenge Party // Mean Girls
Tumblr media
“Yeah, I’m damaged, far too damaged, but you’re not beyond repair”
I Am Damaged // Heathers
Tumblr media
“I won’t go silent, though you wanna see me tremble when you try it”
Speechless // Aladdin
Tumblr media
“Why don’t you feel alright for the rest of your life?”
Jason’s Therapy // Falsettos
Tumblr media
“Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up, tell your sister that she’s gotta rise up”
My Shot // Hamilton
Tumblr media
“So let the sun come streaming in, ‘cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again, if you only look around, you will be found”
You Will Be Found // Dear Evan Hansen
Tumblr media
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feah-leah · 26 days ago
Jack, in Brooklyn: Look, Spot, I didn't come here to be insulted.
Spot: Oh, where do you usually go?
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