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woke up super early today, so i decided to do some brainstorming about a design study that i wanna do, and also finish an art that i started yesterday, and i’m really liking how it looks, im very excited to finish it!

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Introductory notes from one of my favorite chapters, Kingdom Animalia

Its been a slow week for me, I had things popping up here and there, people coming over, doctors appointments Yada Yada. Can confirm I have a whole lot of backlog to cover up in a week. I’m still trying to get a system of tracking my tasks but nothing seems to be working.

Anyhow, I hope you guys have a nice productive day!

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Day 3 of @myhoneststudyblr challenge!

I started my studyblr as a way for me to get better at studying. As a kid I was labelled as gifted because I could read ahead of my age group and I always did well just by listening in class. This carried over into highschool as well, so no one ever taught me how to actually study or take notes because they assumed I didn’t need to know these things. Come college kicking my ass because I can’t just sit in lecture and listen to get by, so I am hoping to teach myself how to actually study!

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Hi there studyblr community!

I’m here to introduce myself. I’ve been here for quite a while and I haven’t done it properly yet!

So I’m a second year biology student at university. I might double major and add nutritional sciences as my second degree. I’m also applying to medical school hoping I’ll be part of med studyblrs in couple of years.

Here’s a few things about me:

  • I’m 19
  • My pronouns are she/her
  • You can call me Lux. My name in my native language means light and lux is the measuring unit of ligh which I thought is cool. Also a song by my favorite artist ever Lorde is called “400 lux”.
  • I LOVE Audrey Hepburn and old classics, and old jazz.
  • I’m into literature, art, science, music,… Literally anything I’m so excited about learning
  • I’m passionate about medical research and scientific studies
  • I speak 3 languages: arabic, english and french. But my french has become a bit rusty, so I’m learning both french and german at the moment.
  • I love to read classics especially british literature
  • I am also a huge weeb and I love anime. My current fave is “my hero academia”
  • Also i like listening to studio ghibli tracks as I study and it always puts me in that ~nostalgic~ mood

Looking forward to interacting with you all!

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Day 2 of @myhoneststudyblr Challenge

My url flowers-and-arsenic came from the fact that I’ve always been a little obsessed with the juxtaposition of pretty and not so traditionally pretty things. Flowers have always bee labelled as pretty in society where as arsenic is usually associated with things like death. I’m also a goth gremlin obsessed with the macabre so there’s that too

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my name is tete and i decided that it would be nice to join you. i just started high school (yeah, i’m pretty young) and i think having a study blog could help me stay motivated. the two main subjects i’ve chosen are math and physics.

i’m still figuring out my hobbies, but i can certainly say that i like writing, drawing and reading (a bit contrary to what i’m studying),, but that’s pretty basic. i’m also interested in learning to play an instrument, volleyball, studying in general, games and some weird fandoms. so hii

also my english kinda sucks i’m from poland hahahdsb i am sorry

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New Studyblr Alert!

Is this me procrastinating from doing work? Lets call it productive procrastination hehe

Hi, I’m Chi-chi! 

About me:

  • First generation Nigerian American
  • First Year Osteopathic Medical Student (OMS I)
  • Future Ob/Gyn


  • Everything Afrobeats
  • Working Out
  • Dancing (mostly Afrobeats and Konpa)
  • Anime and Manga lover
  • Studying 

Why make a studyblr?

  • I love the studyblr community so I decided to come and add a little color as a POC student
  • To share my experience with applying to medical school as a non-traditional student
  • To share my experience navigating the world as a twenty something POC woman
  • More study motivation as I get unmotivated like you wouldn’t believe lol
  • To meet new friends! So don’t hesitate to send me asks, messages or any other way to interact :)

Inspired by

I’m so excited to have finally joined the studyblr community! 

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Hi! I’m Rae, I’m 22 (Jan 5th), so yes I’m a capricorn lol

I have a degree in world languages and right now I am back in school to become an ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreter, I’m also studying Korean for funsies because I am trash ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I really like watching anime and dramas (I am currently obsessed with Mo Dao Zu Shi), I also spend wayyyyy too much time on youtube watching Jenna Marbles, Game Theory, and The Kill Count. I also read a lot in my spare time and play video games!!

I get a lot of inspiration from @studyquill (she’s really helping to inspire me with bullet journaling) and @lgbtanimes (her themes for online notebooks and pcs and phones are phenomenal)

I am mostly making this account to try and get better at studying because I was cursed with the “gifted child” label and was never taught how to properly study or take notes ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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