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#newton scamander

Newt’s POV

I was in New York trying to find the child. I found myself on a subway track. “Credence… It’s Credence, isn’t it? I’m here to help you, Credence. I’m not here to hurt you.” behind newt was a series of footsteps coming from Mr. Graves. “I’ve met someone just like you, Credence. A girl- a young girl who’d been imprisoned, she had been locked away and she’d been punished for her magic.”

I had finally gotten the boy’s attention but failed to notice the footsteps drawing nearer behind me as I stepped closer to Credence. Graves sent a spell toward me which sent me flying backward.

the child fled at the sight of the scene. I rose and tried to launch a spell at Graves but failed as Graves launches spell after spell at me leaving me defenseless. as the Obscririal goes deeper into the tunnel, a train comes closer and graves threw the child onto the landing.

When I tried to cast a spell on graves, he gets annoyed and makes the train tracks ripple which sent me flying again into the air. Mr. Graves starts to walk toward credence as I try to get up. Graves snaps his fingers and a shadow appears on the landing. something coming from the shadows. once I stood up the figure waves their wand and shoots me back into the ground.

when they came from the shadow I finally knew who they were.


Newt walked down the steps that lead to the clearing in the middle of the forbidden forest. he sat by a lake and took out a book on potions. 30 minutes later a bunny hopped near him. of course he didn’t notice being too caught up in his work and all.

he was startled when the bunny hopped into his lap and curled into his lap.

“Nice one (Y/N).” he pet her fur the bunny hopped off and turned back into a witch.

“How could you tell that was me?” she spoke as she sat next to him.

“Only you would do that.” his smile started to shine as it does every day.


“So Newt?”

“Hmm?” he didn’t look up from his book since the OWLs were coming up fast.

“Are we still on for tonight?” the girl was hopeful but still doubtful as she hasn’t spent time with him for months because of his new friend Leta.

“of course. 8:30 and our spot correct?” he didn’t lookup.

“Yup!” she got up and started to pack, she had planned to camp out with him and star gaze at their spot. the clearing in the forest with the lake. as she ran down the corridor she saw Newt and Leta in the courtyard under a tree. ‘why would he talk to her when 5 minutes ago he didn’t even look at me?’ (y/n) thought. she pushed it to the back of her mind and continued on her way.

when she finished setting up the camp the sun started to set. that gave her 5 minutes till newt should be coming around she still needed firewood. as she was in the forest hunched over picking up wood, she heard footsteps, 2 pairs to be exact.

“Oh, it’s just wonderful Newt! Thank you.”

(y/n) knew that voice. the voice of Leta. she tip-toed behind a tree and peeked around till she saw them. she was hugging him.

“Did you do this all for me?” she stopped hugging and her hands rested on his forearm.

“Anything for you.” her heart broke that day.





the day that she found as though she was nothing to him

only a stranger in the way.


(y/n) stood on the landing staring down at me, a scared and sad look on her face. she couldn’t control what she was doing, even I can tell that. she didn’t want to hurt me, only to hug and tell me off for hurting her all those years back, it was as clear as day to see that.

(Y/N)’s POV

I watched through a blurred lens. I saw my hand flick my wand sending a man, of which I only saw in dreams, down. his curly copper hair flew up as he fell back, his fall was so sudden and so quick I could almost see his freckles fall off his body.

my wand kept flicking at him and I couldn’t stop it. I cried and screamed for me to stop but nothing worked. it was like watching a cruel movie but you’re also stuck in it. this went on for minutes just me screaming, and crying for Newt to be ok.

I fell.

I hit the ground and I hit it hard.


I felt pain.

I was back in my body, tears running down my face, my throat sore. I felt arms wrap around me and my head get pushed onto a muscular chest by a big hand.

“It’s okay. I got you now.” a voice I hadn’t heard in forever was heard. I didn’t know what else to do. so I just sat there, crying on the wet concrete floor.

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Eddie Redmayne masterfully played Marius in Les Miserables movie. His beautiful tenor voice still resonates sweetly in my memories. Thanks to Cinema _dreamy on IG who shared the Black and White photos !!

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⤷ summary:You’re blue, I’m red, I wanna kiss your neck and make you purple all over.

 word count: 33.7k
 pairing: credence barebone | fem!reader 
ꕥ genre: fluff, angst, smut
 rating: 18+
warnings: mentions of physical and religious abuse, mild violence and angst
ꕥ kinks: femdom, masturbation
 author’s note:  Credence’s first time requested by anonymous. Experimenting a new writing style with this one, I hope you still like it! This is very soft, but also sinful. I always suggest using Interactive Fics extension on Google Chrome and Firefox when reading my fics. Enjoy. ;)
ꕥ key: (y/n) - first name (l/n) - last name (e/c) - eye color (h/c) - hair color (s/c) - skin color


There are very few moments in life worth living for. Most things in life are mundane and repetitive. Humans aren’t as complex as they like to think. Humans are simple. Without realizing, it they put themselves into a routine. Eat, work, sleep, repeat. Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Eat, sleep, work, repeat.

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” And yet, most humans never fall into insanity. How is it humanity survives such a dreary existence? The answer itself is simple. It is because despite living simple, tedious, monotonous lives, they still have those few moments.

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Summary: “They’re that rubbish Ravenclaw Prefect’s fault!” you whined. “I beat him in a duel, but he got the last word and– and gave me these!

Requested by Anon: May I please make a request with a reader x newt Scamander where the reader is hit with a spell that gave them cat ears and a tail and Newt finds it adorable and can’t stop playing with the ears and tail. (Of course you don’t have to if you don’t want to, thanks for everything you’ve done, I enjoy your works!)

Key: (Y/N) - your name, (h/c) - hair colour
mentions of injuries, mentions of the hospital wing, you’re a catboy now i don’t make the rules
Word Count:

Note: and here’s the last request I got at Christmas!! I’m doing them completely out of order lmao. I love me a good cat ears moment and i ADORE newt so ty ty ty for this request. It’s pretty short but I think it’s a good length for the prompt

    “(Y/N)? (Y/N), are you there?”

    Newt called your name in a half-whisper as he entered the Room of Requirement. It was a sort of library today, filled with comfy chairs with multi-coloured pillows and plants in every corner. The space was familiar, as it was generally what the Room of Requirement came up with when you and he used it to hide from the rest of the world. Theseus and Leta would join you both on occasion and it would shift to their needs, but it always had the same basic shell.


    “Go away,” came your half-hearted mumble.

    Despite your sullen attitude, he brightened at the sound of your voice and followed it to the very back of the room. He peeked around bookcases looking for you, a small smile on his face.

    “Leta said something happened in class? Are you alright?”


    He frowned. “Are you hurt?”

    “No!” you protested immediately. “I’m not your idiot brother– I’d go to the hospital wing!”

    Newt couldn’t help but snicker. You were right about that, at least. Sometimes you were the most sensible person he knew and other times you were downright loony, but you never, never hid injuries, not like Theseus, who hated the hospital wing and Madame Pomfrey.

    “Then what is it?”

    He turned a corner and spotted you, knees up to your chest in a chair. You looked over your arms at him, eyes filled with tears.

    For a moment, he couldn’t even tell what was wrong. And then he spotted them.

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perfect / n.s


GIF isn’t mine, all credits to rightful owner

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Requested by anon: Can I request Newt Scamander with s/o that’s insecure about her body? Even better if she gets insecure when he works with another woman that’s beautiful?

A/N: I haven’t written for anyone besides Sirius or Draco in some time so here’s me trying to finish requests

Newt Scamander Taglist: @bad268@jellybeanduck99@kamilantya@summer-writes@000bananaclip000@mxchiefxmxnagement

Permanent Taglist: @sleep-i-ness@emmaloo21@62442-am

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time / n.s


GIF isn’t mine, all credits to rightful owner

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Summary: Time was ticking but he didn’t care

Prompt: Soulmate AU where everyone has a clock that counts down the time until they meet their soulmate

A/N: This was so rushed I’m sorry, I tried my best to post something and this is what I ended up finishing. Writers block is horrible and I hate it, hopefully I can write something proper soon. 

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Love That ~ Newt Scamander (FBAWTFT)

Requested By: –

A/N: hi, hello… its fucking ¾ till 2… in. the. fucking. morning. i have to wake up at 5 later, sooo, yeah…

also, very fun fact: this was supposed to be a drabble but my dumb ass just said, “yeah… lmao no,” so ye… now you get this very “short” chapter… and when i mean short, i mean more than 2000 words because any number above 1000 words is long enough for me to cry my heart out agdjjabfjsjfbkajdnannfnd

anyways, enjoy this small one shot for this precious cutie <3 also, Eddie Redmayne is definitely a cutie too <3

like… look at this


look at that precious cutie right there <3


A fond smile crepted onto Newt’s lips as his eyes shone in happiness. The wizard being both quite relieved and happy to see his newly made muggle friend being all calm and collected. Not freaking out like the wizard had imagined when he had told the muggle what he was. Accepting him and also the creatures he is fond of. In fact, his muggle friend was in utter awe with the magical creatures and it made Newt feel joyous to have someone see these creatures as something more than pest nor dangerous. Someone that saw that these were incredible creatures, not beasts.

“Fascinating,” Newt heard [Name], his muggle friend, breathlessly uttered as he softly petted the niffler he was craddling. Awe plastered on his face as he then let out a laugh when the niffler swatted his hand away when he tried to poke it’s cute little snout.

“Simply fascinating,” [Name] said, smiling softly as he findly looked at the small, magical creature in his hand.

Newt stood a few feet away, still that fond smile on his lips as the little bowtruckle on his hand looked at him with its confused black beady eyes. The small creature tilted its head in confusion as it then turned and followed where its caretaker was looking at.

Pickett, the bowtruckle’s name, saw its caretaker was looking at the muggle who was busy trying to get his ring away from the thieving hands of the niffler on his hand. The bowtruckle looked back at Newt and decided that the wizard should snap out of his stare. It was, after all, very inappropriate and not to mention creepy.

“Ow!” Cried Newt, snapping out of his staring daze as he looked at the direction of the pain. Looking down at his hand, Newt saw the small green colored, twig like body of the little bowtruckle that was innocently at him with those black beady eyes of it. Newt let out a huff as the wizard fully knew that Pickett was the caused of his surprising pain.

[Name], hearing Newt’s cry, stopped playing with the niffler and had turned his head around to the direction of hearing the wizard’s cry. Eyebrows furrowed as worry plastered on his face.

“Newt?” [Name] called. Worry evident in his tone as he continued, “are you alright?”

“I-I’m fine!” Newst responded. A soft shade of flush on Newt’s freckled cheeks. Embarrassed, Newt was.

“Are you certain?” [Name] said. Still looking at Newt in worry that with his attention somewhere else, the niffler on his hand had snatched back the shiny, gold ring of his and hid it on its small pouch.

“No!” Cried Newt as he saw the niffler did but his answer made [Name] threw him an incredibled look. Assuming the wizard’s word to be the answer for his question.

With the deed done, the magical creature jump off, out of the muggle’s hand and scurried away in a very fast pace before anyone cold stop it and get the gold ring back.

“Wha– hey!” [Name] had said. Finally realizing why Newt shouted out as he looked at where the niffler used to be in his hands then looking at the direction of where it went. A laugh left his lips then as he shakes his head and slowly stood up from his position on sitting on the ground. “Little bugger,” fondly said [Name] as he turned to look at Newt again and sent the wizard a boyish grin.

“Am I going to see that ring again? That was a gift from my ma, you know,” chuckled [Name] as he raised a brow at the wizard. [Name] was a bit afraid if that was the last time he would see that ring again as truly, it was important to him. Like he had said, it was one of the only things he had left with his family. Especially his mother.

“I am so sorry,” apologized Newt. Face flushed as he looked down at the tiny bowtruckle known as Pickett on his hand to avoid eye contact with his muggle friend. “Niffler’s are usually attracted to any thing that is shiny and beautiful to their eye that they steal and horde them,” he had explained, still avoiding eye contact.

“Well…” [Name] trailed off as he went to where Newt was and sat beside the wizard who he ahd not missed the way Newt’s body tensed a bit. “I am quite confused why that little bugger didn’t take you then,” that had caused Newt to look up a bit as he turned his head to look at [Name]. Confusion plastered on his face and was about to ask when the muggle cut him to it.

[Name] seemed to knew what the wizard was about to ask as he grinned at Newt.

“After all, you are a beautiful treasure,” said [Name] as he winked at the wizard who’s face flushed immediately after he had processed what the muggle had said.

“I… I-I… um… n-not… uhh,” Newt sputtered out incoherently as he turned to look away from [Name] teasing grin. Face definitely flushed as he was truly flustered on what the muggle had said.

[Name] didn’t seem to care of what he had said and instead leaned a bit closer to the wizard as he looked at the little bowtruckle on Newt’s hand. A small smile on his lips as he looked at the bowtruckle with interest.

“What kind of animal is this?” [Name] had asked as he placed his hand on Newt’s shoulder and leaned more closer to look at Pickett who seemed to also look at the muggle with interest in its beady eyes. [Name] smiled when he placed his forefinger close to the bowtruckle and Pickett coming close to his finger and then wrapped its small green limbs that is his arms had hesitantly poke the muggle’s forefinger until Pickett saw that was safe and had wrapped its limbs around the finger.

[Name] smile widened when he lefted his finger a bit and safe Pickett clutching on his finger tightly. Loosely hanging as the bowtruckle was looking at him with interest like he is doing with it aswell.

“You’re adorable,” [Name] had laughed as he watched the small magical creature trying to pull itself up from his hand.

Newt stayed quiet as he had watched [Name] interact with the bowtruckle. A bit baffled and also a bit relieved that Pickett didn’t poke out the muggle’s eyes with the bowtruckle’s sharp fingertips. The wizard had calmed down a bit from his embarrassment and had saw Pickett softly poking at [Name] finger with its own tiny limb and also seeing how Pickett wrapping its green limps on the muggle’s finger.

Newt seemed to be in awe. The wizard never thought he’ll see the day that the bowtruckle would come out of its shy shell. Pickett, afterall has some trust issues that the wizard could say that he could relate for he isn’t one for crowds and such.

Newt softly smiled as he saw the bowtruckle swinging back and forth on [Name]’s forefinger while the human looked absolutely mesmerized by what Pickett was doing.

“Newt?” [Name] called out his name. Snapping the said man out of his thoughts as the wizard saw both the muggle and the bowtruckle looking at him. Pickett seemed to go back to swinging itselt back and forth on the man’s finger. [Name], on the other hand, sent Newt a look of worry for a second then it disappeared as he smiled.

“Newt?” [Name] called out again. But this time, Newt answered.

“Yes?” Newt softly said as he saw [Name] sent a quick look at the bowtruckle on his hand to make sure that Pickett was still there, playing. Then looking back to Newt.

“What creature is this cute little guy?” [Name] asked as he looked back at the bowtruckle again and saw that Pickett was standing on his forefinger. The bowtruckle saw the muggle looking at itself, Pickett blew a raspberry at the man.

The adorable action of the small little creature made [Name] let out a laugh as Newt let out a soft cry of yelling the small creature’s name in embarrassment.

“Pickett! Don’t do that!” Newt cried as his face flushed.

“Pickett?” [Name] had said as he finished laughing. “Is that the name of this little guy or is it his kind?” He had asked, really interested to know what kind was this interesting and adorable little creature.

“T… that’s his name…” Newt had answered. Face still bloomed with flush. The wizard decided to look at Pickett instead of looking at the muggle close beside him.

“Then,” [Name] softly started as he had looked at Newt and saw the other was looking at the bowtruckle in his hand. “Can you perhaps tell me more about them?” The muggle had asked as he gently placed Pickett back to Newt’s hand.

Hearing [Name]’s question, Newt raised his head to look at the other. Newt felt his heart stopped beating for a second when he looked into thise [Eye color] eyes of the other. Not really noticing that he and the muggle was in very close distance as the wizard was lost in those eyes of the other.

Admiration. Sheer utter genuine admiration inside those [Eye color] eyes of the muggle that made Newt be reminded the warmth feeling he always experienced when seeing a magical creature.

“Newt?” [Name] called the wizard’s name. Pulling out Newt from his daze and thoughts again.

Realizing what he had done, Newt let out a mixture of a choke and squeak as he quickly turned his head away from [Name]’s. Still, the wizard nodded his head at the question that [Name] had asked awhile ago. Before he had lost himself on those mesmerizing eyes of the other.

“Y-yes!” Newt squeaked out. [Name] raised a brow at this but didn’t mention how Newt’s behavior had change as he may have not know the wizard that well, he can tell when someone want to drop a subject. So, instead of pointing out Newt’s odd behavior, he simply smiled and nodded.

“So…” [Name] trailed off as he looked at the bowtruckle that was sitting on Newt’s palm and was looling curiously at them. “What kind is Pickett is? And the one who… erm, took my ring too, what are they?”

“Pickett… Pickett is a bowtruckle,” Newt softly began as he looked at the said bowtruckle on his hand. Softly petting the green leaf on Pickett’s head affectionately as the bowtruckle leaned on his finger. A fond smile on the wizard’s lips as [Name] looked at Newt, a soft smile on the other’s lips as he watched how Newt was affectionate to the small creature.

“Pickett actually… he isn’t the only bowtruckle I have,” Newt had said.

“Really? There’s more?” Newt softly smiled at what [Name] had said. The wizard didn’t have to turn to look at the muggle’s face to know he was interested as the tone of [Name]’s voice had gaved it away.

“Y-yes… there’s Titus, a-and Finn. Poppy, Marlow a… and also Tom,” Newt had said. “Bowtruckles lived in trees. They’re peaceful and also shy creatures,” Newt had said.

“Like you?” [Name] piped. Grinning cheekily as he saw Newt’s freckled cheeks reddened but the smile on the wizard’s lips made him knew that Newt was alright with him comments.

“I… I wouldn’t say that I’m… umm, peaceful,” Newt had softly said as he heard [Name] sputter.

“Y-you? Not peaceful?” [Name] said, not believing what Newt had said. “Mister Scamander, you are the most purest man I had ever met and believed me, travelling makes you meet many interesting people,” said [Name].

“Well, I… I sometimes fancy myself with… duels back in Hogwarts,” said Newt, bravely as he turned to look at [Name] to silently say that he did use to duel. Newt seemed to remember that [Name] probably didn’t know what ‘duel’ or 'Hogwarts’ had meant as he was a muggle. And he was right as he saw the other had looked at him like he had grown two heads with the confusion plastered on [Name]’s face.

“Um… duels? H… Hogworts…?” [Name] said, uncertainty in his voice. His miss pronouncing of the name of the school made Newt bite back a chuckle threatening to leave his lips as he smiled at [Name] and shakes his head.

“R-right… you’re a mugg… I mean, not a wizard…” Newt mused. “I’ll tell you more about… all this,” he had said. [Name] had a gentle smile on his lips as he nodded his head.

“I’d love that,” [Name] had a softly said as he looked into Newt’s eyesm adoring the lovely shade of blue where it remind [Name] of the cool and calming colors of the sky or the ocean waves that he often watched by when he set sails on boats to move to another place to travel.

“I’d love that, a lot,” [Name] whispered underneath his breathe as Newt looked at his eyes aswell. Daze like he had done awhile ago too as he lost himself from the hypnotizing gaze of those mesmerizing [Eye color] eyes of [Name]’s.

The wizard loved this. He loved this, a lot, aswell.

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aRe you telling me, that the name Newt(on) scamander might’ve game from an actual newt??? Salamander scamander same thing right?

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Find this on my Twitter: “sketchy Frewt art”

this really could have been posted in its entirety but eh

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