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This Week’s Image Series:
It Is Now A Movement
“Say her name, Breonna Taylor”
This week I will share with you images from a movement for equal rights and justice for all. “No justice, no peace”
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#exploretocreate #exploreyourworld (at Camden Plaza Park)

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↠ Double tap if Mykonos is on your bucket list😍🌴
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cc: @muradosmann

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Why I’m considering leaving Twitter, like I left @instagram and Facebook


Social Media platforms, It’s Time You Equally Get Your Knee Off Our Neck.

I Can’t Breathe, Express, nor Share.

Social media platforms like the above mentioned, do you have a problem with some of your content providers?

You would rather allow a despicable, deplorable lying cheat on your platform like @realdonaldtrump and his enabler who violate policies at-will and you would rather suspend a game changers in the movement account like Leverage_CR.

Twitter you suspends my account for zero reason or excuse and you allow race bating from white nationalist and worse.


I need to know why?

It’s kinda disturbing and troubling, these bullshit social media sites like the above mentioned has policies which it, itself violate. Twitter, instagram, and facebook does exact the same as this country has done to tens of millions of our citizens for decades.

You Can’t Silence Me Twitter.


I took the knee of Facebook and Instagram from my neck. They couldn’t silence me either.

We are here to stay.

Like other social media platforms before you. You need citizens. We don’t necessarily need you.

Twitter, instagram, facebook and the likes thereof. Do you remember Tom?

MySpace Tom.

What happened to him and this social media platforms?

Gone baby gone.

When you get so big you don’t give a damm Congress, Governors, Elected Officials, don’t think for a second once you allow habitual abusers too get so big, they will start to care.

They do care.

They become careless and reckless. They become more abusive and care even less about why they started these platforms to begin with.

Get You Knee Off Our Neck Twitter.


Fore years now, Twitter has allowed horrible, vile, lies to be tweeted about formidable adversaries like Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and a host of others personalities, and has done absolutely nothing.

Twitter, recently started placing fact check to trumps tweets, when it should have suspended his account as it did mine without reason.

You violated our policy is not a reason twitter, instagram, and facebook. It’s a pisspoor excuses and an attempt to keep your knee on our neck.

Before twitter, instagram, and facebook start calling foul. I have been twitting for years. I have been instagramming years. I have been facebooking for years. I have used a host of social media platforms all at once, with paying great care to adherence to policy and people unlike many many others who have been given great latitude to abuse at-will.


Get You Knee Off Our Neck Twitter.

In the era of trump, where truth is questionable and lies are accepted. It’s time to air our grievances with habitual abusers for egregious policies of deception..


Get Your Knee Off Our Neck Twitter.

Start living up to what I thought this platforms was going to be. A place where people of all faces, places, spaces, and races could share, disagree, and find commonality, as I did yesterday with a Transgender Group.


We started out at odds due to a misunderstanding. We talked it out and found common ground. Now we both have a resource and friendship. In this time of great divide and suffrage, social media platforms can do some good.

Twitter, look up the conversation between our account and Delta Mob Squad.

In the name of George Floyd, I’m asking the leadership at twitter, instagram, facebook and all you too big to give a damm massive institutions like banks, cable companies, telecommunications companies, housing and renting institutions, retailers, fast food companies, airlines, pharmaceutical companies all big business. You know who you are.


It’s a different time. It’s a different season.

So, Get Your Knee Off Our Neck.

You’re either with us, beside us, or in our way.

We Didn’t Start The Fires, but we could sure use your assistances with extinguishing them.

Be Well

Wear A Mask

Observe Social Distancing

Protest Peacefully

Protect Your City

Recognize Your Hometown Heroes

Faith Over Fear

People Over Profit

Sincerely yours,

Leverage Credit Recovery

Yonkers Young Entrepreneurs

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Even #alexa knows what injustice is ✊🏾✊🏾 #losangeles #photography #art #fashion #newyork #travel #london #music #miami #instagood #la #sanfrancisco #artist #florida #photooftheday#nature #hiphop #model #sky#california#dixiejos#djkhaled#justiceforgeorgefloyd#justiceforahmaud#justiceforahmaudarbery#atlanta#washingtondc#unityconsciousness#blackoutday2020 (at London, United Kingdom)

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