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#next in fashion

While I understand where Angel’s cultural fashion references are coming from, I don’t love that she always uses the same silhouette and that she essentially ignored the brief on a few of the challenges. It’s also hard to see exactly where her tailoring level is in comparison to the other designers.

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Have you watched/will you watch making the cut at all? I've started watching and I'd love to hear your opinions!

Hi! I plan on watching Making The Cut. I’ll probably watch it tomorrow and live-blog it here! After I watch the first two episodes that have been released, I’ll try to continue Next in Fashion.

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AND the hidden seamstresses do all the work!! The designers on NIF made outfits 10x better with no help in the same amount of time.. also it’s just blatant advertising for amazon

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I just finised watching the first episode of Making the cut, and it was… disappointing. It basically is Project Runway but with a budget 10 times bigger.

They are more focused on the designing aspect and finding a brand with a future than on sewing and the skills needed for it, and the designers have help from seamstresses to make their garments. Each episode’s winner gets their look sold on amazon once the episode is over like  were doing, and the winner of the show will have their collection sold on Amazon too and receive a prize of 1 million dollars.

The designers are all people with brands already, like the ones on Next in fashion, but I personally didn’t see anything different, attractive or that I liked tbh. There is an Asian American designer (I hope I’m using the correct term here for her. She was born in South Korea but raised in the US) that I can see doing something different, but the rest… Bleh. Nothing exciting. Next in Fashion had way more talent, and even if I didn’t like what they were doing, I could see it was something new.

The judges are ok. Heidi being Heidi, and Tim always with the best advice. I have to give Nicole Richie a special mention tho, because she was one of my style icons years ago, and I just love her. Really liked everything she said and how she said it.

I’ll keep watching it because there isn’t anything else these days, but if I had to rank PR, Next in Fashion and this show, right now it is 50/50 with PR, and Next in Fashion is the winner.

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next in fashion spoilers

  • the peppiness of the hosts is so cute!!
  • I had to check myself to remind myself as a white person that the other team and 2/3 of the other judges were of color. Including a black woman in the team and other black judge. (I think? It’s been a lil while since i watched.) Nonetheless, i really do feel like there was a racial element that screwed over Farai & Kiki more. The hosts aren’t black and can’t understand. I lost some respect for them :( I don’t care if you “care about your contestants so much” if you won’t look at the racial angle. However the decision ended up being split and I’m super curious who changed their mind.
  • But also, if Farai & Kiki were not going home that week, it was obvious they were gonna go home soon anyway 😧
  • I love color and being “too much” so I disagreed with the verdicts of them being in the bottom a lot. The Net a Porter people wanted something new and innovate so it’s like, why. I’m glad they got to voice their disagreement. I also think they should’ve won the challenge where they showcased their heritage. It didn’t need an explanation unlike Angel & Minju’s so like why? we know
  • Also, full no offense but garbage bag dress? Send homable offense imo!
  • I was SO sad when the woman with three jobs got sent home the first week OMG!
  • There were people i remember were annoying but i don’t remember them cuz they’re too many episodes back. Good LOL.
  • That contest room…looks…expensive 😂
  • Love Ashton’s last interview about money and helping designers 😍
  • Daniel making statements with his clothing. That would be me yessssss
  • Time would be my #1 consideration in these 😂 Plus putting things in priority lists and having backup plans!
  • This show is saturated with queerness w00t!
  • I’m just thinking of shows where their family comes but is actually unsupportive and they have to pretend to be happy 😐 Or like when it made Minju MORE nervous.
  • The part where Minju talks about her sister… On one hand, i would NEVER air my dirty laundry and throw my loved ones under the bus in public. EVER. It’s also awkward to me to complain about an intra business issue publicly. But on the other hand, her sister sounds abusive :( And when she said, “This is the last time you’ll ever get to do what you want,” im like WTF!!!!! I’m glad she got a reality check though. Best reality check ever tbh!!!
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I don’t know if you all can tell by the content I’ve recently reblogged by I finished Next In Fashion which is a Netflix original series/reality show which is a fashion competition show. It’s really amazing. The concept is interesting. The designers I really good and very diverse as well. And the outfits are absolutely amazing. It’s very wholesome too and I would totally recommend it to all of you.

I’m gonna try to check out the winners stuff.

It’s probably gonna be expensive but I can at least look at it you know.

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I’ve been watching Next in Fashion with my mom these past few days. She’s a seamstress so she liked this idea of a sewing competition. We just finished ep 4 and started ep 5 cuz we had to know what happened after that cliffhanger ending. I need to say this.

No. I don’t like that they essentially ignored the streetwear challenge and began another challenge with 6 teams. I feel that they should have either done a vote (it seemed like it was 3 to 1) or a faceoff between the 2 teams. In my opinion, Farai and Kiki should have been the eliminated team, that was already their 3rd time in the last two. It is annoying and frustrating honestly, but oh well. Just had to get out my personal opinion.

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Aa o da ne? Tam da “evde kalıp”, izlemelik, eğlenceli yarışma programlaaarıı! Hepsi Netflix'te mevcut.

Evde kalın!!

Skin Wars


İnsan vücudunu, tablo gibi kullanıp, muhteşem sanat eserlerine dönüştüren yarışma programı. Her bölüm farklı insanlar yarışıyor, 3 farklı performans sergileyip değerlendiriliyorlar. Bir bakın derim.

Next In Fashion


Yine bir yarışma programı. Günlük reality show dozunuzu bu programdan alabilirsiniz. ‘İşte benim stilim'giller, bu programın getir götürünü yapar. Bir grup insan başlangıçta 2 kişilik takımlarla, daha sonra bireysel olarak yarışmaya başlıyor. Yarışmacılar her bölüm eleniyor. Her seferinde de hak eden kazanıyor. Öyle bizimkiler gibi didik didik birbirlerini yemiyorlar. Saygı ve sevgi kazanıyor günün sonunda.

Çoğu stilst olan yarışmacılara, her bölüm farklı tarz görevi veriliyor. Toplam 1,5 gün boyunca yarışmacılar, o tarza ait kıyafetleri hem tasarlamak, hem dikmek hem de modellere giydirip podyumda yürütmek zorunda. En kötü tasarım eleniyor. En şaşırdığım ise; mesela önceki bölümlerde çok güzel şeyler yapmış birini bu bölüm kötü yaptığı için pat diye eliyorlar.

Queer Eye


Evet queer! 5 tane gay abimiz toplanıp da sanılanın aksine ahlakımızı bozmuyor. Toplumun içinde bir şekilde kendine zaman ayıramamış, ötekileştirilmiş, kim olduğu fark etmeyen insanlara yardım eli uzatıp, kendilerini bulmasına vesile oluyorlar.

Sol baştan abilerimizin görevini sayıyorum. İlk sıradaki abimiz, dizayndan sorumlu. Bir nevi iç mimar. İkinci sıradaki, kültürden sorumlu. Aslında daha çok psikolojik destek veriyor kişilere. Üçüncüsü, yemekten sorumlu. Kişilere yemek yapmayı öğretiyor. Dördüncüsü makyaj ve saçtan sorumlu. Kişilerin dış görünüşlerini, aynaya baktıklarında mutlu olacak şekilde değiştiriyor. Sonuncu abimiz ise, kendisi Next in fashion'un da sunucusu, kıyafetlerden sorumlu. İnsanların dolaplarındaki kıyafetleri, kendileri gibi hissedebilecekleri yenileriyle değiştiriyor.

Programın amacı, kişileri köklü bir değişime sokmak değil aksine o kişiyi karşılarına alıp, azıcık kendine yoğunlaş, “sen kimsin, neleri seversin?” gibi soruları kendine sor demek. Yardım ettikleri insanların çoğu; başkalarına yardım etmek için kendilerini unutan insanlar. İşte o insanlara kendileri hatırlatan bu programı izlerken ağlayacaksınız, güleceksiniz, kızacaksınız… Bu 5 gay adam bize çok şey anlatacak!


Originally posted by netflix

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Kiki and Farai are also really good friends? Who worked together on the Nicki Minjai collection (which I didn’t know existed)? The designer dynamics of this show are wildly different than what I am used to.

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Ashton and Marco are best friends? Who’ve worked together a lot for musicians? And shared a space for 10 years? I’m so curious about everything about them right now.

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Wow, a lot of designers with big experience. This feels a little different than Project Runway. Also, beginning in teams of two? Total recipe for disaster!

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You don’t have to dress anyone else if you’ve already dressed Beyoncé.- Tan having the correct reaction to Nasheli admitting she’s dressed Beyoncé

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