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#nezuko kamado
animepopheart · 2 hours ago
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★ 【expulse】 「 禰豆子 」 ☆ ✔ redistribution permitted (7.29.21) ⊳ ⊳ follow me on instagram
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feral-boar-man-simp · 2 days ago
Zenitsu: *walking into his apartment after a long shift at work*
Inosuke: *putting a crown on Boar-baque Sauce’s head*
Tanjirou: *keeping the cat gently in place on a throne made out of cardboard as Inosuke does so*
Zenitsu: I live with idiots. *goes to Nezuko’s instead*
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abyranss · a day ago
Tumblr media
AU Concept: Nezuko doesn't actually remember her life as a human. At all, and never does. She lost her memory just like every other demon and is just chill with Tanjirou because he was willing to risk his life for her, and that was cool of him, to do that for a stranger. Sort of awkward to find out that his goal is to turn her back into someone else, though.
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gurugurusstuff · 15 hours ago
new official updates from ufotable‼️✨
@ufotable_inc on instagram
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maik0u · 20 hours ago
Kimetsu no yaiba with a caring and motherly s/o part.2
Heyo, it my first time requesting so imma make this short: could i please get a pt2 of the motherly s/o demonslayer headcannons, this time with the upper moons (Akaza, Kokushibou,Douma+ any other) Thankyou for writing have a good day!
- Anon
A/n : hi bby! I’m guessing you didn’t read my character list. The only demons I write for are Nezuko and Muzan. I don’t do the upper moons. I’m not confident in my characterization for them so that’s why. But, since I rly like that prompt, I’ll do it with other characters. Thank you tho <3
pairing : Muzan, Sanemi, Muichiro and Nezuko
warning : slight spoiler for Muzan and past spoilers for Muichiro and Sanemi
part 1 here <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Muzan Kibutsuji :
- he honestly is a sucker for it. He always comes home tired and exhausted, tired that each day, he still hasn’t find the blue spider Lily
- but what makes him less tired, is that he knows you’ll be there when he gets back home. He’ll be able to lay in your arms as you gently pet his head and rub small circles on his back. Not that he’ll ever admit that to anyone.
- when you see him entering your shared home, you know exactly that he needs your touch. Because you’re able to read him that well. You make your way over to him and he doesn’t smile, he rarely does, but you can see the love and anticipation in his eyes as you lace your fingers with his own
- you bring him to your couch and make him lay down, his head placed on your lap, as you start to run your fingers through his black locks. You tell him to close his eyes, and normally, he doesn’t listen to orders. His gives them. But you’re different than the rest. You’re special. Because you love him, and he loves you. So obliges and close his bright red eyes.
- he truly feels at peace when you start to hum a song he can’t quite catch the name of. He wishes that this moment lasts forever. That they aren’t any slayers who every day, try to hunt him down. That demons and humans are the same. That there is no worries in this world. And for him, there isn’t. He is after all, one of the strongest. It’s for you he worries. Because he doesn’t want you to be caught in his mess. And he’s afraid that he’ll fail to protect you.
Tumblr media
Nezuko Kamado :
- wow, the two people she loves more than anything, you and Tanjiro, are both caring, motherly and sweet? She couldn’t ask for better.
- every time she sees you, she will not hesitate to jump right in your arms. She’ll shrunk her size to the one of a toddler, run up to you and smiles so brightly when you catch her. You can’t see her smile, but you know she’s happy with the way her eyes shine with joy
- you of course, worry every time. Afraid that you’ll accidentally drop her or that she somehow hurts herself. But she’ll just look at you and give you a head pat, to tell you that she’s fine, which makes you smile slightly every time.
- you are her s/o, yes, but you are also her personal body guard from Zenitsu. You know that the boy in question has a crush on her. After all, everyone knows it. It is pretty obvious when all he does, is stare at her, talk about her in his sleep, follow her around like a lost puppy etc...
- and every time he gets too close to her, you always hit him at the back of his head. He fears you but you’ll do anything to protect your dear Nezuko.
- she loves it when you’re back from a mission and come to see her in her room. You gently place her head on your lap to not wake her up as you slowly and softly start to braid her long hair. You’ll form time to time place a small kiss on the crown of her head because she just looks so adorable and it’s in these moments where you can’t help but fall in love with her all over again.
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito :
- he had only experienced a mother’s love till the age of ten. But then he met you. He never thought he would be able to experience this kind of love again, but then, you came in his life.
- you were his everything. You were sweet like sugar, and warm like the sun, so gentle it was hard to even imagine. You were so caring with everyone, especially with him. He didn’t knew what he ever did to deserve you. Having the words his twin brother said in his head each and passing day “the ’Mu’ in ‘Muichiro’ is the ’in’ in ‘invalid‘.”
- and yet here you were. Giving him all the love you had to offer. You would always tend his injuries whenever he came back from a mission. You would always brush his long black and blue hair after a hard day of training and massage his shoulders. You would always tell him he had the prettiest eyes you have ever seen.
- he craved your touch. He had leaned that he couldnt spend a day without you and your affection. He was in need for it.
- he also admired you. The way you were able to know what was wrong with one glance at him always made him wonder with you could do that.
- which is why, when you told him, the same exact words his brother had told him a few years back, he swored you werent real. “You know my love, the ‘Mu’ in Muichiro is the ‘in’ in infinity”.
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa :
- another one who thought he never would’ve get back a mother’s love. He had lost all hope on ever being loved again. Which is why he wasn’t prepared for you to come in his life and show him all the love he needed and wanted.
- you reminded him of his mother. No matter what, you always risked anything for him. And he hated you but also loved you for it. He didn’t want you to get hurt like his mother. Not that he would ever treat you like his father did. But he was scared to accidentally hurt you. He wasn’t the most gently and nice being. He knew that much. Which is why he always got scared to hurt your feelings.
- but you always showed him you would never leave. You could often be found singing softly to him, as he rested his head on your chest. Or massaging his shoulders because you knew how hard he train every day.
- he had a hard time showing you love and affection back. But you always understood and never felt bad because of it. You knew that he loved you. Maybe it was the way his eyes seemed to shine whenever he would see you, even if he would say that they didn’t.
- he loved you so much. And you were so good to him. Which is why he had promised himself that he’ll never let anything bad happened to you. Because if he did, he would never forgive himself.
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Reblogs are appreciated :)
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ballroomwishes · 2 days ago
Platonic Yandere Nezuko Kamado Headcanons
Tumblr media
a/n; i’m sorry if these aren’t too good.
☼ you likely meet nezuko while journeying with tanjiro. after he introduced her to you, you both became quick friends; even though she didn’t talk too much. she was sweet, and nice enough to listen to whatever you had to say.
☀︎ since you’re the only friend she’s had in a while, she forms a quick attachment to you. she follows you around, she’ll protect you from any danger you both come across, and she’ll be there to help you.
☼ she likes to spend a lot of time with you. too much time, in fact. if you ever look into it, this is really her way of trying to keep you away from everybody else. you and her are best friends! so there’s really no need for anyone else to intervene.
☀︎ she’ll sometimes dig her nails into your palms just to make you stay. the fear you’ll leave her makes her want to keep you all to herself.
☼ she’s always worried about you. her friend. she always offers to walk with you - even to menial places. even if you don’t want her to come, she will. it’s her obligation as your friend, after all.
☀︎ soon enough, she’s spending more and more time with you than she is her own brother. your friendship is the most important thing to her now. she just wants you to feel safe. and she wants to be there for you, and she wants to be helpful to you.
☼ she’s awfully protective of you. even if it’s the smallest thing, you’re in need of her protection.
☀︎ it’s like she drives everyone away from you. why is that? day by day, you find that less people want to be around you, even if you are by yourself. sometimes you wonder if it really is because of nezuko.
☼ but why would it be because of her? she’s one of the sweetest people you’ve ever met! she’d never try to keep you away from anyone. she’s one of your best friends, she’s understand.
☀︎ it wasn’t until you had witnessed seeing on of your friends, beaten and bruised on the street. when you had asked what happened, they told you it was nezuko that did it. she had attacked them while they were alone.
☼ but that can’t be true. why would she do such a terrible thing to someone else? they didn’t do anything wrong. did she do this to others too? and if so, is that why none of your older friends or close relatives have shown up?
☀︎ you ask her about it, and with confidence she nods. she did do that. best friends don’t lie to each other, so she’ll confirm everything. it was all her from the start.
☼ and you can’t believe it. your friend, all this time, was hurting and potentially killing them people you cared about. you don’t want to be near her, that’s not your friend anymore, she’s a monster.
☀︎ of course, she’ll make you stay. you have to stay. you’re the only one that did. no one else did. they all left her behind. you stayed with her, you were her friend, so you couldn’t leave her. it was already too late.
☼ friends don’t leave each other behind. and you’re her friend, so she’ll never leave you. and she’s your best friend, so you’ll never leave her. you can’t.
☀︎ please, don’t think of her as a monster. don’t take it in offense. this was really what was best for both of you, so don’t worry.
☼ she’ll always be here for you. best friends forever.
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inarazki · 3 months ago
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Don't make me laugh! The weak have no rights or opinions! Their fate is to be crushed by the strong!
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abyranss · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Nezuko in a demon slayer uniform.
I drew this one a little while ago and it's just been sitting around since then so I coloured it today, and here it is.
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ikimaru · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
made these for some KNY stickers a while back! :^)
☆ you can find them here ☆
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kimboltart · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Usually I don’t mix my KnY and BnHA doodle’s together, but sense there both Animal Crossing themed I thought why not.
I kept them all as the same animals from my Animal Au.
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