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#nhlboyshavemthart88 asked
reavenedges-lies · 12 days ago
So…you still breathing?
I'm... yes? I um I'm not watching because yeah... I'm already like upset but like resigned upset. I'm just like stewing in a decade of GMJR anger right now because this is literally his fault.
We lost two really good players with doable cap hits because of GMJRs incompetence with longer term deals. Dubas took advantage of our cap problems with Canner.
Now we have to replace a player on our PP that would've taken Malkins spot while he is out this season and now Tanev who is a high energy never give up dude. The Pens will recover but probably not any time soon if we can't get rid of Matheson or Pettersson's caps hits along with Zuckers
TL;DR I'm sad and redirecting it into anger at GMJR
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reavenedges-lies · 19 days ago
Well first off you're absolutely gorgeous, and secondly I absolutely admire your want and ability to make friends
Love you Vic and I hope you're having a great day so far 😘❤️
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reavenedges-lies · 21 days ago
Throw Hands: Zach Aston-Reese 👀 Pascal Dupuis, James Neal, Kris Letang and Tyler Seguin.
Y'all Should Know Better Than To Ask If I'd Throw Hands With Reeser!- Yes absolutely 10 million percent would throw hands with
Pascal Dupuis- 10/10 would throw hands for again tbh. Got into a fight in HS over him and won lol
James Neal- I actually don't know with this one. Probably for him just because he is one of Geno's boys
Kris Letang- I feel like I could take the Tissue Paper Penguin. I'd throw hands with him to defend Alex's honor after Kris chased him wearing a clown mask. Other than that for him 100%
Tyler Seguin- Throw Hands with him just to throw hands!
Send me an NHL player and I'll tell you if I'd throw hands with them or for them
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