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I am sorry if you are not able to use the line #approved by the #govment #interpreter (translators for the #police, #nhs, #courts and #offices) available immediately when you make an #metting.

Can you connect on one #phone call because the line is overloaded - then use 2 #calls (one translator / speaker), the second clerk and the person with whom the meeting is made.

It is not #difficult and #complicated. (at Finsbury Park)

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Can we talk about how, in CQL, nie huaisang bringing his friends and their prisoner to the unclean realms was the justification wen chao used for attacking? Huaisang even realized the danger during the interregation and asked about it out loud. And yet, no censure or punishment fell onto him because nie mingjue would never have instructed his brother to abandon his friends and because he understood what the older sect leaders would not: that the wens had no intention of making peace in the first place. The idea that huaisang was to blame for this never came up because it was just. Not true.

In direct contrast to that, when wei wuxian stood up for his friends, yunmeng jiang’s allies, madam yu rained hell on him when wen chao used it as a bullshit justification. And wei wuxian felt he deserved it, that he should take the punishment, even though none of it would have saved lotus pier from an increasingly hostile enemy in the end

In it’s own way, it makes an incredible amount of sense that huaisang turned out how he did. He was raised to believe you didn’t abandon your allies, that you didn’t turn away people when you had shelter, that fair is fair…. only to have that worldview ripped from him in the most violent ways possible time and time again. The war, his brother’s gruesome death, the betrayal, the years of fear and uncertainty, the knowledge that he’d known wei wuxian and he knew he wasn’t a liar and his brother wasn’t a crazed maniac and it didn’t matter at all–it all added up. All these things caught up to the boy who never even thought to leave his friends to fend for themselves in the cold and turned him into something cold and jaded

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