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#niall horan
horansqueen · 4 minutes ago
okay, so I have this scenario in my mind that I keep thinking about and I think it would be great smut 💦💦 so could you please write this in more detail?? 💦💦💦
Imagine: y/n swimming in a small bikini while Niall sits sunbathing watching her. She keeps teasing him and even takes off her top. Niall gets hard and to teach her a lesson he gets up and pulls her out of the pool. He lays her down on his lap to spank her and after that, he fucks her so hard the neighbors could almost hear her moans.
But before he could finish he pulls out and turns her around so she's on her knees, he facefucks her while she plays with herself with one hand. He sees and immediately gets even more turned on and lays her back on the chair, he slowly enters her and she moans loud in pleasure
hi!!! i changed a few things but i think i kept the most important ones! i personally think it sucks for real but im posting because its written so i may as well :P 
1.9k. smut smut smut. Niall’s POV.
Tumblr media
I couldn't stop watching her. It didn't matter how long we had been dating, she was still turning me on like the very first time we had sex, and it was new to me. Perhaps I had never been in love before but I knew this time, it was the real thing. I wanted to spend time with her and make plans with her for the future and that in itself was something I had never wanted before.
I looked up at her, moving my sunglasses on my head before taking a sip of my beer. She swam closer to the edge of the pool and placed her arms on the side, sending me a big smile. I loved the way her wet hair stuck to her arms and I crossed my ankles, leaning my back against my chair slightly, still staring at her.
"Don't you want to come swim with me?"
"Maybe later, Y/N." I proposed with a small smile. "I'm a bit tired."
"Please, Nee, for me." she begged, sending me puppy eyes and making me chuckle.
"Later, babe."
She frowned for a second but her lips curled into a cheeky smile as she took a step back. "I think you should join me now."
I held my breath when she moved both her hands behind her back and my eyes remained on her chest until the top of her bathing suit fell on the water. I stared at her breasts now completely free as her top floated away in the pool. Her nipples were poking and I could see goosebumps on her skin because of the coldness of the water. She took an other step back and I almost choked on my own spit when she pushed water on her, making her nipples even harder than they already were.
I moved my upper body slightly closer as I felt my cock swell in my shorts, letting out a curse word under my breath. She knew what she was doing, and all that teasing was making my heart race and thump against my chest.
"Get out of the pool." I quickly ordered roughly.
"Ya heard me."
We stared in each other's eyes for a few seconds and finally, she started nibbling on her bottom lip and nodded. I watched her reach the side of the pool and pull herself out, water dripping from her legs down to the ground, and I made a quick head movement. She didn't wait, she just moved closer and when I could reach her, I pulled her on my lap. My eyes fell on her breasts again as I triedto resist the urge inside that made me want to run my tongue all over them and when I looked up, she was smirking at me, satisfied of the effect she had on me.
"You think it's funny?" I asked in a stoic tone.
Her smile fell and her lips parted as I waited for her answer. After a while, she shook her head but I pushed on her back, turning her body and feeling it slide on my thighs. I heard her whimper, a bit surprised by how rough I was, and I noticed she was holding herself with her hands on the ground as her ass was placed on my lap. I ran my hand on it slowly before slipping my hand between her legs. I pulled the fabric of her bathing suit to the side before pushing a finger inside her and smiled when she started squirming.
"You like teasing me? That deserves a lesson, don't you think, darling?"
Without waiting for her answer, I pulled her bottom down, exposing her ass, and spanked her hard. She whimpered and wiggled on my lap, making me smile. I slapped her ass again a few times, hard enough to leave a red hand print on her butt. I smirked more, caressing the sensitive spot a few times before spanking her one last time.
"Fuck, petal, can you feel how bad you turn me on?" I whispered, pulling on her bathing suit before throwing it away.
My eyes roamed on her naked form for a few seconds and I let one of my hands slide on her back and move to one of her breasts, grabbing it and making her whimper again.
"That's what you wanted, right?" I squeezed one of her hard nipples between two of my fingers and groaned low. "Come on, sit on me."
Slowly, she got up and pushed her dark hair behind her shoulders as she stood naked in front of me. I moved closer, letting my hands slide gently on her naked legs and thighs before gripping her waist and pulling her closer again. She straddled me and I quickly brought my mouth to one of her breasts, wrapping my lips around her nipple before feeling her hands in my hair.
"Take my cock out, pet. Sit on it and ride me."
She did exactly what I asked and I loved how obedient she was. It always made my cock even harder. I leaned against the chair and watched her move up and down on my cock very slowly as she held herself on the arm of the chair while passing her other hand in her hair. The sight was amazing and I let one of my hands slip on her thigh until I reached her pussy. I started rubbing her clit with my thumb and she moved faster over me, letting out a moan as her head fell back on her shoulders.
"Don't stop baby."
I reached down to grab my beer waiting next to my chair on the ground and brought it to my lips, my eyes never leaving my girlfriend's body. There was no way I would miss a move, a whimper or a facial expression. My thumb rubbed her clit faster and I could hear how wet she was. She started grinding against my hand and when I felt myself getting close, I stopped her and took a sip of my beer before putting it away again.
I got up too and gripped her hair hard, making her moan again and I didn't have to say anything. Slowly, she moved on her knees, using her towel to make sure she didn't hurt herself, and opened her mouth when I brought my hips closer.
"Good girl." I whispered again. "You're just craving my cock right now, aren't you?"
She didn't answer and I didn't give her time to do anything. Quickly, I pushed my cock on her mouth, holding her head close to me. I heard her gag and pulled away as she swallowed but she opened her lips against, making my lips curl in a smirk.
"So fucking needy, you're such a little slut, pet, I fucking love it." I added, tapping the tip of my dick against her tongue after she stuck it out. "Beg me to fuck your mouth."
"Mm please, please fuck my mouth, make me choke on your cock."
My grip tightened in her hair and I pushed my cock again in her mouth before pulling it out. Hearing her choke and gag on it a few times as I did that turned me on even more but she got used to it after a while and I started fucking her mouth harder and faster. It's only when my gaze dropped that I noticed her hand between her legs. She was sitting on her feet, her knees far apart while she rubbed two of her fingers on her clit, sometimes making them glide on her slit and pushing them inside her dripping pussy. I started seeing black spots and I knew I was about to cum. I took a step back and she let out a whimper that also sounded like a whine.
"Bet you're dripping right now petal, aren't you?"
She nodded quickly and I moved back closer, bending down to reach between her legs. I felt my cock twitch when I realized how wet she was and brought my hand to my tip, rubbing her juice slowly on it.
"Always so ready for me." I pointed out, looking at her. "Sit on the chair."
Once again, she got up and did what I told her to do, bringing her feet on the chair to expose her pussy to me. I could see her wetness all over her thighs and down her ass and I started at it as I jerked off slowly.
"You think you can keep quiet petal?"
"Mm, maybe?"
I chuckled and bend down a bit. "That means no."
I pushed myself inside her as she leaned her head on the back of the chair. My knees started hurting a bit but I couldn't stop pushing myself deeply inside her. She felt fucking amazing and I could feel her throb around my dick, squeezing it between her walls from time to time.
"Oh my god, Niall..." she moaned, gripping the arms of the chair so hard that her hands turned red. "Oh fuck!"
I brought my hand to her mouth, pushing my palm against it, and started fucking her as hard as I could, pushing her against the chair with every jerk of my body against hers.
"You're so fucking horny you can't keep quiet.. Can't let the neighbors hear now can we?" I whispered as her eyes fluttered open to look in mine. "You're gonna cum on my cock, darling, I want you to soak it."
It only took a few seconds until I saw her shake and felt her cum. Her eyes shut tight and one of her hands reached for my wrist as I pressed my hand more on her mouth. Her moans were muffled by it but I could still hear how hard she came and it quickly brought me to reach my own peak.
I pulled out and realized I had already started cumming as the rest of my cum landed all over her pussy. She let out a curse word in a low tone but I couldn't take my eyes off of the vestige of my orgasm dripping out of her pussy and sliding down to her ass. It covered almost all of her pussy and it made me reach for my dick again, squeezing it slightly and breathing in through my teeth.
"You're so fucking hot, I hope you know that."
I brought my hand closer and rubbed her clit for a few seconds before pushing one of my fingers inside her, bringing out more of my cum.
"You made me cum so hard." she admitted in a low whimper, making me look up at her.
She moved closer and cupped my face with her hands, bringing her lips against mine to kiss me slowly but deeply. The feeling of her mouth against mine made something stir in my stomach and my hands reached for her thighs as I caressed them gently.
"I love you." I murmured against her mouth. "I can never get enough of you."
She smiled and chuckled, nibbling on her bottom lip. "I hope you never do."
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horansqueen · 4 minutes ago
could u make one where y/n is Niall's assistant and they don't like each other but have common friends and they go to a club together with their friends and Niall get's jealous when a guy hits on y/n and she asks him why and he starts kissing her and ends with saying that's why lol
request from @cursedlover !!! FLUFF! with a bit of inappropriate touching at the end but nothing dirty. 2k. hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
"You're so annoying, you're so fucking annoying!" I thought as I looked at my boss, squeezing my jaw to make sure the words wouldn't escape my lips.
I knew it was just a difference of personalities and that he wasn't really as annoying as I felt. After all, everyone seemed to love him except me and perhaps that proved I was wrong about him. I could just resign and get a job somewhere else, i knew it, but there was clearly no way I would find a job that paid that well. I was not sure it made out for the clash of personalities Niall and I went through but for money I desperately needed, I could manage to stay a couple more weeks, right?
"Yea, no problem, I'll do it." I replied with a smile, knowing perfectly it was hard for me to hide my irritation.
All my friends said I was like an open book and hiding my feelings was not an easy task but I tried very hard when I was around Niall. I sighed of relief as soon as I stepped foot out of his apartment as if I had been holding my breath the whole time. I started walking to my car just as my phone rang and I groaned of displeasure when I thought it could be him calling to ask me something else.
"Y/N, you sound grumpy!" I heard my friend on the other line.
"I thought it was Niall." I explained, sitting in front of the wheel and leaning my head against the bench. "He's so annoying, Jay, I don't know how long I'll be able to handle it."
Jay was actually the link between Niall and I. He was the one who found me the job and I was really grateful to him, but I didn't know who Niall was and now I wish I didn't know.
"It's better than minimum wage in a retail store." Jay pointed out, making me raise my nose in a grimace. "Besides, Niall's an amazing guy, you're just being rude because he's exactly like you."
"Is that how you expect me to say yes to the favor you're about to ask?" I wondered, raising my eyebrows even if he couldn't see me.
"How do you-"
"I know you!" I cut him, my voice getting slightly louder. "What can I do for you?"
"I'm actually just calling to invite you tonight. We're going to a bar and you should come, I can hear in your voice that you need it."
I sighed again and closed my eyes, my head still leaned against the bench. "I was actually thinking about watching Netflix in bed."
"Oh come on!"
"No seriously, after spending the day with Niall Horan, I need to relax and clear my head."
I don't know how I ended up agreeing to it but when I entered the bar, I immediately regretted it. The music was loud and the lights hurt my eyes. I let my eyes roam around and my lips curled when I noticed Jay , standing up next to a table with a bunch of our friends. I walked up to the quickly, making my way through all the people in the bar, but when I was close enough, Jay moved slightly and my smile fell. Niall was there, laughing his head off, and something twisted in my stomach. It took him a few seconds to notice me since I had stopped moving and when our eyes met, his smile fell. I breathed in and turned quickly on my heels, ready to get out of this place as fast as I could until I felt two hands on my upper arms, holding me gently.
"Hey, you promised, remember?"
I sighed again, closing my eyes as Jay's hand slid down my arms. I had, indeed, promised to be there, and I was mad at myself for that. I turned around and shook my head, looking up in his eyes.
"You didn't mention he would be here."
"Oh come on, Y/N, get to know him okay? I swear he's a cool guy."
I glanced at the table behind my friend and noticed everyone was talking and laughing except Niall. He was staring at me and I licked my lips nervously.
I joined everyone at the table and ended up sitting right in front of my boss. It was not the kind of friday night I expected and I felt constantly checked. It scared me that if I did something that would bother him, he could just fire me for the sake of it, and I hated it. I could feel his eyes on me from time to time, burning the side of my face, and for some odd reason, it made my heart skip a few beats. If he was anyone but my boss, i would ask him what the fuck was his problem, but no one asks their boss that, no matter how much they stare, right?
After a while, I got up and walked to the bar to order a drink and leaned against it until someone did the same next to me, catching my attention. I glanced at them but realized I didn't know him and finally sent him a small and polite smile before grabbing my drink and leaving a bill on the counter. I turned around to go back to my friends but he followed me and I swallowed hard.
"Hey, I'm sorry for being so upfront but, would you want to dance?"
My eyes scanned the dance floor for a few seconds before meeting his again. "I'm not so much of a dancer."
It was sort of a lie, I actually liked to dance but not with someone I didn't know. He was cute and I could probably be interested, but I was too emotionally frustrated at the moment to start anything with anyone, even if only something that would last one night.
"Can I buy you a drink then?" he asked again as we stood next to my table.
"I mean..." My hand gripped the glass in my hand and I pressed my lips together. "I'll let you know when I finish this one?"
His lips curled and he nodded, pointing the table a bit further with his chin. "I'll be sitting there with friends, whenever you feel like it."
I nodded and sent him a small smile and he winked at me, turning his head back to look at me on his way to his own friends. I chuckled and tilted my head, remaining motionless for a few seconds and after a while, I sat back next to Jay.
"You're not gonna let that arsehole shag you, right?"
My heart jumped in my chest when I recognized Niall's voice and when our eyes met, I noticed he was frowning. I could have sworn he was angry and it surprised me more than I thought.
"I don't see how it's any of your business." I quickly replied, feeling suddenly slightly guilty for the way I was talking to my boss. After a few seconds, though, the guilt disappeared. Just because Niall was my boss didn't mean he could tell me who In can and can not have sex with. I was off at the moment and I was allowed to do anything I wanted. "You don't have a say in who I shag."
His lips parted and his eyebrows raised. Clearly, he was not used in the way I was talking to him and he scoffed low. It didn't seem rude though, just slightly surprised. He didn't expect me to be rough with him but I could swear I had seen a small smile on his lips for half a second.
"Please, don't tell me he's the kind of guy that turns you on."
"What if he is?" I asked daringly, raising my chin up. "What would you do about it?"
I glanced at his hands as he gripped his beer more and my lips parted. Was he mad? Pissed? Annoyed? I shook my head a bit, telling myself I shouldn't even care about what Niall Horan thought anyway, and got up again, taking quickly the direction of the bathroom.
"Wait, Y/N!"
I looked behind me and frowned when I noticed Niall following me and finally rolled my eyes, turning around in the deserted hall before crossing my arms on my chest.
"I just don't think... I don't think this guy likes you for the good reasons."
"Look, Niall, I'm not expecting to date anyone I meet here. Sometimes, people just want to fuck, and it's okay too." I explained a bit condescendingly. "Why do you even care who I fuck?"
I held my breath when he suddenly bent down, crashing his mouth against mine. I thought I'd be tempted to push him away but the way his lips pressed on mine made me feel dizzy. He took a step closer and my back hit the wall gently as his lips parted mine. He tasted amazing and I couldn't help but let out a low whimper. He swallowed it, kissing me deeper and my hands found the front of his shirt, gripping it tight. When he broke the kiss, he brushed his lips gently on mine and a shiver crossed my back as my eyes fluttered open.
"That's why."
"Mm, no." I let out in a whisper, shaking my head lightly. "No, you get on my nerves, and I know I get on yours, too."
"You get on my nerves because I can't stop thinking about you." he admitted in a murmur. "That's so fucking annoying. I just can't fire you, and at the same time, I can't handle myself when you're near. So I try to be rude to you. I hoped it would make me like you less."
"And how's that working for you?"
This time, his lips curled and he chuckled, making me smile too. "Clearly not good." he confessed, moving his face away as his eyes roamed on mine. "I never thought I'd have feelings for my assistant. I guess it's useless to try and deny it, now."
I tilted my head, suddenly endeared by the man that annoyed me the most only a few minutes before. "Then embrace it."
Slowly, he moved closer and leaned his forehead against mine. "Okay."
My eyes fluttered close again when he got near me and I moved my chin up until my mouth reached his again. I never thought my heart could beat that hard inside my chest, so hard that it was threatening to jump out. His hands slid from my shoulders to my arms and when he gripped my waist, I held my breath.
"I really want you." he whispered, pressing his body against mine.
I had to swallow hard when I felt him push his half-hard cock against my thigh and let out a low "Fuck." under my breath.
"I just don't want to go too fast." he whispered as I felt one of his hand move up on my stomach and brush against one of my breasts. "I want to do this right. I want to bring you on a date, get to the who you really are, and take my time to fall so deeply in love with you that I can never fall out of it."
"You're doing very good."
He smiled more and chuckled, kissing my lips gently. "Do you want to try?"
I couldn't believe what was happening and at the same time, it was not really surprising that all this annoyance towards each other was hiding something else. It was so obvious now that I had liked him since day one and just didn't want to admit it to myself.
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mialovesharry · 9 minutes ago
Also disappointed in every boys Harry Niall Louis Liam and Zayn … after what they went through in 1D for some of them I thought they would be the first to speak in favor of Britney !
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clumsydorkysheep · 53 minutes ago
Louis: Have I really forgotten how to do “phrasing”?
Niall: Thank god! I swear, on more time and I would have come for you!
Louis: Phrasing! Nevermind, I still got it! Phew
Niall, glaring:
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onedimagines · an hour ago
no one:
not even louis:
niall and harry: *kisspering every five minutes*
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horansqueen · 2 hours ago
This sound is a pure bliss and sweet melody to my ears ad I can't stop listening to it. U and your followers deserve to listen to it too. U will thank me aha
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dailyniallnews · 2 hours ago
Jimmy Kimmel has announced that Niall will be hosting the show some time over the summer!
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cocoapopsfortea · 4 hours ago
Louis: We need a distraction.
Harry: Is anyone here good at jumping up and down and making weird noises?
Niall, whispering: My time has come
P.S. Thank you for 50 followers:)
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ninjago1direction · 4 hours ago
Attention Directioners:
Don't forget to stream drag me down and story of my Life on YouTube, we're almost to the anniversary and still have a long way to go
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love5sostrash · 4 hours ago
Oh no, get ready I feel it coming, it's coming again, I Stay close, hold steady 'Cause I don't want it, don't want it to end Those brown eyes, crying in a crowded bar Every time we get this close It's always pulling us apart
The Tide by Niall Horan
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