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#niall horan
watwrmelonstyles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Cute things I recon Harry styles would do in a relationship:)
Hahahah I’m so alone... anyways have fun with this my guys.
He would 100% let you paint his nails, like you’d sit on his lap and he’d let you choose what colours then he’d do yours the same.
You’d have a secret code for “I love you” for when you were in public, like he’d tap your hand three times or something.
Bake Christmas cookies with you and you’d end up having a flour fight instead.
You would have really deep conversations in the middle of the night and you’d lay on his chest while he plays with your hair.
Falling asleep watching Christmas movies on Christmas Eve.
When you were upset he’d drop everything and comfort you, sometimes he’d take you to the studio and let you play with his rings while he works.
He’d show you songs before anyone else.
Ice skating dates and he’d always fall and trip you up and you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing.
You’d do game nights and he would always win uno.
You’d watch the notebook together and it would be so obvious hes trying not to cry.
When you were scared he’d let you play with his rings.
When he was on tour he’d send you little presents he made if you couldn’t be there because he knows you don’t like people buying things for you.
He’d love it when you traced his tattoos while your falling asleep.
When you first started dating, he’d drop you hime after a date then call you after to tell you how pretty you looked.
Sometimes he’d randomly just bring you hime teddies he saw in a shops and leave them all over the house.
He would read your favourite books to talk to you about them, he’d also annotate them and give them to you after.
When you’d go on holidays he’d secretly pack you a bunch of his tops and hoody’s because he loved when you wore them.
He’d be so cuddly in the mornings and when you try to get up he’d just hug you tighter and kiss your head before falling back to sleep.
He would try to do your hair for you but fail miserably.
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dailyniallhoran · a day ago
Tumblr media
Niall via instagram story 07/12/21
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ellaknowslucifer · 2 days ago
I hope liam knows how fucking proud we are of him!!!!!!
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faerieangcl · 2 days ago
playlist dump
subtle subliminal manifestation  
don’t give a pisces the aux
you opened up an indie bookstore cafe and it warms your heart to watch the lovers buy each other books
it’s snowing outside and you’re sitting by the fireplace with hot chocolate while christmas music plays on the record player as the kids play with their toys
a silly lil playlist to help cope with quarantine 
seven hours of throwback bops
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dailyniallhoran · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Niall via instagram story 06/12/21
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abitofintellect · 3 months ago
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