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I decided to improve on my last drawing. Despite some errors I tried giving some personality to my grunts. Differences are the team logo (galarian letter) and the boy grunt with a different pose. Anyways, I hope you like this and I hope I’ll draw the admins and leader sooner. I unfortunately had a lot of homework with online school. But I’m glad drawing made me feel better.


What colors do you think this team should have. I’m unsure of what their color code will be. I don’t want to copy Team Skull or Team Yell. And I certainly don’t want too much color *cough* Team Flare *cough*. I was thinking of purple, yellow, white, and Gray. With a few Brown. Is that a good color scheme. Also do you like the types I chose? I believe steel is perfect because of clockwork Orange inspired. 


Oh, nice to hear about your project again! Also sorry for the delay to reply! when you sent that, I was busy with the Halloween event, and after November started, I kinda took a little break from this blog.

Anyways, I’m glad to know drawing has been helping you deal with stress! Again, the designs are good. I might suggest elaborating the logo a bit more, similarly to how the other Team Logos work… Maybe take inspiration on cards symbols or something? Or just make it “fancier” in terms of calligraphy, which in my opinion might suit your concept.

About the types, I think Psychic and Fairy match their mysterious trickster theme, with the card games…. Stuff like magicians and luck games seem to have fairy type energy, while mind tricks, mysteries and the manipulation tactics involved in many card games have psychic type energy. About Steel, yeah, I think what you said makes sense. I don’t see a lot of “normal” there, unless you wanna sorta joke with the contrast. But then again, Normal is a pretty neutral type so I guess it goes with anything. Also, it’s good to vary from poison and dark, which are so common on evil teams in Pokémon!

About the colors, now… Oof, that’s not really my area of expertise… Thinking about the Clockwork Orange, there is a lot of white there with a little bit of black. But then again, you said you don’t wanna go for black and white again like Team Skull and Yell, so… I like the brown, white and gray ideas, but I think you might wanna orange (not necessarily a bright one) instead of yellow, as a ref to the Clokwork Orange. I’m not sure if I see purple for them, but or course you might put that in the details if you really want to. Also, a bit of red for details might be interesting because half the playing card suits are red… But it’s just an idea. Anyway, here are some palette ideas I had thinking about the colors you said and the colors I said too, you can try to take something from it if you want to? But then again, I’m not really an expert in colors, so maybe you won’t like them. XD


Anyways! I hope you like these comments, and please keep working on your ideas! :D

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