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#nice one
the-croissant · 10 months ago
I'ma start smth. It's kinda short but whatever
accoustic or electric // cassette or vynil // pins or patches // leather or denim // boots or converse // smudged or pristine // sharpie or spray paint // stickers or posters // colored hair or natural color // frogs or birds // earbuds or headphones // wall of death or mosh pit // dear maria count me in or check yes juliet // lots of accessories or plain and simple // eyeliner or lipstick // nose piercing or lip piercing // skirts or pants // t-shirts or tank tops // long hair or short hair // guitar or drums
@clockworkprincess19 @charliepants @tessagray4ever @uni-que-en @yungbludfans @thatonepunkbitch @dustandshadowsdtj
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uuuhshiny · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Charlie Hunnam Behind the Scenes in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
P.7 Back
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I might be really dumb, seriously, just now I realized that "Helluva Boss" is a play on the words "hell of a boss"
Like, its só obvious, how didn't I see it before!
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frankthesnek · a month ago
Headcanon ask: when did John and Rodney lose their respective virginities, who was it with and what was the context?
Oh gosh.... your making me actually think here. Well my headcanon for John in particular has a few variations (if the show can have alternate realities so can my headcanon!) so its hard to say...
For John my most well though out and deeply engraved HC is that he realized he was gay early on in his life and due to his father was forced to repress it (I flesh this out the most clearly in A Confession to Myself). So for him my mind goes to, fumbling with a couple guys in his high school years but never going past kissing, maybe some petting, and freaking out after doing it. College years, John would have slept around with women in an attempt to convince himself he was straight. First time would be with some girl, who really wasn't important to him, and it was awkward and horrible and he could barley even get it up to do it. To me him sleeping with women because he thinks he has to, and not because he wants to explains some of his awkwardness and discomfort around them that we see in the show.
Rodney. Gosh okay, so this is probably going to seem random AF and I've toyed with the idea of putting into a fic and just haven't found a good way to yet. HC he lost his virginity to an older woman at a relativly young age. By older I mean he's a teenager and she's a full out adult. He skipped grades, probably went to college very young, his mind grew up faster than his body, and he was awkward and an easy target because of it. So like.... a much older college girl or teacher took advantage of this and he was like yeah sweet sex! And didn't realize it wasn't okay untill he was a little older and then felt like shit about it. For me this plays into why he's kind of a misogynistic ass. He got taken advantage of by a woman and his defense is to treat women the way that first one made him feel.
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incorrectsnkships · 7 months ago
Marco: Can you come over?
Connie: Sure
Marco: And bring some scissors please, Jean’s got cum in his hair
Connie: Oh no no, you don’t need scissors for that! Just wash his hair it’ll be out in no time
Marco: OH MY GOD
Marco: GUM
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godsofhumanity · 8 months ago
Ptah: So, you like cats?
Sekhmet: I love them!
Ptah, trying to impress Sekhmet: [pushes her drink off the table]
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dewitty1 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wow, thanks @drukija (you must be drunk AF btw) I never noticed I was twins with chicken before... What a lovely fucking message... 凸(`0´)凸
(my pfp is 3yr old me btw)
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sixrandompirates · a month ago
My drunken Vestige burped in Blackreach and the echo was so magnificent I’m surprised a named dragon didn’t appear.
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The animation Noragami does whenever someone throws an insult at Yato, where it’s almost like he gets verbally slapped, and he becomes some kind of field of dots with a shocked/hurt expression on his face, will never cease to make me chuckle like some kind of sadistic demon.
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khaleesiofalicante · a month ago
Song rec: The Family Jewels by MARINA
I didn't know I needed this song until now
Why did this give me Lightwood vibes???????? cause they had some baddies in the family (benedict,tatiana,robert) shkfjshdfj
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burnhamandtilly · 4 months ago
okay, we won over the usa volleyball team, I can finally go sleep in peace now 😂💖
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