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#nice things

I was waitingfortwilight! 😭😂 felt really weird for a while not being able to say that anymore 😂 I love you too! 😘

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IN ONE SITTING ❤️❤️❤️  AND U WANT TO REREAD THIS WEEKENED the way i am kissing you through the screen right now ❤️❤️ thank YOU so much honestly this means so much to me you have no idea i will be keeping this message in my pocket forever thank u thank u !!!

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Aw thanks Cris! This was the first thing I saw yee 🤠🥺💘

I love you too! Goodnight! And thanks bro 😭💘

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this is so sweet thank u 💛💛💛 and yeah sorry unfortunately i had this one person who kept harassing me and would not leave me alone so i had to turn anon off for the time being

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youre a such sweet and lovely person and a wonderful human being (which is strange cause youre also a goddess sh) and Im so thankful that youre here! just seeing you on my dash makes me genuinly happy; whenever I see new art by you I get this big smile on my face cause its always wonderfull and i feel so proud of you and adfkagkjnkagg. short version: ily ali, keep being you. youre awesome! <3

GONNA CRYYY youre just the cutest thing ever thank you soooo much 💖

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