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#nice video
rinnysmuses · 3 hours ago
[csaw: blabbing on about how cool the fighting animations in cutscenes have gotten 
zenos: starts to walk up 
csaw: and.. oh. oh...OH NO...]
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ithk · 8 hours ago
Lover (the song) but every time she says “You” or “My” it speeds up
the serotonin!
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ousmessi · 11 hours ago
the finnish are saying “Christian” and the danes are saying “Eriksen.” a really beautiful moment after such horrific scenes.
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youmustbestrongernow · 11 hours ago
Sorry you are not doing good today 😞
hey anon, thank you, i don't really know what's wrong tbh. i woke up feeling anxious and a little sad/lonely. i mean all i have to do is reach out, but i'm just in a wierd mood where i don't want to leave the house or do anything, so yeah ugh, but i'm mostly ok, hopefully it will pass, but thank you for checking in <3
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easystitchesdesigns · 14 hours ago
I now have a Youtube channel! Here I will be posting videos - not sure at what pace though :)
Feel free to drop by and say hi!
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yelloh · 15 hours ago
throwback to the time like 2 years ago when my friend and i went to some small ass venue for a band we had never heard before cause it was like $20 and the whole time we were using snapchat to search up whichever song they were performing LMFAOOOO literally we were at the front too
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keenlerblacklist · a day ago
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vagrantblvrd · a day ago
Modern Witcher AU wherein everyone the witchers have been bamboozled into playing Animal Crossing because reasons.
Mainly because I want Eskel to have goat villagers and be like “What?” whenever someone is like, hmm, interesting, as Lil Bleater is off being a menace somewhere.
Lambert who has that one cat villager he never talks about but everyone knows about.
Aiden with that one cranky wolf villager who he’s just :) about whenever someone is like hmm.
Geralt who doesn’t know what’s happening but has like, a few wolves because hmm, but also a great many horse villagers and he gets this :| look on his face when one of them moves out and a cat villager moves in and is super keen on one of the wolves, but for whatever reason he doesn’t bother about kicking it off his island.
(Jaskier laughs forever when Geralt grumbles about it to him, because how can he not???)
Geralt also maybe looked up tutorials and whatnot on the internet to turn part of his island into a vineyard and is weirdly invested in everything even though he’d deny it if asked.
Jaskier who - so strange, really - also has many, many wolves on his island and the whatnot and is all :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD about it to Geralt’s consternation when he asks what the deal about that is, and anyway, yes.
Yennefer’s island is beautiful and terrifying in equal measure and Jaskier has no idea how she managed it at all, given the general adorableness of the game, and yet.
Vesemir’s managed to recreate Kaer Morhen and significant locations on his island and it’s been featured in several youtube videos and such.
(No one even knows he plays the game until they see one of said videos and when they ask him about it he’s like like :| and also definitely laughing at them because of course he is.)
Ciri is honestly baffled about how this all came about???
Some of he friends were playing it so she, too, got all curious about it at the time. The game’s fun, sure, but she’s still ??? at how invested everyone is?
Weird, really, and Jaskier is like hmm, yes, it really is odd, isn’t it? strange, really, with this >:D smile on his face and and then starts texting the others to what what their turnip prices for the day are and anyway, idk what happened here, but yes.
(Someone mentioned something about family bonding...stuff when Ciri first got interested in the game, and suddenly everyone was playing and then it was too late because they got invested and anyway, yes.)
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misereremei-deus · a day ago
Weak Catholics become Protestant, strong Protestants become Catholic
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