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vousnavezrienvuf1 · 2 days ago
Okay I went full crazy hyperfixation mode and decided to factcheck what the drivers said their heights were in the Grill the Grid video based on this photo of them walking side by side.
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Long story short : I had to correct perspective, lense deformation and track curvature the best I could based on the assumption that Lewis and Kevin are the same height and Zhou just slightly taller. I used Lewis as a benchmark for the whole process because as he’s in the center of the frame he’s least subject to the deformations. Then I calculated a cm/pixel ratio based on his presumed real height and height in pixels in the image and used that to calculate everybody else’s supposed real height (also trying to take fluffy hair into account when necessary).
Here’s what I found (height stated in the video compared to calculations) :
Click on the images for slightly better quality
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The purple box is Lewis’ height. I used it to calibrate the perspective. There was a difference of 2px between Lewis and Zhou which is roughly equal to 1cm which should be their actual height difference which means the perspective should be correct.
Valtteri is much shorter than he’s supposed to be which is weird because Zhou is the right height and Lance taller than he said so if it’s image deformation I don’t get what kind. Seb is also shorter than he said, as is Ocon, but Ocon is visibly slouching so that explains it.
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Alonso is slightly taller than he said he was. Both Charles and George are the right height which exposes Carlos, who’s in-between them and shorter than he said he is. Nothing to say on Lewis because he was the benchmark.
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Max is the right height. Sergio is taller than he said. I used the purple box that shows Lewis height to check it and he fits in it perfectly (messy hair aside) which confirms it. Lando did indeed not have a growth spurt, he’s not 176cm. Both Pierre and Yuki are the right heights.
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Latifi isn’t 186cm but he also said in the video none of them tall drivers were standing straight. Apparently Albon didn’t get the memo because he is 186cm. Mick and Kevin were also correct.
Of course Daniel wasn’t there so yep.
Here’s the full picture for reference
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K bye !
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catleclerc · 2 days ago
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the tallest drivers on the grid gaining the most positions this year
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artemispt · a day ago
Next Grill The Grid:
Can the 2022 drivers place the grid in ____* thickness order?
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formulaoneisajoke · 2 months ago
2022 F1 Opening Titles
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maxielonceagain · 10 days ago
Cuties! 🥰❤️
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multifandomboii · 4 months ago
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morehoneythanbadger · a month ago
(public display of affection)
Fernando Alonso: definitely not afraid to show you affection in public
Valtteri Bottas: will hug you, will give you quick pecks on lips, will hold you close to him ^-^
Alex Albon: the type that will never ever leave you alone
Charles Leclerc: he's the type to always make sure you are feeling comfortable and involved, so his hand on your back and gentle caressing is a must
Nicholas Latifi: hugging you from behind as long as he wants!
Lewis Hamilton: not touchy as one would expect, but he's not afraid to show you his love (often kisses your forehead and is happy whenever you iniciate hug)
Pierre Gasly: holding hands, short hug, but big HEART EYES
Daniel Ricciardo: Danny is keeping it more private, mostly because he thinks it is fun to tease annoying journalists– he knows everyone wants those spicy photos of him kissing/hugging you and that's why you two never give it to them
George Russell: very professional behaviour in the garage, but when you two are walking down the paddock he intertwins his fingers with yours
Sebastian Vettel: do not expect hugs and kisses all the time however! heart eyes and hand around your shoulders in a way of protecting you <3
Kevin Magnussen: little pecks on your cheeks or nothing
Sergio Perez: will carefully hug you but nothing more really
Carlos Sainz: another boy who keeps it private– never initiate anything first in the paddock but lets you hold his hand literally whenever you want
Max Verstappen: shows his love only when he knows that two of you are far away from clicking cameras–very protective of your privacy, but when he has a good weekend he voluntarily goes and *tight bear hug*
Esteban Ocon: no hand holding, tho will often caress your cheek with that love look and big smile on his face
Lance Stroll: no touching but he's always standing very close and keeping an eye on you ready to fight anyone who looks at you in a way he doesn't like
Lando Norris: look..in his case it is natural to keep it private, so nothing ...except! that he loves putting your hair strands behind your ear
Mick Schumacher: poor boy would be terrified of doing anything buuut he is still able to give you quick hug because of euphoric feelings he's experiencing (e.g. he's happy with race results)
Zhou Guanyu: this rookie is still being extra careful of what he's showing and saying :( but when you two are sitting next to each other, his tip of foot is touching yours ^.^
Yuki Tsunoda: big cuddly baby only behind closed doors <3
//this is only my personal opinion))
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landohnorris · 5 months ago
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F1 Class of 2021
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ricstappen · 16 days ago
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miami sugar daddies part 1/2
source: https://www.reddit.com/gallery/uf01zi
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forelsketparadise · 4 months ago
Can we just agree to blame Christian Horner and Helmut Marko for all the hate Lewis, Yuki and Nicky got this year? First they targeted Lewis after Silverstone then Yuki in Mexico and then started the hate towards Nicky by offering him red bull supply. They knew exactly what they were doing especially Horner.
Edited- By the way, Mercedes, Lewis or Toto didn't even mention Nicky anywhere at all. All their anger has been towards FIA and Masi. It was Horner red bull supply comment that brought attention to Nicky. Get your facts right before calling me delusional or whatever.
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catleclerc · a month ago
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doublewavedpod · 3 months ago
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Important things to know!
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formulaoneisajoke · 3 days ago
F1 drivers shocked to find out Lando’s “height”
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hyacinthsdiamonds · 3 days ago
In Barcelona I'ma need F1 to line all the drivers up in order of the heights they think they are and then in order of the heights they actually are because outside Esteban being tallest overall and Nando and Yuki being the shortest two, that was just chaos lmao like even Charles did not believe he was 180cm lmao
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nautical-nasa · a month ago
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✨2022 Kitty Cats✨
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maxielonceagain · 2 months ago
Good, and let's never have it again.
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raceweek · 21 days ago
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brawn-gp · 8 months ago
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Alex Albon and Nicholas Latifi in the Italian GP 2021
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mangocito · 6 months ago
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2021 Grid in cowboy hats for the US Grand Prix 🐎
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forelsketparadise · 3 days ago
Everyone confident about Yuki being short and Esteban being tallest
Pierre "Charles is going to be pissed because I put him in the bottom" and laughing about it.
Basically Pierre talking about Charles unprompted.
Pierre "Charles is going to hate me"
Pierre "I was too nice to Lewis" fan boy
Lewis yeeting out Esteban
Lewis confidently putting himself in top 4
Pierre I am confident about bottom three as he moved Yuki above Charles
Lance ready to pick up beef with Max
Esteban saying everyone is lying about their height and finding everyone short to him
Charles being so confused about his height
Charles not remembering it was timed
Chaotic arranging of slips
Lando putting Pierre on top
Everyone in disbelief on others height
Charles not believing he is taller than daniel
Charles lying about his height
Latifi taller drivers never stand up straight
The video couldn't be more chaotic
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