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#nick fury

Please know that I’m not frustrated at you at all over this. I’ve received this question lots when the movie was released to the general public. Any time I’ve been asked this question my words have been twisted and stripped from my reasoning. I’m frustrated that when I’m asked this I get harsh feedback over my opinion. I’m really sorry for my tone of voice here.

My answer will always be the same in this case: I don’t see Tails staying on Earth, I only see Sonic staying on Earth. I am in no way, no how denying that they are brothers. They are, and always will be, brothers. I have ALWAYS said that they are brothers and that I view them as such. What I have always said, and I’ve received some… let’s say immature feedback about this, is that I DON’T see Tails getting adopted into the Wachowski family like I’ve seen interpreted in fanart and fanfictions. (The fanfiction and art is adorable, by the way). I don’t see Tails getting adopted, but I can see him as apart of the family in a sense. (Think of him as a childhood friend that is almost always over at your house and seen as a brother). I have a firm belief that Tails will have other plans.

Pat Casey has stated a couple of times in interviews that Tails will be seen as a “Nick Fury” in the movie’s lore. ick Fury was the one that assembled all of the superheroes in the Avengers and and they all worked together. He introduced each superhero to one another that way. THAT is how I view Tails. It would make complete sense! Tails could know Knuckles, or Amy Rose, from his planet and brought them all to Earth so they make sure that Robotnik doesn’t threaten the islands. Sonic would stay on Earth, making sure that Dr. Robotnik, or other forces of phenomenon, and protect his home. Earth is Sonic’s home, he’s stated that in the movie a few times. Sonic isn’t going to go anywhere. Tails, and potentially others, could warp to Earth and ask Sonic to come on a journey with them to stop the forces of evil when it calls for it. 

I have NEVER denied that they can’t be brothers. They are brothers. That’s what makes the relationship between the two strong and cool. I just don’t see Tails staying on Earth and being a Wachowski in that sense like Sonic is a Wachowski.

This is what I have always said about Tails’ role in the movie, I stand by it. If it turns out to be different in the second film, that’s great! I’m welcomed to the idea when I see more of the direct of the second movie. For now, I just don’t see it at all at the moment.

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Nick Fury: “We found it in the hands of our favorite psychopath” 

Natasha: “I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath, Do your research”

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I forgot these were supposed to be HC, I could’ve done them so much sooner

  • Fury knows that Peter is Spider-Man
  • because contrary to what Peter believes, he’s not good at keeping secrets
  • also Tony mentoring Spider-Man and getting his first personal intern at the same time?
  • it’s too much of a coincident
  • and Fury doesn’t believe in coincidents
  • besides he’s not a big fan of the entire “a literal child is trying to be a superhero” thing
  • because all the other adult superheros are already acting like children, a child has to be worse
  • plus, he thinks Spider-Man is not really Avenger-material
  • after all, all he does is stop bike thieves and help out old ladies
  • he hardly seems like the type of person who could stand the stress and responsibility of a mission to save the world
  • when Fury mentions this to Tony, the genius has to do his very best to stay calm
  • his immediate reaction is to defend Peter, because Peter is already better than most of the Avengers
  • yeah, his technique may be messy, but he makes up for it with his almost naive and innocent drive to just do good and help people
  • however, he suppresses that urge, knowing that if Fury would find out what Peter is truly capable of, he wouldn’t hesitate to rope him in for some dangerous missions
  • so, he does his best to feed the “Peter isn’t good enough” narrative, even though Tony gets so angry at himself - and afterwards he calls Peter over for an extra lab session that is basically just Tony telling Peter how brilliant he is (Peter is a bit confused, but not complaining)
  • Fury believes Tony, and Tony thinks it’s partly because Fury doesn’t like to be wrong and that’s why he believes it
  • and that’s how Fury continues to think Peter never got an invitation to the Avenger instead of the kid declining it
  • months pass in which Fury and Peter never cross paths
  • but then, Tony gets kidnapped
  • Peter swings to the compound as soon as fast as he can to talk to Rhodey about what to do
  • Rhodey isn’t alone - Fury is with him
  • and he’s very much not impressed with Peter offering to help
  • “You’re not helping.”
  • “What? Why? I can help!”
  • “Because you’re not good enough. You’re not Avengers material. Go back to getting cats out of trees.”
  • and Peter is straight up not having it
  • fuming with anger, he turns around and leaves
  • Fury thinks it’s to actually go back to Queens to mope or something
  • Rhodey knows that it is because he’s gonna prove Fury wrong and find Tony, and despite his worry for his friend, he knows that he has nothing to worry about anymore - Peter will find him
  • and Peter does find Tony only a day later, storming that secret lair all by himself and fighting against the kidnappers who are definitely not at the same level as bike thieves
  • but Peter fought the Vulture, he lifted a warehouse off himself, he landed a plane from the outside - these guys are no problem for him
  • so they’re HYDRA spies, what about it?
  • they took Tony and Peter isn’t having it
  • especially after he’d been told he’s not good enough
  • Tony practically beams with pride after Peter cuts him loose
  • the second they step out of the lair, Rhodey and Fury join them
  • and Peter, the little shit, can’t help but say “looks like I’m good enough after all”
  • which activates Tony’s Dad Mode
  • “excuse me, WHAT?!”
  • Fury tries his best to seem absolutely unfaced by the entire situation “You told me yourself that he isn’t good enough.”
  • “Which was obviously a lie because I knew you would recruit him for some shit.”
  • “I don’t wanna join your stupid boy band anyway,” Peter tells Fury
  • Tony is so proud
  • until he realizes that Peter is turning into a mini-Tony and he only thinks oh shit, I have to stop this
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When Tony starts going out with Bucky, Bucky gets a shovel talk from Pepper, Rhodey, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Stephen, Fury and Loki, the last two swearing him to secrecy about it, while Tony only gets a halfhearted talk from Steve who knows Tony wouldn’t do anything to Bucky,  but feels obligated to talk to him.

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Chapter 4


  Her mind was weird. It had so much information stored inside, yet left Karima clueless quite often. Not only that but she hears voices that are not her own. It could be side affects from being experimented on most of her life, but she thinks it goes further than that.

Her powers were something she thought went further as well. She knows for a fact she can teleport and turn invisible. For some reason, there was something inside, telling her that the phasing was so much more than she thinks.

There were so many experiments and so much pain. She remembered the amount of syringes and all the colors of the liquids in them. One time it was orange, another purple, and once even black.

     When her first enhancement appeared—invisibility—they were pleased. But craved more. They wanted a weapon to do their dirty work and proclaim loyalty to them.

The phasing first made itself known when she was in her cell. It was around her daily beating time and the guard had just yanked the door open.


The guard stepped in. He was an older man, around his mid-40s.

“Get up!”

Karima tried with all her might to push herself off of the floor, but she collapsed to the ground as soon as the pressure was on her legs. It had been a few days since they last fed her. It was nothing knew to her but she still got weak every time.

“I won’t tell you again! Get up!”

She tried another time knowing that her punishment would be ten times worse if she didn’t obey their orders. Yet she failed once again.

The guard stormed over to her favorite corner to hide in and bent down to yank her up. But his hand never reached her dirty, chocolate colored skin. Instead it went right through.

The guard developed a sickening grin on his face and went out the room to inform the doctor.


     After that, it was many years of test after test with pokes and prods all around her tall and frail body.

When she returned to her room that day, she heard someone talking to her. The young girl knew for a fact that there was no one else in these cells and the walls were thick.

      Karima decided to ignore it at the time, figuring she was just going crazy. It wouldn’t be the most irrational idea of what was going on.

The more days passed, more voices were heard. There was an old man, a woman with a British accent, someone that sounded like a smoker, even something that resembled a baby babbling. A month later she saw silhouettes that went with the voices.

      As time progressed, she became more of a lab rat to them. If their attempts succeeded, the young girl would’ve quickly become the new face of Hydra. She’s honestly lost track of the time she heard “compliance will be rewarded.”

The preteen knew better than to fall subject to their rules and lies. When she escaped, she manipulated her files to a power she knew for certain she did not have. Why she did it? She didn’t really know. There were a lot of things going on in her head but figured that the more she could hide, the better.

When she was first on the run it was hard. The constant looking over her shoulder. Trying to find a decent place to stay or hide out. She attempted a bunch of abandoned buildings but those were usually filled with drug lords or just straight up perverts. When the young girl got to America—which was quite difficult; getting pass the border was shit—she decided to just stay on the streets. She figured it would be a nice place to keep her combat abilities up as she knew the amount of fights she’d get herself into.

     The dreams came a month or two later. The girl was such a light sleeper, she hadn’t had dreams since before she was taken. The first “vision,” as she called them, was simply just a nice old Caucasian man with silver hair giving her a couple of dollars. The next day the same man gave her the same amount of money.

The girl was confused on the exact meaning as the previous visions she’s had, had been pretty clear. There were a few things she was sure of though. She knew for a fact that those were the infinity stones.

The six stones were a mystery to some and few were experts on the subject; one person being Karima. The power needed to wield the stones was unimaginable to some. How she knew about them, she didn’t have a clue. It’s like the information was just placed there.


There she lay on the floor, on top of the palate she put there. It was near midday and had been in that position since she first woke at three in the morning.

The young girl was still going over the dream in her mind. She was so distracted, she didn’t notice a certain presence enter her mind.


Wanda’s mind kept replaying what she saw in Karima’s head over and over and over again. The preteen’s mind was one that she hadn’t seen before. The curious side of her wanted to try another time to get a glimpse despite the threatening message she received. The cautious side of her wanted to leave it alone in order to avoid all types of confrontation.

The curious side won.

So Wanda did her thing; glowing red tendrils at the tips of her fingers. She didn’t expect to get so far and she didn’t expect to see what she did.

As soon as it was over, the woman stood there in shock. She didn’t know if this was some silly dream or something the preteen had made up in her mind.

Steve had come into the common room and saw Wanda standing in the middle of it.

“Wanda? Are you okay?”

      “Call everyone down here.”

       “So you’re saying you saw Vision’s stone as well as five others but in different colors in a gauntlet?”

       Steve’s question was the first to break the silence. Everyone in the common room had been stunned after receiving this information. Thor was especially quiet since he had a hunch on what was seen.

         The captain decided it’d be best to bring the girl down here and interrogate her a bit.


         “Yes Captain Rogers?”

“Can you call Karima down to the common room please?”

The A.I interrupted the child’s peace and she could only wonder what they wanted from her now.

She rolled her eyes—so hard she was certain they’d pop out—and reluctantly got up from her comfortable spit from the floor.

Making her way to the elevator, thoughts mulled around in her mind. The only thing she could think of is if that witch saw some—



Here is chapter 4 hope you guys like it



@bellero @ravennight41

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“You were too nerdy for me then”

A young May and Coulson story

“And you were too intimidating for me back then.” May and Coulson swapped stories in Tahiti, reminiscing when they had first met. The two had been friends for almost 30 years, and had recently become lovers. Time was precious, as Coulson was terminal. Every waking moment they had was talking to each other, or you know, parasailing. But right then, the two were talking about their first days as friends, or rather, classmates at the Academy.

Many years ago:

Phil Coulson had entered his senior year at the Communcations Academy, just one semester from graduating. He had applied for an exchange program at the Operations Academy, at the request of his advisor. While Coulson’s espionage skills were great, his combat and stealth skills needed work.

“A semester at Operations is just what you need to prep you for field work,” Nick Fury had told him. Fury had been a good friend at the Academy and had promised to be his supervising officier once when graduated.

“Sure, Operations, where no one smiles and everyone gets up at 5 am for combat training.” Coulson was understanbly nervous. Ops and Comm were rival academies, and they had a long standing tradition of bantering each other whenever the two academies trained or did events together.

Fury laughed, “You’ll do fine, Phil. Besides, all exchange students take the same combat class, so it’s not like you’ll be behind. Plus, I heard this year’s student teacher is one of the best.”

Coulson protested, “Wait, they have a student teach us? Of course Ops would think we aren’t good enough to have a full instructor.”

“Just get on the plane and stop complaining. See you in a few months.” Fury replied, giving Coulson a firm pat on the shoulder.

The flight had been fairly short, Ops and Comm Academies were only a few states away from each other. Other exchange students chatted nervously, but Coulson just studied his class list for the next morning.

“Melinda May: combat instructor, senior level student.” Coulson mumbled under his breath, wondering who this Melinda May was. Fury seemed to hold her in high regard. He was not looking forward to the 5 AM start though. What kind of person wants to get knocked to the ground at that ungodly hour?

Once Phil settled into his dorm room, he decided to survey the grounds. Everyone wore either camo or black, and Coulson looked embarassed in his bright red Comm Academy shirt. “I’ll have to change into my black workout outfit after dinner. Everyone is staring at me.”

Coulson ended up finding a group of other comm and sci students who were doing the exchange program. Like him, they were all being stared at by the muscular, dark clothed ops students. “Shesh, this place needs to lighten up a little.”

The next morning, Phil found his way to the combat room. As he entered the room, he saw a small, Asian woman punching a bag with ferocity. “Hello? Is this Combat Ops 101? Are you Melinda May?”

“Damn right I am.” May responded with a kick to the bag. “You’re early, good. Start warming up by giving me 50 push ups.”

Coulson just stood there stunned, he was early, why did he need to do 50 pushups? But May’s glare told him not to answer and instead started the pushups as other students filed in.

Eventually Phil finished his pushups and amazingly felt awake and ready for the class.

May introduced herself to the rest of the students, “Good morning class. Be like this guy” She pointed at Phil, “and get to class early. You’ll want to be warm and ready.”

The class went by quickly, with Coulson finding the floor more often than not. One particular time, he got slammed to the ground and his breathe went out of his lungs and May came over to check on him, “Hey kid,”

“Name is Phil, Phil Coulson,” he managed to whisper out.

“Phil, take deep breaths, it’ll come back.” May responded, actually showing concern for him.

“Thanks. Ouch. Is class always going to be like this?” Phil wondered, May helping him to his feet.

“You’ll get better. That’s why you are here right?”

“Yeah, Fury wanted me to get better at combat. Just in case my I can’t talk my way out of situations.” Coulson grabbed a towel to wipe off the sweat from his face.

“Fury, Nick Fury? You know him? He has great the rep here at Ops.”

“Yeah, he and I go way back. He’s gonna be my SO when I graduate.”

May threw Coulson a water bottle, “Well if Fury thinks you hold promise, maybe you won’t be so bad after all.”

Coulson just looked at her, confused, “Wait, is that a compliment?”

May just laughed, “Go, my next class starts in 5 min.”


The next weeks went by quickly, with Coulson nursing bruises every night from his combat classes. They also did mock missions which usually involved him getting shot with practice rounds. They still hurt. But he was getting better at fighting, and May often used him as a sparring partner to show the class the fighting skills.

“I’ve really got to ask her for drinks one day.” He mumbled to himself on his way to class. This week they were learning Ji Jitsu, and Coulson was excited. He had done some wrestling in high school, and he knew there were some similarities to the sports.

“Coulson, think you can do a sparring match with me today? I wanted to show the class more of the forms and how they work together.” May spoke to Phil as he entered the class.

“Sure, May, because I want my butt kicked again.” He replied with his usual snark, becoming more comfortable with May as the weeks went by.

“You’ll do fine. Let’s get some practice in before the start of class.”

The two sparred and Coulson actually was beginning to hold his own. Or so he thought. May ended up wrapping her legs around his neck and swung him to the ground. She had him pinned.

He looked up at her smiling, and he realized how incredibly strong and beautiful this woman was. And intimidating. “What? For a man that just got pinned, you are surprisingly happy.”

Coulson sputtered, “Oh, just, that was a cool move, May. Just appreciating the view.”

Before May could respond to his attempt at flirting, the rest of the class filed in. “Ohhhh did Coulson get his butt handed to him again?” The class laughed.

Phil turned red, but May just helped him up, “He was helping me practice a move. 50 pushups for the rest of you for the snark.”

Coulson couldn’t believe it. Did May just defend him? He really would have to ask her for drinks after class.

The class finished as May called out “Remember, Midterms next week! You’ll need to demonstrate your skills in a sparring match.” The rest of the class, groaned.

“Hey Phil, nice job today. I think Ji Jitsu might be your calling.” Phil stuck around to help May clean up the room.

“Hey thanks. Um, so what are you up to tonight?”

“I was gonna go play pool with some friends.”

Phil didn’t know how to respond so he just began talking frantically, “Oh, well, maybe on another night, you could come with me…to the comic book shop…we play D&D and drink and have pizza and it’s really fun and…”

“Comic book shop?” May laughed, punching Phil in the arm.

“Yeah, it’s fun!”

“Sounds a little too nerdy for me.”

“Oh. Okay. Guess I’ll see you around then.” Phil walked by swiftly. “Idiot,” he said to himself. His one chance to ask May on a date and he invites her to the comic book shop! He had panicked.


“Like I said Phil, you were too nerdy for me back then.” May laughed at the story, remembering when this skinny comm academy student entered her combat class.

“Sigh, Yeah I was pretty nerdy. But I got cooler.” Phil smiled, still not believing he was here, with May, on a beautiful island. It was a good day. Simmons had given him some medicine before they left for Tahiti, and he was having one of his better days. Still in pain, but remembering with May helped him to feel better.

“You did, Phil. I think you get cooler every time you die.” She giggled, then grew somber. “Sorry, I shouldn’t joke like that.”

“It’s okay, May. We all die someday. Some die more than others. That’s part of life.”

May rubbed his back, “Come on, let’s keep talking about the past. It helps me to not think of the future.”

“Alright, how about I tell you what I thought about our first mission together.”

“I’d like that.”

(Another Young May and Coulson story to come later!)

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