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#nico di angelo
heyimboredtalktome · a day ago
Nico: *grumpy and sleepy* Will, it's 8 am that's like the middle of the night
Nico: *falls asleep again*
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depressed-bi-nerd · 2 days ago
Percy, Jason, Grover, Leo, and Frank: *walk into target*
Percy: we were sent here for a reason....
Leo: oh shit we were...
Frank: GUYS! We need laundry detergent and dinner.
Percy: thank your nurotypical ass
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chaoticfruit · 2 days ago
shoutout to rick riordan for being the first person to introduce me to lgbtq+ teens and subsequently causing my gender crisis
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artsybookworms · a day ago
Some wholesome Apollo/Artemis sibling headcanons :,)
Hestia goes through a knitting phase and makes them matching sweaters, which the twins (begrudgingly) wear but only because it’s Hestia
The sweaters are really comfy tho
Artemis makes Apollo swear he won’t wear his at the same time as her
He loosely follows this rule and Artemis doesn’t hate twinning with him as much as she thought she would
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when-cats-take-over · 2 days ago
*Nico trying to flirt after taking tips from Piper and Leo*
Nico : Hey Will, did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?
Will, tired and angry : No. But it did hurt when I asked you if anything else was paining the last time you were in infirmary, and you pointed at me saying that 'there's this headache which doesn't get the hint to leave me alone' and finger gunned me before jumping off the window
Nico :
Will :
Nico : Wow you are scary AND weird!!
Piper, from her hideout in the bushes : Nico NO
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goddessofcrying · 11 hours ago
nico: i don’t do “love”. love is for fools.
will: hey! :)
nico: well shit.
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darkgeminisworld · 2 days ago
So I started watching One Day At A Time again and saw this scene and it reminded me of two certain pjo-verse characters. Like, you can't tell me that this isn't in character for them (I only changed how the characters address each other for obvious reasons):
Will, hurrying inside and closing the door: Nico, I did something terrible!
Nico: It's okay, I have a shovel.
Will: Wait, what? Wait, What do you think I did?
Nico: It doesn't matter, tesoro. No one will ever know.
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heyimboredtalktome · 2 days ago
Nico: Do you value your friends? You should
Nico: Reyna: $8
Nico: Percy: $2
Nico: Jason: $5
Nico: Leo: $4
Nico: Annabeth: $5
Will: Actually, all of my friends are priceless
Nico: Yeah, well mine are worth $24 collectively
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iam-a-demigod · 2 days ago
Kidnapper[on phone] : Yes, we have your son please come and take him
Percy: I am sorry, I think you're mistaken I don't have any children-
Kidnapper: He's dressed in all black and is talking about death a lot and is literally traumatizing us with his backstory
Percy: *looking toward the Seven* Oh My Gods! They have Nico
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cabin7crap · a day ago
Nico: I will now diagnose you with broken bone disease. *approaching them with a sword*
Will: I don’t believe that man’s ever been to medical school
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parcai · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he loves you, but he’ll always love his people first
happy bday to percy, but mostly thinking about ms. sally jackson who has waited fearfully for her little boy to come home countless times </3 a war hero second, a son first 😩
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